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Truth or Dare - Jughead Jones x Reader (w/ a lil’Bughead)

REQUEST: Hi could you write a jughead x reader where they play never have i ever/ truth or dare and she has to confess her feelings for jughead? hope that makes sense

Hi! I love your writing, and I was wondering if I can make a request. Could you write an imagine where there is kind of a love triangle between Betty, Jughead, and the reader? Thank you!

Betty x Jughead + Jughead x Reader + Jughead x Reader (platonic) + Veronica being bae

Words: 3,014 (not proofread <3)

Warnings: Cheeky bit of swearing :3

“Are you sure you’re okay (Y/N)?” Veronica was watching you carefully, wary of you pointedly glaring at your former best friend down the hall. You’d always been close to Betty Cooper, until she started dating your long-term crush, (which she knew about) Jughead Jones. You didn’t blame her, he was a great guy, beautiful and intelligent. She even asked if you were okay with her making a move on him and you had let him slip between your fingers. You had nobody to blame but yourself, but that hadn’t stopped the strain on your relationship.

Veronica was just as disappointed and distraught as you were. She’d been planning to finally let Betty know about her feelings. You’d noticed that fake enthusiasm she adorned when Betty and Jughead walked into Pop’s hand in hand. You would recognise that fake enthusiasm anywhere, as it was constantly reflected in your own eyes.

“I’m fine Ronnie,” You turned back to your locker and slammed it shut, causing some people to turn and give you funny looks. “What?!” You snapped, as you took Ronnie’s hand and dragged her through the crowds of staring students, getting away from any attention. You refused to make eye contact with the happy couple when you passed them. 

You sat in Chemistry, twirling your pencil as you failed to get anywhere with the equations on the worksheet in front of you. The chair beside you screeched as someone pulled it back to sit down. You looked up to see Archie Andrews, staring at you knowingly. He looked like he had something to say, and you weren’t going to be the one to start conversation.

“You look… tense. Like, something is troubling you?” Archie pried, searching your face.

“What are you now, my therapist?” You scoffed, turning your eyes back to your work but you could still feel his eyes on you. He let out a heavy sigh.

“Ronnie told me to remind you that tonight is the annual group sleepover, and if you’re not there, she’ll skin you alive and turn you into a designer handbag,” His tone sounded amused and you couldn’t help but grin.

“She would, wouldn’t she. You can tell her I’m not coming, I don’t feel like it,” You were hoping Archie would leave you alone, but he looked even more concerned than before.

“Are you sure you’re okay? You were excited about it up until a few weeks ago.”

Yeah well that’s because a few weeks ago, Jughead didn’t have his arm around the perfect girl next door. The girl who was everything you weren’t

You suddenly felt ashamed. That was uncalled for, Betty Cooper wasn’t perfect and she wasn’t the girl next door. She had confided in you about how she hated those words, how nobody knew what was really on the inside. Maybe Jughead was a good match for her, they could really help each other out.

“Earth to (Y/N)?!” Archie waved a hand in front of your face and you turned your head to him sharply. He sighed again.

“Look, please (Y/N)? She won’t just shoot you, she’ll shoot the messenger… and that’s me! You could do with some time off from whatever the hell has got you so moody,” He pleaded. He clasped his hands together in the traditional begging position, and you were almost expecting him to get on his knees.

What you don’t understand is that Ronnie’s sleepover is the closest to my problems that I could get right now.

You shook your head. It would be selfish to bail out on your friends. Putting all of your grudges behind you, you reluctantly agreed, causing Archie to skip back to his seat with joy.

This was going to be a mistake and you knew it.

“I’ll be honest (Y/N), I was worried that you weren’t coming,” Veronica grinned at you as you helped her sort out bowls of snacks. You had came home from school and gone straight to her house, to help her set up. Nobody else would be arriving for another hour or so.

“I didn’t exactly want to at first,” You admitted, trying not to sound rude. Veronica put the stack of plates she was carrying down and turned to you, gripping you by the shoulders.

“If you don’t want to be here, then go home. I’d rather you weren’t uncomfortable sweetie,” Veronica pulled you in for a gentle hug, which happened often thanks to her affectionate nature. Before you could object to what she was saying, your phone vibrated loudly in your pocket, causing the two of you to pull apart. 

“Sorry,” You smiled sheepishly at her and she shook her head dismissively, gesturing for you to check whoever was texting you.

You walked off to the living room and pulled out your phone, only to notice a stream of texts from… Jughead.

Jug 💖: r u going to be at ronnies?

Jug💖: pls (Y/N)

Jug💖: should i bother going?

You sighed, but couldn’t help smiling at the thought that he came to you.

Me: already there, setting up. hbu?

It didn’t take him long to respond.

Jug💖: i’ll go i guess, for the food

Me: typical jones

Jug💖: :) what are we even having food wise?

Me: Pop’s order, i have to go and get it, wdyw?

Jug💖: idk, depends on ma mood

You bit your lip. This was your chance. You’d felt so awkward around him that you’d been avoiding him, but now was the perfect chance to actually see if you could make a friendship work out of this.

Me: how about i meet you there and you can decide in the moment? c;

You crossed your fingers, hoping he would say yes

Jug💖: See you in 10 ;)

You let out a small squeal of happiness, before putting your phone back in your pocket and rushing to get your coat off of one of Veronica’s hangers. Suddenly you froze. This was a terrible idea, you wouldn’t know what to say. The feelings that you felt weren’t just going to disappear out of thin air, even if you tried to respect their relationship, that’s not how it works. You buried your head in Ronnie’s sea of fur coats and groaned. 

“Okay, what are you doing?” Veronica laughed, pulling you out of her clothes and giving you a funny look.

“I have to go get food,” You whispered, before finally taking your coat, and rushing out the door. Veronica stood there, bewildered, before shrugging and heading back to her room to edit the “Squad Spotify Playlist”.

“Ronnie will want water with that,” You smiled at Pop, who was working diligently. The diner was pretty busy that night, and you felt self conscious with a queue behind you whilst you ordered for 5 people. Annoyingly, Jughead was taking his time, scanning over the menu for awhile despite practically knowing it off by heart.

“What about you Jughead?” Pop gestured to his most loyal customer. 

