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I just watched priest for the 100th time and I'm in some dire need of black hat x reader or some au with vamp!mccoy. Care to help a lady out?

Well nonie,

@bkwrm523 has some amazing Black Hat smut located: here

@lt-sammi-matthews dabbles quite a bit in Black Hat mainly:

Sinner Sundayshereover here

The Siren Call, The Siren’s Child,

Black Hat Drabble,

Black Hat A/B/O headcannon

Other than that nonie, I can’t think of anyone who writes for Black Hat, and that is indeed a shame. I am also pretty sure we have a severe lack of any Vamp AUs for our Star Trek fandom. (Tagging the almighty keeper of the fics @yourtropegirlto see if she knows by chance) If anyone knows of any writers who write Black Hat or any Vamp AUs, please reblog and let us know!

But here is some glorious Vamp!Bones art that I am in love with! Original post here

Elorcan Werewolf AU Part 5

Sometimes I wish I could paint my perfect character and bring him to life, stripping him of his own mind and molding him with my own expectations; when reality sinks in I’m stuck along a maze that leads to an ocean to drown in. — Ea

“I closed my eyes and talked to you in a thousand ways”

Elorcan Werewolf 5

Lory brushed against Elide before she could reach the door, and she gave into stroking his warm fur. His ears twitched back and he rolled onto the floor, showing his belly. She laughed and scratched his belly, the underbelly holding the softer fur. 

Her canine companion slightly growled when a slight knock resounded at the door. Ignore it, he seemed to say.

Elide kissed Lory’s head, much to his dismay, and skipped to the front door. “I’ll be right back.”

She opened the door with a broad smile on her face. A male with gray eyes and dark hair stood in her doorway, holding bouquet of pink roses tied together with a yellow ribbon.

“I’m Nox,” the male said, nervously shifting on his feet, offering a somewhat hesitant smile. “The one Manon set us up with.”

Elide gave him a sunny smile and held her door open. “Welcome, Nox. You must know I’m Elide.”

He gave her a smile, dimpling, and Elide couldn’t help but smile. She guided him to the kitchen where Nox handed her the flowers. “Red seemed too deep, you know? So pink. And then yellow for happiness.”

“I love it,” she chirped.

Nox helped her place them in a vase, filling it halfway with her kitchen tap water. She found the lack of conversation comforting and appreciated how Nox didn’t barrage her with questions past dates had done. When they finished, Nox glanced at her. “I had planned a walk at Central Park and then a garden picnic afterwards, but on my drive here, storm clouds broke over.”

“On this side of the city, the weather is renown for its bipolarness.”

A cheeky grin. “Like females in general?”

She lightly slapped his arm. “We can stay in for movies and popcorn, if you don’t mind?”

A slight shake of head. “Not in the slightest. Do you—”

Lory let out a bark that meant he wanted attention and barreled into the kitchen. A red rose was slipped between his teeth. He skidded to a stop, cocking his head at Nox. He slowly sniffed the air, and gave Elide a betrayed glance.

Elide rushed to him with outstretched arms. “Lory, this is my Valentine’s date, Nox.”

His tail stopped wagging, and she swore Lory’s eyes darkened into feral pitch-black. When she blinked, Lory spit out the rose and knocked down the front door, abruptly barreling into the woods.

Nox cocked his head. “Is she temperamental?”

Elide choked. “Lory’s a male.”

She retrieved the rose from the floor and slipped it into the vase, even though a small part of her wanted to retrieve a separate vase for the single, thornless rose.

Elide let him go. Lory would return. He always did.

Nox, she realized, was an easy person to get along with. He had a younger sister who loved painting and dreamed of attending Juilliard. Nox was finishing his masters degree in dentistry at a respectable college. 

He was perfect, charming, and absolutely one hundred percent average. Borderline dull, but perfectly safe and average.

Elide told herself she could deal with it. She deserved someone sweet, even if that notion meant normality. The mundane signaled security. 

Nox squeezed her knee. “You okay? I’m not boring you, are you?” He cocked his head. “The reason Aelin sent me is because I focus on my studies more than anything else. And if I want a relationship, it has to mean more than a fling. So while I am enjoying this date and getting to know you, and this may be early, I need to know if your inklings of thoughts follow.”

She nodded, and set the empty popcorn bowl on the table. “I’ve never really dated anyone, so I have nothing to compare to.”

Those gray eyes widened. “You would have turned everyone down, because there’s no way not another single wouldn’t have asked you out at least.”

A blush spread on her cheeks. “I just—” Wanted to save myself for my mate who turns out to not even like me. Who didn’t want to wait for me. She needed normal now. She could deal with a human. Werewolves and humans intermixing was not uncommon, as long as the pair ordained permission from one of the Lycans.

Elide knew she wouldn’t be asking Lorcan.

She shook her head. “I don’t even really know.”

Nox took the bowl to the sink and started rinsing it. Casting a look out at the stormy clouds that hung blearily, he said, “Shouldn’t you look for your dog now?”

A sliver of guilt ran through her. She’d almost forgotten about Lory. “I will.” She grabbed a sweater from her room and stepped out onto the porch.

Seconds later, Nox joined her, those eyes analyzing his surroundings. “Does your dog have a favorite part of the woods?”

