a sentient machine

Reasons to be happy today:

  • As we know, Bruce takes the “be prepared” thing super seriously, and it did come in handy back when the Justice League was first starting out, because he had plans for situations the rest of them assumed were outlandish… until all of them happened. 
  • “How do we fight sentient machines??” “I have a file” “The military is building a death ray???” “I’ll send you the file” “How would I know how to communicate with an alternate universe?” “Well if you read the file–” After a few years, “Bruce has a file for that” became a JLA joke, generally used to tell someone they’re being ridiculous.
  • “Okay let me get this straight… you think they were gathering information through spyware concealed in the shells of the garden snails outside the kitchen window” “Hey, Bruce has a file for that” [Bruce grumbling in the background]
  • To answer the obvious question, yes, it caught on around Wayne Manor too. His kids use it all the time, though admittedly with a little more wariness, because they’re all intimately familiar with just how extensive Bruce’s files can get.
  • “For a second I thought this was some kind of Freaky Friday situation” “Yeah Bruce has a file for that” “Really?” “No. Probably. Who knows at this point?” Variant editions such as “Dick has a file for that” and “Tim has a file for that” have also entered the community vocabulary.
  • Bruce does occasionally have a file for that. It’s hilarious. Further variations include personal burns like “She says the kid is his” “Okay I know for a fact Bruce has a file for that one” and “I just want to encourage communication, you know?” “Bruce definitely does NOT have a file for that one, can I get an amen???” Bruce doesn’t think it’s nearly as funny as everybody else does. 
Klance Fic Rec

Man do I ever read a lot of fics ha..ha…ha… Pretty much all of these are in canonverse, or with slight tweaks. Categorized by rating but otherwise in no particular order. Will be updated occasionally 


We’ll Make it, You and Me - asexualrey (T/6,421)
“Keith, if we make it out of this alive, I’m going to kiss you.”
Awhh so sappy and fluffy I love it; hurt/comfort that is so endearing

Time to Intervene - nadagio (T/6,588)
The Red and Blue Lions are sick of their paladins bickering all the time so they do something about it. How long does it take for two stubborn boys to break?
Lolol this one is a fun read, lions be staging an intervention 

Downtime - pairagoose (unrated but I say G/7,158)
When the castle needs repairs (following ep Crystal Venom) they are forced to land on a secluded planet and while Keith and Lance are on patrol they discover their true feelings.
This is really fluffy :D  

A for Effort - amcw177 (T/10,441)
The team thinks Lance and Keith need to get their act together. They decide to help speed things up, but heir attempts at matchmaking backfire spectacularly, which Shiro could’ve told them right from the start.
Omg so funny I couldn’t stop giggling throughout..the characterization of all the other Paladins sure are spot on

Blaming Space- venpast (T/4,665)
in which lance is sick of space and keith is sick of fighting and both of them are more lonely than either cares to realize
So much langst and very well written

Dream A Little Dream of Me - exmachinarium (T/1,949)
Lance was making out with someone in his room. Which is exactly how he knew it was a dream.

mi casa es su casa - Qitana (G/8,461)
“Do you wanna do something fun?”
Ho snap this is so good so adorable and yes it is a perfect slow build and so much fluff and asdfghjk happy ending 

No Hetero- hayleythewriter (T/1,413)
The Voltron Gang plays Never Have I Ever. What could go wrong? And what could go right??

Red is the Coldest Color - englishcivilwar (T/17,427)
In which Lance is an epic fail at flirting, Keith is an oblivious walnut, and the rest of the team collectively groans and sighs.
Someone’s gotta come to terms with their crush and it’s real damn fluffy 

Can’t Cover Up - dear_chaton (T/2,744)
Or the one where Keith battles with feelings, particularly for a blue paladin
This is so sweet, going from angst to fluff real quick

Slowly, And Then All At Once - quartetship (T/2,051)
He was in love. With Keith.
Total fluff

 Power-cuts and Sparks - rosacanina6 (T/12,513)
Lance had assumed that his evening stuck in the castle with Keith would be highly uneventful. However, space has other plans when a seemingly inexplicable power-cut causes a series of unexpected antics.

