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John Alvin’s poster concepts for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (1991).

John Alvin is the artist behind the iconic movie posters for such Disney classics as The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. In addition to his work in animation, Alvin also did posters for live-action films like E.T., Blade Runner and Jurassic Park.

Alvin’s wife, Andrea, has released a GORGEOUS book highlighting her husband’s many illustrated accomplishments – The Art of John Alvin. As Mrs. Alvin frequently assisted her husband with his work, she also has a lot of fascinating back-stories about the paintings. Reprinted below is her account of the creation of the poster for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast:

“There were many concept sketches done of the two main characters in various settings and poses, both by the staff at Disney and by John. John’s method of working on this aspect of a job was to do very rough thumbnails of various ideas. From that point he would do a larger sketch, around 8.5 x 11 inches, with more attention to detail and composition. He would then move on to color sketches and color comps.

“John did not do too many small color comps on this film. Instead, he did several medium size paintings as color comps and at least two paintings that would be considered finishes. One was the couple dancing in front of a stained glass window featuring a rose, and the other was an image of the couple bathed in an ethereal light. The second was the image used on the one-sheet.

“The poster was done before the film was complete and the characters were not completely finalized when John started painting. That was one of the reasons to have them in somewhat of a silhouette. His technique to create the mood was to begin with a dark background and bring the subjects into the light. He applied the paint with an airbrush, building his paint in transparent layers, similar to a watercolorist. Most airbrush artists use a number of elaborate friskets or masks to protect the areas they don’t want painted at that time. However, John felt that light didn’t have hard edges, and so his painting shouldn’t really have hard edges. It was a game for him to see how few friskets he could use in a piece of finished art. He was fascinated by what he called “heavy light”—the light Steven Spielberg had used in E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. That was the look he was trying to emulate in the Beauty and the Beast art.

“The final piece was a hit and John was very pleased with it. The printers had some difficulty reproducing the magentas in the art, but in the end did a beautiful job. It was the beginning of a long and successful relationship with Disney feature animation.”

Amazon Associates link: The Art of John Alvin by Andrea Alvin


Alice in Wonderland printable posters 


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Cartoons and Colorism

Okay so I am not really a huge fan of winx (i used to love the show back in in the early 2000′s but anyway. I was watching their new series World of winx and I noticed something about Aisha. In older series she looked like this.

Now she looks like this ….

In this image she is the second girl on the left 

This one is apparently a promotional poster 

*she’s the second one on top :| ………

It not like they couldn’t make her darker as there are random darker skinned characters….

She seems to have been desaturated - and yes it could be argued that I am being a bit petty - but I don’t get why they chose to do this, and in some series her skin tone has changed. 

 - but then again this is what they did to Flora.



I just don’t really know what to say - but animation companies need to stop this. I hope its just them being inconsistent with coloring :| …

To be honest not too many people watch winx club so its not really a huge deal I just wanted to make this observation

Chapitre 94 – Father and Son




RADIANCE is online and live, running until July 15th!

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This is what RADIANCE could look like if we reach our stretch goals, this is what we have envisioned:

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RFA: Drunk

How would the RFA be if they got drunk?? Plz ty

Ahhhhh rushing through this one hopefullyitsnotbad


- Emotional drunk

-Cries a lot, giggles like a teenage girl, really clingy 

-  Whoever is next to him is gonna get a Yoosung draped around his/her shoulders

- Pls don’t let this guy drink


- His flirty tendencies just skyrocket

- Can hit on a wall for over ten minutes

- Embarrassing asf, has no shame at all when drunk

- Will not hesitate to tearfully declare appreciation for all RFA members except Jumin tho


- Giggles a lot, blushes easily

- Becomes wayyyyyy too open

- Intense mood swings

- One second she’s giggling about a poster hanging on a wall, next second she’s crying about how stressed she is


- Doesn’t get drunk easily

- But when he does, ohhh boy get your camera ready

- He gets really philosophical

- Like random theories on life that makes virtually no sense

- Or he leans on someone nearby and just falls asleep


- He kind of freezes and blanks out

- Sits in a chair staring at the floor, kind of just focusing on breathing 

- Once Yoosung tried to nudge him into moving and Seven just toppled over 

- Sometimes he giggles or tears up while sitting in his chair

- No one knows what on earth he thinks about when drunk

[V and Unknown]

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silverstarmia  asked:

Hi! 👐 First I want to tell you that I really like you blog😄, you're a savage💪 Second: I just saw a poster for Gaiden (the one without Sakura) and main characters of that Arc (where everyone looks nice excpect, guess who, Sakura😒). Now question: how much do you think SP will ruin Sakura in HER story?😤🙅 Have a nice day🙌

Thank you!

Now answer me honestly.

If they were able to ruin sasuke hiden, by literally erasing sakura

Actual novel


Please tell me makes you believe that gaiden wil be different

Actual Manga

And the fucking preview for the anime adaption

I don’t want to seem like the asshole who ruins other peoples mood, but in more than 15 years studio pierrot has never given me any reasons to be exited about their adaptions, when it comes to sakura and sasusaku. And let’s not even talk about fillers


Westworld Character Posters: Teddy Flood

The maze itself is the sum of a man’s life. Choices he makes, dreams he hangs on to. And there at the center, there’s a legendary man who had been killed over and over again countless times, but always clawed his way back to life. The man returned for the last time and vanquished all his oppressors in a tireless fury. 

Marines Ch47 Preview

In which there is finally more Ace It feels likes ages since I last wrote him in the actual story.

“Pops, Pops, Pops!" 

Ace thunders down the hall, uncaring of the brothers he runs over, the ones he knocks to the floor if they’re not fast enough to get out of his way. 

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