Elide swallowed back further shame. She’d never wondered where Lory went, as long as he came back. “No. I can’t keep up with him when he bolts off.” That much wasn’t a lie.

“So he bolts off often?”

“Yes.” Elide studied the line of trees and walked down the narrow trail, clutching her jacket closer to her frame. A slight wind started picking up with hint of frost. The clouds thickened and darkened. “Lory!” she called.

Nox reached for her elbow, pressing a flashlight into her hands. “We’ll just stick on the trail so we won’t get lost.”

She nodded, and picked up her pace, flicking her wrist with the flashlight. “Lory?” she called.

The wind howled in protest, and she felt her shadow and the darkness loom over them. A chill ran down her spine, and her flashlight flickered. The faintest sounds reached her ear drums, but no snap of the twig or scratch of the claw filled the empty, streaming air. 

“We should go back inside,” Nox said.

She put her hands on her hips. “I am not going back in without Lory.”

Nox tapped her flashlight, which went off. “It’s not safe. Lory’s chances of survival are higher in the woods as a wolf rather than you. Wait until morning and search again if he’s not already here.”

She stared at him. “What did you say?”

“Elide,” he said exasperatedly. “Go home.”

“No—you said wolf.”

She saw him blink. “Yes, wolf. What, did you think that large thing was a dog? I’m surprised you even managed to tame one. It’s a full moon, Elide, where wolves run with the moon and claim what’s theirs. Your Lory must be out there. And if you’ve managed to tame him as well as I think you did, then he will come back.”

Elide didn’t sleep well. She’d offered her couch to Nox before he left just in case he wanted to wait out the storm, but he merely waved a hand and said he’d crash at a nearby hotel, not wanting to intrude — and to call him if she wanted to look for Lory in the morning.

She had pulled back her curtains, staring at the full outline of the moon and its light shedding down on them. The clouds had rolled over, but the wind had persisted, blowing in great breaths and heaves that shook against her windowpane.

She missed Lory curled against her bed. She missed his warmth and his presence, and the comfort of another’s existence rather than utter silence and her own self. Maybe a trip to the city with Aelin and Manon was in order.

How’s your Valentine’s Day going? She sent down the pack link.

Manon immediately replied. Watching Alpha Dorian do the walk of shame.

I did not need to know that.

I really am going to reject Rowan, Aelin said a few moments later. Right in the middle of clearing our differences he runs out the door and flees out of my pack territory like a bird shot out of hell.

Tell him he’s a pussy, Manon suggested. It’ll keep him on his toes.

Elide rolled her eyes and tried to force herself into sweet oblivion, but none came. She needed Lory.

So she pulled a bathrobe tight over her nightgown and ventured into the woods, armed with two flashlights.

As soon as Lorcan had reached a good distance from the rutting house, he shifted. The dark abyss of power he hadn’t touched in weeks and months welled up inside of him, yearning to be unleashed. And he did, his own power and rage fueled by the full moon. His inner Lycan side had demanded to mark Elide right then and there and rip apart the guts of the human who had dared to charm and touch his Elide.

He felt Rowan’s wind summon and reach against his dark walls. Before he could stop his intrinsic side, his magic had erupted at the touch, thinking the wind as a threat from restless peacefulness of domesticity. His magic tore from him and slammed against the wind and throbbed around Lorcan, pulsing and beating larger with each second.

What the fuck,” a snarl tore out of Rowan’s lips as his ass was knocked back several feet. “Fucking attack the rogue, not me.

He could feel Rowan’s magic testing him, seeing if he was possessed. His own magic flexed back, sweeping through his friend’s defenses easily in demolishment, his specialty.

“There is no rogue werewolf,” Lorcan snapped, flexing his aching back muscles.

His other friend rolled onto the balls of his feet, staring at him in disbelief. “Then why the Hell did you call me to get my ass over here? Aelin and I were—”

“Elide is with another male.”

Rowan stopped, and the wind died. Silence fell upon him, and his fists clenched. Then— “you interrupted my time with my mate just to whine about yours?”

The darkness flared out and pulsated around Rowan, threatening to suffocate him. “I cannot claim her without her despising my existence further.”

A snort from Rowan. “It’s not like you can go to her anyways with her on human lands.”

Lorcan’s face remained oddly stoic. The dark slowly retreated at thought of Elide, his beautiful werewolf mate addicted to sweetened coffee and milk chocolate, and prone to little ramblings that too-often touched his heart.

Rowan swore. “You found a loophole, didn’t you? You went in wolf form. Goddammit, Lorcan. She didn’t see your true Lycan side, did she?”

“Do you take me as an idiot?” he snapped. “Just my weakest wolf shape.”

“Then fucking get your ass back and chase the human off.”

“She constantly seeks companionship, and I constantly chase them away. If we do not have her today, my Lycan will end up fucking another girl.” And I cannot do that again, not that now I have found her.

Rowan’s face twisted. “You think I care right now? You left me with my mate on a full moon when I thought you were near death.”

I am, you fool—”

His friend lunged out, his Lycan side snapping into place. Cracking noises filled the air as both Lycans turned, teeth snapping. Wind rushed and slammed against Lorcan, who immediately shot up his shields. Coldness spread throughout the dark, seeping and attempting to find a weakness to crack.