Laws of Gravity Need Not Apply - yuu_chi (T/11,117)
It’s a difficult thing to go from secretly crushing on your school rival at a distance to sharing a tentative psychic connection with him, an audience of three other people, and an assorted collection of sentient machines.
I feel like I’m gonna have an aneurysm with all this build up haha. Emotions, and dealing with the feels and then it finally all comes together (lots of fluff)

Huddling For Warmth - WhisperElmwood (not rated, but I give G/3,162)
After ridding a planet of it’s Galra invaders, Keith and Lance literally have to huddle for warmth. Keith is jealous, Shiro is proud and Pidge gets all nerdy. There may also be mutual pining.
The description of this planet is way cool (heh) and the klance is really fluffy 

Cuddles - dreamcp (G/783)
Allura walks in on something a little unexpected.
Wow so cute 

the path to paradise begins in hell - corydalis (T/3,068)
“Were- were you about to-”“No,” Keith lies.“You were!” Lance accuses, his tone borderline hysterical. “You were totally going to kiss me!”

Pick-Up Lines - LC_wolfe (G/2,785)
In which Lance uses bad pick-up lines and Keith is oblivious.
I have a great fondness for bad pickup lines 

joke’s on you, loser - zxrysky (T/5,692)
I love the trio banding together so cute  


Blueprints - underthesilentstars (M/43,055) WIP
“While soulmarks themselves were common, it was rare for someone to have anything other than the name of their other half…and Lance had a red paw print.”
Still a wip but it’s so well written and the incorporation of the soulmark with canonverse? SO GOOD 

Dumbass and Fishboy - sweatpantz (M/4,954)
Lance finally finds something he’s better at than Keith. It doesn’t end how anyone expects.
Teaching someone to swim can get real touchy (it appears this work has been hidden :()

Blame it On the Lions- deecherrywolf (M/3,626)
They need to bond extra hard in order to fix their damaged lions i love it

Rapid Escalation- lysapadin (M/3,095)
Pidge and Hunk finally give Keith a hint to explain Lance’s behavior, and after that, things escalate.

Gay Space Nerds - lexiachieves (M/2,732)
Keith goes to rescue Lance who is handcuffed to a tree after retrieving the stolen lion.
Hmmmmmm handcuffs  

Lonely In Love - Warmybones (M/2,110)
He could go, avoid all the temptations that made his breath shorten and his gaze linger for too long, but he felt warmer with Keith. Safer. He belonged right beside him, filling the cracks in his armour and keeping him from crumbling.
Damn. This is so soft and fluffy

Bottle Episode - themoistplinth (M/13,014)
Everyone is sick of Keith and Lance’s constant bickering yet they still insist that they’re friends. The gang bet that Keith and Lance couldn’t spend three days locked in a room together without hurting each other, and they’re not entirely wrong

Entangled - Purpleneutrino (M/101,859)
When Keith found himself mentally linked to Lance of all people, he never thought that it would end in anything but irritation and misery on both sides.
This fic is amazing I don’t think I’ve ever finished 100k words faster….Great mind meld fic and I love how all the other characters are so involved (just like in the show of course)


Acceptable Behaviour - eso(cazzy) (E/3,147)
Keith’s chest heaves with the exertion of dueling a killer robot while simultaneously managing to open the air lock door in order to save his fellow paladin’s life, and Lance thinks, Oh, fuck.

Heatwaves on Autopilot - whatthebodygraspsnot (E/56,327)
Keith and Lance unknowingly inhale an alien aphrodisiac during a simple resource retrieval mission.
Excellent work with the confusion and all that goes with these sex pollen fics haha. And of course there are feelings because I also need the fluff

Imagination is Power - deecherrywolf (E/17,209)
“I am greatly offended you think I was offering to perform such an atrocity. No, but I have something that may help you”
Lance misses having porn like back on Earth so he’s got an alternative haha

Driving Me Wild - arrafrost (E/7,095)
Keith and Lance aren’t able to get more than a few minutes of alone time, sometimes less, and are always interrupted by their teammates whenever things start to progress in their relationship. They are more than a little frustrated and it’s only a matter of time until one of them snaps. 

