a sheep or two and a kangaroo

Spamano: Zoo Imagines

✕ Antonio jumping up & down in front of the admission booth, being excited to see the monkeys (his favorite animal), & butting in the conversation his boyfriend is trying to have with an employee w/ “can we pet the monkeys??” “do you think i can get access to go inside their habitat???” “am i allowed to climb with them!?”

✕ Lovino looking at the hippos & getting real philosophical on how they have the most enjoyable life ever, are powerful, wise & how his spirit animal is the almighty mama hippo sleeping in its water bank

✕ When they see the desert tortoises, the Spaniard tries to take a selfie with them in the background, but when he takes the shot & looks at his camera roll, he’s sadden to see a middle finger there instead

✕ A security guard goes up to a loudly cursing Italian & asks if he’s okay, but is suddenly attacked by a panic ramble on how a gorilla fucking slammed it’s fist onto the window in front of him. Behind the distressed being was another man, rolling on the ground, laughing with tears in his eyes. turns out the gorilla was so done w/ the funny faces Lovino was making at it, that they went to violence for the answer

✕ The couple giggling & awwing together at a baby elephant trying to pick some leaves off a tree way too high for it’s trunk to grab

✕ One of the komodo dragons & Antonio having a staring contest & both simultaneously licking their lips, making his boyfriend real uncomfortable on how those two could have the same mind,but in different bodies

✕ Antonio running & yelling “MONKEYS” as he hears the smallest screech of a chimpanzee & Lovino searching through his bag to find his earplugs & sunglasses cause you bet your ass that he’s not going associate himself with that crazy man, who is at the moment going “oo oo ah ah!” at the habitat

✕ Both watching & enjoying themselves over two kangaroos fighting as if it’s the WWE Smackdown Finale. Who will win: John Cena or Rey Mysterio??

✕ Going to the petting area & being let down at the hatred they get from the clique of sheep. While the angry Italian chases down these stubborn rude ass animals, trying to feel their fleece as they run away, his partner starts realizing that this is the most left out he’s ever felt in any social event

✕ Ending the day with holding hands as they buy ice cream & two animal head hats from the gift shop; Antonio having a crossed eyed monkey & Lovino having a roaring hippo