a royale with cheese

Alfred, Allen, and Francois Going to McDonald's
  • Alfred: Can I have a Big Mac, large fries, and chicken nuggets?
  • Alfred: You guys want anything?
  • Allen: No-
  • Alfred: Ok salad it is!
  • Allen: /facepalm/
  • Alfred: What bout you Fran?
  • Francios: /sigh/ Whatever just a burger or something.
  • Alfred: And a Royale with cheese!
  • Alfred: That's what it is in France, right?
blue neighbourhood

author: theaterkidlester
beta: adorkable-phangirl
artist: kirei-art 
word count: 15, 973
warnings: suicide, major character death, child abuse, alcoholism, death of minor characters, homophobia, internalized homophobia, gay bashing, smut
summary:  “What if we run away?” 

“I would,” he said, and Phil could tell that his tone was teasing. “But I’ve got so much summer work to do that I have to turn in.” Phil tried to keep the disappointed look off of his face. “I really shouldn’t have taken that extra english class this year,” he added.

or the blue neighbourhood au that no one asked for

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Royal Milk Tea(Japanese Chai) Part 4: with Strawberries - ロイヤル・ミルクティー三景・今回はいちご編

1. Strawberry, Avocado & Smoked Cheese Salad

2. Strawberry & “Koeda” Matcha Chocolate feat. Mr. Seal & Brother Seal

3. Strawberry, Kiwi & Yogurt feat. Hungry “I WANNA EAT” Frog

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Floris van Schooten - A Dutch breakfast


oil on panel

Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp

Cinder Marinette

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Pairing: Ladynoir (technically)

I got the idea for this fanfic after seeing @littleblackchat​ ‘s amazing art

Also my friend @miraculous-lucky-charm​ helped me a bit with describing the dress and proofread it for me.

Sorry if the formatting is a little weird. I typed it up in word and then copied and pasted, I’ll get better at suiting it more to tumblr as I go. 

Summary: This is a Cinderella AU for Miraculous Ladybug. Characters are all over the place! Adrien is Prince of the kingdom and his dad demands he finds a good wife. Meanwhile Marinette is but a simple baker who has to deal with her stepfamily. 

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