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I know it wasn’t such a long time ago when I made a follow forever but my following list has changed so much in these past few months so I decided to make a new one to show how much I enjoy these blogs and their owners. (those of you who were in my previous follow forever i’m sorry but feel honored x)


-damons | abraxasm | adamsmilligan | amellywood | annieodeir | aryastarks | belledearie | captinamerica | clairholts | constancess | crystal-reeds | damonsaviour  | daniels-sharman | darkorchide | daylightring | deaniewinchester | deansiel | deanwinhcester | deanwinchuster | demonprotection | dilfjensen | dobrevawes | dobrevninas | dylan-obriens | eagletonian


garthed |  gilmckinney | glitteringspark | hazelancasters | iansomerhaldervevo | iansgallgher | indespairs | isaaclaheyz | isaaclaney | itsnorthern | izzyswood | jaredpodalecki | jasondilaurentis | jensackles | jensenakles | jessiepinkman | jtolkien |  kathspierce | kingmirallegro | kpetrova | lehcters | lilypoters | llogans | mauradors | msndobrev | nianslooch | ndobreva | niklausex | niklauswinchester | northmans 


oblivates | palestiles | pauleski | phoebes | phoebetonkyn |  piercequeen | pinksman | piperhalliwell | porntrova | rebekahmikleson | rhodenss | robbstakrs | robinsreginas | rosedawns | samwinchhester | scarlettjohanson | scotsmcall | seyfriieds | shakespearee | sharmansboner | sherlockholmse | somerhader | somerhaynes | souredwolf  | stilestilkinki | stonesalayne | stones-garfield | strydering | stylesly | swifterly | thenightofthecomet | tomhiddlestons | tylersmccall | westerose 

                          DANIELS-GILLIES FOLLOW FOREVER I wanted to put everyone that makes my dash special and people who I think are extremely talented and have a wonderful personality.  Thank you so much for being wonderful people I just want you guys to know how special you are to me, YOU are the reason why I love tumblr so so much. ♡

vervainnecklace, allisonargend, swantics, timelordinq, jonsnov, prisonerofazkban, braedensderek, captainswaan, itsmaliatate, rk-lover, rebekhamikaelson, spencerfan,sccottmccalls, belledearie, alwaysandforeverdaniel, haleshowling, chippedhcup, stableqeen, halenskiz, paulwelsey, lushcola, heystefan, hoechlder, magnus-alexander, rebekahmikleson, ohsterek, ohstelena, nathanshales, stefanasalvatore, scottiles, wolfdrews, scottie-mccutie, kirasyukimura, blondiepoison, felicitysmock, itsniklaus, separatedways, emilianclarke, kira-yukimura, thebellamyblake, hazelancester, paulwes, phoebes, fearlesspond, sebastijanstan, dereksmate, derekshales, amandaseyfried, oberynmatell,grahamcoxonn, paulweasley, kiras-yukimura, zoeysbensons, swifterly, swansouffle, oscarsneymar, shampains, jenslawrence, catastropheinpink, jasondilaurentis, misslilycollinss, lissadrgmir, lafferti, scottmcallmemaybe, thewolfhowlings, allisonartgent, scotthowling, evenstarss, scottsmccall, allisonasavestheday, spencerscaffeine, fionas-gallagher, honourinrevenge, jenniferzlawrence, dylansstrawberry, alexskarsgardss, seyfriieds, emmawathson, joshdallas, amiliabones, allyarge, spencexhastings, ryansatwood, shaymitchel, spencersalison, fyteenwolf, kiliansemma, bellamying, agentswards, maliatale, t-palmer, iheart-stonefield, daenerysmoak, ashleybenzon, prettylittleliars-bitches, paulvedre, lissadrgomir, kylebraxton, kolklauselijah, rodens-holland, sebastianstaen, sixlegends, jessepankman,danario, nataliesrushmans, tayloswifs, lydiasbennets, labyrinthing, timur-simakov, argentsemma, scotsmcall, haylijahkissed, cosimasass, nico-mirallegros, sashapieterse, ameliapondery, pheeta, badasscaroline, haleyjamess, troians, spencestobes, troian-bellisario, pruehalliwel, hobriens, ohclarke, spencerstobias, selenamg, evilqueened, dylan-hoechlin, klarolina, ggrinted,alisonscode, ashbzo, mikkelsem, patchcprianos, peetaximum, fatigueless, pauldehaan, crystalrreed, aaronswarner, sensualhastings, britishrobert, kathspierce, dark-stiles, saviourstiles, argents-alison, marystwart, paulyswesley, blairwaldorfings, gwenstacye. + blogroll


