a scotsman on a horse


A Scotsman on a Horse 

Monty Python’s Flying Circus, series one, episode six 

He’s on a horse. Because I feel like it and I find this sketch lovelyamusing. Amusinglovely. Lomusingavely. Brilliant.

Say No to No-True-Scotsman

Don’t be a shield or a trojan horse for extremism if you’re not an extremist. Don’t act as the unwitting outer layer of a cult. Don’t be so focused on what’s happening on the other side of politics that you don’t even see what’s happening behind you.

If you don’t take responsibility of your side’s extremists, you soon won’t have the power to, and you don’t want to see what happens when the other side has to take care of them. The other side will never change your extremist’s minds nor pacify them through any peaceful means. You speak their language, you share some of their values, you have some of their ideas, so you have to combat them. The only other path is polarization.

Addictions a disease
It reduces you to nothing, changes who you are
Changes what you say, what you do
What you think, what you feel
Addictions a wildfire
It rips through your life, showing no remorse
Burns and scars the people around you
It doesnt care whose in its path and who is not
Addiction is isolation
Pain, misery, self loathing, its all still there
Just under a veil that lasts for a few fleeting hours
It’s not worth it, but at the same time it is.
You can stop any time
But you wont, the itch is there now
Its growing and its getting worse
My addiction is becoming me
—  Written by @a-scotsman-on-a-horse
Some days I can drop it all and just take comfort in you
Because yes, I’m an addict, and I think my biggest problem right now is loving you too fucking much
I’m self indulgent, I’m a coward, I’m letting these things define me
And somehow, I have you.
As easy as it would be just to drown, I can’t
Because I promised to never leave you
Distance blocks the path a lot of the time
And my head being on another planet makes the gap seem that much worse
But I already told you
It doesnt matter where I go or what I do
My home is in your arms
—  Written by @a-scotsman-on-a-horse
You’re supposed to be a protector
A comforter, a confidant, a refuge
You’re supposed to love me no matter what I do
To tell me everything will be okay
But you don’t, you probably never will again
I play it over and over in my head and punish myself
In mind and body, I can’t stop it
I’m 30, I should know better by now
But unfortunately I’m that age only in body, not mind
And I’m dumb enough that I’d still drop everything and come running
If it meant stealing a few more seconds in your arms
Clutching to the shirt on your back
Trying to embed the memories of the past under my fingertips
Because I can’t find anything in this world
That masks the pain from knowing you just don’t love me any more
—  Written by @a-scotsman-on-a-horse
Reassurance? No
Its all tools, all lies in your dwindling arsenal
Even you don’t believe the shit you’re trying to spin
Maybe this is just what you are now
Clutching at straws, pushing them all together
Trying to make the feeble strands actually mean more than they do
Your hands are fumbling and trembling as you struggle to even spit out these words
You know what you are, you know what you’re becoming
You could stop it, stop all of it, right here, right now
But you don’t
Because maybe deep down you don’t know if you even want to stop it
—  Written by @a-scotsman-on-a-horse