Keep On Coming Back For More - arrafrost (E/3,303)
An overconfident Lance boasts that he is better at everything, including kissing. Normally he’s shot down, doubted from the start, so when he’s challenged to prove it… things get a little complicated.
Um yeah, their competitiveness knows no bounds lol

Far Away From Nothing - ikira (E/12,552)
When Lance is the last of the paladins to be recovered after their separation through the corrupted wormhole, everyone is a little concerned for him, considering how much Lance likes to be around people. Surprisingly, Keith seems to be the most concerned of all.
Worried keith can be so sweet awhh

Unconventional Seating - talinor (E/4,697)
“What the fuck are you doing?” Keith hissed.“You and your fantastic ass got me into this mess,” Lance told him. “And you’re not moving until the others go.”
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

sugar and peaches, frozen mangoes and grenadine - cattchi (E/5,466)
it’s their last night on a rescued planet, and Lance is in Party Mode™ but Keith doesn’t want to dance
Is pwp and absolutely hilarious lol 

Standing in the Eye of the Storm - erisgregory (E/1,828)
shameless pwp set in the training room after a fight.
They had to let out steam somehow

Something Just Like This - erisgregory (E/1,794)
Lance puts himself in uneccessary danger and Keith is having none of that.
Like the sweetest pwp you’ll read what the hell lol

Midnight Purple - hiat (E/5,421)
Keith is jealous. Lance is an asshole. It works out in the end.
So wonderfully descriptive ;D

Alright, so a couple weeks ago I made this post about how Lance could become the Black paladin. So why don’t we get into some more sad stuff for what could happen after he was accepted by Black. 

Well what if the whole crew is shocked that the black lion would choose him, but eventually they run with it. Can you really fight with the giant sentient lion machine that has the power to choose who can pilot it? 

No, no you can’t. But here’s the thing, just because Black chose him doesn’t necessarily mean the others are automatically going to change how they treat Lance.

So imagine that they’ve finally caught up with another Robeast, Galran fleet now directed by Lotor, or a planet that needs saving from an active threat, and the whole group collectively has decided to pull together as Voltron. 

Lance has been thinking up strategies and after they’ve tried a few tactics from previous battles and failed, he notices a way that could work to defeat it. And as the new leader the others would have to listen to him for commands, right? 

So Lance is glad he can actually contribute to the team now, but he thinks it’s bittersweet that he finally has a chance to relay his ideas and it’s only because Shiro isn’t here to shoot him down.

So he tries to tell them his new plan.

However, the others are too busy referring to Pidge asking her what to do. Because while Shiro was with them, as he was shooting down Lance, he always used Pidge for ideas and listened to her input. The rest of the crew have just automatically continued this trend. 

He is tuned out, shushed or just not allowed to get a word in as Pidge is coming up with and relaying her idea. One that Lance knows would be much more dangerous even if it does work. Honestly Pidge, Keith and Allura are all pretty impulsive plan-wise, so the chances that a plan between the 3 of them being risky, with only Hunk being given the role as voice of reason, would probably be pretty high.

Lance isn’t given the chance to tell them why this plan was too Hazardous, or about his better plan because the rest of the paladins have already agreed and started to move, yelling as one to get into the action.

And what can a head do if it’s limbs have taken over?

In the end Pidge’s idea works, but everyone has taken a beating, just as Lance knew would happen. They all sound off that they’re conscious but that’s not much to reassure the new black paladin that they’re okay.

Once they get to the castle he takes stock of the cuts, bruises, and (unfortunately in Hunk’s case) broken bones and the sight causes such guilt in him. He had the ideas that could have helped his team, his new responsibility, to stay safe, but he’d failed as a leader. 

At least he is allowed to do the other half of his job. After they make a wormhole jump away from the scene he ushers those who needed a med pod, medical aid and medicine in the right directions, and treats them all before sending them off to heal up. 

Eventually all that’s left is attending to himself.

When left alone he’s given time to think about what happened out in the field and he just breaks down. He realizes that it doesn’t matter that he was picked as a leader by Black, he’s still seen as the guy who doesn’t have anything to add to Voltron and he’s just filling another role, like there doesn’t need to be a leader. 

And by the time he’s taken care of himself Lance is just crushed and left just as insecure as he was before, because if no one else could see him as a leader, then why would he?

Games and Piercings Part 3

Part 3 is here and ready to go! Surprise!!! I’ve decided that this series needed a couple more things to make it truly complete. The fourth and final part will be out soon! So please keep an eye out for it!

           The game did not rest in peace. It had simply been a pause menu for Lance he guessed, and he wasn’t sure what would’ve hurt worse. Them never caring at all and letting him continue on letting go and . Or getting his hopes up just to practically let him fall and crunch onto the cold metal ground.

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Voltron Beach Headcanons

So, my mom and I have been traveling around and going to beaches and all that fun stuff until the lease for my apartment is up in a couple weeks. So, have some Voltron beach headcanons!

