a scene that never fails to make me cry

this scene….never fails to make me cry. mal sings the story of his mom n her journey right from meeting n falling in love with lucious, a story that leads everyone she’s connected with back to a man that she loves, supports, hates, despises. the fact that lucious went to her house with the sole intention of ruining her night but leaves n takes boo boo kitty with him only makes u realize that he still loves cookie n he is the only one that knows her past n recognizes how much she has sacrificed for him n her family. whenever they flashback to them growing up together as lovers, the way lucious looks @ her from the first day he saw her….I’m so fucking….emo 

30 Days of Call the Midwife!

Right around the time of the finale, @jlyspio posted a 30 Days of CTM challenge and because I’m certified CTM trash™ and the hiatus is killing me already I decided to give it a go. 

Day 1: Your OTP 

Turnadette is my heart and soul. Shelagh and Patrick’s relationship is just amazing, and they love each other so damn much #relationshipgoals. The misty road scene (and also any of their scenes in s6) will never fail to make me cry.  💕

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Patsy/Delia is my other OTP on this show. I adore them, and they’ve been through so much together. also THEY FINALLY KISSED AND I WILL NEVER RECOVER. 

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Movie Tag

I was tagged by my lovelies, @kingpendleton and @riverdalame for my Top 10 movies

1. George of the Jungle

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i have the tape of this an it was constantly being rewound so i could watch it over and over again, still my favourite to this day but instead i had the dvd aah

2. Hot Fuzz

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the ketchup and fork scene in the pub terrified me the first time i watched it and my face had my dad in stitches. this never fails to make me laugh until i cry

3. Tangled

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The Best princess movie by far, and the only one that me and my whole family will sit down to watch together happily

4. The Duff

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at first glace this seems like any other bland, unoriginal teen movie but its actually inspiring, real and very funny

5. Chalet Girl

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if anyone decides that dont like this film i do no trust them.. whats not to love??

6. Over the Hedge

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just because i am the squirrel

7. The Breakfast Club

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its a film about how everyones really a misfit, how could you hate it

8. The Fault in Our Stars

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the book made me cry, the film made me cry.. just a whole lot of tears

9. Seven Brides For Seven Brothers

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there maybe traces of stockholm syndrome but we will never know

10. One Direction: This Is Us

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technically, this is a documentary but these boys have been my life for nearly 7 years so fight me.

I hope you like these films too! Its a wild list but these films are all very personal to me and hold so many amazing memories! I tag whoever wants to do this because I don’t know specifics!


“So this is what it feels like. It’s a much more wonderful feeling than anything I’d ever imagined. Wonderful… but it hurts, sometimes.”

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For the HP ask meme: 1, 8, 17, 24 (:

hey there bb thanks for the ask 💞💞

1. What is your hogwarts house and which of that house’s traits resonate the most with you?

Well, I’m in Slytherin and I think I resonate a lot with ambition. I mean I don’t really have any concrete plan on what I want to do with my life but I really want to be successful. Successful in a way where everyone who ever doubted that I can do it (I’m studying creative writing so you can imagine how many people that would be) would look at me and regret that doubt and ill probably do anything to get that.

8. Favorite quote or passage and why?

okay i’m on mobile right now so i cant quote it directly but basically harry’s entire breakdown in dumbledore’s office in ootp. that scene never fails to make me cry i swear to god. Its just such a raw moment and it kinda reminds the reader that, hey, this is a kid who just lost someone he really cared about.

17. OTP NOTP BROTP AND OT3 my otp is prongsfoot hehehehe. notp is anything with snape. brotp is a tie between the marauders and the golden trio and ot3 is james/sirius/lily

24. favorite magical object and why? hermione’s bag. it seems very useful.

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I’m watching DH part II and I swear the scene of Snape hugging and rocking Lily’s dead body against his chest, crying,  his whole reaction to seeing her dead… that will NEVER fail to make me cry.


Tenno no Ryoriban Interview: Sato Takeru-san (as Akiyama Tokuzo)


(Photo 1)

*What was the impression when you read the scenario for the first time?