Finding none, Rowan let out a roar and lunged forward, and Lorcan met him head on. He knocked Rowan to the side, biting down near his neck, but he rolled away, launching off Lorcan’s own back as they tumbled. As soon as they hit the tree, they disentangled, pacing around one another.

Rowan let out a startled bark, and let out a huff. He dropped to his haunches, and Lorcan warily stared at him, his ears flattened and jaws open.

Lorcan, Rowan’s Lycan wolf of silver streaks and black whorls panted not from exertion, but amusement. There is a pink collar around your neck.

So? Lorcan growled out, ready to leap again. The dark was ready to maim and attack his friend in the name of Elide. The fight with another Lycan would also be needed to release the pent up stress that had accumulated.

The other wolf’s ears flopped back, and he released a short breath in exasperation and amusement.

I didn’t know that was your type of thing, Lory.

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Percy and his siblings were all amazing singers, and because of their different ages and interests, music was one of the few activities that could bring them together.

There’s a grand piano in the entrance hall that neither Percy nor Cassandra touch any more.

It’s kept closed, locked, and - though Whitestone castle now has the staff and funds to keep the place clean and in order - the dark wood of it is often slightly grey with dust. Visitors remark on it, every so often, with pleasant comments about how it must be old, must be expensive, must make beautiful music. 

“Why, surely, Lady de Rolo, you must be an accomplished musician yourself? And your brother, I am sure, must have a lovely singing voice. It seems quite a shame, to keep such a lovely old instrument tucked in the corner… Quite a shame, indeed.”

If the guests ever see the ghosts that cluster around the piano, they don’t mention it. Likely, they can’t see the shadows that curl around it, blind to the memories hanging heavy in the air as they chatter away. A woman, with more burns than skin, sits at the keys and plays gentle and confident, her husband stood with a hand on her shoulder and a bloody hole through his chest. Their children cluster around them - one with her body so twisted and broken it seems impossible she should be upright, one with the telltale burns of being hung with a commoner’s noose around his neck, one with his eyes put out, one carrying her head beneath her arm, one with his head caved in… They stare, all of them, at their mother and father, hollow mouths stretched smiling-wide and opened in a silent song that no one other than the two surviving de Rolos seem able to hear.

Percy and Cassandra do not smile at the praise, do not say a word. They merely nod, their jaws clenched and cheeks pulled tight, and turn the conversation to other subjects - lest the ghosts take notice, and visit them that night in their dreams.

On SebaCiel and other things

I am greatly surprised that nobody had written about this before. To be honest, I’m even more surprised at how some SebaCiel shippers simply take the blame when they are called pedophiles, rape apologists, and abuse supporters. So I thought it was time already to clarify some misconceptions that those antis have burned so strongly in their own minds.

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Sodomy practices unpunished,  year 1509 from dieary of Giralomo Priuli.

“I have yet to speak of another wicked and pernicious vice, which was widely practised and highly esteemed in this city, and this was the unnatural vice called sodomy, for which, as we read in ancient writings, the great God sent down fire upon the two cities so notorious to all! This vice was openly practised in Venice without shame; indeed, it had become so habitual that it was more highly regarded than having to do with one’s own wife. Young Venetian nobles and citizens tricked themselves out with so many ornaments, and with garments that opened to show the chest, and with so many perfumes, that there was no indecency in the world to compare with the frippery and finery of Venetian youth and their provocative acts of luxury and venery. Truly they may be called not youths, but women. They were tolerated by their fathers and relatives although they deserved punishment; had (their elders] taken action, and forbidden this indecent clothing, this lascivious and dishonourable behaviour, this effeminacy on the part of their sons and relatives, perhaps things would have gone differently and the heavens would not have allowed such a catastrophe to fall upon us. But such was the love of fathers for their children that they were blind to their ruin, sunk and drowning as they were in this accursed vice, and they neither saw nor realized it. By the power of money these [young people] turned from men into women, and now that after this disaster money must needs be in shorter supply they will do far worse things in their desire to obtain it, for they have been brought up to expect these lascivious refinements which one cannot have without money, and they cannot resist such things”.

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you said you liked club fics- what are your favorites?? love your blog btw!

I Bet That You Look Good on the Dancefloor (birdsofshore, 28k): Harry finds himself in a Muggle gay bar, confused and curious and wanting, when he runs into Draco, who’s wild and free in a way that calls to something deep inside Harry.

IDK My BFF Hermione? (lettered, 19k): Draco is going wild- he’s wearing eyeliner and leather, he’s dancing on tables, he’s fucking in public, and worst of all, he just won’t get out of Harry’s head. He must be up to something!

Rapture (@dictacontrion, 2k): A numb Harry frequents clubs to lose himself in the beat, and is surprised to see a familiar face there one night. 

Heavy Scene (furiosity, 15.5k): Years after the war, Harry and Draco are best friends who frequently go out clubbing together. As much as it breaks Draco’s heart to see Harry draped over random strangers in the clubs, he does his best to act like nothing’s wrong so as not to upset their friendship.  