“Hmm.” Was his response, which caused you to roll your eyes. He always did this, classic Juggie. 

“Hurry up, or I’ll order for you,” You threatened and he snapped out of his absentminded thought session immediately.

“I’ll take a cheeseburger with fries and a coke please.”

You heard people in the queue behind you sigh in relief and you scoffed.

“Really? “It depends on the mood” you say. That’s your order every single damn time we come here Jug.” 

He shook his head. “Actually, sometimes I get Dr Pepper,” He shoved you playfully and you giggled, shoving him back. 

“And lastly, what about Betty?” Pop knew about your meet ups, so of course he expected Betty to need an order as well.

Suddenly, the play fighting and friendly messing around with Jughead meant nothing, and you were back to feeling uncomfortable. Pop noticed the sudden change in mood, but didn’t question it and instead turned to Jughead.

“Uh, she’ll probably have a hot dog with fries, a small salad and a coke,” He also noticed you looking sheepish and was about to say something when you interrupted him.

“Fanta.” You mumbled, which caused both Pop and Jughead to look at you.


“Betty would want Fanta,” You smiled sadly. 

“Is something going on between you and Bets?” He whispered in your ear, discretely, as Pop looked down to change the order but you decided to ignore him.

“Anything else?” Pop grinned at the two of you. 

“You know what, some onion rings and garlic bread would be nice too, I’m starving,” You tried to ease the slight tension that had formed. Jughead left your side to sit down in his usual booth, waiting for the food to be cooked. Once you paid Pop in advance, you made your way over to the booth and sat across from him. Jughead looked distracted, his mind elsewhere as he stared out the diner window. You decided you wouldn’t bother trying to make conversation, so instead, the two of you waited in silence.

There wasn’t even much banter on the way back to Veronica’s.

The layout was simple, two long parallel couches in Veronica’s living room. On one couch, Archie and Veronica who were currently discussing Archie’s music. On the other couch, Betty and Jughead. His right leg was lazily strewn over her lap, and she was tracing circles on his feet. You were watching over everyone from the kitchen. It would be too awkward to ask Betty or Jughead to move from their spaced out position so you could sit down, and it would be awkward watching them head on from the other couch. So you sat alone, eating to your hearts desire.

“Hey (Y/N),” You looked up from your food stash to see Jughead. He was sat casually on the counter but you’d been so distracted you hadn’t noticed him come over. He was looking at you with concern, searching your face for any signs of illness or something unusual. 

“Hi,” You reached for the onion ring bowl, but he took it from you and began to devour them fast. You let out a frustrated grunt before shoving him off the counter and jumping on him.

“You should know not to mess with someone’s food!” You laughed, whacking him repeatedly with his beanie. He was laughing too, trying to shove you off of him as you mercilessly hit him with his hat. Suddenly you noticed his eyes go wide, staring at the ceiling above you.

You followed his gaze, your whole posture relaxing and that’s when you realised you made a mistake. Your weakest spot was exposed and vulnerable. Before you could do anything, Jughead had lurched forward, relentlessly tickling your sides. You burst into a fit of giggles, trying to roll away from him but failing.

“Ju-Juggg-Jug stop. Stop I can’t breathe,” You continued to giggle, trying to swat your hands at him. He stopped when you realised you did actually look like you needed some air and got off of you. You stared at each other, panting before bursting out into another round of laughter. His hair was messy from your teasing and your cheeks were flushed pink.

“Hey guys,” a voice came from behind the two of you and you turned around. Betty was standing there, her hands clasped together and an awkward smile fixed on her face. You realised how this must look awful, although you were sure that Betty had seen that you were only tickling one another. Jughead got up, stuttering as if trying to explain himself, before lending a hand out to you to help you up. You dusted yourself off before attempting to walk past the two. Betty stuck a hand out though, stopping you in your path. “(Y/N), can we talk?” She looked at you pleadingly. You didn’t have the heart to reject her.

“Sure Bets,” You nodded and she smiled up at you. That was the first time you had called her by her nickname over the past few weeks. Betty made eye contact with Jughead, signalling that she wanted to speak to you alone.

“(Y/N), I need you to be honest with me. We’ve known each other for so long that I can always tell when you’re lying so don’t you even try that with me. I keep trying to talk to you and you’ve either avoided me or you’ve been blowing me off,” She looked upset and you felt a pang of guilt. You pulled her in for a short-lived but sweet hug.

“I’m sorry Betty, I’ve been a bitch,” You sighed with regret but Betty looked distant, as if she was trying to figure something out. 

She hesitated before saying, “(Y/N), be honest, do yo-” 

“Get over here people! We’re gonna play a little game. And I mean right now!” Veronica’s voice called from the other room. You knew she would drag you in by the ear if you didn’t get there fast enough. The girl knows what she wants.

“I’m sorry Betty, I promise we’ll talk later okay,” You patted her on the shoulder before walking into the living room to sit next to Jughead on one of the couches. Betty followed reluctantly, giving Veronica an annoyed look that she willingly ignored.

“We’re going classic folks, how about a little game of Truth or Dare?” She clapped her hands excitedly. You would bother objecting, but it really wasn’t going to do much.

“Seriously Veronica?” Jughead looked like he wanted the ground to swallow him up, but as expected, Veronica didn’t give two shits.

“Yup!” She seemed to be enjoying everyone else’s despair. Archie tried to lighten up and seem enthusiastic, but even he was a bit scared.

After a couple of stiff rounds, the game actually got pretty fun. Everyone let loose a bit and just enjoyed themselves, which is exactly what you needed.

You’d learnt that Veronica had trophies from professional ballroom dancing competitions as a child, Archie could do 97 pushups in a minute, Jughead could walk like an orangutang, Betty ran away from home once and you had a lot of double joints. It was interesting to learn all these quirky, dumb things about each other which could be used as conversation starters in the future.

As the game went on though, Betty kept trying to pull you aside. Somehow though, you would always get interrupted by someone else or the happenings of the game, and you couldn’t find the time to sit down and have a proper chat with her like she wanted. Betty was obviously growing frustrated and impatient, as demonstrated by her increasingly stubborn mood.

After Betty had ran around, touching every single wall in the Lodge apartment, it was her turn to ask. 

