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  • Favorite Character: *dies*
  • Normal Person: oh that's sad.
Confession: bbc Sherlock

After listening to all the soundtrack from s1 to s4 again in one go, I’ve concluded I just really really love this show and the story they’re telling

Like honestly, s1 was so light hearted and fun, I think of all seasons, this is the one I love least (I still love it though!) mostly because it’s an introduction series. Getting to know the characters and a bit of who they currently are. I think that’s why I love it least, because after KNOWING who they are, I already know them so I don’t feel as excited rewatching their introductions. I want to know them MORE, how they interact after they’ve gotten past the early stages of getting to know each other. And I don’t just mean John and Sherlock, I’m also referring to Mycroft and Greg and Molly and Hudders.

I LOVE s2 because this is where the fun gets intensified and yet the trade off is larger. The cases are more interesting, the character interactions gives me more insight to all of the characters. Every second and every scene in ASIB, I loved. We see so much more of how Sherlock and John has gotten so much closer, Irene teasing Sherlock about his sexuality and virginity, poor Molly in that Christmas scene, etc etc. Hounds was also a refreshing case, and trf is when it starts to become personal to Sherlock and shit is getting real serious.

S3 was also another strong season. The reunion was refreshing, I find it brilliant that moftiss went with a light hearted tone for the reunion but they still managed to hit all the important points. Especially since the fanworks leading to that series were mostly very angsty when it came to post trf reunion (which I love) so the fact that moftiss made theirs more light hearted is unexpected in a good and brilliant way. If it were too angsty and ended up falling right out of a fic trope, then it would be kinda predictable so I loved that teh went the way that it did. Tsot was a different style and tbh at first I didn’t quite like that everything happened inside a speech coz it felt like nothing was happening. But overall, the episode was a nice break from the serious crime dramas and for once we actually get to see the boys chilling and bonding like 2 nerds in a pub. And hlv, don’t even get me started on that, it’s one of my ultimate fave, hands down. And then there was s4. Tbh I feel like s4 is much much much better than the devil shit people make it out to be. It’s not perfect, but it’s by no means terrible. I loved tst, the arc of Mary was a good one imo. Maybe some people hated it because they hated Mary, they want to see her die as an irredeemable villain, but moftiss had other plans, idk that’s people’s right to have their own opinion. But for me I LOVED it. Watching hlv and tst back to back, I feel like the Mary arc was done really well. And following through that, the repercussions of her death and John and Sherlock’s emotional reactions to everything that’s falling apart was shown in tld. I LOVE LOVE LOVE tld. This is the other one that I’d call my ultimate fave. Because EVERYTHING about Sherlock’s character that they’ve been building up is finally being exposed as the front and centre stage in tld. I just love this ep so much. The pace was brilliant, the visual effects were stunning, the music OH MY GOD THE MUSIC! And the acting by EVERYONE, most especially Ben, were so phenomenal in this ep. I was blown away. Tfp for me is like a mix bag of “I love it” and “but glaring plot holes and continuity error”. I can’t defend its continuity errors and plot holes and it does bother me, and the special effects was weakest in this ep. But no matter what I simply can’t hate it because of the amazingly emotional journey and thrill the episode had to offer, and although I don’t quite like how the real eurus character was handled (I feel it’s a bit too over the top) but I really appreciate having the flashbacks and insight to how the Holmes family looked like during their childhood. And after all that, it’s like everything went full circle and I got to see so much of this version of Sherlock character that I love so much. It’s not a detective show, it’s a show about a detective. I simply love this show

sometimes i feel real sad and then i remember:

the first time dean and cas met properly, dean stuck a knife in cas’ chest and then cas proceeded to say ‘i was the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition’ and then they had intense eye sex

the first time sherlock and john met, sherlock winked to make himself look more likable and approachable and then during their second meeting, started cleaning up the flat so john would consider moving in

the first time alec and magnus met, magnus introduced himself and alec fell over his words and started babbling incoherently, and magnus proceeded to also flirt with alec

the first time stiles and derek met, derek was talking to both scott and stiles, during which time stiles was absolutely speechless and his mouth hung open a little

the first time isak and even met, isak stared at even as he emptied the tissues, and then they proceeded to smoke the same cigarette, not to mention isak stared at even before, and was clearly checking him out

the first time harry and draco met properly, draco offered his friendship and harry only refused because he’s loyal quickly and draco was being quite rude

the first time sirius and remus saw each other after thirteen years, snape said “you two fight like a married couple” and remus was immediately on sirius’ side, without questioning anything

and then i feel happy, because even if most of the ships on this list aren’t canon and/or endgame, i will always regard them as canon :)

and if this list made you happy, then that’s a hella rad bonus

We’re not actually supposed to believe that there was no signal on Sherlock’s phone, right?  Network irregularities aside, either most phones work in the lab or most don’t, and Sherlock would have switched networks ages ago if this were a persistent problem easily fixed.  Further, he surely knew Mike’s phone-keeping habits already.

Pretending no signal is his first little manipulation of John, a deliberate attempt to extract something more from him.  And that’s a quick decision being made in this gif.  Notice how his eyes linger when he looks back down?  So intrigued.

[I’m sure this is established already but it’s just occurred to me.]

This is truly me so if you’re from any fandom that i mention in the tags message me or do sth end my suffering

The Fandoms (2-15-17)
  • <p> <b>Outlander fandom:</b> "I can't believe season 3 isn't until September-"<p/><b>Stranger Things fandom:</b> "I can't believe we have to wait until Halloween for next season-"<p/><b>Orphan Black fandom:</b> "I can't believe the final season premieres in June-"<p/><b>Pretty Little Liars fandom:</b> "I can't believe the final season ends in June-"<p/><b>Grimm fandom:</b> "I can't believe we end in a month-"<p/><b>Game of Thrones fandom:</b> "I can't believe season 7 is later in the year and shorter-"<p/><b>Doctor Who fandom:</b> "I can't believe the 12th Doctor is leaving!"<p/><b>Sherlock fandom:</b> "I can't believe Johnlock didn't happen-"<p/><b>Star Wars fandom:</b> "I can't believe the trailer for "The Last Jedi" didnt drop yet!"<p/><b>Harry Potter fandom:</b> (coughs) "We cool"<p/></p>