[[Art based on some headcanons]]

Shallura (established)

  • Shiro’s self conscious about the scars on his body and initially wears a wetsuit.
  • Eventually he becomes comfortable enough to just wear swim trunks, and Allura makes sure to apply a liberal amount of sunscreen on his scars every couple of hours.
  • Allura and Shiro nap and relax on the beach on their towels under the shade of an umbrella.
  • But you know after their nap they’re going to tear it up on the waves and get competitive and playful.
  • They dominate at the game “chicken”. So much.
  • Especially when Allura’s carrying Shiro on her shoulders. No one can stand a chance against them. They’re a powerful force when teamed together.
  • Lance was tackled off Hunk’s shoulders in seconds.
  • He saw his life flash before his eyes and then afterwards he high fived Shiro because it was so awesome.
  • If you thought they were unstoppable as chicken partners, wait until you see them play volleyball. Because they annihilate everyone.  
  • Shiro and Allura feed each other the planet’s Earth equivalent of ice cream.
  • They hold hands as they walk along the beach, away from the others, around sundown.
  • Shiro writes their names in the sand in a heart, like a smitten highschooler. Allura adores it, even though she can’t read it.
  • She learns how to write her name in English in the sand and practices it over and over until it’s as pretty as Shiro’s.

Klance (slow burn)

  • Lance is psyched to challenge Keith to surf boarding, because he knows he’ll have an advantage.
  • Keith is actually pretty damn good at surfing, for his first time.
  • Lance pretends to be completely unimpressed and says it’s just beginner’s luck.
  • He’s actually immensely proud and amazed.
  • Eventually he compliments Keith about it:
  • “Okay, not bad. You’re actually kind of a natural.”
  • “What was that? I couldn’t hear you? Was that a compliment?”
  • “Shut up, mullet.”
  • They insist on being a team for any of the sports they decide to play.


  • He is the best surfer. Literally the best compared to the others. But he doesn’t show off or anything, because he just wants to relax and have a good time. He doesn’t want to be competitive about it.
  • Hunk knows how to weave hats and baskets out of palm leaves. Mostly because it helped calm his nerves as a kid.
  • He also knows how to make lei and uses whatever he can find on the alien planet’s beach to braid them (flowers, vines, shells, etc) and give them to the team.
  • He used to make lei back at home for his little sister.
  • You know he likes checking out all of the food shops by the beach and talking with the locals.
  • They exchange tips and recipes.
  • They adore him.
  • He helps fix some locals’ boats. In exchange for him helping, they offer to take everyone out on the water, which calms Shiro’s nerves because Lance talked about pulling inner tubes behind Blue on the water (which is a big no-no).
  • “Uh, Lance? I don’t think Shiro’ll like the idea of you taking a gigantic, sentient war machine lion out on the water to pull a couple inner tubes behind it.”
  • “Why not??”
  • Hunk makes some pretty intricate sand castles. Big enough for Pidge to lurk in.
  • He makes sure to bring plenty of sunscreen, because he’s paranoid about everyone getting burned.
  • Showing Shay the ocean is definitely on his list of things to introduce her to.


  • Initially tries staying as covered as possible.
  • It immediately becomes impossible once she realizes how damn hot it is on the beach.
  • She settles for one of those zipup capri wetsuits with the tank top. Or swim trunks with a surf shirt (rash guard?) and a visor.
  • She tries staying in the shade with Coran, Shiro and Allura, and her tablet, but it’s still too damn hot and she’s sweaty and dying and there’s weird bugs that won’t leave her alone.
  • Sand is also terrible. It’s all over her. How did it get everywhere so fast?
  • Pidge caves and joins the rest of the paladins in the water.
  • She spends most of her time slung over an inner tube watching the boys goof off.
  • She also takes an interest studying the marine life along the shore and takes samples to be studied later.
  • She takes a liking to going underwater with a snorkel and goggles to check out the fish, but she’s sure to stay close to the shore, because deep water freaks her out.
  • Pidge gets Hunk to give her piggyback rides along the shore.
  • Pidge miraculously doesn’t burn to a crisp, thanks to Hunk. She gets a weird little tan stripe along her forehead because of her visor though. 


