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Hanzo - The men who dare kidnap the child of Hanzo Shimada aren’t getting out of this alive. He rushes into their base head first, without thinking of his own health but the well being of his kid. Almost anyone he sees fall down from an arrow and those who don’t fall quickly are left to deal with an angry Hanzo grabbing them by the collar and demanding to know when his child is. It’s only when he sees them that he can breath a sigh of relief, rushing in to save and hold them tightly, vowing to never let this happen again.

Mccree - Deadlock made a death wish whenever they kidnapped and hurt his kid. He tried to think reasonably about this, calling for support, but eventually, he loses his cool and grabs his gun before going down to route 66 himself. Anyone who doesn’t tell him where his kid is are getting beat until they finally speak up about where they are. He takes his kid, almost in tears at the sight of his kid before taking them home.

Soldier 76 - His heart is beating so quickly as he runs towards where Talon agents were attacking, knowing that where his child was at. Without even thinking, he goes in head first, shooting down those who get in his way and screaming out his child’s name and not stopping until he finds them and gets them out of there. He keeps them close, their head on his chest and a hand over their ear as he hides with them. 

Reaper - Whoever thought about attacking his kid made a massive mistake. Reaper shows no mercy as he rips off his mask, revealing his monstrous face as he lets out a chuckle. He’s going to torment them for as long as he can until he thinks they’ve had enough. They’re never going to be found again and Reaper, once it’s all done, holds hid kid close promising to never let that happen again and if anyone wanted to hurt them again, it be over his twice dead body.   

Don't You Forget It

Alex Summers x Reader

Plot: If you love something; should you let it go? Alex isn’t sure.
Prompt: Hi! If it’s not too much trouble, could you write a one-shot or a drabble thing where Alex is completely in love with the reader but he thinks she’s too innocent or fragile to be with someone like him, and when reader finds out she hits him with a pillow because that is absolutely ridiculous and does he know how perfect he is?
A/N: I rushed this to the front of my queue because it’s all I’ve ever needed. Sorry guys. I’m an absolute sappy git for writing tacky Alex fluff.

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The blast had radiated from his chest; the energy building in his stomach, firing in a kaleidoscope of light. He was aiming for the target; the mannequin in the centre of the room. He hadn’t been looking; he’d been stuck in his own head, his mind drifting out of focus.
So when he heard her yelp, he panicked, his eyes shooting open.
He’d just missed her. (y/n) had let herself in; she’d left her book in the training room, and had just…wandered in.
Alex couldn’t breathe. His hands were shaking as she stood there, frozen in place, eyes wide. (y/n) held a hand to her chest, breathing out heavily.
“Jesus Christ, Alex” she said, swallowing hard “you almost charred me there”.
Alex felt as though he was sinking. There was nothing worse - nothing that scared him more than losing her. Losing her to his stupidity, his carelessness.
“I..” he started, clenching his jaw “I’m so-so sorry”.
He felt his legs shaking; his throat was dry.
“I’m-I have to go. I need a moment” he breathed, rushing over to the side of the room to grab his jacket. He didn’t look back at her as he slammed the door behind him, bolting up the stairs.
Too much to lose.


Evening light scattered through the window as Alex sat on his bed, listening to the quiet hum of the radio in the lamplight. He hadn’t stopped panicking all day; it was as though the oxygen had been knocked from his lungs entirely.
He wondered if he’d ever get it back.
He heard a quiet rap at the door, and shot up like a bullet; eyes wide. He was so on edge; every knock coursed through him.
Reaching out, he pulled open the door, and there she was.
(y/n) was beautiful. She had a glow about her; an energy. A love for life, and a passion for all that came with it.
“Alex” she smiled “are you busy?”
“I’m…No, I’m not busy” he gestured towards his room, and she walked through the door, bringing the smell of her perfume with her. Alex breathed it in, feeling it fill is lungs, however much it could.
(y/n) collapsed onto the bed, laying face up on the blue quilt. Alex took a seat next to her, his hand lightly brushing against her hair. He loved the feeling of it against his palm; it was so gorgeous.
“Alex, don’t blame yourself about what happened today” she said outright, meeting his eyes in the lamplight “we’ve all made mistakes. It wasn’t your fault.”
He sighed, closing his eyes for a moment, before opening them to meet hers.
“You’re wrong”.
She opened her mouth to speak, but closed it almost instantly; sometimes, Alex needed encouragement to speak his mind. 
God, he loved that she knew that.
“I’m dangerous, (y/n). I know what I’m capable of. I could have-” he trailed off, clenching his jaw.
“You’re important to me. More important than anything. But I’m volatile, and you’re fragile. You’re important.”
(y/n) reached over behind him, fumbling around. Alex tried to turn his head to see what she was reaching for; but he found out.

He yelped as a pillow made contact with his face; when it fell onto the floor, (y/n) had a mischievous smile on her face, and had moved to sit next to him.
“You listen to me, Alex Summers. You’re the kindest, most considerate, gentlest person I know. You’ll spend half an hour trying to get a spider out of the bathroom and outside the front door to somewhere more comfortable, for goodness sake” she paused for breath, placing her hand on his knee.
“I love you for it. But don’t ever undersell yourself. We’re all capable of making mistakes. But I wouldn’t be here, with you, if I didn’t believe that you’re the best of us. So don’t give me this crap about you being dangerous or volatile, because I won’t have it.”
Alex was silent, staring down at his knees. Her fingernails had the remnants of polish on them; slowly chipping from the wear of the day. Her thumb curved against his kneebone; delicately stroking his jeans.
When he moved to look up at her, the light was catching her eyes; their beauty magnified in the golden glow. He felt his lungs slowly filling with air, felt his heart mending, soothing.
“I love you. I love you so much” he breathed, a smile beginning to curve at his lips.
She gently leaned in, giving him a peck on the jaw.
“Don’t you forget it, Summers.”


