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Un Baile, Mi Cariña?

A/N: Here, have some short Lin x Reader fluff. This is my first published fic, so read at your own risk. Thanks much to the best betas @psychedemigod and @doggirl212, and @letsgiggletogether for being an amazing person and inspiring writer. Alright, enjoy!

Warnings: none, hopefully? 

Words: 494 (aka very short)

You were lying on the long couch, conversing and joking with each other as your music played softly, set to a relaxing playlist. When the music stopped, the conversation came to a halt. Lin untangled his fingers from your hair and pulled his phone out. 

“Didn’t you say you wanted salsa lessons?” He smirked at you impishly. He removed your phone from the speaker and plugged his own phone in. A moment later, you heard the first beats of a bolero echo through your living room. You sat up on the couch and glanced at Lin, rolling your eyes. 

“Not from an amateur,” you said tauntingly. 

Lin stumbled back in mock offense, defensively crossing his arms over his chest. “I did win a Tony for In The Heights, if you recall. Need I replicate my moves from “The Club?” 

You raised your eyebrow and feigned disinterest. “A demonstration won’t be necessary. And I recall that you won for the music – Andy won for choreography.” 

“Anyone can put steps together. True talent is determined by the steps’ execution,” he retorted, already moving his upper body to the music. 

“Well, you’re certainly executing those steps in some sort of way,” you countered, haughtily rising from the couch and proceeding to the kitchen to refill your water. 

“I’m taking that as the compliment I’m sure you meant it to be, Y/N,” Lin called after you. 

Standing over the sink, pitcher in hand, you shook your head and smiled to yourself instead of firing back another sarcastic jab. Notes of the lively tune drifted through Lin’s apartment, the melody reflecting the energy of the city around you. This was your happy place. 

An arm weaving around your waist pulled you from your trance. Startled, you squealed and spun to face Lin, your hand coming to rest on his shoulder. He grinned at you, planning his next move. 

“Since I can’t be your salsa instructor, may I be your salsa partner?” 

“I’m not really in any position to refuse you, am I,” you said, glancing at his gentle grasp on your frame. 

“You really aren’t, mi cariña,” he said softly. He twirled you around and whisked you back to the living room. You cha-chaed across the floor with him, swaying your hips in time with the music. Lin took a knee and you spun around into his lap, springing back up as quickly as you’d sat down. The two of you continued prancing your way around the apartment, stepping on each other’s toes just a couple times (only because of the furniture placement, of course).

The song was soon replaced by a slower tune, allowing you both to catch your breath. Lin turned you around in his arms so you both were facing the large window that barely separated you from the sky. He rested his chin on your shoulder and you followed his gaze to the fiery western horizon. 

On second thought… this was your happy place.


Lost in Light II is a short film showing how light pollution affects night skies using one of the most prominent constellations - The Orion. The success and reach of my previous film(vimeo.com/srirammurali/LostinLight) - made the news in over 40 countries and published on National Geographic, inspired me to make a follow up to help people even better relate to night skies and further raise awareness on light pollution. One thing I realized from my last film was that people were able to relate to the difference between the light pollution levels but not the Milky Way itself. The Milky Way appears more colorful to a camera than it does to our eyes and most people haven’t seen it. But, the Orion is a more common sight. It’s a great subject to help explain light pollution.

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Desert X: Phillip K. Smith III

He calls his exhibit “The Circle of Land and Sky.” You can spend an hour in this spot not appreciate everything possible to see and experience. The circle of 300 columned mirrors is 160 feet in diameter. When I first saw the installation from a distance, I thought of Stonehenge.

Phil Smith is the artist whose installations appear at the Coachella Music Festival.

Description from the artist:

The Circle of Land and Sky defines a reflective space within the desert, composed entirely of the environment’s two most prominent physical characteristics – land and sky. Formed by 300 geometric reflectors angled at 10 degrees, the artwork directly engages with the Sonoran surrounding and the endless heavens.  As the light shifts and the viewer moves through the installation, land and sky are separated, merged, and displaced, subverting one’s assumed relationship with the desert horizon. At times, the sky is pulled down to the land or the land lifted up to the sky, while the colors of the west may merge with the colors of the east. It is a constantly changing installation that can never be seen the same way twice.