In Fire and Blood (@theboywholivcd, 15k): The summer after the war, Harry and Draco hide away in Muggle London, content to let the cacophonous music drown out their worries and memories. But come fall, they need to return to their old lives, thus rupturing the gentle rhythm they’ve found with each other. 

Rather Than Love (birdsofshore, 7k): Harry agrees to take Veritaserum before he and Draco go out to a Muggle club. While surrounded by admirers, Draco asks Harry questions about their love life, making him admit how much he loves when Draco assumes control over him.

The Importance of Being Sure (who_la_hoop, 1.5k): While grinding together on a sweaty, crowded dancefloor, Draco makes sure that Harry really wants him. 

The World Thy Gaol (November Snowflake, 18k): Unable to leave his house without being jeered at, Draco decides to invent a Metamorphmagus Potion that will allow him to alter his appearance at will. While going incognito, he decides to check out a Muggle gay bar, and ends up finding a very receptive Harry there. 

Order of Merlin (Cheryl Dyson, 13k): Harry’s doing his best to shed his Golden Boy image. Draco’s tasked with escorting him home from clubs, yet he finds it difficult not to be distracted by a leather clad, gyrating Harry. 

Let’s Dance to Joy Division (Femme, 12.5k): Eight months after their break up, Draco is still hung up on Harry. At Pansy and Blaise’s insistence, he accompanies them to a Muggle nightclub, where he runs into Harry once again (warning for past infidelity). 

The Page Eleven Wars (fireflavored, 8.5k): Harry and Draco have a wager going to see who can bag the most outrageous headlines in the Daily Prophet. The winner gets a most delicious prize indeed. 

Shame Keeps Its Watch (raitala, 11k): After his father dies, Draco finally allows himself to stop doing what a Malfoy should do and start living for himself.

Harry Potter Gives a Shit (talithan, 59k): When Draco finally gathers his courage to go to a Muggle gay bar, he’s stunned to see Harry come swaggering out the door. Harry’s on a downward spiral, uncaring of who he hurts along the way, but Draco still can’t stop himself from wanting him.

Check This Hand ‘Cause I’m Marvelous (lumosed_quill, 8k): Harry can’t stop staring at Draco, causing his friends to dare Draco to give him a lapdance. And does Draco ever deliver! 

Blue Sunny Day (firethesound, 26k): Harry’s believed to be dead, so Draco’s startled when he sees him in a Muggle club, looking hungry and rather, well, undead. 

Let’s Go Outside (cryptonym, 24k): Draco and Harry both love fucking in public places, included crowded dance floors of nightclubs.

Servamp Episode 12 - calm your titters

     Right, ok you whiny babies let’s settle down here for a minute. I’ve collected my thoughts long enough and it’s time to set the record straight on the finale for the Servamp anime. I will be damned if I’m going to see another fandom become a war zone over something we should all be grateful for. First off, let’s appreciate the fact Servamp even got an anime at all. There are hundreds of thousands of manga being produced; it is a damn competitive market. You’ve got all sorts of popular series coming out and you’ve got the less mainstream ones fighting to make it. Servamp is probably sitting in the middle somewhere–that’s right the blaze ignored mid table finish. It’s no Haikyuu, it’s no OPM, but it’s not a minor series either. Right in the middle. You know how hard it is to even get there? STRIKE Tanaka had to work hard and try over and over again to make it with their series to get it to where it is now. For them to have achieved an anime they are probably so proud and humbled to even have that chance to see their beloved characters and story animated. Yes, it’s not exactly like the manga but name me one anime that is word for word, scene for scene a replica of the manga (I see you FMA Brotherhood people–sit down. You had to go through an original anime ending as well before your series made enough to be revamped).

     Now then, as far as the anime is concerned, Kadokawa had to make a lot of extremely hard choices on what exactly they were going to do with the 12 episode series they were green-lit for. I can’t imagine they did not consult with STRIKE Tanaka continually in order to gain their opinion on what to do for the series. Yes, STRIKE Tanaka probably didn’t get things completely their way, but for the sake of having the anime be successful and generating both mutual revenue compromises were made. Given the anime as a whole, they did a fucking fantastic job of it to try and make the series both complete, and open as possible. That’s not easy to do. With that, we look at our finale episode.

     As a rabid lover of C3, I understand some fans disappointment in what transpired. I get you–I feel you, but let’s rewind for a minute. From the beginning most of us were damn well certain we wouldn’t be seeing them AT ALL–let alone hearing the amazing seeiyuu they got. But if I may… I’d like to point out why the animation team made the choices they did.

     First of all, the series is about Mahiru and Kuro’s relationship. As such the finale is not going to crescendo on C3′s intervention. It does this in the manga because the manga is continual, there are no breaks; whereas anime has set seasons–they don’t get that luxury. It’s just like a book, you have an intro, you have a message you’re trying to convey through the story, you end the story on that message and drive it home again. That’s what the anime did, that’s what they needed to do, and I don’t think they could’ve done it any more epically than what they did. Tsubaki is still at large as he was in the manga, they didn’t end it with his issues being resolved. Mahiru got a glimpse into Tsubaki’s problems but they sure as hell were not solved. Tsubaki made a point of saying this when he was with Sakuya.