I thought Tokuzo-san’s life was just a great one. (Since it is the historical story about Mr. Akiyama Tokuzo,) It is shocking that there was a person who actually led such a life.
It’s a very nice story and I enjoyed reading the scenario, but when I read it thinking that I would play the role, I was very surprised because he was the type of a person I had never played and totally different type of figure from my natural self. If I was to play this role, it would be a great challenge, I thought.

*About the cooking scenes

Since I usually don’t cook, ‘the time has come at last for me to cook’, I thought. (lol) I started to go to cooking school last summer at rock bottom, cutting my fingers. (lol) Until the shooting for the drama started, I had been filming a movie in Hokkaido, and there even in the hotel room, I kept practicing cutting potatoes and onions. In reality, there are many scenes where I handle potatoes, and the first difficulty I faced was to peel them into ‘chateau’. We have peelers now, but in those days they did it all with a small petit knife and it’s very difficult. But I didn’t use a stand-in but did all by myself even in shooting close-up shots at hands.
Even though I’ve been practicing again and again, it is the most difficult to show cooking is in my blood because I’m acting a cook. It does not apply only to cooking but to any time when I play a role as a professional; using tricks won’t work in many parts, so I’m struggling. Cooking is artisanal, so the cutting movements of a kitchen knife and delicacy in dishes are also awesome. I have difficulty in making it look convincing. However, cooking scenes are enjoyable. These days I have a strong impulse to cut them into strips when I see vegetables. (lol)
I enjoy eating the dishes we made in the kitchen, and the cutlet that appeared in the first episode was delicious! The cutlet served as a trigger for Tokuzo-san to chase a dream. You will all feel like eating cutlets once the drama starts, I suppose.

*Do you have something in mind when you play Tokuzo?

It was the role I’d never tried before, so for a while after the shooting started, I thought this and that. I read the scenario many times and went to the shooting site thinking what kind of approach would be the best. I proceeded the shooting talking with Producer Ishimaru and Director Hirakawa.
‘Why was Tokuzo-san loved so much? What should I do to be like that?’ I thought, but as a conclusion, I didn’t devise something visible. The reason why Tokuzo-san is loved so much is that he is honest and embracing life, I think. It means that I have to embrace life, straight, with sincerity. That’s the only way, I think, and I’m now doing so.

(Photo 2)

*Please tell us your impression of the co-stars

Kuroki Haru-san, who acts as Toshiko, who is to be Tokuzo’s wife, is really just like Toshiko-san. So much so that I can’t tell if she is Toshiko-san or Haru-san. She is the type of a woman who supports a man a few steps back of him. There is something traditional about her. She has an inner fortitude, and if you ask if she is strong or weak, she is strong … It’s also like Toshiko-san.

Kiritani Kenta-san, my friend apprentice, is … really a welcome existence. I’ve worked with him many times, but he makes me want to work together again. I want him to be in the shooting site.
Since there are many scenes where Tokuzo plays all alone, I feel saved at the shooting site with Kiritani-san after I kept acting all by myself. He understands how hard it is to act alone and clears the atmosphere, so he makes me realize what it is to become lighter spiritually.

Suzuki Ryohei-san, my brother, is stoic. I think he is really a man. I love his stoicism and manliness that once he has decided, he never fails to do it.
He makes me feel like crying, just being there, just by his existence.
I love the scenes with Tokuzo and his brother very much. But there are not so many scenes with my brother to the contrary, rather few, and we communicate almost only via mails. The reason why I feel so much for these brothers’ scenes is that I know what Ryohei-san feels toward getting into his character. Therefore I feel strongly about my brother, I think.

*You did locations quite widely we hear …

Fukushima, Ibaraki, Kobe, Okayama, and France … In Japan, we started shooting in January and February, but the scenes were not set in winter, so to avoid letting out white breath, we acted eating ice. It was cold.
(Suzuki) Ryohei-san says I never said ‘cold’, but in fact, I said ‘cold’ in front of (Kuroki) Hana-chan. I’m honest in front of my wife but can’t show my weakness in front of my brother. (lol)

*Which is the most impressive location of all …?

