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“Something Carlos actually handed out to his students, stapled to the back of his syllabus because he is actually the biggest dork known to man.*laughs*”    
~ Rashida the Doctor

A Thought from the Latest Night Vale

You know about how, in the latest episode (episode 54: A Carnival Comes to Town) Cecil uses his immense influential power over the townspeople of Night Vale to attack a perfectly normal, benevolent carnival?

This sends me back to when Steve Carlsberg said that Carlos had been good for Cecil, that Carlos had somehow made Cecil better.

Carlos is gone now.

And Cecil just attempted to murder the entire staff of a carnival (for maybe only the reason that he CAN NOT GO to the carnival with Carlos) and he didn’t have to question his morality because, who would care? He doesn’t have to be good for Carlos anymore. Carlos has left him and he isn’t looking for a way back.

This is the most intensely questionable thing Cecil has done since he and Carlos became a possibility.

And we hardly even knew him before that. We DO NO KNOW the pre-Carlos Cecil. Who was he? What was he like?

So, what if, what IF; without Carlos, Cecil becomes something akin to a dictator? He would never out-right say it, he would never out-right admit it to himself: but he IS how the town gets its news, its political updates! So what if he changes the facts around a bit?

Cecil likes Dana but he obviously does not agree with the direction she has taken her career as mayor. She could say anything she wants, and Cecil would twist it around to better ‘protect’ or 'defend’ the citizens of Night Vale. As that is all he ever set out to do.

And Intern Moreen sees it. That’s why she’s upset, maybe a little resigned, at the end of the broadcast. She can see it happening. 'You are a part of this Moreen! Do you not love victory over outsiders that mean us harm?’ She remembers the old Cecil and she can see him coming back.

Without Carlos, Cecil will get more and more intense: bigger things, actual casualties. But in the middle of his biggest 'expansion’ yet, Carlos comes back.

Carlos comes back, at last.

He had been watching the photos on the mountain walls, watching Cecil. He had been convinced by the masked warriors to just stay and watch for a few days, and the longer he watched, the less he wanted to come back to the man who is no longer anything like his boyfriend. But now, now Cecil has gone too far. Carlos can’t just stand back and watch the body of the man who he used to love organize these horrid, horrid things against the town he has come to think of as home.

“Cecil, this needs to stop”

The microphone drops.


So yesterday I went to the LIVE show of Welcome to Night Vale and it was AMAZING! The whole crew, and especially Cecil himself, are such talented and incredible people!! I was so happy to see them, listen to them, and share this whole experience with extraordinary fellow listeners! It’s so cool WTNV has so many fans you probably don’t even know about.


Basically – it was great. Also, the Union Chapel in London as a set for the show made this all even more nigh vale-ish.


Goodnight, listeners, goodnight. 

February 25, 2015: Eugenie Clark, Scholar of the Life Aquatic, Dies at 92 [NYT]

Long before “Jaws” scared the wits out of swimmers, Dr. Clark rode a 40-foot whale shark off Baja California, ran into killer great white sharks while scuba diving in Hawaii, studied “sleeping” sharks in undersea caves off the Yucatán, witnessed a shark’s birth and found a rare six-gill shark in a submersible dive off Bermuda.

She also swam into schools of man-eating barracuda and had disconcerting encounters with 500-pound clams and giant squid. Despite close calls, she was never attacked, and she tended to make light of the dangers. Indeed, she told of the privileges of exploring an undersea world of exotic creatures and enchanting beauty.


Selfie meme!  I was tagged by the lovely thebadthing.  

#1, awesome bedhead.  #2, awesome hat.  #3, awesome nerdiness at work.  I count A Scientist Is Always Fine Welcome to Night Vale lab coat, Aperture Science mug, Hobbit pin, and Deathly Hallows earrings.  Yes, I wear this to my actual job as a veterinarian.  I’M A DOCTOR DAMMIT I DO WHAT I WANT.

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