“(Y/N), truth or dare,” She looked determined and you actually felt quite intimidated.

“Uhm, truth I guess,” You picked with the sleeves of your sweater nervously.

“Remember I can tell when you’re lying so don’t even try to pull one on me. Do you or do you not still have feelings for Jughead?” 

The flat fell silent, your face drained of all colour and you swore you could see stars.

“Betty, I don’t th-” Veronica began, attempting to defend you but Betty silenced her with a glare.

“Please (Y/N), I have to know,” She turned to you, a pleading look in her eyes.

“Still?” Jughead was staring at the floor, his eyes wide and mind racing. He looked up at you and you hurriedly looked away. You hated the feel of his eyes burning into you, searching for answers. It made your skin crawl and shiver.

“Yes,” You mumbled inaudibly. Veronica and Archie’s faces displayed awkwardness and pity as they tried to blend into the background of the conversation.

“Wha-” Betty didn’t even get to finish.

“YES BETTY! Yes I do, is that the answer you wanted to hear? Does it satisfy you to know that you’ve made me feel so useless and doubtful of myself? Is that what you wanted? I’m sorry that I’m not the perfect fucking girl next door, I’m sorry I can’t live up to anyone’s standards. I-i…I’m done,” You snapped at her. Jughead’s mouth was opening and closing, his tongue trying to form words as he stuttered, trying to comprehend everything. Betty shrunk back into her seat, her eyes brimmed with tears and cheeks flaming pink, perhaps with guilt or embarrassment.

You weren’t sticking around to find out. You stood up so fast you felt dizzy, and stumbled around a bit before finally picking up your bags and racing out the door. Your vision was clouded with tears as you tried to make your way down the hall to the elevator. Suddenly you were pressed against the wall and caged between someone’s arms. Wiping away the tears, you saw Jughead, staring at you with an expression that you couldn’t describe. 

“(Y/N) lo-,” he began but you pushed him off and stopped him before he even began.

“No Jughead. P-please don’t. I said some horrible, unnecessary things to your girlfriend back there and you’ve made it worse by following me out here. I’m sorry for what I said, I need to tell her that personally though. Right now, you need to get your ass back in there and take care of her. She loves you and you love her. And I love you too, and I’ll never stop loving you, probably more than I’ll ever love anyone else. But I love my friends too, and I’ve already trashed one of them. Go be with Betty and be the boyfriend she deserves, okay?” You felt a surge of power and confidence through your words, and you refused to break eye contact with the boy ahead of you. He just nodded wordlessly.

Suddenly he stepped forwards, he seemed to be contemplating something. You were frozen to the spot.

“I love her (Y/N), and I too, will always love you, don’t forget that,” His voice broke through his words and you nodded in response. He began to walk back to the door before he stopped, turned around and ran up to you, grabbing your cheeks and pulling you into a tender but salty kiss. You felt stiff at first, before reaching up to gently place your palms over the cold hands that so delicately framed your cheeks. It was passionate and soft and your lips interlocked with one another’s like puzzle pieces. It didn’t feel right though, not at the root. As you pulled away, you both felt yourself come to an closure with your eyes. No words needed to be exchanged.

Never again. He walked off, back to the flat, back to his girlfriend.

Nothing wrong with a lil’ game of Truth or Dare.

I like this one more than I like the last one :) There most likely will not be a part2 and the reader + juggie do not mostly likely end up together. The ending was not supposed to be a “OMG I SHOULD HAVE BEEN WITH YOU ALL THIS TIME,” it was more of a, ‘what could have been’ if you get me?

I mean I could make an alternate ending using the classic “Betty will understand” ( @betty-coopers-number-one-stan @kingpendleton @satanwithstardust @jugheadjns @pendletonthethird )

oh and I’ve been forced to tag @mrsjugheadjonesthethird

#272: You And Your Child Visit Him At Work | CEO!AU


Heeey in case you haven’t noticed I currently have a fanfiction going on which is pretty cool and CEO!Luke. It’s called When We Collide and is a classical one with Y/N being his assistant but with a huge twist! Go check it out if you’d like :3 

Requested: Yes //  Find my Masterlist here


“Look who’s here!” Luke barely got the chance to turn around on his chair when the sound of your voice echoed in his office. Neither did you get the chance to open the door fully before your son had sprinted into the office without hesitation. He was searching for one thing and that was his dad. “But you weren’t supposed to be here before I was off.” Luke asked a bit confused and stood up from his chair, feeling William collide right into his knees. “I know.” You grinned and walked forward to give him a kiss, “But I don’t know who was most impatient, him or me. So we decided to show up a little bit before. Just so he could see you working.” “Well what a nice visit.” Luke smiled and lifted William up so he could place him in his chair. He was definitely too small for the large space, he looked smaller than he already was but it couldn’t compare to the large smile on his face. “Here.” Luke grinned as you took a seat on the couch and watched them. He loosened the tie around his neck and wrapped it around William instead. Too long for him to use but it was all worth it because of his reaction. “Look who’s the CEO now.” Luke grinned widely and walked around the desk to take a seat in front of him. “Give him your best impression, honey.” You suggested and folded your hands together, the scene was so adorable. William looked unsure for a second deep in thought but then it happened. “Daddy, you’re fired!” Both your eyes widened in surprise by the stern words coming from your son, but the apple didn’t seem to fall that far from the tree. “I am?” Luke asked a bit surprised but he was laughing. It was the funniest thing he had heard in a long time, especially when it came from his son. “Maybe you’re saying that too much.” You mumbled but he shook his head in disagreement. “It doesn’t matter.” He grinned over and ran his hair through William’s blond hair. “I’m proud.”