NGC 5078 and Friends : This sharp telescopic field of view holds two bright galaxies. Barred spiral NGC 5101 and nearly edge-on system NGC 5078 are separated on the sky by about 0.5 degrees or about the apparent width of a full moon. Found within the boundaries of the serpentine constellation Hydra, both are estimated to be around 90 million light-years away and similar in size to our own large Milky Way galaxy. In fact, if they both lie at the same distance their projected separation would be only 800,000 light-years or so. Thats easily less than half the distance between the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy. NGC 5078 is interacting with a smaller companion galaxy, cataloged as IC 879, seen just left of the larger galaxys bright core. Even more distant background galaxies are scattered around the colorful field. Some are even visible right through the face-on disk of NGC 5101. But the prominent spiky stars are in the foreground, well within our own Milky Way. via NASA


SnK may be falling to shit and i haven’t been in the fandom actively since 2014, but these children still have a solid place in my weeby heart

Artwork © Julia C | IxV
Lineart - Photoshop CC
Colors - Paint Tool SAI

The Menhir de Champ-Dolent is 9.5 meter tall standing stone made of pink granite. Its weight has been estimated around 100 metric tonnes based on its dimensions alone. Located in the French town of Dol-de-Bretagne in Brittany, France, it once prominently featured a cross in an attempt to Christianize it.

The stone is the source of many local legends. One story tells of two feuding brother. Their arguments had reached a point where they were near to killing each other, but the stone fell from the sky, and separated them before they lost themselves to their anger. This is supposed to account for the name of the field the stone is situated in: “Champ dolent” or “Field of Sorrow.” Another claims that the stone is slowly sinking in the earth, and when its crest finally disappears beneath the soil, the world will end.

Either way, if you’re wondering why I’ve only got one picture for this guy, it’s because he’s pretty much just a big rock surrounded by picnic tables, so all the pictures of it tend to look alike.


Marius and Cosette were in the dark in regard to each other. They did not speak, they did not bow, they were not acquainted; they saw each other; and, like the stars in the sky separated by millions of leagues, they lived by gazing upon each other.

― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables.

Cosette: Fleur.
Marius: Verrett.
Photographer: Noeru.

Something Unexpected [Part 6]

The request: You’re Clint’s younger sister who is first introduced to the Avengers when they battle Ultron and they need to stay at the safe house. You are soon sucked into the world full of heroes and villains when Steve takes an interest in you. [Reader has powers]

Pairing: Steve / Reader

Warnings: I don’t think so

Word Count: 1,450

Featuring: Clint, Wanda, Tony, Thor, Natasha, Banner, Ultron, and Pietro

A/N: Again, I hope you guys like it! :)

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“Does this make me an Avenger?” You asked tearing robot after robot apart next to your brother. He grunted and gave you a look before shooting two more arrows not answering your question..

“I can handle this, if you leave now, maybe you can find Cap.” He said changing the subject causing your mouth parted in surprise.

“What?” You spluttered and watched as Clint gave you a smirk.

“You’re my sister, I know you better than you know yourself.” He said shooting another arrow before wrapping his arm around your waist, pulling you both over the hood of a car so you could take cover behind the car.

“Ow!” You groaned as you both huddled close. “And shut up.” Clint rolled his eyes and you swatted his arm just as numerous robots began to walk closer to you.

Suddenly, doors shot open and Wanda appeared. Her eyes were glowing red, and red mist surrounded her hands. She shot out her right hand, crumbling one robot before moving it around to knock out a few more. Clint and you both stood up then, he shot an arrow as you raised your hands tearing a few more robots apart.