The most impressive is France, as expected.
Don’t you have an elegant image to hear ‘location in France’?
In fact, it was tough location as if it weren’t already enough. (lol) It took as many as twelve hours to fly there, and as soon as we put our baggage at our hotel, we started filming … at any rate schedule was so tight.
And this drama has so many scenes where Tokuzo runs. Probably I spent more time in running than cooking, I suppose. (lol) Not only in France but in Japan, I ran, but Paris has more straight roads with a good view than Japan. But running on a road with a good view means that however far I run, you can see me forever. I wished, ‘Please say “Cut!” ~ *cry*’all too often. I had to run all the way to the horizon … doing it every day exhausted me as expected. *bitter laugh*

(Photo 3)

*This drama starts in Meiji Era. Was there anything surprising during the shooting?

It’s unique to this time, I guess, that pots used in cooking are very heavy! When we wash dishes, we use loofah instead of sponges.
It was the time when books were very precious, you know. So we treat them very carefully. I was about to lay a book face down if not told to stop it, when Ryohei-san taught me because he had just played a role who works in the publishing industry. Since then I’ve been careful. (lol)

In those days, there was nothing like email, so letters had a great power as a communication tool, I think. They conveyed their thought in hand written letters even if they were not sure if the letters would reach the other person. However, the bond between people and love and thoughts toward people were all the stronger in those days, I suppose. It would be more wonderful if we, living in the modern world, too, could lead a live like that … I sometimes think.

Final word for the viewer, please.

Even though I’ve been shooting for such a long time, I myself can’t imagine how this drama will turn out even now. The only thing I can say is that we’re making it in earnest.
To tackle one thing this earnestly is rare occurrence. This is a hot site of creation. To be in there is a blessing as an actor. Since we’re making the drama in such heat, I honestly want you to watch it. We’re working straight and with inexcusable seriousness, so I won’t bother to say ‘This is a drama like this’, but I’d rather only say, ‘Please watch it!’

Across The Hall: Purple Rain (Olicity, AU, Explicit)

Summary: Oliver and Felicity watch Purple Rain. (AU. Felicity and Oliver live across the hall from each other - previous installments)

(read on AO3)

His fingers trailed over her leg.

They drifted up her shin to her knee, gently circling before he worked his way back down to her foot where he wrapped his large hand around her ankle. He took a second to run his thumb over her ankle bone absently before repeating the entire thing over again. He did it over and over, throughout the course of the entire movie, to the point where she was ridiculously over-aware of him, so much so that his every move left a trail of fire in his path, a heat she felt in her core, leaving her even more sensitive.

Purple Rain wasn’t helping anything, not that it usually did. Every single time she watched this movie, especially the scenes in the club, her stomach pitched, filling with a low, warm feeling that slowly spread through her entire body.

It was only more emphasized by Oliver’s lazy drawings on her skin as he watched with her.

Since she’d heard the news that morning, it’d been the first thing she wanted to do when she got home: watch Purple Rain. Of course, she didn’t have a DVD player and while normally she’d just queue it up on her laptop, it didn’t feel right watching it on there. She needed a television, and surround-sound… aka, all the things Oliver had. So she’d grabbed the DVD after changing into one of her oldest shirts - one of her mom’s, the album cover for Controversy - and her keys. She’d held both between her teeth as she’d thrown her hair up in a ponytail before locking her door and crossing the hallway to his apartment.

It was the middle of the afternoon on a Thursday, she hadn’t expected him to be home, but he had been.

Oliver had opened the door after hearing her struggling to unlock it and she’d barely given him any room to argue when she’d breezed past him with a, “I need to use your DVD player,” and even less room to argue when she’d grabbed his hand after hearing he hadn’t seen it, saying, “You’re watching with me.”

A few hours later, as the final cords of ‘Purple Rain’ faded out to the roar of the crowd on the screen, Felicity shifted.

It’d been years since she’d seen the movie, but that scene had never once failed to make her cry, not once… until now. She’d thought it’d be even worse, considering, but she was distracted. Really, really distracted. She still felt it, that deep emotional pull in her chest, but instead of tears, she wanted something else.

She needed something else.

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Fireheart—why do you cry?

