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Honestly my favorite thing about skam is how realistic it is. When Eva and Ingrid made up they didn’t automatically become best friends again. They aren’t actually friends at all anymore because they hurt each other so much, but they’re kind to each other. Noora and William don’t actually work out and the intense love affair they had was probably just a teenage romance that seems like it’s the one. Isak and Even go super fast and they’re both struggling with things so the timing is bad for both of them and it doesn’t work out right away. It feels like I’m watching a piece of real people’s lives and it’s so good

little things to love about jihoon
  • he’s the number one producer 
  • makes great music 
  • can play the guitar and piano
  • he can rap yall check out one of svt’s mixtapes thx
  • just overall talented 
  • yall one of his nicknames is documentary iM CHOKING LMAOSAJDKLS
  • bc sometimes he gets ‘too serious’
  • aside from being serious, his laughing outburts are HILARIOUS 
  • when he laughs it’s so fun to watch, it makes me laugh too
  • sometimes when he laughs he just slowly approaches the ground and lays there lol same
  • also he cares for his members a lot
  • even though he doesn’t show it often
  • like that one time he payed for seventeen’s meal without letting the members know
  • such a sweetheart
  • poor boy doesn’t like aeygo but his members make him do it anyway 
  • cutest eye smiles
  • “if you recover from your wisdom teeth, you’ll die” thanks man great advice
  • “adore u is a funky pop song with fun and fresh lyrics that matches seventeen’s age on top of an addictive melody”
  • leader of intros to songs
  • when he becomes all sentimental, he starts cringing and honestly same 
  • this frickin video of adorableness
  • aka grandpa
  • bc sometimes he can’t keep up with 12 energentic members
  • the ‘oW’s you hear in svt’s songs? yeah that’s him
  • spends countless nights in the studio just to perfect seventeen’s music
  • if that’s not dedication, i don’t know what is
  • have you all notice? he has pretty handsss~
  • jihoon with long hair and a smol lil ponytail is a blessing
  • when he had his pink hair during adore u
  • he looks so good in oversized sweaters
  • ppl call him a fairy sometimes and hes like “what? no”
  • the way he starts and ends his twitter menpas lol
  • “start”
  • “end”
  • the iconic moment of jihoon about to smack mingyu with a guitar. amazing
  • probably one of the most hard working inviduals ive ever seen
  • here’s to many more, for jihoon and seventeen

Okay, so Simon would 100% watch Bitty’s vlogs, and he tries all of the recipes even though I’m pretty sure he’d be an awful baker. And like, post the epic shit show is end of Junior year and beginning of Senior year for Bitty, so he’s talking a lot about how good communication is really Important in Grown Up Relationships ™. So Simon goes on this spree of calling Baz his “partner” and trying to have a lot of serious talks with him. And Baz is like “Where the hell is this coming from, your therapist? Do you want me to do a session with you that badly?” “No, Baz, its this thing I saw on YouTube.” So he suffers through Simon trying to have serious conversations about EVERYTHING. “Basilton, I think that buying whole milk is important.” “Simon, I think you need to acknowledge that skim milk is healthier.” “Basilton, I think the compromise would be 2% milk.”

But Simon also starts calling Baz hella pet names which makes him SOO happy he’ll put up with poorly baked pastries. He even contacts Bitty and asks him to do an episode about sour cherry scones for their anniversary or something.

Simon definitely things that Jack is Bitty’s secret boyfriend because of how often Bitty complained about Jack at first, and Simon can Relate. So when Bitty and Jack come out Simon loses his shit. And he shows a picture of them to Baz, one where Jack’s in his skates, prolly, and looks extra taller than Bitty, and Baz just laughs and says, “Look darling, it’s us!” Simon is not amused.


anonymous asked:

How do I know if a POT SD is serious about beginning an arrangement? I'm talking during those awkward initial messages on SA, what are some things I should look out for to show me he's serious?

This question gets to the heart of what it means to be a successful sugar baby.  She does not want to waste her time on guys who have a low probability of being “the real deal” and, instead, she wants to focus on the POTs that are promising.  

You have to go through a process to arrive at this determination.  You have to read those messages carefully and thoughtfully!  You have to follow up on the good prospects in a timely fashion and dump the losers as quickly as possible.

And this is how you do it: First, you have to rely on your skills that have acquired so far in your vanilla life when it comes to “reading guys”. I call that your “bullshit meter” for short.  In I just signed up for SA, how do I know if the guy is a phony? I commented on the application of this skill:

[Y]ou have to draw conclusions based on what a guy says, writes or does and make reasoned decisions based on that.  Usually you will be right if you label him a phony and, even if you’re wrong, so what?  There’s always the next guy!  I think it is better to mistakenly label a good guy as a “phony” and move on, than it is to deal with multiple phony guys just to make sure that you haven’t passed over a good guy.  

If you’ve got a good “bullshit meter” when it comes to vanilla guys, fire that baby up and use it on the POTs who contact you!  That’s the best tool you have.

Next, you program your bullshit meter to detect guys who are almost definitely going to be losers! There are very specific “personality types” into which the vast majority of losers fall.  I have a two part series on these undesirable personality types:

The things POTs say when they’re trying so hard not to pay!

MORE of the things POTs say when they’re trying so hard not to pay!  (Part II)

You should print these two posts and put them next to your computer as you read messages from POTs or have with you if you are using your phone!  If one of these guys comes at you, end the conversation and block him!

