a secret named sophie


That’s how we do it in the Nine-Nine. Catch bad guys and look good doing it.

+ Bonus


(Plz read this took an hour)

-Glasses -Hair tied up -Green v neck shirt with diamonds and jeans
-Fandom trash and memelord

-Crop top and jean shorts
-Blue hair
-Avg height
-Fandom trash

-Purple hair
-Plus size
-Loves sports
-Tank top and leggings
-Tumblr geek
-Secret bookworm

-Peach hair
-Blue shirt and peach shorts
-Skinny -Writes immense amounts of fanfiction

-Wavy brown hair
-Brown shirt and shorts
-YouTube freak
-Secret Weeb
-Writes books

-White eye patch
-Thin curvy
-Has no idea why the internet is popular
-Pours her heart and soul into books

Those are just some cute heacanons I made.Ask me about some other gems and i will do them for sure!

Thoughts on Sophie Deveraux

Here is a simple truth about people: everybody wants something. The trick to a good grift, is figuring out what your mark wants, and then giving them a taste. Not all of it, mind you, just enough to awaken their apetite. Make them believe you can give them what they want. After that, they’re yours.

She’s good at figuring out what people want. It’s a split second judgement, more art than science, and she’s almost never wrong. Even as a young girl, she could sense flawlessly when she should be shy and quiet, or loud and boisterous, when she should be the perfect wonderchild, and when she should be the adorable rascal.

Between this carefully cultured skill, and her parents’ rich heritage, she never wants for anything, but somehow she always wants more. The problem is, she doesn’t know what it is she wants. She can figure out almost everybody around her, but her own desire of life remain an unanswered question.

She begins to grow unhappy with who she is, with playing the little games, being whoever people want her to be. She’s eighteen and already carrying too many masks, too many different versions of herself. She’d hoped to make a new start when she went to college. She’s studying Art History, something she really thought she was passionate about, but there’s still something missing. This still isn’t what she wants. 

Then one evening she ends up at some rich frat-guy’s party at his parents’ house. Looking around the room she realizes she doesn’t even know anyone there. Then she realizes the flip-side of this - no-one knows her either. And at that moment she decides to change. She slips upstairs, tries a couple of doors until she finds what she’s looking for -  a woman’s room. She steals a dress, lets down her hair, readjusts her make-up. When she comes back downstairs, she’s a different woman.

She realizes the difference immediately, in how the crowd parts before her, in the whispers that follow in her wake. She’s become someone else, someone who people stare at, talk about. She likes it. Someone comes up to her, asks her name. She hesitates, but the name comes easily.

“It’s Sophie.”


Yay, my books finally came in! I got “Tall, Dark Streak of Lightning” by the ever lovely jmrichards, “A Secret Named Sophie” by maxkirin (whose blog is the only thing that actually gets me writing these days), and “Paperwhite” by Catherine Mamo, which is a book of poetry that’s been in my Amazon Wish List for a while now, but I’m pretty sure was written by the mother of morguefaerie (but I am not 100% sure and now I feel bad, but I have the strong feeling Pip had something to do with it.)   

*fist pump* BOOKS! (As if I needed more new books in my house; I have nowhere to put them. O.o) 


M. Kirin presents the book trailer for: A Secret Named Sophie!

“To my dearest Niece…”

Sophie’s uncle is dead. The letter informed her that Philip Spencer, the man who’d been both friend and guardian, died and left her everything he had.

She doesn’t want to believe that her uncle is dead.

Hoping to find the truth, fifteen year-old Sophie leaves home and takes a train beyond the Smoke-Cities, to Jaycetown. In her heart, she hopes to find her uncle safe and the letter nothing but a cruel joke… except she’s going to find more.

She will enter a mansion she didn’t know existed, and find herself surrounded by photographs of people her uncle never talked about. Worst of all, a strange creature lurks in the darkness— but she can’t turn back.

She is the last piece of the puzzle.

“I leave to you all of my earthly possessions.”

A Secret Named Sophie is available on Kindle & Paperback! If you purchase the physical copy of the book through amazon, you will get the Kindle Edition for FREE :D