“I’m so sorry.” You were quick to say once you rushed into the office with an apologizing face. You weren’t supposed to be out for that long but deciding to be the one to pick out lunch at the same time as everyone else you couldn’t avoid the long queues. Calum had said it would be okay to look after Willow until you came back it was after all only a small visit for lunch you had decided to do. With his busy schedule it was hard to find days to do something together so you had to do things the way it was at his office. “I hope it didn’t ruin anything that I was gone for that long.” “Actually,” Calum spoke and looked down at Willow with a secret smile on his face. “She just starred in her first ever office meeting. It wasn’t something I could cancel that urgent so it had to be done with her on my lap.” She was having the most excited smile on her face but still kept quiet because she still felt like she had to. She was also this secret, there was something between them that you couldn’t get into. “And that went well. Did you control everything?” You asked excited and met your daughter’s eyes. She nodded her head proudly in agreement, it was funny to see how much she enjoyed being here. “She was the one saying hello to everyone. They were pretty surprised to see a child on my lap.” Calum explained and rolled the chair out to place Willow on the floor and let her run towards you instead. “They said they didn’t believe I could have a sweet side.” You laughed quietly by his words and leaned down to pick up Willow and embrace her in your arms. “Well I understand that.” You said and removed some hair away from her face. “You go from being the big boss to a sudden sweetheart. You shouldn’t be showing your weak side like that.” “No, they’ve finally figured out my weakness.” Calum said and nodded his head in agreement, deciding to give a kiss on each of your cheeks happily.


“Your majesty.” Michael politely said and grabbed the crown of his head to bow down. The excited smile on Celeste’s face was worth everything and her small ponytails were flying back and forth by her movements. The pink skirt she was wearing completely presented who she was, his little princess. His office looked nothing like the same. It wasn’t supposed to end out like this but Michael was secretly a playful father and when he got the chance he turned a game into something else. The whole floor was covered in toys and whatever you had brought with you for a visit at work. She wasn’t supposed to disturb his work like this but with Michael’s lack of concentration when you were there it was okay. “This way dad.” She pointed happily and started to twirl around. Michael nodded his head in agreement and placed the crown back on his head after bending down. They started to run around the desk you had been placed at, watching them fool around and giggle loudly. You knew Michael had some work to do and it was probably the best idea that he focused on it but the small moment in front of you was too adorable to disturb. Your thoughts seemed to come true though when the door suddenly opened. Michael and Celeste froze in track by the sound and looked over to see two males stand with confused gazes wondering what was going on. “Mr. Maverick, “Mr. Johnson. I will be ready for our meeting within two minutes.” Michael’s face had turned pale and the room had become completely silent but you had to do everything in your power not to laugh. “Give us a second.” Michael explained and quickly took the crown off his head to be a little more professional. But the second the two colleagues in dress shirts left the office he put it right back on his head. “Two minutes more girls.” He said daringly and within seconds the office had turned into a play ground again, giggles filling the air all at once in excitement. 


“Oh my god! Would you look at you!” Ashton barely got the chance to stand up from his chair before Daniel was sprinting towards him, almost knocking down something during the process. The sleeves of his dress shirt was far too long but nicely folded just for the occasion. It wasn’t often he was brought with you for work but today was something different and he wanted to stand out. Everything he was going to wear needed to be something Ashton also owned, they had to be identical twins. “Your assistant also thought he looked handsome.” You smiled and watched Ashton lean down to take Daniel up and let him sit on his lap. They looked exactly alike, it all was there. The nice dress shirt, the tie and the curly locks that they both shared. “He is handsome.” Ashton said completely impressed by the effort. He loved every single moment with his son and to see this meant the world to him. “You think I am? It’s too big for me.” He sounded a little bit worried but Ashton had no idea. He knew when he saw a star and that was everything about his son. “Of course I do. You will grow out of it eventually, one day you will fit it perfectly. But why didn’t you want me to just buy a personalized one that would match your body size?” He asked with a bit of wonder and Daniel stood up on his lap. He was baffling his hands in the air to express himself and Ashton decided to take his hands to not make him fall. “Because I wanted to look exactly like you dad.” He explained and Ashton had a bit of wonder on his face. “We took the clothes from your closet. I hope you don’t mind.” You said the last bit a little bit quieter, knowing that he did in fact not mind. “Of course not. It’s worth everything.” Ashton said in honesty, helping out Daniel just to make sure that his tie was sitting more correctly. The proud smile on his face was everything.

That’s How Easy Love Can Be

Summary: An alphabetical journey of Phil’s 26 favourite things about Dan–along with a special surprise at the end–may just make Dan’s 26th birthday his best one yet.

Word Count: 6.3k

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: existential crisis (but it’s super tiny), swearing

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN!!! I hope he’s having the best day with lots of food and plenty of love from Phil, he truly deserves it. I think 26 will bring some really great things for him and I honestly can’t wait to see what this next year will bring. I hope you enjoy!!

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Never Doubt Yourself

Bucky Barnes x Reader 

Summary: Bucky has fallen for the reader with the faintest idea that she might like him back. Reader has feelings for Bucky, but has more self doubt (amongst other things) than anything else and is too shy to speak up. One day when Bucky and reader are sent on a mission that causes them to have to spend the night together in a hotel room, Bucky finally asks why she has been acting so weird lately and why shes been wearing clothes that cover the majority of her body. 

Warnings: mentions of self harm and anxiety; some angst (i think); kinda long; there’s a part towards the end with a word in Romanian. I couldn’t put the accent marks on the T and A at the end of the word so…. yah

a/n: i tried to make this one shorter but it was a fail to avail ahaha anyway, I don’t do word count because I hand write it first and then type and edit it straight onto tumblr. so…. yeah. enjoy!

Normal POV 

“Hey, have you seen (y/n),” Bucky asked Natasha as he entered the common room of the avengers tower. He had searched every room on every floor looking for you. Wanda hadn’t been too thrilled when he walked in on her changing. 

“Not today,” Nat replied. “Why?” 

Bucky wasn’t sure how to explain what was going on without giving away too much. But he quickly remembered that it was almost impossible to keep anything from Natasha. And aside from himself, you were the closest with Nat so if anybody had a good idea of what was going on with you, it would be her. 

“She’s just been very quiet lately; not like her at all. When I saw her yesterday, she looked exhausted.” 

“Maybe she’s been training harder.” Nat suggested. “She was telling me how she felt like she was slowly slipping out of shape.” 

“No… It looked like something was eating away at her. Like it was more of a mentally exhausted look than anything else. I know she has struggled with things in the past but-”

“Like what?” 

“Well, studying for school. I would always walk in on her staring at her books, frustrated. And guys not treating her right…”

“Yeah, I remember those,” she said. “Have you checked the garden? She loves the garden.” 

