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Parenting and Domestic Masterlist

Under the read more is a selection of parenting and domestic memes and sentence starters from various blogs. Feel free to make them lesbian friendly. They include symbol memes and sentence starters.

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               lindsey morgan as raven reyes gif hunt [  ]

Under the cut you will find #96 medium, HQ gifs of LINDSEY MORGAN as RAVEN REYES in the television series THE HUNDRED, episode five: TWILIGHT’S LAST GLEAMING. All of these gifs were made by me, so please don’t claim them as your own. Feel free to use them for all your roleplay needs. Should you include them in your own gif hunt, please let me know and like/reblog this post if it helped you!

tw: flashing gifs, blood, violence.

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shit my illnesses are making it impossible to work today cuz I’m too. pointless feeling and surrounded by junk cuz of messy roommates and its making me go crazy and I am just

animate. animate. dont think about the outside world it isnt real anyway. rrgh.

anonymous asked:

"..Rrgh?" Cue a curious low grumble, Something that should be familiar to Gladion, except this one isn't his: nor is it someone else's... Where did this mysterious third one come from? (confinedbeast)

Oh, and what…might this be?

These last few weeks came to be normal

         –or as normal as can be when one’s betrothed is a man from an entirely different world, his skill growing gradually in the use of dragon magick and physical conditioning– 

           but today, Fratley comes to watch their daily session, rain pouring through the skylight as dragon knight and pupil cross blades once more.

    RRGH!” He leaps above her sweep, blocks her counter kick, speed adapted, reflexes honed. Iron-Tale almost cannot believe it, watching this human face her…

    She is still as precise, ruthless in her onslaught, tiring herself just trying to land a hit. It is both her greatest strength,

                                         and worst weakness.  

   The spar comes at a standstill, his dulled blade at her jugular just as her spearhead stops inches from the heart of his drenched chest. 

      Then grows that softness in her eye she had once directed to him…

   Fratley snorts, betraying his presence to the pair when his lean form glimpses in the clouded sunlight. 

    “Impressive.” He sees the tension build, her glowing eyes quick to hide under her fringe with a respectful (and discomforted) bow as the man– her human betrothed– suddenly steps forward, hands tightened to his dull weapon. “Be at ease. I have not come to spar. I have come to deliver news to Lady Freya.” Iridescent grays grow cold, staring into the man’s fierce azure. “In private.”   

theironslayer  asked:

Rrgh. I dunno. Could we just sand down all of the sharp corners? Would that be possible - fitzsimmons, please ? :)

“The sharp corners?” Simmons asked, hand resting on her large belly. “You mean to say that you plan on sanding down every single sharp corner in the base? No, Fitz,” she sighed. “And don’t even think of suggesting padding the place.”

“You’re the one who said we needed to baby proof,” Fitz muttered, climbing into bed.

“We have to be prepared!” Simmons snapped. “It’s dangerous as it is… a baby on a secret base. Honestly, this is hardly rational. Really, we should know better. Weapons, constant enemies. Our poor daughter could get seriously hurt. And don’t you dare bring up the extra babysitters argument again.” She took a deep breath. “We’ll talk about this in the morning. 

Fitz was more than happy to postpone the conversation. 

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