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Richonne Summer Hiatus Round Robin

All right, Rchonne Fanfiction readers, writers and lurkers!

Please prepare yourself for some round robin awesomeness written by a group of undeniably, unbelievably, undisputedly awesome AND talented Richonne Fanfiction Writers: @birdnmouse,  @cranesinthe-sky, @reciprocityfic, @dirtiebirdie17, @queencoles​, @lovedmoviesb, @iminyjo, @forevermichonne, @constablemichonnes

So please stay tuned to this blog for your summer time Richonne Round Robin treats!


And some canter with only a little bit of striking out like a Wild Potato. I don’t have much video of his canter from before, I think this round pen is much easier for him to canter in because it’s significantly larger and the footing is better. I really like his canter here probz because he was Impulsion Incarnate yesterday lol.

Also a nice little gif of us at the end.

Pro-tip - if you’re nice to your horse you don’t have to ‘join up’ or ‘hook on’ because they will like you and follow you around anyway.

Bianca eats an apple while her sister finishes up her conversation, wondering why the odd man was there anyway, other than to proselytize. 

“I can’t believe the nerve of him. What’s the stupid human got against us anyway? He’s just mad he can’t set his bitchy wife on fire.” The three sisters laugh about his attempts to dissuade them from the Craft as he glares from the background.

Belinda does an impersonation of him as a lumbering neanderthal, not evolved far enough to understand that magic is part of nature too. It gives them many laughs.