“Yup. Went there right after I checked her bedroom.” 

Bucky was your best friend. He was genuinely worried about you. The way you were acting was not like your normal self at all. He cared about you in more ways than one, and was very positive you felt the same. He thought that maybe you had been disappearing to avoid him, but when he learned that no one else had seen you, he realized the problem might be bigger than he thought. 

Steve walked into the common room. “Hey, Buck. Glad I found you. You have a mission tomorrow with (y/n). Where is she?” 

“You haven’t seen her,” Bucky was quick to ask. 

“Not this morning, no. She’s gone?” 

“Yeah. She’s been disappearing a lot this past week.” 

“Well she better turn up soon or-” as if on queue, you trudged into the room. Your hair was in a messy bun, your leggings ripped at the knees, and you had blood seeping from a wound on your head. The blood had gotten all over the sleeves of your jacket. You did your best to conceal your face. 

“(y/n)! We were just talking about you,” Steve said. 

“That’s unsettling,” you mumbled to yourself. 

“Are you alright? What happened,” Bucky asked as he rushed to you. He gently took your head in his hands to examine the wound. But you shoved him off. 

“I’m fine,” you said. “I went for a run on the trails behind the complex. I tripped on a tree root and didn’t tumble very gracefully. Hence the blood and torn leggings.”

“That looks pretty nasty. Are you sure-”

“I’m fine, Bucky!” All three of them looked at you. It’s very rare that you would snap. Especially at Bucky. 

The room fell silent for a few moment until Steve spoke. “I have a mission for you and Bucky.” 

You looked at Steve and nodded, waiting for him to continue. 

“You’ll be heading out to Budapest. Word has it that there is still a Hydra operative; says they’re smuggling weapons out there. I figure with Bucky’s strength and fighting abilities, and your intellect on weapons and remarkable hacking skills, you two can get the info we need to take them down.” 

“Alright. When do we leave?” You asked. 

“Two hours. You’ll infiltrate the facility tomorrow, but the flight will be a long one. So you’re going out today and staying in a remote hotel for the night.” 

“Okay.” You said. “Let me shower and pack.” You walked off, not giving a second glance towards Bucky. 

You love going on missions with Bucky. They always turned out successful. You weren’t mad at him either. You didn’t feel like talking to anyone. You’ve struggled a lot with your self worth. Though it has gotten so much better, there are times when it seems almost impossible to push those thoughts back. These past two weeks have been harder than most. You had relapsed a couple of times during those two weeks. It’s been four days since the last time it happened and you’ve tried your hardest to not do it again. As a result, you’ve had crippling panic attacks that leave you in tears and ultimately end when you’ve fallen asleep from the exhaustion. Anxiety is a normal things for you, as well as the attacks. But everything is heightened when you fight as much as you have been. To help yourself find a more suitable outlet, every time you felt panicked or felt the anxiety creep up on you, you went to the training room. Exercising was a good way to relieve the tension. But as the days went on, the issue got worse. That’s why you went for a run this morning; hoping a change of scenery would help. 

You weren’t deliberately ignoring Bucky. You were ignoring everyone if you were being honest. Bucky was your best friend and knew you better than most. But he hasn’t seen this side of you yet, and there was a part of you that was afraid to show him, worried you might ruin any future possibilities. Disappearing was the only way you could keep him from seeing what a wreck you were. 

“Please let this mission go by fast,” you mumbled to yourself as you stepped into the shower. 


You and Bucky arrived ar your hotel. It was tiny, one bed, and a very small bathroom. The wallpaper was peeling off the walls, and the floors look like they hadn’t been cleaned in days. The single, queen sized bed unsettled you. This wouldn’t be the first time that you slept in the same bed as Bucky. But with the state you were in, you were afraid it might reveal more than you could handle. 

“I’ll take the floor,” you said. 

“What? Why,” he asked. You just shrugged, unsure how to answer. “No, (y/n). The floor is filthy.” 

“It’s fine.” 

“Just sleep in the bed with me. It’s not like we haven’t done it before.” Bucky would never admit it to anyone, but he enjoyed the time he spent with you. Just laying in bed waiting. Your body heat keeping him warm, and his keeping you warm. You would unconsciously snuggle up to him while you were sleeping and that is something he cherished. 

“I know,” you said. 

“(y/n), what’s up with you?” 


Bucky took note of the sweater you were wearing. You’ve been wearing them a lot more lately. Almost every day. He knows that’s unlike you. 

“And what’s up with you wearing long sleeves lately? Especially on missions.”  

You sat in the chair in the corner of the room. “What’s wrong with being a little conservative?” 

“Because I know you. You might be a little shy, but you are not conservative.” 

You glanced at him, but said nothing. Bucky was tired of asking questions. He wanted answers. He pulled you from the chair, your phone falling to the floor. He took hold of the bottom of your sweater and pulled it over your head, clearly not giving a shit about your protests. He held the sweater in his hand as he stared at you, astounded. There were marks all over your sides, stomach, and arms. 


“Dammit, Barnes!” You shouted. Your fight or flight kicked in and decided it was time to fly. You snatched your sweater back and fled to the bathroom, shutting the door and locking it. You pulled your sweater back on and began to sob quietly.

Bucky knew to give you some space. But after ten minutes, he was begging you to open the door. 

“(y/n), please come out. We need to talk about this.” 

You heard him mumble something in Romanian. You quickly recognized it as the word ‘sweetheart’. You loved it when he called you that, and you loved it when he spoke Romanian, despite what he went through to learn it. 

You decided to face your fears and opened the door slowly. You looked up at Bucky with a tear stained face. He looked down at you with a soft expression. He pulled you into him and you sank into his hold. 

“I’m sorry, Bucky.” You wanted to cry, but the constant battles have exhausted you. 

“It’s okay. You’re okay.” His metal hand was on the back of your head, securing you to his chest, while his flesh hand massaged soothing circles on your back. “What happened?” 

“It’s not something I like talking about.” You took in a shaky breath and you could feel yourself trembling under his hold. “I guess the easiest way to put it is that I doubt myself a lot and I get such bad anxiety and it causes panic attacks and-” 

“Like the one you’re having now,” he said in a soft tone. 

“You can feel that too,” you asked. 