  • He’s never been to the beach before, so he isn’t sure what to expect at first.
  • The first time he jumps into the water and resurfaces, he looks like a drowned kitten.
  • He accidentally gets ocean water in his mouth. A lot of it. He is not pleased.
  • Despite putting on plenty of sunscreen, because of Hunk’s insistence, Keith still gets sunburnt to all hell somehow.
  • He looks like an actual tomato
  • Lance teases him so much about it
  • Shiro scolds him and he has to help put Aloe on Keith every hour or so, because Shiro’s tired of hearing it.
  • Keith’s the one who insists on starting a game of beach volleyball. There isn’t a place set up for volleyball of course, so he pulls together his own volley net and marks out the court in the sand
  • He and Lance make a good team™ against some of the locals who take them on. 


  • You know this boy LOVES the beach. It’s no Varadero Beach, but it’s an ocean and he’s going swimming, dammit.
  • He’s the one who insisted they have a beach day.
  • Lance tans very gracefully and has never burned in his life. He’s sure to use sunscreen anyway, because he’s all about keeping his skin healthy.
  • He’s sure to get a bunch of selfies with the local beach babes.
  • Permanently has a drink poised in his left hand whenever he’s not in the water.
  • Lance is an incredibly strong swimmer
  • He knows all forms of swimming and does them gracefully.
  • Except when he pretends to be a dolphin.
  • He makes sure to bring music. Loud, loud music that he can dance to.
  • He starts a dance-off on the beach.
  • Which of course escalates into a full-on beach party with the locals.


  • Coran mostly camps out on the beach with everyone’s belongings (sunscreen, inner tubes, surfboards, umbrella and towels, etc) sipping on some Nunvil and whatever’s native to the island.
  • He basically acts as a lifeguard when he doesn’t fall asleep.
  • He falls asleep a lot, but usually no one can tell behind his ginormous sunglasses. Unless he’s snoring.
  • He also takes pictures, because he’s Space Uncle.
  • He wears an old-timey white and blue striped one-piece swimsuit. The kind from the 1900s, to match his mustache.


  • Probably has a similar vintage 1900s swimsuit like Coran’s (complete with sleeves and a skirt basically)–but after showing Lance, he insisted she needed to go to the Space Mall and get something more modern.
  • “Allura, you’re 10,000 years out of style. We’re fixing that.”
  • She purchases a wetsuit for practical use, and a bikini with a floppy sunhat.
  • “My stars, these are much more practical than my old swimming suit. I can actually move around in these.”
  • Cue Shiro dying at seeing her in a bikini, because wowie zowie.
  • A lot of locals flirt with her. Like, a lot.
  • Shiro also flirts with her. A lot. He might also give some of the aliens who’re hitting on her disapproving looks. A lot.
  • Allura has never played volleyball in her life, but she can spike a volleyball so damn well. It’s like she was born to do it.
  • Easily throws Lance and Keith into the water so they can do cool flips.


  • He starts off high strung and stressed when he gets to the beach, but it’s easy for him to relax and have some fun once he sees the rest of his team having a great time.
  • He wears a looooot of sunscreen to protect scarred skin. He probably puts a white strip of zinc oxide across his scar and nose.
  • The sun may not love Shiro, but Shiro loves the sun.
  • It makes him so happy, guys. It puts him in such a great mood. He is so happy to be outside.
  • When he and Allura are on a team during volleyball, he’s the one who sets the ball just right for her so she can spike it.
  • Helps Hunk grill things by the beach. Probably because it’s the one form of cooking he’s actually really good at.
  • The paladins insist that’s a Dad Trait and 100% makes him a dad.
  • “But I’m only seven years older than Hunk.”
  • Lance convinces Shiro to bust out some dance moves.
  • He’s actually not bad at all. Maybe rusty, but definitely not bad.
  • He helps Pidge dive for really good seashells.
  • Shiro and Keith definitely draw out a circle in the sand and spar. Because they’ve gotta be ready to battle in every environment, obviously.
Do not anger the giant robot cat

         That’s it. I. Have. HAD IT. Black finally gave vent to her frustration, twitching her tail towards her Paladin. He was standing with his back to her, grinning at the Princess, and her tail knocked him forwards. He dropped his helmet and stumbled towards Allura, who had no choice but to catch and steady him.

           “Shiro! Are you alright?”

           He was breathing hard from the shock as he straightened up in her arms. “Yeah, I…”

           Black insisted in his mind, loudly, This is your chance. She’s not letting go of you. She doesn’t want to. She was done with keeping things to herself. It wouldn’t translate exactly, because he wasn’t a sentient machine, because he didn’t think in the same language she did or in the same way (or they wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place!). But she hoped she’d made herself clear regardless.

