a round to it

I did some outdoors sketching during a brief glimmer of sunshine, but the on-flowing mysteries past the broad river-bend were barred by a beaked guardian.


etsyfindoftheday 4 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 4.28.17

concrete coaster styles by madebyrheal

this coaster lover is all about concrete coaster styles — they’re sturdy and absorbent and can look pretty dang rad. LOVE the colors and gold accents on madebyrheal’s varied listings, plus their cool shapes are super fun and modern.

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wht are not we talking about " “I needed to bring home a win for you”? is this like some angel mating ritual thing? cas like gotta give the bae the prey i hunted to properly court him, prove that I am a good suitor that can provide for my chosen one


Like he has to prove what a good hunter and protector he is to his future mate…


Meanwhile Dean wants to “kick his feathery ass” >.>


[wip fic] don’t you ever tame your demons

Every year, a handful of children are born with the ability to command supernatural powers. Thousands of dollars and dozens of trained specialists are tasked with identifying, tracking down, and labeling each one as Deviant. Once identified, they have no rights other than those that are permitted to them, and disobedience is a crime punishable by death.

Chuuya has never known a life outside of the routine he’s forced to follow, but when the boss of Yokohama’s Port Mafia offers him a chance of freedom, Chuuya is not prepared for the rebellion he’s stumbling into.

Pairing: Chuuya/Dazai
Rating: Mature - Language: English - Chapters: 9/?

Graphic Depictions of Violence, AU - Dystopia, Mafia Boss Dazai, Implied/Referenced Underage Prostitution, Slow Burn, Strangers to Lovers



christian: wow these eyeballs sure are cheap! although now that i think about it, do i really need

andrea: of course you need eyeballs! how else are you going to cast  ~*~*The Spell of Hindsight*~*~ to see into the past and correctly predict what has already happened with 20/20 accuracy??

…well at least with those eyeballs you’ll be able to look back at this moment and realize how much of a sucker you are.

christian: i know, i can’t wait!

there is a bumble bee stuck in my room and i’ve spent the last thirty minutes losing a disagreement with it over whether or not it should be indoors

it kept trying to fly out through the upper windows and sitting on the sils up there just repeatedly crashing into the windows

but they’re like… six and a half? seven? feet off the ground?? and I am not even 5′4″

so i threw balled up socks from my laundry pile to try and scare it toward me so i could catch it and put it outside

anyway, long story short, eight socks stuck on my window sill that i’m gonna have to get a ladder to get down later, i hit it with one but i think i may have knocked it unconscious so we’re gonna call it a draw until i hear it buzzing around again later