     On that note; Sakuya. owreinbfeolefihnerlugrloewifhdsolfugeirugbel dear Sakuya I love you again–or at least your anime self. HE DID A THING GUYS!! HE LEGIT—DID A THING AND FINALLY FOLLOWED HIS OWN HEART. LIKE—JUST—6jiglfdh -dishes points all around for him and throws flowers on him- SO. MUCH. DEVELOPMENT. BLESS!!!! I could not have been more excited for Sakuya as I was this episode. I hope all of you SakuMahi fans are screaming your hearts out right now because I sure was and I’m usually the one standing in the bg of the ship going ‘that’s cool bro’. So many points for that change man–so many. That ship has fucking sailed.

     Speaking of other sailing ships: LICHT AND LAWLESS. HOLY FUCKING HELL OF HELLS. I’ll definitely be rereading through the manga on that scene but kjgriowahifohsd LICHT’S EMOTION SCREAMING HYDE’S NAME. I CAN’T EVEN MY EVEN. 

     That was basically me on that scene. I could not handle it–it was so beautiful. AND PISSED OFF TETSU. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!! KJfgorwahf heart throb–fucking heart throb. His bond with Hugh was cast in such a beautiful light that even the manga does not touch on all that deeply and I just lost my shit in giddiness over it all.

     Then we have Mikuni, to which I tilted my head a bit with mixed emotion. I was both pleased and concerned. Pleased first of all because Mikuni is my king and I’d fucking lick his boots if given the chance. Second… he was cast in a really protagonist light, and he’s… not? Really? This is actually stuff that’s still waiting to be brought to light in the manga, but throughout the story Mikuni is sort of this on again off again side character that seems to have some ulterior motives. Of course the anime is likely not going to touch that as it is SO SUBTLE in the manga, and there’s no real justification as to why or what he’s doing, so why even go there yet? In the end though I’m pretty ok with him being shown as a positive character. He did have a bit of that Chaotic Neutral aura when first introduced and when seeing Mahiru in his shop The Land of Nod. Mikuni does act like a mentor to Mahiru, but his advice is usually questionable–yet he seems to have most people going along with what he says that are gullible to it. So all in all, yah, ok I’ll give you guys that. Make him seem like a good guy for a bit longer which will only hype the surprise when he innevitably fucks us all over at some point.

     Lastly we have the C3 babies. I’m circling back around to this because while most of you pissed off can we take a second to appreciate they light they were cast in with this episode? Admittedly I myself was dissapointed at first not seeing them, but I got cameos and even a little seen with Tsurugi in the resolution. C3 appeared just as they do in the manga but they fucking HELPED. THEY. HELPED. Which is fantastic because daaaamn for episode 5 did people not like them. They were scene as the yucky bad guys there to take vampires out and that’s not really their goal. As a Tsurugi RPer myself episode 5 was a goddamned curse for me. Every character I RPed with that had only watched the anime thought of C3 as some vampire hunting guild and only that, and they’re totally not. So with this episode I was extremely pleased to see them cast so positively to balance that out. They were there to aid all of the eves and even Servamps after the battle. They observed ready to step in if things got out of hand and I was just really elated with that. If they had stepped in like they’d done in the manga that would’ve only worsened the opinion on them. C3 is not a horrible organization–they’re questionable, but they’re not merciless vampire hunters. So, thank you for this Kadokawa I really appreciate the redemption you gave them <3 truly.

     Now, we still have the actual climax of the series a lot of people are confused and angry about. The whole scene with Tsubaki, his past, the fight with Kuro and Mahiru, all that stuff. Again you guys… it’s the FINALE. OF. THE. SHOW. People that do not know what the hell is going on from having read the manga would be more pissed off than you if there was no resolution–and do not yell at the anime-only fans or I swear to my cat mug I will come to you and bop you on the head. Everyone starts somewhere in the fandom; leave ‘em alone. They are not any better or worse having only seen the anime. This episode is again the finale–FINAL. It draws to a close, and that’s what it did. We had the vitally important driving home of the message with Mahiru and Kuro working together to solve a problem. We had absolutely AMAZING development on Kuro from his begining days of ‘can’t be bothered’ syndrome, to full blown ‘I’ll take all of this burden on myself–I’m tired of regretting and doing nothing’. He came full circle which you need to do in a FINALE. Mahiru likewise stepped right in and reminded him again that he didn’t have to do it alone and they would handle this together.

     Then we have Tsubaki. You can’t go a whole season without giving the main antagonist some sort of modus operandi or creed. You just… you can’t have that. Many of us manga readers are still going WHAT IN THE FUCK IS TSUBAKI’S REASON FOR ANYTHING, because we STILL don’t know it. You anime fans may not realize this but you’re getting more closure and information than the manga readers had with this episode. (Hahahaha who’s superior now?–no really there’s no right and wrong in this) Can we just take a step back and appreciate we actually had some goddamn information finally come out on Tsubaki? We got to see his arm as we do in this battle in the manga, and we got to see his fucking REASON–sort of. Nothing was really said as to Tsubaki’s goal or the mission sensei assigned him with. We just know now why he’s as batty as he is, which to be fair the anime foreshadowed this for a number of episodes. The manga has as well but we still haven’t SEEN it yet. I can’t imagine this scene happening without STRIKE Tanaka’s OK and guidance on it. Believe it or not the manga-ka’s do step in sometimes and say ‘yo, add this in because I want this shown’. It does legitimately happen and for the finale of the series I imagine this was likely a decision by STRIKE Tanka themselves.

