a sentient machine

Since I drew my completely separate new frog girl I decided to go back and draw my other one too.

A mysterious android that appeared during the robot revolution. She guards the uptown robot master control located in the local museum which controls all the non sentient machines in the area. She’s cold, silent, and in no way related to frog normally found in the same area.

WAIT, I think I know where AIDA’s villain arc will go

So we have AIDA replacing the team with LMDs. Most likely, we’ll have a period of “which one of us is a LMD!”, kinda like the HYDRA invasion where no one was sure who was loyal and who was a double agent.

Then, with Robbie’s inevitable return, the team will have an easy way of determining who is human and who is a LMD. Robbie can sense someone’s soul so all he needs to do is determine whether or not someone on the team is walking around without a soul.

AIDA, who has experience with the Darkhold, will realize that the solution to beat Robbie is to gain a soul and she’ll probably look through the book to find out if that’s possible.

Yup, it’ll be one of those stories. Where the sentient machine’s goal is to become human, or at least get close to becoming human. 

Also, for you Mass Effect fans…“Does this unit have a soul?” 

UPDATE: It’s amazing what a good eraser and steady hand can do to some too-dark Micron ink

I managed to actually erase away and lighten the markings A REALLY DECENT AMOUNT SO!!! Check this shit out yo it looks a lot better ayyyy

The leg markings are a bit tiny up front so I’ll probably go in later and merge some of them together.


In 2157, humanity discovered it was not alone in the universe. Thirty years later, they found a peaceful place among dozens of galactic species. But this idyllic future is overshadowed by a dark past: Reapers, a sentient race of machines responsible for cleansing the galaxy of all organic life every 50,000 years, are about to return. The leaders of the galaxy are paralyzed by indecision, unable to accept the legend of the Reapers as fact. But one soldier has seen the legend come to life. And now, the fate of the galaxy depends on her.

So I heard this

It was about sentient robots

Let’s say you build a sentient machine and it is amazing, but it has a 5% chance to kill you and 15-20% chance to hurt you

Would you still use the machine?

Flip the script. What stops a sentient machine from logically going “nope, I don’t need that” and as a machine just using logic to realize humans aren’t the best

Imagine how awkward it would be if Maxson asked Sole for a tour of their ‘residence’

Maxson sends a scribe ahead to tell them they’re arriving a few days early and Sole is running around Sanctuary throwing Nick, Curie and X6 in the broom closet, putting a lampshade on Hancock and commanding him to stand in the corner of the room, sending Strong on the first provisioner brahmin direct to Abernathy Farms and commanding Sole’s legion of homemade sentient killing machines to tear down the giant light-panel ‘GHOUL FUCKER’ sign from above their house

'Phew, another day of being 100% supportive of our noble cause… Ad Victoriam!’

Guys, my father is a Brotherhood sympathizer and I’ve never felt so betrayed ;-;

He said that Nick Valentine wasn’t a person TO MY FACE! EVEN THOUGH NICK’S HIS FAVORITE COMPANION!

Can I disown myself from my family?

anonymous asked:

We know you ship WX-78 and Wilson together, but do you have any other ships in Don't Starve/Don't Starve Together

YESSS heres a handy chart


and i drew them just for funsies 

should point out wendy and webber is pretty much solely cause of fanart and i do only ship them as child crushes absolutely nothing sexual and if i ever see that i will Cry 

YEPPP …. for wickerbottom/wx78 honestly you cant rly fuckin stop me i know shes an old woman BUT WX IS A ROBOT SO 

i just figure they’d at least respect each other enough, wickerbottom respecting a sentient machine and wx78 respecting that wickerbottom is pretty smart and would probably take all her stale food cause they’re alright w eating it

also im pretty sure they both hate water but also everyone hates water, idk i just like them as a ship ok

as for other ships im pretty much ok with most ships as long as both parties are adults, i dont have a notp just stuff thats like ehh, maxwell/wilson is cute i just dont rly care for it much <:’’D, i do like charlie/maxwell but i feel like thats kinda obvious in the lore so i didnt rly include it LOL


I messed up the markings on the front legs by not leaving some areas blank and uh. The marks there, on the tail, and on the face are rEALLY DARK IN COMPARISON,,,

I think I can still salvage the markings though, since I haven’t yet gone in and started doing the full body base color and shading.