           He was lost in Allura’s eyes, and she was neither letting go nor looking away.

- from my fic, Androcles (Rated G, 3,334 words, Shallura)

Art by the amazing and ever-talented @thesearchingastronaut!! Thank you so much, Caro, you did an AMAZING job! <3


Sentient time machine, fine.
Bigger on the inside, no probs.
Alien who cheats death, a-ok.
Billion-year old race of time-travelling Demigods, whatevs.
Empire of evil one-eyed alien mutants, gotcha.


(as posted by the excellent DMReporter over on Twitter)

cryopod & injury!fic rec list

for the anon who asked:

Sorry to bother you but do you have something where Lance almost dies and goes into a healing pod for ages and Keith is super torn up about it so he sits outside the healing pod till he gets out??

here’s all the relevant fics I could find!

Sweet Quiznak | t | 10K | angst

“You’re really into him,” Hunk mutters, and wow, Lance’s face is on fire. Hunk is killing him.

“Look, read into how you like, Freud, just make sure that if I die Keith knows I totally would’ve mowed his ass like grass. That way, I can laugh hysterically at his emotionally-constipated expression from the afterlife.”

Or: Lance is badly injured and has a few skeletons in his closet. Or maybe just the one.

mod note: this and the next are the closest fics to your request, anon. the rest are more general cryopod & injury fics.

Laws of Gravity Need Not Apply | t | 10K | angst | pining

It’s a difficult thing to go from secretly crushing on your school rival at a distance to sharing a tentative psychic connection with him, an audience of three other people, and an assorted collection of sentient machines.

Harder still to watch that crush come to be something more.

you can’t even light blunts in space | t | 5K | amnesia | bed sharing

After Lance is in a healing pod for record-breaking time, Keith is surprised to see him come out different.

Kiss Me (Twice) | t | 10K | fluff

Keith and Lance encounter unexpected complications on a mission and someone gets hurt. As if that wasn’t bad enough, a trap door opens and locks them several feet underground in a dark room. With Keith out of commission and both of them unable to escape, Lance and Keith have no choice but to wait for the team to come to their rescue.

For once, they talk.

For the Soul | t | 5K | fluff

Her eyes are glued to the glowing screen in front of her as she, with surgical precision, cuts straight to the muscle of the matter: “I’m a scientist, not a love life counselor. Tell Lance to quit being a baby and drag his congested ass to a healing pod.”

Lance is sick. Keith isn’t sure how to help.

aaaand, here’s a flipped one - keith is hurt, lance is waiting:

all we have to do | t | 20K | angst

Keith gets hurt during a mission, and Lance is not sure how to handle that.

Lance wakes up on the floor outside of the medical bay, jerking wildly, body a mess of aches and twinges.

❝ it’s not my child — it’s a machine.

What? Found this in a local Wilkos. It’s a half bionicle/half fake Lego sentient bike with machine guns. We can rebuild him, but better.

*edit* I’ve named him NO-Hatu. He was a regular matoran until one day he suffered a fatal crash on his motorbike. Seeing no other option. The Matoran worked with the toa to rebuild him. Unfortunately. The violent crash left his parts mixed in with the bike. In an attempt to rebuild him they had no other option but to combine his parts. Also they attached Machine Guns. He is bigger, stronger, and faster now.

On a more serious note, major props to Legends of Tomorrow for actually using the word ‘bisexual’, out loud, in a complete casual and non-judgmental context, about one of the lead characters of the show.
It’s that kinda stuff that keeps me watching for all the 'they went inside his brain and then he made out with a sentient time machine’ shenanigans.

There are twelve different types of monster, as follows…

FLORAFORM. Biological monsters that hail from outside the Animal Kingdom. They appear most frequently as plants, but can also manifest as fungi, protists, and bacteria. In many ways they are simpler than their more animalistic brethren, a trait which can be as much a strength as it is a weakness. They are associated with growth, balance, and rebirth, often embodying some of nature’s most positive aspects, even when their physical appearance might suggest the opposite. Floraforms are masters of rejuvenation and have a natural +4 bonus to Regeneration.

EARTHBORN. Elemental creatures that embody the raw essence of the Earth. Their bodies are made purely of matter that is both natural and inorganic, like stone, water, and magma. This can make them among the most difficult of monsters to harm conventionally, but also some of the most inflexible, as they typically devote themselves to a single element or substance. As such they have come to represent purity, focus, and fortitude. Earthborns have a natural +2 bonus to both Armor and Magic, reflecting their unorthodox physiology and the energies needed to sustain it.