“Oh yeah.” he picked you up, wrapping your legs around his waist. You locked your arms around his neck as he carried you to the bed. He sat on the bed with his back against the head board, allowing you to hold on to him like a koala. “Just relax, domnita. We don’t have to talk about it right now. Just know that I’m here and you can tell me anything.” 

“I love you, Bucky.” It dawned on you that you had said it out loud, but if you took it back, you would be lying. 

But little did you know that he had the biggest grin on his face. “I love you too, (y/n),” he said and kissed your head. 

Bucky’s phone started to vibrate in his pocket. You rolled off of him to allow him to answer it. You could tell by his tone that he was talking to Steve. You tuned out the conversation and just stared and the ceiling. 

Bucky kissed your lips to bring you out of your daze. Not how you imagines your first kiss with him would be like, but you’re not complaining. You looked into his blue orbs as he said, “Steve has a lead for us. He’s sending more info now. The guy is about five miles out from us. Are you okay to go now?” 

“Yeah,” you smiled. “Let’s go kick some Hydra butt.” 


Fandom: The Vampire Diaries

Pairing: Damon Salvatore x reader

Summary/Request: A bunch of people asked for a part two to #Unbothered so here it is.

Word Count: 3130

A/N: Italics indicate a shift in perspective. This was meant to be fluff but it turned out to be the complete opposite. #sorrynotsorry

Hair? Check.

Makeup? Check.

Purse? Check.

Card, just in case? Check.

Keys? Check

You heard the honk of the horn of your cab and rushed out of your house. Once you’d sat down in the backseat and told the driver your destination, your phone went off - Damon.

Damon: What are you doing tonight?

Y/N: Got a date. Sorry babe xx

Damon: Biggest eye roll in history.

Y/N: Did you really just full stop me?  Wow, Damon

Damon: Send me your location in case you need an emergency pick up

Y/N: Yes sir

You used the send location feature and then locked your phone, sliding it into your clutch bag. It had been 4 months since you met Damon and found out about his abilities. Since then the two of you had become best friends. Your friendship came easily and you two bounced off each other’s sarcastic comments and sexual minds.

You were on your way to a date with a guy you met in the men's department of H&M. You gave him advice on a few t-shirts and he asked for your number. He told you to meet him at an upscale burger joint 20 minutes from your house. The cab driver dropped you off at the kerb right outside the burger place. You quickly paid him and got out of the cab to see your date, Ryan, smoking a cigarette outside.

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anonymous asked:

1/3 My paramedic Cas headcanons: If there's some awful disaster, other paramedics always have to hold Cas back and make him wait till firefighters will get victims out of the fire, cause Cas is always rushing to this perdition by himself; Cas is gentle, he will always tell soothing words while carefully putting the bandage on the little girl's damaged arm, and will softly pat her head after;

2/3 If you’re an asshole who think that your barely visible scratch on the cheek is more important than anything else worthy of attention, one glare. One glare from Cas is enough for you to reconsider your opinion and to step back wait for your queue.

3/3 And if you’re a nice, green-eyed casual passerby who stopped after seeing that someone needs help, if you bravely ran to get people out of the collided cars, called 911 and stayed with injured till medics don’t show up, Cas will praise you and will feel surprising warm of affection inside when you’ll blush and start acting awkwardly like it wasn’t you who just heroically saved this people.

NONNIE ;___; <3 Thank you, because this is a thing of beauty <3 

Wherever You Go I'll Follow (Multi-Ship Harry Potter AU) - Bramble

A/N: Was the wait worth it? I’ll let you decide. I am in no way a Harry Potter expert, in fact there are probably way more people out there more capable of writing this than me, but I can appreciate amazing literature and films. The ships in this fic include: Sashea, Trixya and Shalaska. You will learn each of their backstories as time goes on. There are time jumps back and forth throughout. If you have any suggestions for this fic – or any of my fics in general – feel free to message me at dragqueenlayouts or unhhhjustsometrash.

Lesbian Harry Potter AU. Enjoy!

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"Invited to Dinner."Scott McCall

Just some fluffiness last minute ;)♡

I see through the window into the house that the rest of the pack has left, leaving just Scott and Stiles. I walk inside and Scott’s head whips around to look at me. His face breaks out into that beautiful smile, and I swear my insides turned into mush right then and there. How I got so lucky to be with him and have him love me, I’ll never know.

He doesn’t speak a word as he marches over towards me and plants his lips firmly into mine, hands coming up to hold my face in place.

“Well I guess I’ll see you two later.” Stiles takes this as his queue to leave. Scott finally pulls his lips from mine for some air.

“Hey.” He mutters. I grin wildly back. “Hey.” He brings his arms down and around my hips, picking me up effortlessly and carrying me upstairs to his room.

Giggles rush past my lips as he tosses me onto his bed and jumps on next to me. His bed is almost as comfy as mine.

“So,” he begins. He rests next to me with our legs tangled together, one arm propping his head up and the other laying across my stomach. “What were you and Malia talking about earlier today at school?”

I shake my head, “Nothing interesting. She’s just becoming to finally be my friend.” His eyes search my face as I speak. “Good. She needs a friend like you.“

“I have something to ask you.” I roll onto my side and scoot up on the pillow so our face’s are even. “I’m inviting you over for dinner at my house tonight.”

He smiles, “Doesn’t quite seem like your asking.” I curl a hand into his short silky hair. “Well, I knew you would say yes either way.” He nods, “That’s true. Of course, I’d love to.”

“My mom’ll be glad.” He hides his face in my neck and deeply inhales my scent. He presses warm kisses against the skin of my throat before resting his forehead there.

I gaze out his steamy bedroom window before he brings his head back up to mine blocking my view. Our lips entangle themselves together, meshing together over and over again. They start out soft, then slowly get more deep and intense. I feel the sudden and urgent need to be as close to him as possible, wrapping my arms around his neck and crushing his mouth to mine. He reciprocates, his hands glued to my waist and his body almost completely lying on top of mine. His tongue completely governs my mouth, making me moan as I almost shake under him. I can feel the muscles in his arms tensing, hopefully for a good reason. I scratch my nails down his forearm, and it’s him who shivers this time. I smile against his lips and he takes this time to take my bottom lip between his teeth. I giggle which makes his smile like a fool.

