a scandal in spain


Bellarke AU/FF:  Amor Fati by historicbellamyblake

“Betrothed from birth and raised in a foreign country, Clarke Griffin seizes the chance to control her life for the first time after inheriting her father’s title and position at court. Despite feeling affection for her fiance, the Crown Prince, she is not thrilled about their upcoming nuptials. Unwilling to sacrifice her newly found agency, even for a crown, Clarke tries to change her fate.

Bellamy Blake worked hard all his life to be a knight so that he could provide for his sister. When he discovers and reveals an assassination plot, he’s awarded an earldom by the King. Knowing that he made enemies through his actions, Octavia convinces him to befriend Duchess Clarke Griffin, future Queen of England, for protection.

Clarke and Bellamy find it hard to get along at first, their strong personalities and differences in opinions causing them to clash at every turn. Amidst late night banquets, court scandals, and a brewing war between England and Spain, the two cannot deny the spark of attraction between them despite everything that stands in the way.”