     IN CONCLUSION OF THIS WALL OF TEXT: 1. I understand the manga readers are upset. 2. Ya’ll should not be upset because you got an anime series for a series you really love and should be fucking grateful they tried to give you as much as you wanted as they could possibly squeeze in with their budget. 3. YOU’RE GETTING OVAS ON THE DVD/BR RELEASES. 4. The anime serves as a means to draw in people to a series and create hype. I have seen the Servamp fandom explode in size since the anime has happened and met so many amazing people. A lot of you would not be here today without the anime and don’t fucking kid yourselves and tell me it’s not true. 5. The anime also can serve as a means to get people interested in READING THE MANGA. (Shocking~ ¬_¬).

     If you all want a season 2 as badly as you’re yelling in the tags for one right now, stop yelling and support the series. Pissing and moaning about it (and goddamn if I see one of you threaten to boycott—) will not get you a second season. It’s the same as when you’re working in the service industry. Screaming and yelling at the poor cashier that’s just doing their job is not going to get you better customer service–or what you want at all. Sit down, be thankful, provide support and you may get that additional season you’re hoping for.

     As the saying goes: “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” Take this message to heart and give Kadokawa a round of applause because they worked their asses off on this.

     Thank you and good night -mic drop-

Not Dead Yet (Part 15)

*me: should I work on the update?

brain: watch three seasons of Merlin

me: but the update…

brain: did I stutter?*

Pairing: reader x Peter Pan

Warnings: mild language

When we landed back in Neverland Pan and I agreed that the events of our trip were to remain with us. I was good to walk away with that too if it hadn’t been for one thing. Something that had been nagging at me the moment Pan had given me that bean. “Pan, I need to tell you something.”

“If it’s another hug–”

​​​​​​"No. Nothing like that.“ I waved it off, "I just felt that after what you did for me I owed you something.”

“You owe me a lot but tell me, what is it you have to say now?”

“The real reason I had wanted to go back to the Enchanted Forest.”

“To make sure the doctor was dead.” Pan nodded.

“No.” I groaned, “When you handed me that bean I wasn’t thinking about Doctor Beadnell at all. It wasn’t until you mentioned him that I had even realized just how much he had been weighing me down.”

“What were you thinking of?” He looked at me curiously.

“I was thinking of how I never got to say goodbye to the one person I cared about.” I avoided meeting his eyes. “Now I have. I can move on.”

“I’m not sure I understand…”

“My father, Pan. The reason I never let the music in and suffered through those nightmares for years was so I wouldn’t forget my father.”

There was a long lapse of silence. “Listen, I can’t expect you to understand. I just–I just–” I clenched my fists hard trying to regain control. I refused to breakdown in front of this imp again. “I couldn’t let myself forget until I said a proper goodbye! I couldn’t let him go until I could tell him I was alright now! That I had found a new home with a family that cares about me.”

He didn’t say anything. I wiped angrily at my eyes, stopping the tears before they could show. I felt something poke the side of my arm. Pan was holding out his pipes to me. I took them from him and he gave me a gentle nod. I brought the pipes up to my lips and blew into it. A melody I remembered hearing what felt like a lifetime ago drifted out from the pipes as I played. The song that had drawn me to the forest the night I was brought to Neverland.

Time seemed to slow around me and colors turned to grey. I closed my eyes, a fog rolled across my mind as faces, places, and sounds of my past blurred into inconsistency before disappearing all together. All the disappointment, heartache, and pain faded.

I opened my eyes again. The island was in bright contrast to the flitting memories. I was spinning fast, my feet scarcely skimming the ground. The slow lullaby turned quicker and cheerier until it was no longer the same song.

The tune had been loud enough that it had called some of the Lost Boys to where we were. I smiled when I saw them. They joined me as I played dancing around and whooping. I stopped playing and let out a loud crow to the sky as I spun. I had never felt so happy. I swear I had even seen Pan smiling.


It was a time of bliss for the next few years. Occasionally I’d have a dream with familiar faces without names but they’d slip away before I could think about them. The most I could remember was that I had a father at some point and that I had dug a lot of holes. Pan explained that while hearing the music made people forget, playing the pipes yourself was exceedingly more powerful. I was lucky to remember anything from before Neverland at all.

I had made the mistake of asking him if he remembered anything from before Neverland once. He had snapped at me saying he didn’t remember a thing but I knew it was a lie. I had been around Pan enough to recognize a lie and how it laid on the heart. The cavern that was once filled with all his secrets…

I didn’t push it further with him but I have to admit it made me angry. I had shown him all the dark corners of my life and he wouldn’t tell me a thing about his. There was a part of me that wanted to risk everything to swim out to Skull Rock and find out what he had been hiding but better judgement (and Devin tackling me anytime I went towards that part of the jungle) kept me from doing so.