This quote. This whole scene. It never fails to make me tear up or cry. It’s just full of so much raw emotion and it really hits close to home. But I’ve never taken a moment to consider why it has this effect on me.

First would be the obvious: Celaena is still dealing with the fact that her best friend has died—and, moreover, died to get Celaena to do something with her royal heritage. She is so broken, and was thrust into this new land where she is completely alone. She feels there is no one left in this world who cares about her.

Then she hears her mother’s voice. It took that one last little push for her to admit that she’s lost. Probably for the first time in her life, Celaena admits she has no idea what she’s going to do; where she’s going to go from there.

The emotional correlation between her and I are completely relatable, because I’ve been in a situation like that. But also seeing her character break down hurts so much because it’s like watching a really dear friend give up and you can’t do anything to help them.

I’m just glad our queen decided to fight. Decided to reclaim her life again and be the hope for so many, including herself. Because Celaena and Aelin are such an inspiration to me.


I want to talk about my experience at Live Spectacle Naruto in Malaysia . I must say THIS IS THE BEST THEATER I had been . I mean , Japan has the best technology and when it appear on the stage , it is just WOWWW . The visual effect , light effect , sound effect and their actings are stunning . There are two act stage . The show took around 2 and half hour . It wrapped everything we knew about Naruto except chunin exam but meh it is still amazing . I captured a few pictures and videos but it was really blurry because the security there damn strict . I had been warned about three times hehehe .

-there was a narrotor talk about naruto introduction ( kyubi , yondaime hokage , bla bla )
-then , the first scene where naruto get his forehead protector . iruka vs misaki . at this part , naruto show off his kage bunshin no jutsu and I must say their effect is really SUGOIII . there are many Naruto , hahaha
-next , the birth of TEAM 7 , TEAM 8 , TEAM 10 . all of them so cute . Takahashi Saki aka Hinata is damn cute . Ito Yui is also damn pretty and funny . There was VCR when she talk herself and she kept yelling SHANNARO . The way she cling with Sasuke is so real . There was a scene where Sasuke told Sakura ‘You’re annoying’ and all the audiences kept said woooooo , haaha . That was Sasuke’s word only for Sakura
-Then , Kakashi came to see Team 7 and ask about their introduction . Their introduction was really greatt . Naruto’s introduction was really funny , Sasuke’s intro was cool and Sakura’s intro was adorable .
-After introduction , the scene took part for their first mission . Yeah ,,zabuza , haku , etc . The fight was really amazing . I am slightly crying when Haku and Zabuza’s death . This part never fail to make me cry . Zabuza’s actor was damn HOTT . hahaha
-After that , there is no Chunin exam but Orachimaru arrived . Orachimaru was singing and I had goosebump duh . It was amazing . The way sasuke hold sakura’s hand is really 😍😍😍😍


-After 15 minutes , I heard sound . Ark ark ark , haha . the crow’s sound . this was really amazing . it shows naruto scene when waking up . naruto aka matsuoka kodai was sho cute . when naruto fully awake , he goes down to the stage and running around the audiences and we kept KYA KYA KYA , hahaha
-Then , Kakashi will have training with Sasuke and naruto with Jiraiya
- When Jiraiya finished introduced himself , he asked us to CLAP YOUR HANDS . He was so funny .
- When Suga Kenta aka Gaara appeared on stage , he was really cool . I mean , I am surprised how Suga Kenta act as Gaara . It was so different and the way Gaara fought also amazing . Gaara talk about his story and there was VCR when he was little . Suga Kenta was so amazing in acting . NO JOKE
-Next , Orochimaru vs Sarutobi . Orachimaru’s actress was damn amazing . Yeah , I had goosebump when she appeared . Kabuto was cute .
- Then , Sasuke’s flashback with Itachi . Ohh , Itachi and Sasuke was my weakness . There was no Itachi’ s actor . Itachi appeared on screen . At this moment , Sasuke had decided to see Orachimaru
-My favourite scene in manga and anime and finally on stage . Sakura confess to Sasuke . Sakura’s acting was so real . The way Sato Ryuji aka Sasuke said Thank you Sakura was KYA KYA KYA .
-Finally , Team 8 and Team 10 get into action . Team 10 had some interactions with audiences . When chouji transformed into ball , Ino and Shikamaru threw the ball to the audiences . Anju Inami aka Ino was sho cute . Chouji said something in Malay but I can’t hear it si I just laughed , haahaha . The way Ino said Thank You was so cute . I had fallen in love hahaha
-Gaara vs Kabuto also great . They fought off stage and they were fighting at my line . I am so surprised . Kabuto and Gaara was so handsomeee . Kya Kya Kya
- Finally , Naruto vs Sasuke . AWESOME AMAZING . When they faught , there was a scene Rasengan vs Chidori . That time , the light effect was too STUNNING and I can’t even open my eyes because it was too bright .
-So , Sasuke had been away from Konoha . Naruto made a promise with Sakura . Naruto will be Jiraiya’s student .
-THE END 👏👏👏

