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Sunny Days- chapter 4

Sunny Days Masterlist

Summary- The date (part 1)

Word Count- 2808 

Warnings- language, fluff (way fluffier than I intended), light smut

Author’s Note- Still not beta’d. Let me know if you want to be tagged. I hadn’t planned on splitting this into 2 chapters,but I have’t posted in a while and this was going to get ridiculously long.

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Negan arrived at The Sanctuary and started barking orders at his men as he made his way to his room. He needed to keep up appearances. Sunny was his. Her house was his. He wasn’t about to let any of these dumb fucks know what a god damned gold mine he found.

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Cold Remedy

You’re full of a cold and Negan has the remedy.

Negan/Reader Negan/You

Imagine (783 words)


Warnings: Mucus. :O

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You flop onto your bed face first. The soft cotton of the pillowcase is cool and soothing against your skin but already you can hardly breath. You roll over with a groan. You’re nose is blocked with a thick glob of mucus that’s made a home in some unreachable space between the back of your throat and your brain. You can’t blow it out or cough it away and all you want to do is slice off your head and scoop it all out with a spoon. Of course, that isn’t really an option. So you just lie there, resigned, miserable.

The door opens and you don’t even have the strength to look, you’re just going to close your eyes and fade to sleep but there’s whistling and you recognise the tune. Negan. You watch him happily whistling away as he unscrews a flask and pours the contents into a bowl that hadn’t been here when you returned to your room.

From nowhere a sneeze tickles your nose as quickly as it blows out in a very loud “atchoo!”

The sound startles him, he even jumps the tiniest little bit and you hold onto that memory for a time when you have the strength to really laugh. “You look like shit,” he decides as he holds out a tissue pinched between his thumb and forefinger.

Great. That’s just what you want him to say. This is just how you want him to see you. You snatch the tissue and wipe your nose, sneezing into it again for good measure and confirming his diagnosis, “I feel like shit.”

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fate is a very weighty word to throw around before breakfast.”

Summary: In which Will is the son of a psychic, Nico is a life-long skeptic, and the universe has everything under control (more or less).

A very, very odd take on a soulmate AU for a lovely anon.

It’s not the first time Will has heard the words, “This whole fortune-telling thing is a bunch of bullshit.” It is, however, the first time someone’s said them directly to his face.

Well, that’s refreshing, Will says, blinking tiredly at the boy in front of him. Honestly, this whole situation was more than a little uncomfortable to begin with; it’s not like this is the first time a student from Will’s school has shown up for a reading, but it is the first time it’s been someone with the notoriety of Nico di Angelo.

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By The Fireplace - Eisuke Ichinomiya (One-Shot/Mature Content)

A/N: Ugh. I literally missed two days. I’m terribly sorry, my dearies! I was super busy over the past few days that I didn’t have the time to write or post anything. -cries- However, things has finally settled down and I’m finally back! So, have this slightly smexy fic as my apologies for not posting anything lately.

Enjoy! (P/S: Instead of posting a fic each day, I might just post a fic that covers for two days like how this is for the 9th and the 10th of December. It’s simply less taxing for me this way! c:)

“This is nice..” You sighed in contentment, watching the fire crackled in a somewhat peaceful way.

“Yeah, it is.” He gently placed his arm around your body, pulling you closer to him.

It was hard to believe that you were snuggling against Eisuke Ichinomiya, owner of Tres Spade Hotel and one of Japan’s top corporation in front of the fireplace, both of you wrapped in a blanket. As far as you knew or remembered, never in your wildest dreams or imagination did you expect to be the girlfriend of such an infamous man, much less do simple yet sweet things like this(something you didn’t think people like him would have the time to do) with someone like you.

“If this is a dream, don’t wake me up.” You said, laying your head on his shoulder.

“Why do you say that?” Eisuke asked while caressing your arm in a soothing manner.

You liked it when he did that, it was like as if he was reassuring and comforting you. “Mmm.. Maybe it’s because this is all a little too surreal for me. I mean, you and me together. In your house, sitting in front of a fireplace. It’s just so..” Not knowing how to explain it, you made a weird, ‘exploding’ gesture with your hands. “That.”

Giving you a funny look, Eisuke flicked your forehead before chuckling. “You never cease to amaze me with the things you say.”

“Hey! I’m being serious here.”

