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Halloween vocabulary in Northern Sami

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Halloween - Halloween
Hállemasbeaivi - All Saints’ Day
Čakča - autumn
Golggotmánnu - October
Ávvudeapmi, feasta - party, feast, celebration
Biktasa - costume 
Gobmi - ghost
Vuoigŋa - spirit
Noaidi - witch, wizard
Muumia - mummy 
Skoavdnji - bogeyman
Boragas - monster 
Gufihtar - goblin
Olmmošgumpe - werewolf
Biro - devil
Stállu - troll
Dákti - bone
Oaiveskálžu - skull
Dákteriggi - skeleton
Varra - blood
Jábmi - dead
Liika - corpse
Vilpa - prank 
Hávdeeana - graveyard, cemetery 
Hávdi - grave
Gistu - coffin, casket 
Náhkkesoadji - bat
Heavdni - spider
Bussá - cat 
Eappel - apple
Gurbbet - pumpkin
Njálggus - candy
- candle
Likta - lantern
Idja - night
Gaskaidja - midnight
Mánnu - moon 
Suoivva - shadow 
Deattán - nightmare
Rihtu - storm    
Seavdnjat - dark
Čáhppat - black
Oránša - orange
Suorggahahtti - scary
Roattus - scary (of a creature)
Ballat - to be scared
Baldalit - to scare
Balddáhallat - to scare, to startle 

Does anyone else have this insecurity where you consider people friends, but you don’t know if they consider you a friend? Like, my super close friends, the ones I talk to every day, I don’t have doubts about, but like my friends in theatre or ones I just see at school, etc., like…do they think of me as a friend?? Like, I almost get the temptation to be like, “Hey, are we friends??” But that would be weird because if we are friends, why would I question it, and if we aren’t, then why do I think we are???

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I showed my 8 year old brother “In A Heartbeat”

“Why’s he running from that boy?”
“Because he likes him.”
Like like?”
“Oh. So he wants to be gay?”
“He is gay.”
“Oh…it doesn’t make sense.”
“Why not?”
“I…I don’t know.” (The answer to that would be heteronormativity, dear brother)
“Boys who like boys exist.”
“And girls who like girls?”
“It has a happy ending!”
“Wait, how is he alive?”
“It’s a metaphorical heart.”
“What’s a metaphorical heart?”
“It represents his feelings.”
“Then, why was it beating?”
“…It’s an animated film, don’t question it.”
“He put it back together?”
“Aww. I like it.”

World Indigenous Peoples Day 2017

August will be here soon! On August 9th, we’ll be celebrating World Indigenous Peoples Day!

On that day, The Aila Test would love to feature all indigenous / aboriginal people from around the world.

If you are indigenous, submit to us or tag us in selfies, photographs, artwork, poetry, short films, any media project, or any news/events that you’d like us to shine a light on and bring more attention to!

National Aboriginal Day was such a great success and it was really beautiful and healing to see so many Indigenous people. It would be wonderful to see it again. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to celebrate ourselves, our culture, our history, and the things we’ve shared with each other and the world.

Please spread the word!