a samurai without a master okay

Samurai Flamenco

Samurai Flamenco Character Talk 2 - Track 4 translated

IN which Yoshi calls Goto for help on how to handle his Flamengers

Yoshi: I’’m calling Goto-san!!
Black: Who?
Pink: Don’t know.
Goto: Hey, what’s up?
Yoshi: Goto-san, the Flamengers aren’t listening to what I want to say! What should I do?
Goto: How should I know. Figure it out by yourself.

Pink: Did he just hang up on you?
Green: I feel slightly sorry for him.
Yoshi: Please don’t hang up, Goto-san! If I can’t get you to make them see my point, I’ll lose my dignity as the leader!
Goto: Don’t worry. You already did when you relied on an outsider.
Yoshi: Uehh
Goto: What is it? Were they complaining about how your robot looks lame or something?
Blue: It doesn’t look lame!
Black: It’s pretty cool even.
Blue: It’s cool on a spiritual level!
Pink: It’s strong and sturdy, like Darling.
Green: There’s a 120% probability of us Flamengers to acknowledge the beauty of the suits we wear and the robot we use.
Yoshi: Because it really is cool!
Goto: Are you guys serious?
Yoshi: Ah, in this is my current trouble: the member are being uncooperative during our Q&A session.
Goto: I don’t care! How much trouble you think you’ve caused me?!
Blue: By the way, who is this ‘Goto-san’ actually?
Yoshi: He’s a reliable man who could become Flamen Yellow in the future!
Goto: I won’t! Don’t decide things for me!
Blue: If we’re gonna add a member, I think you should consult with me, the vice-leader!
Pink: When did you become the vice-leader?
Green: To guarantee the suit’s efficiency I cannot agree on adding a new member. But the battles are increasingly fierce, so if it will be as a back-up in case of need it would be fine.
Pink: Always so diligent.
Green: It’s my nature.
Blue: Still, adding a reinforcement member in the second half could possibly work.
Black: Yellow won’t do as colour for the reinforcement! Let’s make it silver!
Pink: Gold would be nice too!
Blue: But if someone’s wearing gold, he needs to have the appropriate character!
Pink: You’re saying something very unlike your colour, Blue!
Black: If that’s it, Hekiru should be Blue.
Goto: Oi, oi, don’t you call me and then ignore me, you lot!
Yoshi: Ah, sorry, Goto-san…
Goto: Seems like they’ve really got you troubled.
Yoshi: Yes… the’re about as hard to deal with as the Flamenco Girls.
Goto: …jeez. Fine then. I’ll make an exception today. I’ll try to help out the protectors of Japan.
Goto: Wait just one moment.
Yoshi: Goto-san~ ;*v*; Thank you so much!

Yoshi: The alarm for an attack by From Beyond!
Blue: The location is Hokuributai!
Green: Probably one of the 60 Generals (tbh I don’t remember there was a specific name oops)
Black: Heh, I was getting bored with all this talk anyway.
Pink: I have to make Darling acknowledge me!
Yoshi: Flamengers! Head out!
Others: Roger!

Yoshi: When the occasion calls for it, everyone does act as one. Master! Even without the Q&A session, I think we’d do fine!

Goto: Okay, sorry for the wait.
Goto: Let’s get to it then. As a man, I’ll keep my promise when I say I’ll help. I cancelled my date and made some time for you guys. Eh? Huh? Hey! Masayoshi! Hello? Masayoshi!! HEY! HELLO?!