“We should probably stop.” He breathes. I nod as he lifts me up into a sitting position in front of him. “So… See you for dinner?” I smirk. He smiles and nods, “Yes.”

MBTI Aesthetic Series: The ENFJ

“Trying to count to ten with balled fists. Lightening striking the earth. They say your roar is bigger than your bite. Goosebumps. Jumping out of an airplane. “You’re going to be somebody, someday.” Talk about biting off more than you can chew. Trying to solve a puzzle, but there’s a missing piece. Heart over head, always. Catching your breath after running a marathon. Firing a loaded gun. All eyes on you, as you walk into the room. You need ten people to hold you back. Diamond encrusted gold. The adrenaline rush of taking a punch. There’s no such thing as biting your tongue, is there? No one would ever dare to silence a lion in its own land.”


Some of my favorite quotes from ch. 13 of Fisherman’s Knot by @scribefindegil

;A; I love this fic to pieces!

Ok but consider these personal headcanons for Mentor!(alive!)Desmond.

  • after defeating and securing the pieces of Eden Desmond decides that he has quite enough and retreats back into the Farm, but only to become a mentor; not because he liked being an assassin, but because he wanted to teach the kids to protect themselves properly but in the same time tried not to make them feel restrained by the fence of the Farm
  • him being a famous assassin and all the children being in awe the first time they see him but then realising he’s just a huge ass dork
  • he totally has pizza and movies nights, at the end of a tiring training week
  • on the aniversary of Lucy’s death he tires out the younglings to the point of exhaustion because he is still blaming himself and he explains to them that it’s for their own good, because he was not strong enough and he wants them to be better than him
  • and one time he gets delayed in a mission and all the novices are on the edge because what if the mentor is hurt or dead and Shaun and Rebecca start to get concerned too and there comes an evening and the front door of the establishment opens and Desmond yells ‘I’m home, kids!’ and everyone comes rushing to him and Desmond is battered down and bruised but he has like five bags of takeout with everyone’s favorite and he apologises for being late because the queue was long af like the cheeky shit he is and Becca and Shaun smack his head just hard enough to hurt because he scared the shit out of them
  • but also he trains the younglings, as in, 5-6 yo kids and makes training fun for them, with treasure hunts and he sometimes takes them out of the Farm to nearby towns because he just knows how is it to feel bound and locked in the Farm
  • also Rebecca and Shaun staying by his side even though they got old and crankier than before, they stay together because that’s what they always did
  • Desmond giving the kids a day a week as an opportunity to spend it leaning from Rebecca or Shaun, because he learned to value both the history of the brotherhood and how to hotwire a car or how to hack into a database
Tybalt dances to and fro, attempting to evade his opponent, to catch him off balance and to gain angular advantage, while Mercutio moves with wider steps and rushes in a series of tangents to the circle whose radius is Tybalt’s outstretched rapier and sword-arm. Mercutio, in other words, rushes rapidly in and out of distance, hoping to catch Tybalt unprepared, and to throw a thurst from stoccata or imbroccata (in which the sword is held, knuckles up, over the head) while Tybalt is both off balance and within distance. The difference in styles suggests the mechanics of Mercutio’s death. Mercutio takes his fatal thrust, not by accident, but in a situation where the advantage is all with the Spanish style. A rapier held in either stoccata or imbroccata suffers a disadvantage when beaten down from the side, for the blow displaces an already slanted weapon and the Italian fencer must withdraw his point to regain a thrusting position; beating down the Spanish point has a far less effect, since the Spanish fencer trained rigorously to keep his point in position for a thrust, and with a flip of the wrist to recover his point quickly from a beat. Thus Romeo rushes between the two, and Tybalt immediately recovers his point and thrusts automatically and quickly. When Mercutio complains that Tybalt has “scratched” him to death he describes a peculiarity of the Spanish thrust (which was a short stabbing motion rather than a full thrust, since the Spaniard already had his arm extended), as well as playing on Tybalt’s feline name.
—  Adolph L. Soens, “Tybalt’s Spanish Fencing in Romeo and Juliet

‘burnt toast, Sundays…’

You come down stairs on a Sunday morning wearing one of his hoodies and a pair of pyjama shorts to hear the sound of him humming along softly to the song currently playing on the radio. As you peek through the kitchen door you can see that he has set out two cups beside the kettle that is boiling away for him to make tea for you and coffee for him. You peer around the door further to see that he is whisking eggs in a mixing jug and that he has put several slices of bread into the toaster.

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Don't You Forget It

Alex Summers x Reader

Plot: If you love something; should you let it go? Alex isn’t sure.
Prompt: Hi! If it’s not too much trouble, could you write a one-shot or a drabble thing where Alex is completely in love with the reader but he thinks she’s too innocent or fragile to be with someone like him, and when reader finds out she hits him with a pillow because that is absolutely ridiculous and does he know how perfect he is?
A/N: I rushed this to the front of my queue because it’s all I’ve ever needed. Sorry guys. I’m an absolute sappy git for writing tacky Alex fluff.

Originally posted by shantelchiitriestowrite

The blast had radiated from his chest; the energy building in his stomach, firing in a kaleidoscope of light. He was aiming for the target; the mannequin in the centre of the room. He hadn’t been looking; he’d been stuck in his own head, his mind drifting out of focus.
So when he heard her yelp, he panicked, his eyes shooting open.
He’d just missed her. (y/n) had let herself in; she’d left her book in the training room, and had just…wandered in.
Alex couldn’t breathe. His hands were shaking as she stood there, frozen in place, eyes wide. (y/n) held a hand to her chest, breathing out heavily.
“Jesus Christ, Alex” she said, swallowing hard “you almost charred me there”.
Alex felt as though he was sinking. There was nothing worse - nothing that scared him more than losing her. Losing her to his stupidity, his carelessness.
“I..” he started, clenching his jaw “I’m so-so sorry”.
He felt his legs shaking; his throat was dry.
“I’m-I have to go. I need a moment” he breathed, rushing over to the side of the room to grab his jacket. He didn’t look back at her as he slammed the door behind him, bolting up the stairs.
Too much to lose.


