a rubbish one at that


i finally had the time to draw but now that I have the time and energy.. i’m reeeeaaaally lacking the skill.. and i updated my compooter so now my lines have deteriorated.. i don’t know how/why but my tablet makes the uglies line work ever ;-;

so to break out of rustytown, i drew @markiplier while watching him play the Joy Of Creation: Story mode! i really liked his reaction when he started peaking all over the place like a cat. heh

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Mycroft Holmes: “The rubbish big brother”

One of the most under appreciated thing in BBC Sherlock is how much emotional burden of his family Mycroft carries around and yet he’s never truly appreciated. Least of all my his mother. His childhood was stolen from him and he was forced to be mature prior to his time. He wasn’t given any chance to be coddled and cosseted like every other normal kid and sometimes you can see him envying Sherlock for being the centre of their mother’s attention and a part of him secretly wishing that to be true for himself too.


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Childhood friends - Dunkirk Harry

Part One

Unknown number:
Little Lulu Lamb, is that you?

Who the hell is this?

Unknown number:
Your mum passed me your number.

Although the reply hadn’t exactly answered my question, I thought I might have known who it was, just because of the name. Little Lulu Lamb. It was something I hadn’t heard for years.
I scowled down to my phone, because although I’d taken a guess, I manged to talk myself out of it very quickly, since it had been years since we last spoke. He’d gone off and auditioned for The X Factor, and then the boy I’d grown up with just wasn’t around anymore. I hadn’t even seen him since, and I wasn’t sure it was because we’d just missed running into each other, or because we’d never really tried to see each other.
All I could think was that it couldn’t possibly be him.
Why would he bother getting in touch now?

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Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2017 - Day One - The moment you started to ship it
  • Sherlock: You’re wrong, you know. You do count. You’ve always counted and I’ve always trusted you. But you were right. I’m not okay.
  • Molly: Tell me what’s wrong.
  • Sherlock: Molly, I think I’m going to die.
  • Molly: What do you need?
  • Sherlock: If I wasn’t everything that you think I am, everything that I think I am, would you still want to help me?
  • Molly: What do you need?
  • Sherlock: You.
I think an important philosophical point that we all have to consider, is that altruism as a concept is pretty rubbish. Altruism is the idea that you should do things that help other people and not feel good about it. Like you should just do it “because”, and like you should just do it “because” but the idea that you shouldn’t feel good about being nice is rubbish and you know, it’s one of things that puts too much pressure on people’s metal health. If you do nice things for your friends, if you do nice things for your family, if you’re a friendly person out and about in the public, if you do something to help out charities, then you should feel happy and proud of that. ‘Cause people generally in society, we are way to harsh on ourselves, people are really hostile to each other, people are always trying to bring each other down and find anything to be whatever. So if you, even if it’s holding a door open for somebody, you should just take a moment to think “and you know what? I like that I was nice to another person.” So don’t let anybody say “don’t feel good about that bake sale that you did for whatever reason”.

@danielhowell​ during his live show on the 6th of June 2017

Quotes from Dan (54/?)

Sometimes Dan manages to voice the thoughts inside of my head much more eloquently that I’d be able to do if speaking out loud.

Emotional Wreckage, One Line at a Time™
  • “Rubbish. We become rubbish.”
  • “Look. Look at me. Come wake me up. For still here I be.”
  • “I’ll never leave you again.”
  • “Can anybody be happy if they aren’t free?”
  • “There’s a beast running wild no question. But I fear the wrong monster’s released.”
  • “Because he loves her.”
  • “Let’s go home.”
  • “We’re together now, its going to be fine.”
  • “So much for true love.”
  • “Lumière, my friend. It was an honour to serve with you.”
  • “I set her free. I’m sorry I couldn’t do the same for all of you.”
  • “The outside world has no place for a creature like me.”
  • “Come back! Please don’t leave me. I love you.”
  • “It’s foolish I suppose, that a creature like me might one day earn your affection.”
  • “I can feel a change in me. I’m stronger now but still not free.”
  • “It’s as if I’m seeing it for the first time.”
  • “I am not a beast!”
  • “Easy to remember, harder to move on. Knowing the Paris of my childhood is gone.”
  • “It’s dangerous” // “Yes it is.”
  • “Keep it with you, then you’ll always have a way to look back at me.”
  • “He’s not a monster Gaston, you are!”
  • “Why are we not human?” // “Because she doesn’t love him.”
  • “When the master lost his mother and his cruel father took that sweet lad and twisted him up to be just like him… We did nothing.”

Finally, Evermore in its entirety, but especially:

She will still torment me, calm me, hurt me, move me, come what may. Wasting in my lonely tower. Waiting by an open door. I’ll fool myself, she’ll walk right in. And be with me forevermore.

Strong Style Strong

Not a request, but just something that had been floating around in my head for a few days.


You’re best friends with British Strong Style (Trent Seven, Tyler Bates, and Pete Dunne). You met on the UK independent scene years ago, you all had similar in-ring styles, you were even known as the Bitch of Strong Style (which you secretly loved) and now the four of you are now signed to NXT. The only downside? You now have to work for your father, William Regal. Things get a little difficult between you and your father and you’re surprised by which of your friends sticks up for you… and why.

