a ruthless scene


Franziska is such an amazing character.

I like that she is this fierce, ruthless woman who will do anything to win because it makes her perfect. I love the fact that she isn’t a genius, that prosecuting doesn’t come naturally but is something she had to work hard to achieve. I have a weakness for characters who have to work twice as hard to keep up with their genius peers and who recognize that and determine through it. It’s also so interesting that everything that makes Franziska so fierce and ruthless are things she taught herself to be as a product of her upbringing and expectations because of who her father is. 

She is just beginning to learn the same thing about truth and prosecuting that Edgeworth finally understands, but I think she brings up a really great point. She’s not like Edgeworth who had this time before von Karma where he was a softer person. Franziska has always had to be this fierce and competitive and perfect at all times. It’s something she can’t and shouldn’t throw away,  but I want her to find out if who she is right now are things she wants to be instead of things she has to be because she is von Karma’s daughter.

tl;dr Basically Franziska is so great and everyone should love her. 

Imagine Harrison Wells being vibed by Cisco and finding out you were dying

Requested by Anonymous: (One shot) the reader is wife of Harrison and Wells is 6 months pregnant when she was abducted by Zoom and he finds you hurt badly.

Words: 988

Warnings: Mention of torture

Tags: Torture, Violence, Physical Abuse, Choking, Beating, Imprisonment

IMPORTANT NOTE: This imagine mentioned LOTS OF torture and for those who feel uncomfortable with TRIGGER, PLEASE SKIP THE FIRST TWO PARTS OF THE IMAGINE AND GO STRAIGHT TO THE LAST PART OF THE STORY. Thank you.

For the anonymous who requested for this imagine, if you ever feel uncomfortable with TRIGGER, please feel free to let me know, I can write you a total trigger-free imagine. Just hit my ask box any time and specify you’re requesting a non-trigger imagine. I don’t want any of my requesters not getting what they asked for just because I wrote something that make them feel uncomfortable.

I love my readers, so all of your feelings and concerns are always my first priority! :)

You can treat this imagine as a prequel of “Imagine going into labor while Harrison Wells and Team Flash were having an argument”, or a complete independent imagine. It’s up to you! :D

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You were laying and panting weakly on the rough floor. You could feel your strength slipping away from your body and changed into shivering cold.

Cold and pain were all you could feel right now. Your tears were messily lingered and running dry on your cheeks when the freezing wind mercilessly smacked against your bleeding skin.

You could barely move, a slight twitch of your finger spread the agonizing pain through your worn out body. But still, you managed to place a hand on your six-months-pregnant belly. Yes, you were pregnant with Harrison’s child and the unborn baby was the last straw that kept you alive. Even though you wanted so badly for Zoom to just shove his hand into your chest to stop your heart, to end all your pain and suffering; but feeling the tiny little life that struggling to live inside of you, always kept you from having those thoughts. No, you couldn’t give up, you couldn’t die, not yet. The baby needed you. You were meant to protect your child, yours and Harrison’s child.

You kept telling yourself to wait just a little longer, long enough till Harrison came for you. You always had faith in him. You knew in your heart that he would eventually rescue you from Zoom. You believed he would.

After countless times of failed escapes, you had already accepted the fact that you couldn’t run away from Zoom, no matter how hard you tried. The dreadful fear was like a nightmare haunting you, eating you alive every time Zoom showed up.

Zoom practically came to your cell every single night since he captured you. He would start the long night with questioning you about Harrison Wells, and although you knew exactly what would coming for you next, you kept your mouth shut every time, unwilling to betray your husband. When Zoom didn’t get an answer, he usually slammed you against the crude wall, pressing and tightening his strong claw on your throat. He would release you only when the glow behind your eyes started to fade and everything began to blur. When you just about gained enough oxygen in your lungs beneath his feet, he showed you no mercy and choked you again and again until you fell into a swoon.

Apart from choking, beating was another of his favorite games, which he frequently did onto you. The psychopath liked leaving endless marks on your body. Your swollen cheeks were covered by multiple handprints and your right eye was surrounded by a black ring. And since the aching pain on your chest was killing you lately, you guessed some of your sternums had already been broken.

You had begged him to stop torturing you at first, but soon you realized all your pleadings and screaming were actually an enjoyment to him and he would only hit you harder, non-stoppable, just to receive his own insane pleasure.

When Zoom got tired of all the choking and beating, he would threaten to take away your unborn baby right out of your stomach. He would rub his hand on your trembling belly and force you to watch him squeezed your abdomen into a tight fist causing you to scream and cry so hard. Sometimes you would feel blood streaming down your thighs, and as a pregnant woman, you knew that was the omen of abortion. Zoom often sneered at your limp, powerless, wounded body when he was done with you. His disgusting laugh somehow reminded you of how weak, how vulnerable you were, and that made you hate yourself even more.


As you saw the dark shadow was approaching your cell, you knew your doom was coming.

“I know Wells went to the other Earth.” Zoom said, dangerously stepping towards you with a few wide strides, “Why?”

Being too exhausted to answer him, you replied him with silence and ignorance.

“Your loyalty is admirable, Y/N.” Zoom speeded beside you, revealing the cold sharp knife in his hand, “I guess this will finally get you to speak.”

Similar to any other sanguinary nights, your blood-curdling screams once again penetrated the darkness and filled the empty cell.