“If that’s the case..” The teasing expression on your boyfriend’s face was immediately replaced with a look of mischief and lust. “Shall we check whether this is a dream then?” Pushing you down onto the carpet, he hovered over you, supporting himself on his hands. Your cheeks were probably flushing by now as you placed your hands on his chest, unable to contain your embarrassment and excitement.

“W-why not..?” Whispering, you pressed your lips against his warm and moist ones, your eyes half-lidded with desire. Kissing him alone was enough to send electric waves through your body, it was like the both of you were connected and it was simply amazing.

Eisuke’s tongue took dominance, Invading your mouth through the spaces between your lips. His kisses were rough and passionate, ravaging the inside of your mouth. It took every ounce in you not to tear up due to the intensity of the kiss but after a while, you couldn’t help it. Tears involuntarily trickled down your cheeks as you gripped his shirt tightly, saliva dripping from the corner of your mouth.

“W-wait..!” You gasped, forcefully turning your head away from him, your chest burning from not being able to breathe.

“I can’t wait..” With his free hand, Eisuke undid the buttons on the front of your dress, pulling the fabric down your shoulders and as the clothes left your body, a smirk crept onto your boyfriend’s face. “Someone’s turned on.” He pinched your sensitive, rosy peaks, causing you to moan in pleasure.

It was embarrassing when he studied you from head to toe, the way his eyes were filled with desire and lust as he touched all your sensitive and sweet spots, not letting you catch your breath. You wanted to scream in frustration and pleasure, your fingernails digging skin deep into his back.

“What do you want?” He whispered, dark eyes looking into yours.

“Don’t make me say it..” Shaking your head, you looked away. You weren’t one that was bold or courageous enough to ‘demand’ what you want but apparently, your boyfriend somehow loved to make you ask, sometimes even beg for it.

Growling, he roughly rubbed your sensitive nub and you couldn’t help but cry out in surprise and pleasure. “Say it. What do you want?” Eisuke asked once again, a smirk carved on his lips.

The way he said it, you knew there was no way he was going to give in to you unless you told him exactly what he wanted to hear. “P-please..” You said, letting the desperation of needing him take over you.

“please what?” He murmured against your collarbone, tongue gliding over your supple skin.

“Please.. Take me. I want you so badly so please, make love to me..!” You didn’t mean to speak loudly nor demand but with the wanting and desire building inside you, you couldn’t help it.

With a chuckle, he instantly positioned himself between your legs and in one swift motion, he thrusted his throbbing cock into you, filling you up completely. A strangled sob escaped your lips as he pounded into your mercilessly, showing no signs of stopping. You honestly felt like passing out, mainly because the pain and sweet sensation that was coursing through your body was almost a little too much to bear but in your state of rapture, even that pain was turned into pure pleasure.

“Y-you’re so tight..” He groaned, hands reaching out to fondle and touch your hardened nipples.

Immodest moans of delights slipped out of your mouth as you wrapped your legs around his torso, wanting more. You nibbled at his bottom lip, your fingers curling into his dark brown hair. Both your eyes met, dazed with desire, breaths hitching.

Your inner walls started to tighten around his pulsing shaft, your climax clearly approaching quick. His thrusts intensified, hitting your sweet spot over and over again until you finally surrendered to the pleasurable feeling and came crashing down. Your body quivered violently, incoherent words escaping your lips while he continued pounding into your soaking sex.

“S-shit.. I am gonna cum..! ____, ____, ______!” With one final hard jerk of his hips, he unloaded his hot seeds inside of you, chanting your name name like a prayer over and over again.

Eisuke collapsed at your side in exhaustion before pulling you into his arms, holding you close to him. The both of you stayed in that position for as while, bodies entangled together, sweaty and panting but contented at the same time.

“We should..Do this more often.” He grinned, stroking your head lovingly.

“Mmm.. Maybe.” You breathed out, snuggling into his chest.

“Maybe we should make love by the fireplace every time Christmas is near.” He said in a mischievous voice.

“.. Okay.”

“Can’t you just— Wait, what?” Tilting your chin up to look at him, Eisuke’s eyebrow were raised in surprised. “What did you just say?”

“I said okay. That sounds.. Reasonable.” You whispered, your cheeks a little red.

“Isn’t someone being awfully bold today?” Chuckling, he gave you a sweet kiss on the lips. “Very well. You best remember what you just said because, you aren’t going to get any rest tonight.” And with that, he embraced you tightly, never letting you go until the sun came up.