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foxes on ellen hc

-this is set at the end of the third book 

- Kevin, Dan and Neil are the ones chosen to be interviewed
- all of the others, including Wymack and Abby, are in the audience
- as much as Wymack would much rather never let Neil open his mouth in a public place again, he’s been all over the news and he’s the fox that the world is most interested in (maybe after Kevin)
- Kevin was obviously chosen because he’s Kevin Day and Dan was chosen because she’s the captain 
-the video before they come on shows them getting thrashed in one of last year’s games, then one of the first games of this season where they are noticeably better and finally their win against the Ravens in the final, with snippets of the drama from the year in between the gameplay
- Kevin’s got his fake public smile on, Dan looks genuinely happy because this is such a great opportunity and Neil’s sort of politely smiling but he looks a little uncomfortable
- Neil had gotten a lecture off Kevin before they went on but it all went in one ear and out the other
- they all hug Ellen and then sit down on the sofa as she talks about how amazing this season has been for them
- the first question is open to any of the trio and is jokily asking how exhausted they are
- Kevin laughs and says it’s been a wild ride, to which Dan says ‘literally’ and everyone laughs (because of her surname wow im so funny)
- they talk about how proud they are of the team, how far they’ve come, thank Wymack, etc. for a couple minutes
- Neil doesn’t really say much during this although he does say that Wymack and Dan have done a lot from their team and he’s proud of everyone
- Ellen says they’re going to get a bit serious for a second and asks them about Riko’s suicide
- The question is mostly aimed at Kevin but Dan’s the one who answers
- she says suicide is devastating and anyone who is struggling should seek help but also says that they don’t exactly miss him (a lot of what Riko did to Kevin and jean and how corrupted the ravens are is public knowledge now so this isn’t really surprising)
- Ellen talks to Neil about joining the foxes for a minute before asking if there’s anyone he doesn’t get along with
- he laughs politely and shakes his head, which earns him a snort from Kevin 
- Ellen directs a question to Wymack sat in the audience who says he’s incredibly proud of the team 
- she also asks about them donating a portion of their ticket sales to charity and Dan says that it’s all thanks to Renee, who the camera pans to in the audience and has Andrew on one side and Allison on the other
- Andrew looks as bored as usual
- Ellen gives them a cheque to donate to the charity that they give some of their ticket profits to
 -Kevin comes back on later in the show to surprise a fan
- they’re a fan of both the Ravens and Foxes and have a raven tattoo on their arm
- the Foxes can’t stop laughing at Kevin’s fake enthusiasm and smiles at them talking about how much they loved him with the ravens
- but all in all the interview goes smoothly
- for once

i may do a part 2 set a few years later or with different foxes

Dating George Would Include...

• Pranks

• Never ending kisses.


• Being Ginny’s best friend.

• Always going to the Weasleys.

• “George, you need to stop. I’m trying to study.”

• “No studying, I want bloody cuddles.”

• Always baking him something.

• Getting each other sick, because bloody hell that kid cant keep his hands off you for one second.

• Joining in on Fred and his pranks.

• “Rubbish,”

• Working at the prank shop.

• “Don’t leave me home alone.”

• “Love, we need money. It’s okay.”

• Molly always always always hugging you.

• Always holding hands with George.

• Calling him “Gred”

brainwad  asked:

Your comment about Chicago decaying made me think of the Dresden Files, & how Harry remarks that Chicago is built on Chicago, bc the swampy ground means everything is slowly sinking. How true is this?

100% true. Chicago is built on a swamp, predominantly between a river and a lake. Supposedly “Chi ka gua” means “swamp of the stinking onions” in a local indigenous language (I thiiiiiink the Potawatomi but I could be mistaken, don’t quote me).  

Prior to the introduction of the grillage in Chicago architecture – again don’t quote me but I believe a Chicago architect invented the grillage to deal with Chicago’s unique challenges – high-rise (for the time) buildings would be constructed with a built-in “sink” measurement, usually between eight and eighteen inches. Ground-level doors were placed slightly above ground level with the expectation that over the course of a year or two, the building would sink as it settled into the swampy soil. If you go to the Rookery Building on a Wednesday and take the Chicago Architectural Society tour they will take you into the service corridors of the building, which is pre-grillage, and you can see the frankly fascinating ways in which the floor of the building warped as it settled. 

A grillage is a series of steel beams layered across one another horizontally, which works a little like a raft, allowing a building to “float” on Chicago’s swampy soil; most buildings from the last century, including the one I live in, have a grillage underneath them. Someday a big earthquake is going to hit and it’s going to look awesome from somewhere other than inside Chicago. 

Additionally, the “Streeterville” neighborhood is named for a pirate and all-round asshole named Streeter who basically salvaged and dumped any goddamn rubbish he could find around a sandbar in the lake until he had literally extended Chicago out into the lake in a large enough swath to create an entirely new neighborhood, which is now one of the most expensive areas to live in. That part of Chicago is very literally built on Chicago, as I believe one of the sources of his rubbish was haul-off from the Great Chicago Fire. 

And to conclude there are parts of Chicago, just south of Streeterville, where factories creating very toxic byproducts dumped industrial waste, so part of Chicago is literally radioactive and you can’t build there without extensive soil studies being done to make sure you won’t kick up the radioactive dust and poison everything in the immediate vicinity. 

Chicago’s municipal motto, by the way, is “Urbs in Horto” which translates as “The City in the Garden”.

something that i think is an important philosophical point that we all have to consider, is that altruism as a concept is pretty rubbish. altruism is the idea that you should do things that help other people and not feel good about it, like you should just do it because - and you should just do it because - but the idea that you shouldn’t feel good about being nice is rubbish and you know, it’s one of those things that puts too much pressure on people’s mental health. if you do nice things for your friends, if you do nice things for your family, if you are a friendly person out when you’re in public, if you do something to help out charities - then you should feel happy and proud of that. because we’re way too harsh on ourselves, people are really hostile to each other, people are always trying to bring each other down. if you - even if it’s holding a door open for somebody - you should just take a moment to think “and you know what? i like that i was nice to another person”. so don’t let anybody say “don’t feel good about that big sale that you did (for whatever reason)!”
—  @danielhowell via his liveshow 06/06/17