-Then , Matsuoka Kodai and all actors and actresses appeared on stage . All of audiences clap their hand and kept screaming . It was so amazing
-Yeah , Matsuoka Kodai start singing Hikari Oikakete . This part where the actors and actresses interact with audiences . I didn’t manage to shake hand with them because I am too excited to see them closely . My body kept trembling due to the excitement . Sasusaku walk together 😍😍😍😍 Zabuza was HOTT . Kakashi was also HOTTT . I mean , all of them HOTT . All of them pass through me except Team 8’s member 😭😭😭 I want to see Hinata closely
-Matsuoka Kodai greet us in English and his accent was sho kawaii . Then , all of them off stage and Matsuoka Kodai was still on stage and kept saying Thank You . He was so well mannered
- I managed to see Sato Ryuji , Ito Yui and Imamura in casual clothes . I am too speechless so I doesn’t even get to wave hand to them . I had an eye contact with Sato Ryuji about 3 seconds . HE WAS SO HOT IN BLACK SHIRT , MESSY HAIR AND SPECS . Ito Yui also noticed me and smiled .She was so precious .

- I hope there will be another Live Spectacle Naruto and I am hoping for Naruto Shippuden
- Last but not least , sorry for my BAD ENGLISH 😁😁

Apology (one shot)





GENRE:romance, angst

FIC SUMMARY: Tom’s girlfriend finds out from tabloids that he had cheated. Can Tom make things right again?

RATING: T (just to be sure)

4 days ago I discovered several articles on the internet titled ‘Tom and girlfriend Jolene Stailman share passionate kiss after date’. My heart sank immediately as, last time I checked, I was Tom’s girlfriend of 5 months and he was in LA shooting his new movie, not making local conquests. But the pictures attached to the articles didn’t lie. They showed Tom and a tall blonde locking lips in front of what seemed to be a hotel. My pulse stopped for a few seconds before galloping again at 150 beats per minute, my mind refusing to acknowledge what was going on. I texted Tom the link not a minute later, accompanied by a single word: “why?”. I tried not to freak out. I was sure there had to some kind of logical explanation, a misunderstanding, but when his response failed to come in the next two hours, that’s when it all caved in. There’s no way he was still working or already sleeping at that hour, and the text surely reached him (I had the delivery notification to vouch for that). There was only one reason for him avoiding me: it was true…

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“It’s that thing when you’re with someone, and you love them and they know it and they love you and you know it but it’s a party, and you’re both talking to other people and you’re laughing and shining, and you look across the room and catch each other’s eyes - but not because you’re possessive or it’s precisely sexual - but because… that is your person in this life and it’s funny and sad but only because this life will end and it’s this secret world that exists right there, in public, unnoticed that no one else knows about. It’s sort of like how they say that, um, other dimensions exist all around us but we don’t have the ability to perceive them? That’s…. that’s what I want out of a relationship. Or just life I guess. Love.”

Frances Ha (2012)

anonymous asked:

Why do you love Regal Believer? I personally love it too, but sometimes i just have a hard time understanding how Henry could hurt Regina so badly in season 1 and 2. I mean it seemed like he was only nice to her when he needed her help or when she was about to die, and then he would leave her again. I get conflicted.