Wanda looked at both of you and Clint nodded his head, he was proud. “Well now you’re not the only one who likes dramatic entrances.” You mumbled and Clint groaned shoving your shoulder playfully


“Alright, we are all clear here.” Clint said speaking into the comm. You and him shared a look before you looked at Wanda who nodded.

“We are not clear! We are very not clear!” Steve answered and you instantly began to worry.

“Alright, coming to you.” Clint answered just as a blue blur passed you and Wanda disappeared.

“Keep up, old man!” Pietro’s voice called out as you stumbled back with a gasp. Clint groaned raising his bow but never shooting.

“Nobody would know.” He mumbled and you rolled your eyes, a smile forming at your lips at how annoyed he sounded.

“Nobody.” You hummed in amusement as he lowered his bow.

“”The last time I saw him, an Ultron was sitting on him. Yeah, he’ll be missed, that quick little bastard. I miss him already.”” Clint mumbled as you two ran down the street. You laughed at his words shaking your head at how silly he sounded. ‘An Ultron was sitting on him,’ repeated in your head causing you to laugh a little bit more.

“Okay brother, settle down.” You teased and he gave you a look.

“Don’t make me shoot you too,” he retorted and you rolled your eyes again, a smile still dancing on your lips.

As the city lifted higher into the sky you separated from your brother. You could feel the air change, becoming colder as the altitude made it harder to breath. The clouds made the street slightly foggy and you helped a group of people enter a building safely to stay away from the streets, away from the fight.

You had just turned the corner when you saw a S.H.I.E.L.D. life boat dock next to the city perimeter. A smile formed on your lips and grew bigger when you saw Steve running ahead of a group of people. “I got about fifty to hundred more coming after this group.” You heard him inform a guy as you ran with the group.

“Hey Cap,” You called out and watched Steve look around before spotting you.

“Y/N!” He breathed, his eyes widening a fraction as he took you in. Your smile grew and you crashed into him, immediately hugging him. “I thought- Y/N- I’m-” Steve stumbled over his words and felt him squeeze you tight. If you were going to die today nobody was going to stop you from doing this so without hesitation you stopped his stuttering by crashing your lips to his.

His body tensed before relaxing, his arms pulled you closer, deepening the kiss as people ran past you two and onto the lifeboat. “I missed you too,” you said as soon as you pulled away a smile on your lips. He looked at you dazed for a moment before he smiled and pulled you close again kissing you once more.

“We’re continuing this later.” He murmured against your lips and you nodded, you both smiling like dorks before going back to saving people’s lives.

“Thor, I got a plan.” Tony’s voice floated through your comm.

“We’re out of time.” Thor answered back, “they’re coming for the core.”

“Rhodey, get the rest of the people on board that carrier.” Tony directed.

“On it.”

“Avengers, time to work for a living.” And you watched Tony fly over you.

Steve threw you the shield, it protected you as you busted through the wall. You rolled to the side, throwing the shield back to him just as a robot followed him inside. He quickly turned around knocking the robot out.

“Romanoff. You and Banner better not be playing “hide the zucchini.” Tony called and your attention flickered to him confused. Did they really stay?

“Relax, shell head. Not all of us can fly.” Natasha quickly answered your unspoken question and you felt yourself smiling, proud that she and Banner decided to stay after all. And not even a moment after hearing Natasha’s voice, you watched her walk to you and ask, “what’s the drill?”

Tony turned and pointed at the metal core in the middle of the ground inside this church. “This is the drill. If Ultron gets a hand on the core, we lose.” Just as he said that, Hulk landed by the entrance tearing an Ultron apart and then walked inside. You then noticed Ultron himself come down from the sky, and hover a few feet away from you all.

“Is that the best you can do?” Thor roared and you grimaced when Ultron rose his hand and a bunch of Ultrons came running  and flying down the street. They stopped as he raised both of his arms out and you sighed.

“You had to ask.” Steve said looking at Thor.

“This is the best I can do. This is exactly what I wanted. All of you, against all of me. How can you possibly hope to stop me?” Ultron asked and Tony answered.

