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divactina  asked:

Imagines for Mycroft having to host Christmas dinner at his house

Oh those are tense things indeed especially if his family (other than Sherlock) is attending.

Mycroft would have the house professionally decorated if they are in attendance and would still probably receive scorn because its too “impersonally and why didn’t you just decorate it yourself you lazy boy?”

There would be lights on the house which would also face scrutiny even if it did make Rosie awe with wonder.

The food would mostly be done by Mycroft to which the complaint would be why didn’t you just get it catered and the desert (catered) would be dismissed as it wasn’t made with Holmes “love”.

Sherlock would not make things better by nicking something or almost setting the tree ablaze (on accident this time) but it would be enough for Mycroft to open up the sherry early.

This would have more people hopping on his ass about his overall health and if Mycroft didn’t give a fuck he would just leave them to go to bed because nothing is ever good enough for them save Sherlock, Molly, John and Rosie.

The gifts would probably be his only saving grace as they fawn over the things that Mycroft personalized (and was snooping through their internet histories to find what they wanted) that Mycroft feel like this was all worth it.

The family would leave (with only John and Molly offering to help clean up as Rosie is busy playing with Sherlock) that Mycroft would not indulge in hosting another Christmas dinner at his house but leave it up to Sherlock next year.

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Top 3 shows: sherlock and stranger things (those are the only shows i keep up with and i barely watch tv)
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thedepthsofmyshame  asked:

I love your posts about s4 and the ARG. I'm not on tumblr/twitter/??? all the time though, and often when I check in I feel like one or more really important things have happened and I have no idea what is going on (e.g., Wtf was that Sherlock dance video thing? Why weren't they all wearing curly black wigs? Who made it?) Do you know if someone is logging this stuff somewhere? A time stamped log of all this would be pretty much the best thing since... ever, for now and for posterity.

The best I can tell you is going to the “Sherlock Arg” tag.  Everything happens so quickly and overlapping it’s hard to keep track of.

If anyone has a chronological list, please reach out!

As for that video, it was shown at some hoitey toitey real life British thing and is clearly a purposeful bastardization in its craziness


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