I think what I love about Regal Believer is that it is a relationship about healing and acceptance, about a woman who was herself a victim of child abuse who consciously breaks the cycle.  Regina is not a perfect parent, no parent is, and while season 1 Regal Believer can be painful it is also the foundation for what becomes such a wonderful relationship to watch.

Henry hurt Regina very badly in season 1 because that’s what 10 year old children sometimes do.  And Regina made her own mistakes born of desperation and fear of loosing him.  Henry didn’t see her as his mother, only as the Evil Queen who must be defeated, but it’s clear he had no idea what that actually meant.

But season 2 is when the relationship changes because he realizes that her life is in danger and suddenly he remembers the woman who raised him and who loved him for ten years and the (canonical) positive relationship they had before the book disrupted their lives.  He’s now begging the heroes to save his mom.  He isn’t ready yet to understand the fact that Regina can be both his mom and the Evil Queen, but he’s 10 and that’s a pretty complex thought.

Over the course of season two you can see him trying to navigate these complicated messy truths that the book didn’t preparing him for but you can also see how desperately she loves him and she wants to be a better person for him.  There is nothing in the series more heart breaking than Henry and Regina on the stares in 2.02.  She’s truely vulnerable in front of another person for the first time in the series and it’s such a simple statment.  “I don’t know how to love very well.”  But it is the basis for letting them both grow and learn.

And sure she makes mistakes in season 2, but they are mistakes born out of trying to do what is best for Henry.  Even the backsliding with Cora is based on the belief that the Charmings will never let her see her son again.  Something I think in light of 4B we can all agree was not Regina’s craziest thought.  Henry wants to believe in her but he also has his stumbles (the armory scene being the biggest).  But when it comes down to it he believes in his mother. 

And she can be a better person for him.  Her moral compass is broken in season 2, but she recognizes it and she uses a new model to start reconstructing it.  And that model is Henry.  But the fabulous thing is that the person who taught Henry those values in the first place wasn’t some weird Charming genetic stock.  The person who taught Henry to be brave and true and have faith and belief… that was his mom too.  She taught him and he taught her.

And she’d move the world for him.

In fact I’d argue that she does everything in 2.22 to teach him a lesson, rather than to make up for her own misdeeds.  She’s being a mom and the lesson is “it wasn’t too late for me.”  That’s the last message she wants Emma to give him.  That’s an incredibly beautiful bit of growth from a woman who has the past she’s got.  But a mother son relationship isn’t built on heroics.  It’s built on quiet moments and in season three they finally started to give us hints of those.

How anyone could not love Regal Believer after Save Henry is beyond me.  You not only see how much he changed her life, and how much she sacrificed to love him (when she drank that potion to give him his best chance so that she could raise him right, she likely thought she was signing her own death warrant).  But it’s not the heroics on the island or the adorableness of baby Henry that I love.  It’s the above scene.  Where they talk about video games and pizza and they are loving and comfortable with each other.  This is what their relationship was like before the craziness.  This is beautiful.

My all time favorite scene in the entire series though is where he admits he was wrong, and she wont let him take the blame.  She’s never going to see him ever again and in their last moments together Regina is going to do what she’s clearly been doing his entire life.  She’s going to teach him a moral lesson.  She was wrong.  She cast a curse out of vengeance and she’s a villain.  And he turns it around and gives a gift to her that is just …

… for Regina to have someone say the words “you aren’t a villain you are my mom.”  It never fails to make me cry.  Even thinking about it makes me tear up a bit.  And she gave him up and gave him over to her old enemy because she has faith in Emma Swan to finish what she started.  Because she wants Henry to be happy more than anything in the world.

How could you not love that?

And all the painful moments of him not remembering her in 3B you still have this sense that he knows something massive is missing from his life.  And even not know who she is he connects with her immediately.  Because they’re true loves.  So I think the idea of true love between a mother and a child is perhaps the most beautiful concept that Once has given us and I will always believe it now when I see fairy tales.

And after the fireworks and after everything, and the heroic acts… Regal Believer is now about these very simple, quiet moments.  Of a single mother and her teenage son who have become friends.  Who are connected on another level.  And neither is going to give up on the other.  Ever.