Post book 1 Makorra headcanons

maggie and I might have spent last night texting each other post book 1 makorra headcanons of their 6 month relationship and they were so flawless I needed to keep a record of them 

  • One morning early in their relationship Mako wakes up to Bolin singing and dancing in the kitchen of their apartment and it’s before probending practice and all Mako wants is to eat his oatmeal in peace and so he sits in the corner of the room grumpy while Bolin jams and then Korra knocks on the door and Bolin opens it to pull her in, and suddenly they’re both jamming and dancing and spinning and Korra looks at Mako and winks and smiles and he can’t help but smile and blush and Bolin pulls Korra into another spin and Korra’s laughter fills the room and Mako thinks that his life is perfect in that moment
  • Mako always initiated hand holding 
  • Korra always initiated make out sessions and she would always initiate them in the most open places and it would make Mako super uncomfortable “Korra can we not make out here Tenzin could walk by any moment” and then they’d start he wouldn’t care
  • After his first shift as a cop Korra runs up to him and jumps into his arms and kisses him
  • Korra invites herself to the police station after Mako got hurt on duty and got stuck on paperwork duty for a week and Lin gets pissed and she pulls Mako aside to tell him to “get the avatar out of my office” but he looks at Korra with a chair pulled up to his desk, her legs propped up on the table and playing with her new found airbending and she’s there because she’s worried about him and he can’t bring himself to tell her to leave and then he heads back to his desk and Lin watches how Korra pokes fun of him and hovers over the wound on his left abdomen and she just sighs and shuts the door to her office
  • Korra starts to take interest in Mako’s cases and starts reading his case files and they can spend hours talking about them
  • Korra sometimes brings him food when he’s on patrol
  • She tries to make him as uncomfortable as possible when he’s on duty and kisses him with when he’s handing out tickets and he turns into a blushing dorky mess when he’s trying to look serious and she just laughs
  • Mako sometimes has late nights at the station and Korra joins him and she sits on her chair by his desk and starts asking random questions about his job or a case but Mako can’t concentrate “Korra we’re going to be here all night if you don’t let me work” “Ok but what’s this thing" 
  • And soon she tires out and falls asleep in her chair and Mako takes off his jacket and lays it over her and shuts off all the lights except the one directed at his paperwork and Korra cuddles with the jacket unconsciously until Mako gently wakes her up when it’s time to go 
  • They swing their arms when walking in the park
  • He sometimes gives her piggy back rides and she falls asleep on his back after being exhausted from training
  • and one time she offered to give him a piggy back ride and he refuses but she picks him up anyway "KORRA PUT ME DOWN I KNOW YOU CAN PICK ME UP BUT PUT ME DOWN!” and she zooms all over the island and Meelo laughs and follows her around on an air scooter
  • On their one month anniversary Korra feels nervous cause she’s heard you have to do something for a one month but this is her first relationship and Jinora keeps bothering her about it and so Korra tries to go shopping and it turns into a disaster and the date turns into an awkward mess and she apologizes but then Mako just pulls her into a kiss and whispers “happy one month" 
  • First time Korra gets sick when they’re together Mako’s on mama mode and he uses all the remedies he knows from taking care of Bolin on her and one night Korra’s asleep in her bed and she wakes up to Mako reading beside her
  • 3 days later Mako gets sick and Korra just laughs at him and she lays in bed with him all day, and she calls Lin for him to tell her that Mako is sick and that he won’t be coming in on the Avatar’s orders. Mako can hear Lin yelling on the other side of the phone but Korra hangs up anyway and smiles. *LIN YELLING* *korra hangs up* "lin says feel better”
  • first time bolin walked in on korra and mako was when he walked into the gym for a probending match right after they got together and their flirting and korra brings her arms up around his neck and mako dips down to kiss her until bolin coughs and knocks over weights “we ARE HERE TO T R A I N????” And so Mako tries to tell Korra that they need to remain professional for probending matches and once they walk into the stadium they need to leave their feelings out the door and remain focused but during practice the sexual tension is so high bolin just throws his rocks in the air and walks out

  • after their first win as boyfriend and girlfriend Korra takes off his helmet in the middle of the ring and pulls him down for a kiss AND THE CROWD GOES WILD AND THEY BECOME THE TALK OF THE TOWN

  • mako pulls korra’s hair pins out of her hair when she shows up to his apartment all tired and he makes her some tea and gives her an old large t-shirt. And he’s like "you didn’t have to come over if you were this tired.“ as he runs his fingers through her hair and rests his hand on her cheek and she leans into it and looks up at him "i promised, though.”