First of all I would like to thank all my followers and people I follow for making my tumblr experience as fun as it is today. Thank you thank you thank you! Since I wanted to make an updated follow forever before 2014, but I was to busy (whoops) this is the new one and I will call it let’s say best 2014'winter blogs (following tradicions to make my follow forever different from the others as always, also sorry in advance if I will forget/miss someone, but I hope I won’t). First of all I would like to thank to all my mutual follows, this mean a lot to me, so special thank you goes to you (if your url is in italic this mean that we talked once, twice and that i consider you as my tumblr fella, congrads! bold means that i consider you as a good friend on here and if your url is bold/italic this mean that i follow you for a long time (more than one/two years) and i will never unfollow you and you are my bby, also all the usernames is in no particular order)! 

cordeliasfox, ameliapondery, dailytaissafarmiga, annieodeir, rhodenss, hundredlifetimes, sebastianstans,
daylightspeaks, crystalsreeds, ezioaudtore, martianweed, nesahudgens, jensenacklezs, danykat, karennias, 
mishaseyelasheshaisenbergs, hacelgrace, staytaytay, doctorsafraid, jaredpadalceki, joanwaltzson, runesc
clarkkents, burnpetrova, claraoswulds, palpattine, jaredgifschenaultsagreeneswerevolfs, jensensakles, 
seyfriieds, matthewsmitth, allesonargent, ambeer-heard, lydiaemartin, sarahwlker, doubrev, claraseleven
lohkisenchantedteapiperhalliwellmollshooperslilypoters, alliesargent, jennacolleman, holycastielwincstr
myackles, dixonchesters, noahlevines, demonprotection, willstiel, winchestters, henrywinchesters
nataliasromanoff, glaciercas, chevorlet, chestervlle, casdeans, all-eyezonmefallenbadassbrookedaviz
scarstiels, tardis-impala, samthecollegeboy, jensensllermansshailneswoodfirecatchersburglarboggins
adamsmilliganvienness, fadedviolets, lehastingswhoisreturningmerlns, daniels-gillies, 
vanessaannes, lyricalgomez, amuliapond, oswahld, twhiddlesassmyintimatetiredofsingingblues, 
aheardgifs, letojareds, pinkskycrystal

and now, because all the blogs I have listed before is in mutual follow with me, I also want to add some that isn’t, but I follow these blogs for more than two years and I will always will, here you go, thank you for making my dash as pretty as it is for such a long time <3

xanis, emiliaclarke, milakunis, northfalls, msndobrev, mydraco, northmans



hello! i just wanted to thank all these amazing people for making my dash a beautiful place. i’ve never talked to some of you but i still wanted to let you know that i admire your talent and your awesomeness! 
i wish you all (including my lovely followers) 
a merry christmas (if you celebrate it) and a happy new year. ♥ 

abc: amandaseyfried, aryastarks, belleprintemps, bellisaro, bluemavor, buffys, calikalie

def: drogon, earthlightened, emiliaclarke, fassyy

ghi: glitteringspark, halelawrence, itsashbenzo

jkl: jamesfrancos, jessajohansson, joannwatsons, johnkrasinski, kathpierces, lastisle, lestarks, lydia-martin, lydia-martins