If there was anything that made me more curious about what Pan had done in the past it was what he was doing in the present. Some nights him and a couple boys would leave the island via portal and come back that night or in the morning with new recruits. That I was used to. But as the years stretched on I noticed that Pan himself would disappear without a trace form the entire island. How did I know he wasn’t on the island? Because one night when I noticed he was nowhere to be found I went to the cliff side where I could see Skull Rock and he never came to kill me for doing so.

He’d show up again sometime the next morning as if nothing ever happened. Why was he leaving the island alone like that? More importantly, why did he never tell anyone he was leaving? I asked Felix where Pan had gone to but he had no idea. No one did. That’s why when I did find out one morning I felt like laughing and puking all at the same time.

It was early and I was taking my morning walk as I always did. Pan had vanished from the island without a trace again last night so I had taken the opportunity to go near the beach that was closest to Skull Rock. As I was doing so a portal opened up in the sand in front of me. I jumped back as someone was spat out of it.

“Pan?” I stared down at his sprawled body face down in the sand. “Where were you?”

“Shut up!” he snapped then rolled over with his hands pressed to his head.

“What the hell happened to you?” I knelt next to him.

“I don’t need to answer to you.” he grumbled, “Just leave me alone.”

“I will…after you stand up.”

“Fine,” he slipped a few times as he struggled to stand. “See, I’m–” He dropped again as he hurled. I stepped out of range of his spewing and waited till he was done emptying the contents of his stomach.

Peter Pan was hungover. I do not even know where to start with this. The fact that he left every couple of weeks to get drunk was amusing. The sight of him with sand stuck to his face and unable to stand as he hurled was hilarious. My frightening and fearless leader.

“Need a hand?” I pulled out a rag and started to wipe the sand off his face.

“What’s so funny?” he growled at me when he caught sight of my smirk.

“Oh nothing, I just find it funny that you find the need to get drunk every couple of weeks. I honestly didn’t peg you as the type.” I finished brushing off the sand and he brought a glowing hand up to his head.

“I’m not,” he relaxed a bit as his magic kicked in, “I went for another reason and one thing led to another and things got a bit out of hand.”

“What’s out there that you can’t get or do on the island?” I asked and I swear I saw him blush just a tad. “What? Are you embarrassed to tell me? If you just need time away then just say so there’s no need to…”

The realization dawned on me and I stifled a laugh. He glared at me, seemingly aware that I had put the pieces together. He only leaves for the night, he doesn’t tell anyone where he’s going or why, and he seems to be in a better mood when he returns. Slightly was wrong, I was not the whore of this island.

“So, how often do you go for your little…visits?”

“Not often, I assure you.” he stood to his feet. It was hard to tell if his face was red from embarrassment or from anger. Either way I thought it was funny.

“What a shame.” I smirked wider. His glare softened into a smug leer. “Have something to say slut?”

“It is a shame.” he got uncomfortably close to my face, “A shame indeed, my innocent Lost Girl.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You have the gall to look down on me for taking time to sate the most basic of urges when you yourself have never experienced them. Will probably never have the, ahem, pleasure.”

“You assume much.” I quipped, gulping back my nerves. The last time he was this close to me he almost threw me off a cliff.

“I know as much.”

“And how, pray tell, is that? You didn’t know me before I came to Neverland. You don’t know who I was.”

“No, but I do know a virgin when I see one.” He whispered lowly in my ear, the faint scent of gin on his breath. “And you are very much indeed one, in every conceivable way.”

“Ugh,” I pushed his face away, “You are such a prat.”

“I bet you’ve never even been kissed.” he snickered.

“Then you’d be wrong.”

“Wait, someone has kissed you before?”



“I don’t remember, some boy who I used to live near. Why do you care?”

“I don’t.”

“Apparently you do.”

“If I seem so it’s only because I can’t believe someone would voluntarily want to kiss you.”

“And I can’t fathom how some girls would want to kiss you, let alone sleep with you. How drunk exactly do you have to get them to concede to that?”

“I don’t.”

“Oh how could I be so mistaken?” I replied sarcastically, “Of course girls must just be throwing themselves at you everywhere you go. All that wild, animal magnetism must have them tripping over their own two feet to get to you.”

“Y/N, if I wanted I could have you in my tent by the end of the day.”

“There’s only one problem with that. Unlike your flings, I actually know you, and if these girls you visit knew you like I know you they wouldn’t be so keen to jump into bed with you.”

“And what’s so wrong with me?”

“Besides being a smug, irritating, bossy imp?” I shrugged, “Can’t think of a thing.”

“Why do you talk to me like that?”

“Like what?”

“Like you’re not worried that I’ll impale you for acting so familiar.”

“I guess I like to think that I actually mean something to you.”

“How are you so sure you don’t?”

“I know you. The only person you’re looking out for is yourself. Doesn’t leave room for anyone else.”

“I don’t know about all that.”

“Sure you do. Your ego alone compensates for at least ten people.” I shrugged and started to walk back towards the jungle, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about your hormonal, drunken escapades.”

“Y/N, I swear if you breathe a word of this to anyone!” he caught my arm pulling me back.

“I won’t.” I pried his hand off me with a roll of my eyes, “Like I want to think about you having drunken sex with some naive barmaid more than I need to. That being said, do you need to walk back to camp with me or do you think you can make it yourself without puking?”

He shoved past me into the jungle. “Okay, no need to be so huffy. I was just joking.” I caught up to him.