Evening light scattered through the window as Alex sat on his bed, listening to the quiet hum of the radio in the lamplight. He hadn’t stopped panicking all day; it was as though the oxygen had been knocked from his lungs entirely.
He wondered if he’d ever get it back.
He heard a quiet rap at the door, and shot up like a bullet; eyes wide. He was so on edge; every knock coursed through him.
Reaching out, he pulled open the door, and there she was.
(y/n) was beautiful. She had a glow about her; an energy. A love for life, and a passion for all that came with it.
“Alex” she smiled “are you busy?”
“I’m…No, I’m not busy” he gestured towards his room, and she walked through the door, bringing the smell of her perfume with her. Alex breathed it in, feeling it fill is lungs, however much it could.
(y/n) collapsed onto the bed, laying face up on the blue quilt. Alex took a seat next to her, his hand lightly brushing against her hair. He loved the feeling of it against his palm; it was so gorgeous.
“Alex, don’t blame yourself about what happened today” she said outright, meeting his eyes in the lamplight “we’ve all made mistakes. It wasn’t your fault.”
He sighed, closing his eyes for a moment, before opening them to meet hers.
“You’re wrong”.
She opened her mouth to speak, but closed it almost instantly; sometimes, Alex needed encouragement to speak his mind. 
God, he loved that she knew that.
“I’m dangerous, (y/n). I know what I’m capable of. I could have-” he trailed off, clenching his jaw.
“You’re important to me. More important than anything. But I’m volatile, and you’re fragile. You’re important.”
(y/n) reached over behind him, fumbling around. Alex tried to turn his head to see what she was reaching for; but he found out.

He yelped as a pillow made contact with his face; when it fell onto the floor, (y/n) had a mischievous smile on her face, and had moved to sit next to him.
“You listen to me, Alex Summers. You’re the kindest, most considerate, gentlest person I know. You’ll spend half an hour trying to get a spider out of the bathroom and outside the front door to somewhere more comfortable, for goodness sake” she paused for breath, placing her hand on his knee.
“I love you for it. But don’t ever undersell yourself. We’re all capable of making mistakes. But I wouldn’t be here, with you, if I didn’t believe that you’re the best of us. So don’t give me this crap about you being dangerous or volatile, because I won’t have it.”
Alex was silent, staring down at his knees. Her fingernails had the remnants of polish on them; slowly chipping from the wear of the day. Her thumb curved against his kneebone; delicately stroking his jeans.
When he moved to look up at her, the light was catching her eyes; their beauty magnified in the golden glow. He felt his lungs slowly filling with air, felt his heart mending, soothing.
“I love you. I love you so much” he breathed, a smile beginning to curve at his lips.
She gently leaned in, giving him a peck on the jaw.
“Don’t you forget it, Summers.”

English gothic

You’ve got somewhere to be, but it doesn’t matter—your feet gravitate towards the end of the queue. The sense of comfort that an orderly line provides will not save your marriage, but it fills you with a warm sense of belonging. It doesn’t matter where the queue is going; you’ll never leave.

A beautiful field blooms, full of wild flowers. Overnight, a trolley appears. Then another, then another. The uprising has begun.

It’s 5pm. A bell tolls, all work comes to a halt. People crowd around the kettle, pouring scalding tea down their throats. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like tea. You’re one of us now.

You stare resolutely at the ground as you pass a group of chavs, pretending you don’t see them. They watch you go, waiting, silent—when darkness falls they gather about your house, numerous, leaving cigarette butts and empty cider cans in their wake. Outside your windows, the chanting starts. “Bruv. Bruv. Bruv. Bruv.

There’s only one biscuit left on the plate. Everyone pretends like it doesn’t exist —you stare at it, hesitant. “Would anyone like the last biccy?” you ask. Confused eyes turn to you, and everyone shakes their head, mumbling excuses. You’re too ashamed to take it. It continues to sit there, untouched.

Someone bumps into you in the street. You know it’s their fault, but you duck your head anyway, mumble Sorry. Sorry. You don’t know why you’re sorry, but you have been your entire life.

It’s rush hour. You make plans to avoid the M25—it doesn’t matter. All roads lead inwards. You join the queue and put your car into first gear. You might as well cancel your plans, you belong to the motorway now.

Wherever you go, people comment on the weather. “It’s been raining all week,” they say. You can only nod dumbly. Yes, yes it has. “Look at this beautiful weather we’re having!” they exclaim, staring up at a tiny patch of blue amongst grey clouds. Again, you nod. Yes, yes. You go home—”How was your day, love?” Fine, fine—dreadful weather, isn’t it?

Martha replies to that email you sent her last week. She sighs it with a polite, emotionless, regards. You check your tea for poison and can never look her in the eye again.

After a long winter, the thermostat finally reads 10C. People pile outside in shorts and flip flops—their teeth chatter, fingers red and frozen. “The sun,” they whisper, brainwashed by months of darkness. “Spring is coming. Spring is coming.”

negative thoughts- Jason imagine

Originally posted by jazewayland

Request: Anonymous said:

Hey :) could you do a Jason Dilaurentis imagine where Jason spends a lot of time with Spencer because she is his sister. And y/n gets jealous and hurt because she doesn’t know that the two are related. Thx!

Words: 770


You tapped your pencil against your desk impatiently as you waited for your lesson to be over. The second hand on the clock ticking impossibly loud and painfully slowly. Everything else in the room seemed to pull your attention away from the teacher at the front, as if there was some force present that really didn’t want you to do geography. You scanned the bookshelves, wondering if the various novels and atlases were ever read, or just there for decoration. The undisturbed dust coating the top seemed to suggest the latter.

You started to fidget when you heard the chairs in room next to you scrape across the floor, indicating that the lesson for them was over, and soon yours would be too. You watched people shuffle past the classroom door, eager to get their lunch before the queue got too long. Occasionally people weren’t rushing past, like spencer Hastings. She was hanging around outside for something. Her eyes kept flicking from door to door, like she was waiting for someone to exit. You studied her for a while, until you heard the squeak of a door opening and Jason Dilaurentis’s head pop into view.

You could see the smile immediately appear on her face, her eyes lighting up, the opposite happening to you. Straining your eyes, you tried to lip read whatever was going on, it was definitely not a normal student- teacher interaction.

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