Some of my favorite quotes from ch. 13 of Fisherman’s Knot by @scribefindegil

;A; I love this fic to pieces!

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Mae stretched her arms as she stepped out of her home, yawning before scratching her head. It was definitely a nice cool day in possum springs, and most of her friends were getting off work at this time, though before she went to check on any of them, she decided to get a quick bite to eat at the new taco place.

It was not yet open for the lunchtime rush yet but there was a small queue forming to enter when it did. It was not that many people, about five but still a queue. Out of them all, stood a blue-haired human girl in a leather jacket wearing some strange leather gloves. Hand on her jean-glad hip, she was looking through the window and looking quite bored. Maybe she could be spoken too if Mae wanted to waddle over and join the queue!

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the cafe’s a mess today – a bustle of people crowding in during the lunch time and frantic employees scrambling to get their orders right. bitna’s fumbling with the milk steamer, trying not to panic as she hears the old woman at the counter click her tongue in impatience. turning to exclaim an order to a co-worker, she catches sight of the person at the end of the long, long line – a flurry of butterflies start to dance around in her stomach. she hadn’t been expecting them to come in today, at this time, when she’s absolutely frazzled with half a dozen drink combos spinning around in her head. the queue dissipates far too soon for her liking, and bitna’s barely gotten herself together before she rushes to man the cashier. 

“ah, jaesung-ssi! i didn’t think you were coming in today.” she fashions a bright smile, a tinge of red colouring her cheeks. “the usual, then?” picking up a cup, bitna writes their name on it, adding the usual smiley at the very end.

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how would mibuchi, akashi, himuro, hamamiya, kuroko, and izuki react to getting nudes from their s/o during class :0

Short answers ahead!

Akashi: He couldn’t help but smirk at the thoughts running on his head. ‘I’ll punish you later for doing this,’ he sent a text message to you, excitement rushing through his veins. Oh boy, it would be a long time for the both of you.

Hanamiya: Licking his lips, he wouldn’t even bother giving you a reply, thinking that it would be a good way to tease you. He stared at the photos you sent him for a moment as his various fantasies took over his head. He’d definitely get down on you right away once he arrives at your apartment  unit. 

Himuro: He smiled as he stared at the nudes you just sent him. It wasn’t exactly the right time to distract him, though. The professor was in the middle of an important lecture, but now, Himuro couldn’t remove the lewd thoughts involving you on his mind. He’d make sure to it that you’d learn your lesson once the both of you meet during lunch break.

Izuki: He choked on his saliva before pinching himself twice. But it’s not use: it really was true that you’ve just sent him nudes. He thought about giving you a punishment later for being so naughty.

Kuroko: Your boyfriend blushed profusely as he immediately exited the file you sent him. He couldn’t focus on the lecture anymore; he needed air. The seconds passing by seemed like hours and Kuroko couldn’t wait until the class gets dismissed. Oh, was he ready to show you how disappointed (and secretly turned on) you made him by sending those pictures during his class.

Mibuchi: He couldn’t believe how much naughty you actually became - coming to the point where you actually had the guts to send him nudes during class. Mibuchi smiled as he admired your lovely figure, tucking the loose strands of his long hair to the back of his ear. He then imagined the different things he’d do to you arrives home. You’d definitely get what you deserved.


This was the death sentence. At once deafening cries and shouts mingled with cheers burst from all sides. Some of the more courageous ventured to raise their voices and ask the release of the princess, but these were soon deadened by the increasing tumult in the crowd, which was constantly demanding new victims to immolate.

At that moment some men with haggard eyes and bare arms red with blood, rushed towards the poor creature and dragged the princess away. Scarcely had she crossed the threshold when she received, they say, on the back of her head a blow from a sabre. She was covered with blood ; her hair was loosened; hands continued to push her; she staggered over corpses with which she was forced to come into contact. She could scarcely stand ; at last she fell back exhausted. She was immediately raised; two men seized her by the arms and compelled her to move on.

But human endurance has Its limit, and when her strength had completely left her and she had become inert, the men who supported her threw her on a pile
of dead bodies.

Then these murderers, maddened by the dastardly crowd around the victims, were pitiless enough to rush upon this palpitating body and cut off its head.

Having reached this point in the drama, we shall be very reserved. There are in fact numerous accounts of the massacres of September, and particularly of the death of the Princesse de Lamballe. But historians differ, the most of them yielding to their personal feelings. As none of them were eye-witnesses, their descriptions suffer. Others of still livelier imaginations, and with the confessed object of interesting their readers, have added details of such horror that we cannot even repeat them.

Madame de Lamballe - Georges Bertin

You Should Come With a Warning: Chapter Twenty Six

This is a mess of a chapter and I hate it. I’m sorry it took so long. Thanks for being so patient you lovely people.

“I’m thinking it’s a sign, that the freckles in our eyes
are mirror images and when we kiss they’re perfectly aligned.’’

The car engine made the window vibrate angrily underneath Lydia’s head, her messy bun wobbling precariously on top of her copper curls. Her shoes were kicked to the floor, her legs curled underneath her, a woollen blanket around her small frame as her eyelids drooped heavily. Allison was beside her, her own long legs covered in soft sweatpants and stretched out on Lydia’s lap, her phone screen illuminating her face in  the dark morning, the sun only beginning to rise in front of the queue of traffic they were stuck in.

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