mno: martinski, martinskss, marylstuart, menerie, msndobrev, nikkiebeharie, northfalls, northwolves, notaqueen

pqr: palpattine, paulwelsey, queenofmeereen, rhodenss, robbstarks, roobbstark, rosefeather, rulostyles

stu: samclaflliin, scoddelario, seyfriieds, songsofwolves, swifterly, theasroy

vwxyz: valyrian, watsonjoan, wrencering, xanis, zoezbenson

+ blogroll 

As usual, I’m late to the party. But as they say, it’s the thought that counts, so here is my follow forever. All of these are blogs I have been enjoying over the past year (or longer), the list consisting of ones belonging to people I have come to view as good friends (bolded), acquaintances, and mutual follows, as well as blogs I have been admiring from afar even though their owners most likely have no idea I even exist. Considering I follow five hundred people I have probably forgotten someone while going through the list, and for that I apologize.

Thank you for filling my dashboard with awesome, and I wish all of you a fantastic 2014.

afterlithe ▪ ageofstark ▪ alicexz ▪ andrew-lincoln ▪ aquatia ▪ ari-ira ▪ argentes ▪ aspenaire ▪ augurie ▪ augustines ▪ bacall ▪ balerion ▪ baptisms- ▪ bellatrixlestranges ▪ bootlegprecious ▪ bridlebends ▪ calikalie ▪ canalcat ▪ catherinedemedici ▪ catherineearnshaws ▪ cervvo ▪ catelynstark ▪ clawsandfangs ▪ cloudplays ▪ crimical ▪ cykees ▪ dangerktdanger ▪ debellatio ▪ dontdiegwenstacy ▪ dragonbridges ▪ earthlightened ▪ echofades ▪ emoires ▪ eylixir ▪ fiftyshadesofbanana ▪ fleurting ▪ flushwithcash ▪ fromdarkestskies ▪ gatmen ▪ georginakincaid ▪ gnossienne ▪ haffalump ▪ hellmouths ▪ hierarchia ▪ hooking ▪ houlteys ▪ hyrises ▪ ifallontragedy ▪ interwar ▪ inveticus ▪ ionsquare ▪ irrites ▪ ivcors ▪ lecresta ▪ leepace ▪ letscheckshoes ▪ longhiver ▪ lostmemento ▪ lucreza ▪ magicwroteagirl ▪ majoris ▪ mashamorevna ▪ mazzello ▪ melancholie ▪ mikkelsenie ▪ mirroir ▪ mmorrow ▪ moodymuse ▪ mrscolinodonoghue ▪ mudsblood

neverfallawayy ▪ nikkibeharie ▪ noblefighter ▪ northfalls ▪ oceans-deep-lovers-in-sin ▪ ofthemorning ▪ okayophelia ▪ oldbaba ▪ onlyechoes ▪ ophelies ▪ panems ▪ perkamentus ▪ phntms ▪ planets-bend-between-us ▪ plantagenets ▪ poetry-and-madness ▪ qhorin ▪ qutzalcoatl ▪ readwatchreblog ▪ reginamea ▪ restarks ▪ sadoskis ▪ saintweasly ▪ scathas ▪ scullcages ▪ seaworth ▪ seydoux-me ▪ seyfriieds ▪ shackleboltrps ▪ skeletal ▪ slaygal ▪ somosinevitables ▪ sovietcop ▪ spacepandar ▪ stabmeintheneck ▪ stannisbaratheon ▪ stardust-ings ▪ starkcatelyn ▪ starsweptnight ▪ stillafireinme ▪ suchasadaffair ▪ suuuuuuze ▪ tetrishero ▪ theblankpage ▪ thisraginglight ▪ thoromir ▪ thorosofmyr ▪ tohavechosenevil ▪ travellersfarfromhome ▪ tvandme ▪ uttterly ▪ varous ▪ veinte9 ▪ velificantes ▪ veronicaecholls ▪ vetica ▪ vieserys ▪ whatthatmeans ▪ wolfscat ▪ zhernobyl