a rough mind and a gentle heart

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I'm a slut for your writing so how about like a progession from 52,73,151, to 184? If not, any of the above would be adorbs in your writing bae😙💕

Thunderstorm Revelations

Pairing; Nalu

Word Count; 2417

A/N; BAE I’M SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG OMFG. But thanks for the prompt!! <3

52: “ Can we cuddle? ”

73: “ Oh, Are you ticklish? ”

151: “ I can’t feel my legs! ”

184: “ Can I touch you? ”

Natsu sat in the center of the sofa, one of Lucy’s books perched on his knee as he flipped through it absentmindedly. Lucy was always weird about him reading her stuff, and so he tried to wait until at least the third draft before sneaking a look at it. Lucy had been in a rut, however, and so Natsu was forced to reread her previous chapters to fend off his boredom.

Magnolia was all but shut down under the heavy thunderstorm outside, Lucy and Natsu trapped in her apartment on Strawberry Street as it had been closer than the guild. She had sent a lacrima message to the guild, letting everyone know her and Natsu were safe but wouldn’t be going to the guild that day. Happy had been especially upset, needing to be talked down from flying through the storm by Lucy. Natsu had been forced to bribe the exceed with the promise of all of Natsu’s catch next time they went fishing.

Natsu sighed loudly, leaning his head against the back of Lucy’s sofa and closing his eyes. She had been drying off for forever, and Natsu didn’t understand why he couldn’t have just dried her off himself. Lucy was so weird she had squawked and turned bright red at his offer, and now she was wasting time drying her hair when they could be playing cards.

A loud boom outside caught Natsu’s attention, the thunder harsh and sudden when he wasn’t watching the flashes of lighting outside the window. The lights flickered overhead, Natsu mentally threatening them if they went out. Lucy got all antsy in the dark with him, which bothered Natsu. She knew he would never try anything, didn’t she?

Besides, it wasn’t like Lucy was even aware of how Natsu felt.

Natsu cocked his head, tracking the soft padding of Lucy’s socked feet walking towards him.

Another crack of thunder rang in the sky, and Natsu opened his eyes with a frown when he sensed Lucy tense beside him. She looked pale, half dried hair thrown in a messy braid and large shirt trailing to her mid thigh.

“Can we cuddle?” Lucy asked, voice timid as she looked at her hands clasped in front of her. Natsu opened his mouth to ask her why she wanted to cuddle when a third boom shook the small apartment, Lucy flinching and curling into herself at the noise.

“Course, weirdo.” Natsu said instead, grinning at her easily. She smiled at him, shy and thankful in response as she slipped onto the couch beside him. Natsu shifted them around, his back now tucked into the corner of the couch and Lucy curled under his arm. She squeaked and pressed into his side firmly when the power shut off, the room falling into pitch blackness while the sky roared.

Natsu ran a comforting hand over Lucy’s back, soothing her small shakes as he tried to think. It had never occurred to Natsu that Lucy might be afraid of thunderstorms, and frankly he didn’t know what to say.

“You, er, alright, Luce?” Natsu asked, watching her face in the dark. The pale light coming from the window behind them was all Natsu needed to easily see in the room, but obviously from the unfocused expression she wore it wasn’t enough for Lucy.

“I’m fine Natsu. Just… don’t like thunder.” Lucy tried to brush off, but another loud crack of thunder sent her head burrowing into Natsu’s chest in fear.

“I think it’s more than a little dislike there, Luce.” Natsu commented dryly, tightening his arm around her and pulling her closer as he spoke.

“Oh shut up.” Lucy exhaled, hand relaxing as she bickered with Natsu. He grinned to himself, proud his plan had worked. He tensed as he sensed the change in the atmosphere, squeezing Lucy tight as a flash of lightning lit up the room, quickly followed by the booming thunder. Natsu looked over her face, tracing the tired pinching and tenseness she held on her face, thinking she was concealed by the dark.

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there’s this girl
with a lion mane of corkscrew curls; her hair dark as night and soft as a gentle breeze as it kisses the air
and warm brown eyes that you can’t help but to get lost in, but you aren’t lost, not really, because they feel like home
and a smile that should be framed; nothing money could have ever painted would have compared
and a laugh, a laugh that sounds like your favorite song

there’s this girl
she’s got a heart of gold
she molds young minds
and believes in those who don’t believe in themselves
she loves with everything in her
she is a diamond in the rough
a shooting star
not a prize to be won
but something special
and if you’re lucky enough to have her
don’t you dare let her go

she’s a little lost sometimes, a little afraid
not to be defined by her illness but sometimes confined by it
despite that
she finds it within herself
to keep going
to stay strong
to rise
she spreads her wings
and she soars

there’s this girl
and i love her

—  for my lovely friend @katvalentine​ ♡
(cc, 2017)
Cheer 4

Cheerleader Waverly. Basketball star Nicole. A sort of canon-ish HSAU. Parts 1, 2, 3.