Now, if you follow the above, you are 80% of the way home because the process of elimination that I have just described will weed out most of the guys you want to avoid.  

We finally arrive at the “good stuff”; identifying the POT who is serious, who is, in all probability a real sugar daddy.  Generally speaking, there are three steps you will have to go through when landing an arrangement with such a guy:

  1. The initial contact
  2. The meet and greet
  3. The allowance talk

I have a three part series that covers each of these steps. The first link below deals directly with your question, the initial contact, but I have also given you the links for each of the steps that will follow:

Spot the real POT:  Things to look for that will tell you that he is for real!

Spot the real POT (Part II):  How a real POT handles the “meet and greet”

Spot the real POT (Part III):  How a real POT handles the “allowance talk”

I meant to be working on my Real Serious Art with a Real Serious Deadline but… half-assed watercolor Cosette just kind of happened to me and I was about to add Marius to her but… uh. clearly he was busy sleeping with Courfeyrac because Eponine showed up instead. 

this is definitely for pipistrellus, who encouraged me to read The Brick and deserves nice things (like canon era femslash).  

All I can think of after 1x19 is

So Luke’s got his acoustic guitar out, you know what that means? That means romance is about to happen. Luke’s got his acoustic guitar oooh!

So we’ve been doing this thing where we like to get a tiny bit serious, this is the only part of the show where we are very, very serious. It’s not even that serious really. So, the thing is that everyone in the world is aware of the fucked up shit that’s happening right now. Some of it is pretty uh, pretty not good. So, we are lucky enough to come up here, and play to people like you and to celebrate and have a good time. And it’s, it’s really, really special. People like you guys around the world who can make a difference in the world. I mean we have the best fans. We like to use music to celebrate love! I know I sound pretty sappy but I don’t really mean to be sappy. It’s meant to be more happy. More happy, less sappy. Anyway! This next song is about love and I want you all to love someone here tonight. Not make love! I have to specify this, not make love, but just love. Don’t make love here, that’s illegal!

—  Michael Clifford’s speech
July 12th
SLFL Toronto

For jdrox <3

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I just came across your post about renewal prospects and I totally agree! This is the 1st year that the show is in danger but it DEF is, & I think it'll be more of an uphill battle than people are assuming. SpottedRatings have it at 49%, so literally everyone thinks it's a true tossup. (TVLine isn't even a ratings site) I honestly do think projected ratings & contracts being up affected story decisions. I'm sure there are some things they won't gamble on not getting to show, like the CS wedding.

Hi! Yeah, I definitely think cancellation is a more serious threat than some people seem to be making of it. I don’t blame them, until about a month ago I was also completely convinced the show would be renewed (mainly because of my own ignorance and laziness to get informed). But now with the ratings hitting a series low with 6x11,  cancellation became an even more serious threat. 

Having said that, I agree with you, I think the story decisions were affected both by contracts being up + possible cancellation. I personally think that applies to the CS wedding, too. What I don’t agree with (and cannot understand) is when people try to put certain actors under the bus by stating that the path A&E decided to take the characters/couples in 6B is only related to certain actors acting like divas with their contracts. All of this while completely dismissing that the show is in actual danger of being cancelled and that that may have also affected A&E’s story decisions. To me it’s very obviously a combination of both the low ratings and possible cancellation + some actors leaving the show. But I guess to some it’s easier to just use one actress/actor as scapegoat for everything else. 

I am never Serious about anything I do.
The things my hands create are all done accidentally, rushed, as though they too can barely wait to get away from me. You see, to do things Seriously means to plan for reality, to plan for waking nights and sleepy days. It means having to bare my soul and live in Judgement Day every single day. To be Serious, means being ready to accept so many things; things like failure, but most challenging of all, things like myself.
I would much rather guide my demons back in, show them maps and (careful when you get to the trachea, it is still sore from the last time we muffled our screams back in) show them how to implode for only a little while instead of put them to work for me, because everyone hates their boss and besides,

what am I going to do if they quit?

—  B. Damani || Fragment 3 or Why Should I Be Serious?

But seriously
How is THIS drawing of an hetalia mafia au uncomfortable???
Its just like how Himaruya makes in his manga
COMPLETELY INNOCENT AND ( kinda ) SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES. Yeah he may have hidden some bad facts about a lot countries ( example, Nero the roman emperor, All of the historical wars, etc. READ THE MANGA and READ THE ACTUAL HISTORY ) BUT dont. And i mean do not pinpoint it because there are younger fans out there who cant handle “information” like this subject.

  • me: *tries to talk to my mom about things that are important to me and serious subjects I need someone to talk to someone about*
  • mom: *shows little to no interest and/or makes me feel bad for what I believe and who I am*
  • mom: why don't tell me anything why do you never speak to me why don't you ever tell me your problems i'm beginning to think that you just hate me always remember you can talk to me about anything at any time

svu is a serious show about serious things [1/?] → 10x06, “Babes”

My favorite thing about the Jailbreak episode(aside from everything) is just how happy Garnet is. She is just so freaking ecstatic and glad to be together again that she cant stop smiling. Even though she is in the middle of a battle and she needs to be a bit more serious she just cant. That happiness, the joy of Ruby and Sapphires reunion is just too much. And the normally serious(sorta) gem cant help but poke fun at Jasper as they battle and she has a grin on her face the whole time they are trading blows.