That was what Cisco just saw from his vibe. He was horrified by the ruthless scene.

“Who’s Y/N?” Cisco asked with a shaking voice.

“How did…” Harrison looked at Cisco with wide eyes, helplessly placing his hand on Cisco’s shoulders hoping he would vibe about you again, “Y/N is my wife. Zoom has her. She is pregnant. You’ve…” He took a deep breathe, “You did vibe me.”

“Yes.” Cisco said quietly, still in a state of shock.

“What did you see?” Harrison hurriedly asked, desperately wanting to know whether you were alive or not.

“I saw your wife.” Cisco simply replied, trying to avoid the bloody details he had witnessed, “She was with Zoom.”

“But she and the baby are alive?” Harrison’s voice was almost cracking, he was afraid of what he was going to hear in some way.

Cisco hesitated for a moment, not sure how Harrison would react when he learned about the violent situation you were in.

“She’s dying…” Cisco finally spoke up, “She’s covered with blood…”

Harrison gasped, helplessly taking a step back. His world had just fell apart. A burning rage was rapidly spreading through his body and he exasperatedly punched the hard wall with his fist causing the blood to run down his fingers.

Harrison wasted no time packing up his things, determined to go back to his Earth.

“Hey, where’re you going?” Cisco dragged Harrison’s arm, stopping him from leaving.

“I am going to offer myself to Zoom!” Harrison ranted, violently pulled out his arm from Cisco’s grip, “And maybe Zoom will let my wife go!”

“No, you’re not.” Cisco firmly said, “We’re going to help you save Y/N.”

He added, “We’re going to Earth-2.”

friendly reminder to be nice to retail workers, especially this time of year. went out today and saw a poor woman get yelled at by a customer because a store was out of an item that the customer wanted. the employees are patient and cooperative but tht doesn’t give u an excuse to treat them like dirt. they’re doing the best that they can

Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy #1) by Richelle
Mead  St. Vladimir’s Academy isn’t just any boarding school—it’s a hidden place where vampires are educated in the ways of magic and half-human teens train to protect them. Rose Hathaway is a Dhampir, a bodyguard for her best friend Lissa, a Moroi Vampire Princess. They’ve been on the run, but now they’re being dragged back to St. Vladimir’s—the very place where they’re most in danger…
Rose and Lissa become enmeshed in forbidden romance, the Academy’s ruthless social scene, and unspeakable nighttime rituals. But they must be careful lest the Strigoi—the world’s fiercest and most dangerous vampires—make Lissa one of them forever


The Browning /// Bloodlust

If i’m lucky i’ll be seeing this dudes co-headline with my dudes in A Ruthless Scene tonight up in Trenton. 


New designs. The first one is Sun Luban. The daughter of Bu Lianshi and Sun Quan. Interesting choice for her considering she was a woman who controlled Wu’s politics from behind scenes, a ruthless and efficient woman when it came to that. Only to lose her power to Sun Chen and exiled and possibly killed.

Next is Zhang Changpu. Zhoug Hui’s mother. She must have a thing for older men considering she gave birth to her son when Zhong Yao was over 70 years old.

Edit: Zhoug Hui loved her so much he wrote a biography about her. Also strict mother because of the baton she has in her hand.

Additional Scenes in the PBS Airings of Downton Abbey

FAQ on deleted scenes is here. Please read before sending me an ask.

Bracketed lines are in the UK version and are there for context. 

Season 5, Episode 5 (PBS and UK Episode Numbers Match for S5)

- Added scene between Thomas and Baxter about his treatment
- Added scene with Baxter, Molesley, and Thomas
- Added scene between Bates and Mary about the police
- Added scene with Atticus, Rose, and Kuragin about Atticus’ family
- Additional lines at the upstairs dinner
- Added scene with Tom leaving his office (no lines)

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On Pacing

Every once in a while someone’ll send an ask or a fanmail and I get paragraphs into a private reply… and then just think, “Good lord, I will make a post about this, and then I’ll be able to see what I said later.”

Bandit-queen-chaos asked me about pacing (for them it was in the context of comics, which I have very little experience with, so if anyone else has more to add, or different things to add, please feel free).

So, I’m coming at this from the POV of someone with experience in fiction (mostly novels, with some screenwriting and playwriting). Pacing? Is hard. At least for me, characters are actors who enjoy hogging the spotlight; they’d sit and talk about the weather for eighty-two pages if I let them, and, alas, those eighty-two pages of weather-talk (unless it is a story in which the weather is really, really important) are probably going to slow the story down to a crawl. Or, worse, make it start sliding backward.

Now, I’m going to be completely honest here: I am not as ruthless about pacing when I’m writing fanfiction. Why? Because a lot of the time, fanfic exists in the interstitial spaces, it exists between the plot and the pacing established by the original work. A lot of the one-shots or ficlets I write are scenes that might’ve been culled from an original work because they’re a bit indulgent. I’d like to think they still accent moments of character development or provide extra insight or context for things that were glossed over, but they’re like the cut scenes that make it into the really long Director’s Cut but not into the theatrical release. Once a story grows a plot separate (or parallel) the original work’s plot, though, pacing becomes more important. A reader in something for a longer haul wants to feel the story’s moving forward. They’ll probably have less patience for the eighty-two pages of weather conversation, unless that weather conversation comes with a side of, I don’t know, snuggling. ;)

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