  • First time Korra gets drunk she storms into his office and kisses him in front of his coworkers

  • They had late nights facing each other in bed and just not even kissing just looking at each other and talking for hours. And in those nights she learns all about his parents and she tells him about the compound and growing up there
#74: You're Sick And He Takes Care Of You

Ashton: Your stomach twisted in agony as you puked again. After violently being sick, you sat back and wiped your mouth with a shaky hand. You forced yourself to stand and walk to the vanity where mouthwash awaited. You rinsed your mouth to rid yourself of the vile taste of vomit, before stumbling out of the washroom and collapsing on the couch. “Still getting stuff up?” Ashton asked, staring at you with sympathetic eyes. You nodded your head, grabbing the blanket that you had thrown away in haste, and tucked it under your chin. “I hate this,” You grumbled, curling up in the fetal position to ease the pain in your abdomen. “Here,” He came up to you, placing a hand on your forehead before frowning. “You still have a fever, babe. I’m going to grab you a tablet, see if you can hold it down long enough to break the fever.” He walked away, making you grimace at the thought of food. “Please no.” You said when he returned. He smiled, clucking his tongue. “You’re like a little kid. You’ve got to.” He said, sitting down on the edge of the seat where you were. You groaned, before sliding yourself into a sitting position before grabbing your glass of water. “I hate you,” You said before placing the tablet on your tongue and swallowing. You could feel it go down, and you frowned as you put the water back. “I know you love me,” He said laughing, as you sank down again to lie on the couch. “It will be over soon, just the flu (Y/N).” “Something that was birthed by Satan himself,” You muttered, burrowing your chin under the blankets in a futile attempt to keep warm. “You should stay away from you so you don’t get this demonic plague.” You said, sniffling. “I’m fine,” He said. “Its you I’m worried about.” He brushed a few strands of hair off of your clammy forehead before giving you a fleeting smile. “Want to sleep?” He asked, patting your frozen feet. You nodded your head, as he stood up, leaving for a moment and coming back with a second blanket. He draped it over your shivering body leaning down to press a quick kiss to your temple before smiling. “I’ll wake you up in a few hours to see if you can hold down any crackers or something.” He said. “Call me if you need me,” He said, flicking off the lights and plunging the room into darkness. “I love you,” You managed to mumble out. “I love you too, it will be all better soon.” Ashton told you, before leaving the room, and shutting the door. You curled up, trying to get comfortable and warm but to no avail could you manage both. You sighed, shutting your eyes, hoping that rest and sleep would make this go away.

Calum: You sniffled again, grabbing what seemed to be your hundredth tissue before dabbing your nose. You had a common cold, and it was at its peak of awfulness, making you a sniffly, coughing, achey mess. You wiped your nose, putting the tissue in the garbage before turning back to the refrigerator to get some orange juice. Calum had gone out for the morning, leaving a note with a gallon of orange juice, a box of tissue, and a coupon to a back rub when he got home, making you smile despite your congested self. You grabbed your glass, your tissue and made your way over to the couch, where you decided you had might as well spend your time well, and start your new book. You cracked open the spine, trying to get into the storyline. It was hard after every couple of sentences you had to stop to dab your nose. You put it aside, defeated, before leaning your head back against the couch, trying to breath through your nose, but to no avail. Minutes later you heard the door open and close, and you knew it was Calum, and you stood up to go greet him. “Hey,” You said, clearing your throat, and sniffling. “Hey, any better today?” He asked, smiling at you. He bent in for a kiss but you dodged him. “Nope, no kisses. You’re going to stay healthy.” You declared. “I live with you, your germs are everywhere.” He said laughing. “Fine,” he said holding up his hands and walking around you. “I got you some candies that should help with your throat.” He put the package on the counter before coming to stand in front of you. “Want me to run you a bath to see if we can clear your sinuses?” He smiled when you blushed, nodding your head. “You’re the best,” You said, making him laugh because of how nasally it sounded. “Come on babe, I’ve got you. We’ll kick this cold right outta you!” He said, intertwining your fingers and leading you the bathroom.