HELLSPAWN. Infernal beings with a strong, inborn desire to sew chaos. Impulsive and erratic, they can be very troublesome, but should never be assumed to be evil. Gifted in the mystic arts, they can wield massive amounts of energy with ease, and more often than not are exceptionally clever to boot. Their better qualities are known to be intellect, eloquence, and charm, which can make them valuable allies. Hellspawn have a natural +3 bonus to Magic, but are also the only type of monster with an unpredictable +1 bonus to Chaos.

TROLLKIN. Imposing giants with features that can be equal parts monstrous and familiar. Of all the monster types, they are by far the most obvious reflection of ourselves. Many are inclined to build weapons and safe havens for themselves, and a few even speak clearly enough to communicate with people. Still, they are monsters, and without proper control they can become brutish and exceptionally cruel. For better or for worse, they’re known to be diligent, protective, and pragmatic. Trollkin never give up without a fight, and so have a natural +4 bonus to Vitality.

THUNDERLIZARD. Primordial titans with an indomitable will. They come in a wide variety of forms, all of them fearsome and heavily cloaked in scale. Their kind are shaped by man’s fearful and outmoded view on reptiles, giving them the appearance of beasts seen only in antiquity and the imagination. Their spirits are marked by pride, determination, and bravery, though they are probably better known for their cold demeanor and insatiable appetite. Thunderlizards are mountains of strength and readily endure hardship, giving them a natural +2 bonus to both Power and Regeneration.

SWARMFIEND. Armored invertebrates that move on a multitude of legs. Their group includes any monster with an arthropod basis, be it insect, arachnid, or crustacean. As far as biological creatures go, they are some of the farthest removed from humanity, having little in the way of expression and wearing their skeletons proudly on the outside. This gives them an almost universally bad reputation, in spite of them being neighborly, efficient, and industrious. Swarmfiends get a natural +1 bonus to both Armor and Regeneration, as well as a +2 bonus to Vitality.

WRAITHWING. Flying monsters that come straight from the myths of yore. United by their strong command of the air, all creatures of their kind can take to the sky through some means or another. They are biological entities the same as animals, but ones outside the normal order, allowing them to draw deep into arcane forces and master the elements. While their best known representatives are surely the dragons, they can take the shape of any aerial creature from the minds of men. Noble, adventurous, and renowned, Wraithwings have a natural +2 bonus to Speed, as well as +1 bonuses to Evasion and Magic.

LEVIATHAN. Deep-dwelling monsters that lurk in the dark. They specialize in moving through water and soil, utilizing stealth to even the odds against their more terrestrial competitors. When out in the open they are plainly awkward, sometimes even feeble, but in their element they are anything but. Brutal and adept, they can make short work of anyone who underestimates them. Their ilk are paragons of patience, cunning, and ambition. Leviathans have a natural +2 bonus to Speed, as well as +1 bonuses to both Evasion and Power.

BEHEMOTH. Hulking beasts that long for wide, open spaces. They can be some of the most clever and compassionate of the monster classes, but animal urges still dictate their actions. Adrenaline and instinct rule the day, and when given good enough reason can change their whole demeanor in an instant. Their hearts can be far warmer than their actions. Behemoths are free spirits, passionate and impulsive, and have a natural +2 bonus to Vitality, as well as +1 bonuses to Speed and Power.

VOIDWALKER. Unearthly beings from the farthest reaches of the multiverse. They emerge from parallel worlds and alien planets, foreign in every way possible. They are the other, fear of the unknown made whole, and of all monster types theirs are the hardest by far to relate to. Reading them is no easy feat, but those who can see past their differences will see that they are ingenious, bold, and creative. Voidwalkers love to blur the lines between organic, mystical, and mechanical, giving them a natural +1 bonus to Armor, and a +3 bonus to Magic.

AUTOMATON. Sentient machines that subsist without the need for outside maintenance. Each one is a sovereign being the same as any animal, but in place of flesh and bones they have circuits and gears. Most are made from high-tech metal, but technically they can be made of anything so long as it’s constructed into a functioning machine. Being technological in nature, they have a tendency to be innovative, introspective, and sometimes even idealistic. Automatons have a natural +3 bonus to Armor, as well as +1 bonuses to Speed and Power.