“Well, like the old man said…” Steve looked over at Tony like you did. But Tony faced Ultron. “Together.”  And then Hulk roared and the Ultrons came racing towards you.

Everyone surrounded the core as robots came from every angle. Thor’s hammer swung left and right, while Wanda’s mist shot out in every direction destroying robot after robot. Tony and Vision flew around in the air, knocking out any who came from above. And you felt the tingling in your hands grow as you ripped robot after robot. The feeling grew and slowly started to consume your body. Your vision blurred and you felt yourself begin to float up in the air.

That’s when Ultron came flying into the church, knocking into Vision. They both flew out and suddenly Vision, Tony, and Thor were using their powers to hold Ultron back as other Ultrons continued to come after the core.

You were now the only one in the air inside the church and you looked at your hands to see flames. You gasped and suddenly understood why you felt the tingling in your body. “Watch out,” you yelled at everyone below before your eyes turned white and flames consumed your body, bursting from you in every direction disintegrating all the robots that were in the church.

You only opened your eyes when you landed softly on the ground. Everyone was looking at you in shock. “Okay, you didn’t always have that, did you?” Clint was the first to speak up as they all moved over melted robot.

“Not that I know of,” you mumbled looking at the damage you caused. “But we gotta move out.”

“Y/N’s right. Even I can tell the air is getting thin.” Steve said standing next you. “You guys get to the boats.” He nodded his head at your brother and Natasha. “We’ll sweep for stragglers. Be right behind you.” He said giving you a glance, you nodded.

“What about the core?” Clint asked and you all turned your attention to the core Wanda was standing next to.

“I’ll protect it.” Wanda spoke up looking at you and then Clint. “It’s my job.” Clint nodded before looking at Nat.

“Nat.” He said before nodding his head in one direction, “this way.” She looked at you and Steve before quickly following Clint outside. Steve took your hand and you nodded at Wanda before running off with Steve in another direction.

[Part 7]

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He sat beside me, intertwined our fingers and played with it as if he owns it. *he really owns it duh*
I rested my head on his *broad* shoulder.
“Joon-ah, what if that peaceful sky separate us?”
He lifted my head by chin. The sun is setting as he planted a kiss on my lips. Giving a fine silhouette to the other person’s perspective.
“Here you go again w/ overthinking mind. I love you okay? Remember as long as I’m still breathing, nothing could break us apart. I’m all yours, Y/n. And you’re mine. Only mine. Arrachi?”

You ever wonder why there are just stars in the night sky that just don’t move, they stay in one place and they just glisten away. They don’t have that spectacular spark.. but they’re the life of the night sky. Then you have the shooting stars, the ones that move all around the sky, you’d be lucky to catch one. Then you have the ones you don’t really notice, the ones you mistake for planes or helicopters, but they’re just floating a million miles away. Some people look at the stars and wish upon them, they hope one day they’ll be with them some day. But me, I see my destruction in the skies, I see my loneliness, my depression and my anxiety in the stars. The darkness is just what separates me from the sky. You see, depression is that shooting star, it feels like you’re all over the place, you just feel the need to just shoot away, go to a place where no one knows your name, no one knows who you are. And that one there, the one that shines, just not as bright, I call that one anxiety. Why? It’s because when you’re anxious, you care, right? But the problem is, you care too much, that’s your destruction, your thoughts, your actions, your words, everything. You start to tremble, you start to shake. The very words you speak, you pull on them. You have to make sure they’re spoken properly, or they just wouldn’t sound right. It’s kind of like a flickering neon light, it just buzzes off and on. But what it doesn’t realise, is that caring is what makes you strong. That’s not a quality most people have. And that star there.. the one you really need to squint to see.. that one’s loneliness. You don’t see it, you have to look deep to find it. It’s not something you’d pick up on at night, but it’s much more visible then, than during the day. And it’s just so much more further away than it is from every other star. The special stars are the ones that you have to look deeper to see.. everyone else just sees them as diamonds glittering in the sky.
—  hvmz.h