Luke: This wasn’t some sickness that could be nursed on the couch with over the counter medication and surveillance. What plagued you was something far worse, that managed to land you in the hospital. You had complained about having difficulty breathing, and you had a fever, coughing, you were fatigued, and you had shivers that would not subside. But worst of all, and when Luke took you to the hospital was when you coughed up blood. He had taken you to the hospital, you were too weak to object, and after a lot of tests it was determined that you had a bad case of pneumonia. You were hospitalized, put on medication, and all through it Luke never left your side. You dozed in and out of consciousness and all the while Luke held your hand, easing your concerns. You were hospitalized because the chest pains wouldn’t let up. Even after medication had been administered, and a few days rest, the pain persisted. Through your worry Luke eased your doubts, fears, and made you as comfortable as you could. When you kept coughing up mucus and blood, tears streaming down your face because of sheer fear, he rubbed your back, telling you that the doctors were going to make you better, and that he would be there to take care of you every step of the way. Soon, a few days later, the hospital permitted you to leave, with a heavy case of medication, Luke made sure you were as comfortable as possible, helping you, making sure you took your meds on time, and that you ate. He hovered over you as if he was your Mother, but to be honest you didn’t mind. You had never had a serious illness, and it was reassuring to have him there beside you, holding your hand and calming your nerves. 

Michael: Your period was enough to cripple you. It was something that seemed to be an illness not fit for words. No hot pad, tablets, or food could sate the unrelenting cramps that were killing your insides. Fainting, and vomiting was something that had occurred on numerous basis, and and you dreaded when every months cycle would arise. Curled up on the couch, panting, with beads of sweat beginning to form on your forehead, you couldn’t help the moan that escaped your lips. “Can I get you anything.” Michael asked, looking at you sympathetically “A hysterectomy would be great right now.” You groaned, clutching your stomach and shifting, trying to see if the pain would go away in one of your odd positions. “Want another tablet? A hot water bottle? Cup of tea?” He asked, running hand up your calf trying to soothe you. “Tea. Tablet. Heating Pad. Hug.” You panted out. He smiled, getting up to fetch you your things. He returned after the kettle had boiled, as he handed you everything. You sat up, gasping and seeing black dots swarm your vision as a blinding bout of pain took you. He sat down quickly, patting his lap for you to lay down. You collapsed into his legs, curling up and whimpering. He put the pad on your stomach, and began to rub your sides, trying to ease you. “Try sleeping,” He said. You could only groan, trying to calm down. “Or you could roll around either one.” He said chuckling, and you smacked his knee. “Sorry, sorry.” He said, resuming rubbing your sides. “Few more days babe, and then it will be over. No more pain, no more cramps. You can do it.” He said. “I wish I could take the pain away baby, I really do. But to be honest, I don’t really want to bleed out of my dick.” You giggled, as he laughed as well. “That’s what I like to see.” He said. “That beautiful smile.” You curled up a little tighter, closing your eyes, as the heat, his body, and the tablet finally kicked in.

Even in the safety of the 15 division precinct, a throng of blues moving around her with purpose as she sat in the uncomfortable plastic chair beside a desk – the back of her head a dull throb, her elbows scraped and her fingers trembling – she could still feel the barrel of the gun piercing her side, her heart pounding against her ribcage in the middle of the busy precinct. Exhausted, aching and still in shock, she just wanted to go home.

After refilling her mug with the station’s cheap, awful coffee, Gail strolled out of the break room, bringing her mug to her lips for a careful sip as she made her way back to the evidence room slowly. After years of drinking the bland liquid, you’d think one would get used to it. Gail certainly wasn’t. Her shift would be over in less than an hour, but her work in the stuffy dimly lit room was done. All she had to do now was cradle her cup of coffee and try to look busy.

Blue eyes peering over the white ceramic mug, her footsteps slowed to a stop as she caught a glimpse of the familiar dark wavy hair in the bullpen, the woman who had been haunting her dreams and infiltrating her mind. Gail tried to ignore the brunette’s presence and carried on her short walk to the evidence room, but something about the doctor wasn’t right. Even from the corner of the building, Gail could see the woman shaking like a leaf with her head bowed down.

Holly wasn’t at the station for professional reasons, she was there because she was a victim.

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