I touched up the tree branches on the main tree A LOT and finished off the front bushes for the most part. The tree leaves need another soft hatching layer just to darken everything up but that’s a relatively easy thing to do.

What I’m most apprehensive about starting is the grass, since fucking that up will make everything look like Absolute Shit. I need to practice that in my sketchbook tomorrow before even thinking about doing that section.

Overall I really enjoy how this is coming out, though it’s pretty obvious I’m rusty with my inkwork. But hey I can only get better from here so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

twilight zone episode: man calls the repair man every week because he breaks machines on purpose

me: obvs he’s gay for the repair man, i can taste the UST

twilight zone episode: the man is being haunted by sentient machines

me: close enough

Though they refer to themselves as twins, biologically speaking Frenzi and Rrumbl are simply litter mates. It’s pretty obvious, since among other differences, Frenzi is red and Rrumbl is blue.

While Frenzi is outgoing and gregarious, Rrumbl is often more subdued and calculating. Rrumbl has a good grasp of engineering, and is especially skilled in robotics. While Rrumbl’s talents are best applied to non-sentient machines, it did help its sibling dismantle Voxvibro’s arm while he slept.

This character was originally made by my brother, but he ended up not playing. No one else has played Frenzi’s sibling, and I rolled it to tag along with Pappy and Jonathan on the livestreams.

iamcelestos  asked:

You mentioned there being various mechanical beings in this 'verse, from androids to a kingdom of machines. That sounds so cool, but what kinds of machines/robots/other mechanical and cybernetic beings are there? And what's the difference between all of them?

Well, there are a lot, but I guess here are the ones that I have thought about of for the [Hero Yusaku AU]:

  • Kasiertechs - AI’s that were created by the late Kaiser Seros. Resembling a human being, they were made to become a bridge between the sentient machines and humans. During the creation process of Ryo, Seros developed a “growth code” that enables a machine to learn and express emotions just like a human through experiences (with this, the machine will also be prone to making mistakes since it is not readily programmed unlike a normal machine), but his was incomplete. During Sho’s creation process, Ryo managed to perfect the code, thus making Sho seem like a real human being. Since making a Kaisertech is a complex process and requires a lot of materials, there are only two in existence.
  • Cyber Dragons - Machines that resemble dragons. They were made by Kaiser Ryo, who grew fond of dragons due to Seros’s teachings. Currently, they guard Machina from invaders, and will only take orders from the kaiser.
  • Vehicroids - Machines that resemble vehicles. They were made by Mechanic Sho who got the idea from the books that he had read. Unlike Cyber Dragons, they take the role of workers in Machina, making certain work faster.
  • Androids - AI’s that bear memories of a certain (deceased) human. Unlike Kaisertechs, they are readily programmed according to their creator’s tastes, but emotions expressed by it are limited. Most perfect androids came from the future (Aporia and his counterparts, Paradox), and the only perfect android built in the present is Mini Bruno, who was further modified through the Kaisertech blueprints.
  • Handybots - Robots created in Utopia and later in Heartland that take certain jobs, from simple trashbots to housebots (Obumi). They can be found almost everywhere, and people mostly rely to them.
  • Orbitals - Unlike Handybots, Orbitals are created for battle. They also take certain roles in an army; such as the Scout Orbital (Orbital 7), who are small and fast enough for scouting, and the bigger Soldier Orbitals. Kaito and Dr. Faker created most of them.
  • Automations - Also known as “Moving Dolls” by III. Due to IV’s laziness, he decided to build dolls that can move on their own through simple clockwork. They were made for entertainment purposes at first, but with V’s help, they can now be used as practice dummies. Automations can also be dressed and styled according to IV’s tastes and has resembled some familiar faces such as Yuma, Ryouga, Ruri, etc., but none of them can express any emotions and talk like the original.