UNDEAD. Shambling corpses that flee desperately from mortality. Unlike the other monster types, they are defined not by what they are, but rather by how they are. They are a state of being, trapped somewhere between life and death, and can thus take the shape of any of the other groups. This makes them inherently familiar, but deeply unsettling. Eerie though they are, their kind can be surprisingly empathetic and welcoming, if somewhat hard to understand. Undead have a natural +2 bonus to both Regeneration and Vitality.

A Fall of a Different Kind

For Keith’s Birthday Week! @koganetwork

Day 1: Bonds

Pairing: Kidge

Rating: General Audiences

“Hey Keith. Pass me the screwdriver? No no, the other one. Yeah, that’s the one.”

Slow days in the castle were few and far between. On the rare occasion they did have some down time, Keith would eventually find himself gravitating towards the training room, where he would fight bots until he would quite literally drop. Too many times Shiro would catch him collapsed on the ground, covered in grime and sweat, leaving the man to drag him back to his room. That may or may not have been the reason Shiro had placed a temporary ban on the training room, leaving Keith to do who knows the hell what.

His room got boring quickly. Shiro was off wherever with Allura and Coran, so they were out. Hunk was nice company, but Keith’s lack of passion for baking would likely make the boy cringe. There was absolutely no way he’d go within twenty feet of Lance and his face masks, so that left Pidge.

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People are saying 9 is recharging. People are saying 9 straight-up died. I’m going with the latter, and here’s why:

First of all, practicality: Pioneer 9 was launched in 1968. Its power source, fuel and basic durability is going to be vastly inferior to 10 and Juice. It wasn’t built to last centuries upon centuries. Maybe a reread would show that 10 and Juice are already aware that Nine has limited time. Maybe that’s why Juice infodumps at the end instead of just saying “I’ll tell you later.”

But second and (to me) more importantly, the PROFUNDITY factor: Think about it. A sentient machine dying in a story about immortal humans. This would mean the only subjects in the story that ‘died’ would be objects. This would mean that in the future, no one worries about their 'mortality’ except for machines and computers. That’s a major paradigm shift. And the thought of mortal humans, who dedicated so much time to exploring the cosmos, becoming the immortal source of amusement for their own creations is pretty mind-blowing.

We started out gazing at the stars and ended with the stars gazing at us.


And anyone who knows me knows I love deep shit.

Sorry if this came off as pretentious and dumb but that particular aspect of the story really struck me.

I constantly think of Pyrrha Nikos.

The last the world saw of Pyrrha, she eviscerated a sentient machine that looked and acted just like an ordinary human girl. Pyrrha was made to be seen as some kind of vicious child soldier trained to kill by a dangerous and Machiavellian headmaster bent on building an army. As far as those who weren’t in Vale are concerned, she’s no longer the cute mascot of Pumpkin Pete’s Marshmallow Flakes or a world-renown fighter whose talent only comes once in a generation. To them, she could be nothing but a false and failed paragon of an unstable world of smoke and mirrors pledged to controlling and dominating the masses, deceiving them into conforming into a system that only pretends to guarantee their safety.  

Does the world know she died defending Vale? Does the world know she selflessly gave her own life to save those who still remained at Beacon? Does the world know that Pyrrha Nikos was a scared and vulnerable young girl who was tricked into murdering an innocent? Does her family know what happened to her and what became of the only things left of her to bury?

Is there anyone in the world who thinks of what became of Pyrrha Nikos?

Kaidan Appreciation Week: Day 6

Love Interest

“I was trying to think about what you meant to me, or maybe when was the first time I fell in love with you. The little things that I cherished when we were together. What made you, you and me, me, but us together, and I couldn’t really pin point when it happened.”

Kaidan took a pull from his lager and looked out over the balcony he stood on, miraculously untouched from the Reaper war. It was the same view as it had always been, not even galactic sentient machines able to change the elemental forces that governed the earth. It was as beautiful as ever. He had witnessed a brilliant sunset, dazzling it its vibrant colors and the warmth it bathed over the shore and the remaining trees. It was over and done, Shepard had done the impossible, as Kaidan knew he would, and now he had a lifetime of those spectacular views to look forward to.

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Since I drew my completely separate new frog girl I decided to go back and draw my other one too.

A mysterious android that appeared during the robot revolution. She guards the uptown robot master control located in the local museum which controls all the non sentient machines in the area. She’s cold, silent, and in no way related to frog normally found in the same area.