a shark puppy


The Caribbean Reef shark looks like a Galapagos shark or a Grey Reef shark, but it’s only found in the Caribbean or the Tropical Western Atlantic. It reaches over 10 ft long and 150 pounds. It’s an imposing shark, but it’s also the most popular shark in the world for shark diving operations. In spite of this, it’s one of the least studied sharks in the Requiem shark family! Caribbean Reef sharks are well behaved in large groups, they aren’t biting each other, having a feeding frenzy, and they certainly aren’t looking at the divers as food. Divers have described these sharks as “rowdy puppies.”

signs as animal planet shows
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  • Sagittarius: the entirety of sharkweek
  • Scorpio: untamed and uncut
  • Capricorn: too cute
  • Aquarius: hillbilly handfishing
  • Pisces: river monsters
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