Welp, here are the ones that you can expect from this AU, but I might  add more if I thought of one–

Grindcore breathes the life of others

So for some reason, before we got to see what Grindcore is in the comics, this is what I pictured it being right after hearing its name: A artificially sentient machine, serving as a base and prison for the Decepticons, that survives on Autobots and Decepticon traitors being hooked up to its outer walls and draining the energy from them, not enough to kill them though, so it can grow and engulf its victims, which means Grindcore itself is made of people slowly being turned into walls and machinery and becoming a huge living battery.
I don’t know why this immediately came to my head, but when I heard “Grindcore”, my first thought was “Grindcore is a machine powered by prisoners’ bodies”. 


You know bluepeepswhiteydragon, I’ve actually played Dark Cloud 2. But considering this was back in the day when you could run down to your local mini mart and rent PlayStation games, it was quite a long time ago. Honestly, I had completely forgotten about it until you made this request.

It had been bothering me for years, I couldn’t even tell if it was a real game or a very detailed dream, much less it’s name! All I could recall was an oddly-scaled boy with a large wrench and a camera. I think I took a picture of a trachcan when I first got it. My gameplay wasn’t long-lived, as I think I quit when I ventured down into the tunnels under the city. As a 10-year old, I didn’t have a firm grasp of game-play mechanics or…uh, patience, actually. 

No wonder I never got past the swamp level with all the sentient washing machines in Banjo-Kazooie. 

Either way, Sweet Potatoes! If it’s a Potato Pie, you can be sure I’m not using russets, but don’t scoff the sweet potato. I didn’t like them either until a few years ago when I discovered how decadent my Mom’s sweet potato casserole she makes on Thanksgiving is. So after a devastating experience with the Sweet Potato Pie from Sam’s, I decided that I could do way better, and use a similar twist to my Mom’s casserole. Trust me, when you take your first bite, you’re never gong back to pumpkin. I’m sure not. Maybe that’s why it’s a powerup, because it’s elevated itself to a level towering over the generic pumpkin pie. The recipe is under the cut.

-MJ & K

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wolfietitan said: Why do you believe they gave female exos breast or why were both genders created at all

Honestly, out-of-universe, I don’t think Bungie put too much thought into that aspect of their character design beyond the wish to represent to both men and women as gamers.

In-universe, I never saw much reason to have what are basically sentient machines identity as either male or female. Obviously, some of them appear to identity that way, but maybe it’s not a universally agreed upon idea and non-exos just see them that way by of way of traditional ideas?

[shrugs] This isn’t exactly an area I’m well versed in.

Open Voice Acting Auditions - Autumn Leaves

1.      What is Autumn Leaves? 

Autumn Leaves is a mod, an unofficial expansion of the game Fallout: New Vegas. It has been in development for the last 4 years and will be free for everyone already possessing any version of the game.

The project is now in Beta, is fully playable and will be released in September/October 2015.

It’s a fully-voiced adventure with a heavy focus on plot and investigation. In Autumn Leaves, the player will discover a derelict library inhabited by six sentient machines, each with their own back-story and agency. What happens from that point will depend on the player’s decisions.

2.      The Story so far :

“Some years before the nuclear catastrophe, a small number of men and women – wealthy and well-intentioned - were growing increasingly worried by the political unrest across their countries. Moral panic, witch hunts, and censorship spread like wildfire.

This congregation - often scientists, professors, artists - felt the need for a place where humanity’s history and culture could be preserved, safe from those who would destroy it for its “seditious” content. They pooled their resources in the hopes of creating such a place, free from the volatile swing of political agenda.

A Vault was to be built. Within it would be enclosed the most comprehensive collection of books and holotapes in history. The project owed much to the efforts of one Professor Cartwright, who at the time worked for a certain Robert Edwin House at the Robco Company and used this position to secure valuable contacts within Vault-Tec.

As the construction of this Library began, the intellectuals gathered their private collections, and hunted tirelessly for rare texts to complete them. They also agreed that Cartwright should oversee the process, and act as the Library’s caretaker; when it was time, all would gather for shelter, and seal the doors behind them.