“How about you shut your trap.”

“How about you make me.”

“I could.”

“And I would love to see you try.” As soon as the words left my mouth he had shoved me into the closest tree, pinning me with his body. His hand reached down by hip and pulled my dagger from its sheath. He pressed the flat of it to my neck.

“I am not in the mood for your sass. Either shut up or I will feed you to the mermaids, limb by limb.” I nodded and he stabbed the dagger into the bark next to my head before letting me go.

He pushed on ahead and I lost sight of him. I was still standing pressed against the tree, my heart beating a mile a minute and my face pulsing red. “Stupid Pan…” I muttered as I tore my dagger out of the tree and left back for camp.

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Let the games begin - Ch. 7

Photo created and gifted by the generous: @wonders-of-the-enterprise

Today dear reader, we’re checking in Bones and where hes off to in such a hurry. Also tying up just a couple lose ends!

5,970 word(s) of - angst, delicious violence, and more angst!

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6

This is it guys! The final “official” chapter! Thank you so much for sticking with me throughout this story. Thank you for all the kind words and support. It really means a lot to me! So much in fact, that I will be releasing my prologue later this evening, filled with “things” that I couldn’t yet cover in the story ;) stay tuned! Be gentle. I am a delicate flower.

Also please excuse any medical discrepancies in this story. I couldn’t find anything to fit my specific needs so I just threw a couple in for my stories sake.

Special thanks to: @outside-the-government for encouraging me to write again, and for being my beta and idea bouncer, and for creating this monster.  Also @imoutofmyvulcanmind for being an idea bouncer, and letting me torture you with snippets, yay!

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Bones made his way out of your room, ignoring your pleas. He made his way to his office and grabbed some things from his cabinet. He made his way swiftly to the turbolift, without saying a word or passing a glance at anyone. Everyone gave him a wide berth when they saw the look on his face.

His anger was finally able to be released and replaced everything else that he had put on the forefront these past week. An anger that he hasn’t felt in a long time began to arise, the anger of a protective father, and protector of the one he loved.

He quickly made it inside the lift and punched a few buttons and he began to descend. He exited the lift and made his way deftly toward the brig.

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Sometimes he would come on New Year’s eve, sitting by the fire with his maroon umbrella rested beside the armrest. There is always an air of calmness in him, his tone never raised or waiver, his face a splitting image of his own.

Or rather, Tom is a splitting image of /him/. It is such a shame, he thought, such a shame indeed that the man sitting in front of him is born a without magic in his blood.

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i-chew-on-pushpins  asked:

so im at a starbucks at 5 in the fucking goddamn morning being really annoyed about how loud the music is while i try to read & watching a cute barista set up the outside tables & im not saying nurseydex au but nurseydex au

was this a fic prompt?????? not exactly!!!! but did i take it that way????? hell yeah!!!!!!! sry this isn’t the best i’ve ever written but i wrote it rly fast during my study halls rip

It was too early for this bullshit.

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Well, she created the Tig basically because of the personality she created for her relationship with Cory, and she hasn't really done much with it since she destroyed that relationship, so it's not like this was unexpected.

this is very true. maybe she will do another blog for some other shit. who knows at this point in time. but can i just say that Cory is one gorgeous man. talented and seems to be a sweet guy. from what i have seen in my life all the good men always get fucked over. a damn shame indeed. 

@the-final-peace liked your STARTER CALL  ||Accepting||

         -╳-         How beauteous - the sights of the lake before him and the glisten it held from the very beams of pristine moonlight above, ever present and emanating its healing aesthetic. A shame, indeed, that darkened clouds were lingering nearby, blowing in from the mountains in the north and within them, threats of rain.  T’was, regardless, a moment of serenity - a peace he had not felt for some time, fleeting and delicate.

Heavy eyelids closed momentarily, their weight too much to bare - he was tired, malnourished - decades had passed since his last stumble, his last feed against his will and indeed, it was affecting his movements, his strength, his appearance. His father appeared as if he were human, and yet Alucard was as much a walking corpse as once could possibly be in  both essence and appearance.

Discolored lips parted, chapped and sore, as the scent of a being caught his attention upon the wind - such a subtle and caressing breeze. Amber eyes, now open, provided a stark contrast to the colorless tones of his elongated hair - just whom was lingering? His question did not go unanswered for long, for the shiver and ebbs of discomfort that consumed his spine; he knew that sensation… he knew it well…

“I have bitter doubts that you are not here to relieve me of my torment, but for another reason entirely-”
He is respectful in his tone of voice, keeping his head tilted toward the ground where he sat, eyes focused on the rippling edges of the water.     

Imagine Jerome Valeska x You (Your Birthday - Smut One-Shot)

@oswaldcobblesnot *clears my throat* Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dearest Chel- *Jerome comes in and knocks me out with a baseball bat* 

Jerome: That was my part! *clears his throat* Happy birthday, dearest Chelseaa! Happy birthday to youuuuuuu! 

Warnings: Mention of murder, “Romantic” Jerome (hey, he brings you flowers… he tried…) Jerome sneaks into your room, Oral Sex (you receiving - it’s your birthday after all! :P), Vaginal Fingering, Sex from behind

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