a searching soul

You don’t need to copy the lifestyle of people you saw on the internet in order to be happy. Who knows how they felt when they took the picture. Who knows how lonely they feel at night when laying in bed. And even if they feel insanely happy, who knows if what works for them will also work for you. Don’t let the virtual bits and pieces that strangers on the internet decide to share be the only thing that’s shaping your idea of happiness. Remember to disconnect from social media often, and reconnect with yourself. What’s your idea of a good day? What’s your own idea of beauty? How do you wanna decorate your body? How do you wanna decorate your room? What gives YOU joy? It’s okay to find inspiration online, but at the end of the day this is your life. And your happiness is your own unique project, it’s expressing yourself in your own unique dance.

you are constantly creating yourself through memories and experiences so just remember that when you make your decisions. be the person you know you are, take care of yourself and give yourself the love you need. it’s all inside of you, all the love you need is inside of you. we all are just trying to find it within ourselves, it’s there…just keep up the soul searching.

I crave a love so deep that when it touches my soul it rattles my bones and squeezes my chest.
I want love that makes me a morning person.
A love that makes me forget what sadness ever felt like specially on the days I think sadness is all i’ll ever be.
A love that even though they might forget our anniversary they will never forget where we first kissed.
A love that makes me excited for Friday and Saturday nights but makes me fall in love with Sunday and Monday mornings. 
I want a love that I could go to parties with and hold our laughs while we whisper silly jokes that have everything to do with our shared dark humor, like a secret no one else is in on.
I want a love that understands I’m messy, difficult, and that most of my mood swings come from hunger and exhaustion, while the others come from anxiety and insecurity. 
A love that makes me coffee in the morning, but they know that the way I like it is not 3 creams and 2 sugars like I tell everyone else when they take my order.
but what i really mean is that on the days i wake up a mess i want no creams and no sugars or that on the days i wake up and the sunshine seems to be beaming through my eyes; that day they know I want 3 creams all the sugars because i have this weird way of thinking that it’ll just make my day sweeter. 
A love that looks like its traveled through all the ages and time zones just to be together.
A love that makes us finally understand the true meaning of fate.
A love that makes it impossible to ever think that soulmates don’t exist.
A love where one day I’ll look into their eyes and become so overwhelmed with happiness all I  would do is break down because I never once for a moment thought this was possible. 
A love that makes me question if my own mother had felt love for me before. 
I want a love that reaches through my chest and squeezes my heart when I start to worry they will ever leave me. 
A love that on the days when I think that i am not worthy of love they’ll wrap me in their arms and hold me so tight that it makes me feel like a fool for ever thinking such things.
I crave a love so crazy, so pure, so genuine, so out of this world.
A love so deep it won’t be enough for us, making us spend the rest of our lives just going deeper.
—  Odett G.

I have this undying love for wild, unapologetic, raw souls.

The ones that show the world that they’re so strong and need no one else to run along them, but when they love, they love so deeply that they can feel the others heart beat in their own throat.
The ones that wear their hair messy and laugh at the fact that they have a messy heart to go along with it.
The ones that aren’t scared to say “here I am take me, I dare you to break me” and when they do they just love stronger the next time around.
The ones that cry and hurt but never turn cold and bitter.
The ones that the moment the sun touches their skin they close their eyes, take a deep breath and smile because they believe if they take in enough sunshine they will start to resemble it.
and they’re not wrong.
The ones that find peace at the sound of thunder and happiness in rain.
The ones that find a melody in waves when they crash at the shore. 
The ones that drink their coffee black and though they’ll never admit that half way through when they think its too strong they add cream, but it won’t change the fact that every morning they’ll continue to drink their coffee black while keeping a stash of creamer hidden.
The ones that find beauty in the darkest places which is why they will never tell or ask someone to change, all they will do is sit and enjoy the fact that such darkness is brave enough to come close to such light.

So heres to those souls, I will forever love you and you will forever be my favorite thing to witness.

—  Odett G
I’m not one to believe in fate or destiny
but when we kissed
I swear I felt the stars fall, planets collide, continents rip themselves from the root, and earth flip upside down
Just to tell us we weren’t meant to be.
—  Odett G.

“The cost would have been my soul.”

-James Kirk, ‘The Search for Spock’

Well, what can I say? I’m in way too deep. I just watched the first three movies one after the other and TWOK broke my soul into tiny little pieces (again) so I had to do this to fix it back up.

7 Signs Of A Restless Soul
  1. Your thoughts don’t feel coherent, they feel fast paced and weird
  2. Everything you’ve ever known feels off… almost wrong
  3. Impulsive, impulsive, impulsive!
  4. Craving change, but nothing satisfies the craving
  5. You can feel that something is missing, and it makes you feel funny because it feels as if you should know what’s missing but you can’t put your finger on it
  6. You read and watch movies to stimulate more ideas and fantasies of living a life as insane and interesting
  7. It feels as if your soul is searching for its missing piece