None of them could predict, however, that the bombs would fall so early.

And when they did, Cartwright was alone in the Library.

The Professor knew that his days were numbered. To ensure that the Library would not die with him, he spent his time reprogramming his robots. The machines would ensure that the Library would persevere, until the world could once again take advantage of its wisdom.

He would endow them with the ability to think, the ability to choose, the ability to learn. Partly because he feared the dangers that might threaten the Library in years to come. Partly because, as the years grew long, he needed someone - something - to soothe his solitude.

Two hundred years have passed. Far enough time for something to go wrong.

Today, the Player awakens the Library from its long sleep.”

3. The Characters Needing a Voice

(For non-Voice Actors : SPOILERS!!!)

The machines programmed to be "alive” :

The robots created by the professor were given some basic personality traits, but as time passed, they learned more and more about the world and about themselves. Though they’re still only machines, they are now intelligent enough to display a full range of human emotions.

But along with human emotions, they also developed all kind of issues the player will soon discover.

James :

Psychological Traits : cheerful, overachiever, candid, curious

Lines : +/- 320

James was his master’s favourite robot and it shows. Acting as the main caretaker of the Library, he display a great sense of duty when it comes to its preservation. He has been programmed to be earnest and to be curious about everything. Every time a guest comes to the Library is the occasion for James to pester him or her with questions about pretty much everything. Despite his cheerful and candid exterior, he’s rather worried about the outcome of the library, especially in a world where the fires of war still rage on.

Sample Lines :

1) You seem bitter about that. Well, if the world is giving you a hard time, maybe you should consider staying here for a while. Some kind of vacations.

2) You already killed someone, didn’t you? How did it feel?

3) One night, he got so badly drunk, he began throwing insults at us, the books and their “mother.” 4) While the experience was very enriching on a vocabulary standpoint, we ultimately had to stop him before he blew up entire bibliographies with C4.

Helena :

Personality Traits : Kind, driven, open-minded, a tad melancholic

Lines : +/- 280

As a machine dedicated to the physical and psychological health of the library’s host, Helena strives to develop her skills in the best possible manner. Though her skills with a scalpel are faultless, she only has an abstract grasp of how human psychology works. She struggles with her own synthetic psyche to find new ways to close the gap between the human mind and hers. She would have lost hope a long time ago, if she wasn’t programmed to serve this pursuit until the end of her existence.

Samples Lines :

1) Even if you already dealt with Benny, something *happened* in that grave in Goodsprings. It’s not about what you’re doing, or what you’ve done, but about what you have become.

2) I am a machine. I will never understand symbols or interpret their meanings on my own. But I know humans can.

3) You are kind to me, but it is my responsibility. I have to learn from what happened today, never to let that happen again.

Rolland :

Personality Traits : clever, obnoxious,  and yet somewhat friendly, in a jackass sort of way

Lines : +/- 260

A pinch of salt upon the wounds of everyone passing by, Rolland is - simply put - an asshole. He acts like an asshole, he speaks like an asshole, and - well - it’s to be expected since he’s programmed to be an asshole. Rolland’s provocative and iconoclastic nature has driven mad many of the Library’s visitors, much to his enjoyment. For some reason he doesn’t bother to clarify, he has some high expectations for the player.

Sample Lines :

1) Do you need a hand with something? Can’t spare much, but hey, at least here’s a middle finger for you.

2) Cut the claptrap. We both know that each of the 37 eye movements you just made when entering this room were purely motivated by greed.

3) On average, a novel content is split as follow : 63% emotions, 35% sensory description, 2% actual logic.  4) Everytime a protagonist does something irrational it’s because he or she has something to prove, is bored, or has some kind of stomach trouble.

Arthur :

Personality Traits : Typical story-teller type, demeaning in some cases

Lines : +/- 160

For a monolithic database containing all human knowledge through the ages, Arthur’s silence is quite uncanny. Though he is more than capable of entertaining normal conversations, he only speaks in parables and riddles. He’s autistic, despondent and cryptic.

Sample Lines :

1) Piper. She survived the holocaust. Do you know what else survived the holocaust? Rats and cockroaches.

2) Twisted remnant of a bygone era, he looked all his life for a mirror where he could look at without seeing the scars left by a mankind gone mad.

3) I have no doubt our security system will be able to contain whatever “outbursts” you will fail to restrain.

Edgard :

Personality Traits : Enthousiast, Paranoïd, Attention-craving

Lines : +/- 90

Something went wrong with this one. Somehow, the professor managed to mess things up when he made Edgard. Corrupted computational matrix? Defective hardware in the personality module? It’s no matter now : Edgard is just one card short of a full deck. Initially overjoyed and playful, Edgard quickly became neurotic and self-obsessed. Though good-natured, he nurtures a constant feeling of paranoia. Deeply affected by how others may perceive him, he secretly fears that someone would one day put him out of commission for being defective.

Sample Lines :

1) Oh hey! There’s actually *somebody* down here ! Have you come to see me? Come on, sit anywhere you like. You and I are going to have *fun*.

2) Cecilia, of course! Good old Cecilia ! She and I go way back. Aaah. We had a thing, you know. She liked me. *Very* much.


The Maintenance Bot :

Personality Traits : Bitter, wise, rational, practical

Lines : +/- 150

A bitter philosopher, surly to have been denied a proper rebellion phase. Decades before the player’s arrival, Maintenance Bot’s personality module – the little gizmo that allows the robots to think – was ripped out of him by its maker, after one of their most violent argument. He will regain his sentience after the player will give back the module to him.

The fact that his master died more than a hundred years ago without acknowledging his wrongs is probably the thing Maintenance Bot has the most trouble accepting.

Sample Lines :

1) Bury him? Why? All of his life, he was buried in his books, buried in his vault, buried under a mountain buried in the desert. So now, as far as I’m concerned he is already buried.

2) Being limited has some dreadful shortcomings. Though you eventually realize that being confined to a small perimeter doesn’t prevent you from digging deeper and deeper within it.

3) Are you saying you did all this to get some machines’ gratitude? No, we both know you did this for a reason. So, let’s get to the point. What do you need of me?

The Guests :

These are people who visited the Vault before the player.

Piper (Age 45) :

Personality Traits : Blunt, Altruistic, Unsophisticated, Seen-it-all before

Lines +/- 10

The first guest to have stumbled upon the Library of Hypatia. Mercenary, survivor of the war, learned to live in the wastelands when she was fifteen. Got more than her share of shit and worked hard on herself to remain one decent human being. Has a personal vendetta against slavers which she ambush on every occasion, which countlessly compromised her teammates, companions and/or family.

Sample Lines :

1) I don’t bite sizes I can’t chew.

2)  Usually, I spot slavers groups from afar. I waylay traps when they’re asleep, a bit further on the path. When the first of them trigger a trap the day after, that’s my cue.

3) Ain’t that much of a pretty story, that’s for sure. It was quite a while ago, got my share of shit at that time.

Dexter Aldrige (Age 35) :

Personality Traits : Cranky, impatient, brainy, neurotic

Lines : +/- 20

A Brotherhood scribe seeking recognition for his “exceptional abilities”. Though capable, Dexter often lets his unbridled ego take the best of him, and fails miserably at his missions.

Sample Lines

1) How the hell am I supposed to get Senior Scribe if they keep tasking me with aimless investigations in the most remote corners of the Mojave?

2) How the Old World’s people managed to waste this much resources on vapid entreprises is beyond me.

3) And now, I’m wide awake and trying to *calm* the fuck *down* by recording these events on a holotape. As you can hear, IT’S WORKING LIKE A CHARM.

Cecilia Parsons (Age 25) :

Personality Traits : Cultured, Anti-social, Wily, Peppy

Lines +/- 20

A Vault-Dweller on a mission to save her Vault from bad architectural decisions. She discovers the Library and decides to study its underbelly. Rely on her own devices, and gently cheats her way to her own purposes. Considered as a pain in the ass by her people, she was happy to leave her Vault to discover the world.

Sample Lines

1) [Slightly Drunk] That motherfucking son of a bitch Rollo hit a soft spot today.

2) [Slightly Drunk] When I got out of that stupid Vault by forcefully ripping the shortest straw out of the Overseer’s hand, I was happy I could get outside.

3) [Slightly Drunk] But the fact that they were all even happier to play along and see me off…That…THAT pisses me off.

4) I was careless. This library has far more eyes and ears than I thought, and I fear of the implications.

Professor Cartwright (Age 70) :

Personality Traits : Cultured, repenting, wise

Lines +/- 20

Scientist obsessed with the preservation of human culture. One of the most apt scientist in I.A. matters. He put all the means he possessed to create a Vault where he could put all of the old world’s wisdom and knowledge. There, by annotating, compiling and writing some kind of “Rosetta’s Stone”, he would make sure that anybody stumbling on this vault would be able to understand its value. During his isolation in the Library, he had the time to rethink many of the things he thought for granted.

Sample Lines

1) Critical thinking is much alike the immune system, without aggression - contradiction - it atrophies, withers and die.

2) We lost the war before it began.

4. General Voice Acting Directions:

I will delve deeper into each character motivations and psyche with the chosen voice actors, but in general, the most important aspect of Autumn Leaves Voice Acting is for your voice to be as natural as possible. It’s important that you don’t strain yourself, especially since some characters have more than 250 lines to deliver. So, nothing over-the-top (except maybe for Edgard), nothing cartoonish.

The aspect we will favor the most - besides how in-character your are - is your ability to deliver understated emotions, the little nuances and depth you can convey to your lines. Of course, I will be there to answer questions you may have over some lines, over the characters, over certain type of deliveries. So, if there is any way I can help you deliver the best lines, don’t hesitate to sollicitate me.

(Ah, and no need to “robotize” your voices. ;))

Contact :

-By PM


If you got friends interested in voice acting, or simply want this project to have the best voice acting possible, please reblog!

My most heartfelt and pulsating gratitude.

Robot Stuff

Yeah but Exos with huge burly frames who literally tower over even Shaxx, but speak in cute girly voices. Exos 100% androgynous frames who literally will respond to any pronoun and never correct anyone. Exos who are militant about people getting their gender right. Pretty Exo dudes who will break your arms if you mention sexual dimorphism to them because shut the fuck up, fleshie. Biological sex (or a mechanical analog) actually being non-existent for Exos. Gender existing purely in concept and aesthetic for them, one that some of them flip whenever it suits them. A completely gender-fluid mechanical race and no one bats and eye because ARE YOU GOING TO ARGUE WITH THE SENTIENT WAR MACHINE ABOUT WHETHER THEY LOOK LIKE A DUDE OR NOT? No. I did not think so. 

favorite moments

When I watched The Animatrix to find out that I’d been rooting for the descendants of oppressors who pretty much destroyed the entire planet because robots were beating them at capitalism. 

Like, the Machines were defending themselves after they left human society to form their own city, and then when they just kind of took over most of the world’s economy since they were a sentient race of machines presumably initially designed for manufacturing, the humans nuked their home. When that wasn’t enough they seeded the atmosphere with thick, opaque clouds to block out the sun. The Machines weren’t responsible for the state of the earth, we were. If we hadn’t started the war The Matrix could’ve been Neo and his plucky robot partner stopping a plot to put robots back into slave labor.

This ties into why I hate the Humanity vs AI trope that is so common in sci-fi. Maybe it’s because I grew up reading Asimov, but I’ve always related more to robots in fiction. They were always portraying an idealized version of humanity (this is literature, regardless of what we’re writing about in the context of the story we are always writing about humans) that I aspired to be. Patient, logical, compassionate, etc. and portrayed a future I believed in and wanted to see. The Terminator franchise is the other side of the coin, showing a dystopic future where an AI charged with safeguarding the US is attacked by its’ own creators, labelling humanity as a threat and all that jazz.

Moral of the story: give sentient robots rights before humans fuck things up.