Despite falling asleep only a few hours earlier, Waverly still blinked her eyes open minutes before the break of day. Darkness cloaked her room, but the creeping dawn made it possible for familiar shapes to take form: the spines of the books on her shelves; the edges picture frames and posters; her stuffed Pikachu sitting lopsided on the windowsill.

Most of the time, Waverly loved getting up early. She enjoyed basking in the quiet tranquility of the morning mingled with the anticipation for the day ahead. But sometimes, like on that particularly groggy morning, she cursed her internal clock. Groaning, she turned onto her stomach and buried her face in her pillow. She fully intended to pass out again until Gus hollered up the stairs that breakfast was ready. That is, until the events of the night flooded back in her mind.

The championship game. Wynonna’s return. Nicole.

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My mother has taught me to hate
my body and all the things within it.

Reflections do not show the kindness
of your heart, if people can’t tell if
you even have one in the ribcage that
does not show through the layers of
thick skin you’ve grown over the years.

How can you be beautiful when worry
and insecurity is freckled across your face?

No one can tell how gentle your soul is
judging by the roughness of your hands.
And what sweet words could be spoken
through chapped lips; surely not
any words of wisdom.

Mirrors cannot reveal the complexity
of thought a persons’ mind is capable of.

But beauty is not how good of a person
you are, or any of your opinions.
My mother taught me beauty is not
the purity of your feelings, or the
validity of your identity.
Beauty is outside. It is external.

Beauty is anything, but you.
It is media, it is tradition.
Beauty is how well you fit in
molds, boxes, and categories.

But not everything that is
taught must be learned.
And I learned that the hard way.

—  “You are beautiful” remnant-thoughts
♫One- Ed Sheeran// Marauders Era: Sirius x Reader

Request:  the song “one” by ed sheeran and sirius x reader please? thank you, i love your writing

The absence of street lights makes the stars in the sky shine brighter, the streaks of light that protrude from the distant bodies littering the familiar street of Godric’s Hollow. Steps quicken, heavy with regrets and nerves, walking on the dark, paved surface. Hands are shoved into coin filled pockets and the clink of gold and bronze booms through the stifling silence of the street, previously disrupted only by the occasional whistle of gentle wind and the rustle of leaves.  

Sirius Black turns over every coin in his pocket with his long, suddenly shivering fingers, chilled by the crisp air that fills the eerily silent night. A panic floods him suddenly, and then he finds it: a simple metal hoop rests between his fingertips and he breaths a sigh of relief, closing a fist around the object. 

A street light flickers on and illuminates his face, sleepless and unshaven, a drunken glimmer in his eye from the courage that he drank in the form of endless glasses of firewhiskey before leaving The Leaky Cauldron, his heart growing as the liquid burned its way down his throat. 

Finally, he sees the proud, pearl-coloured house at the end of the street. Unanticipatedly, he loses feeling in his legs as his heart beat quickens and a genuine grin spreads across his tired, pale face as he rushes towards the mahogany door, gravel crackling under his rapid steps.

He reaches the door, the chipped silver paint on the knocker seeming to stop him from using it. He shifts his weight from foot to foot nervously and finally reaches for the knocker with his right hand, his left still palming the object he was terrified of losing. 

The sounds of the collision between metal and wood seem a lot louder than they should be, shattering the calm of the street and the silence of his mind and causing a flurry of doubt to whirl through his mind. He takes a step back, and goes to take another, when the door opens, and the light from the inside shines on his face, causing him to squint and blink repeatedly before opening his eyes again as his eyes shine with excitement.

She stands there, in the doorway, a light violet bathrobe clinging to her hips, her mussed, y/h/c hair aglow with the yellow light behind her, almost like a halo. She was clearly woken by his arrival, but her eyes are wide open, her mouth agape in shock as she looks at the newcomer. A full minute goes by as electricity seems to flow back and forth between their eyes, unseen sparks setting the whole neighbourhood aglow in their minds.

It’s her soft, raspy voice that breaks the intoxicating silence, sobering him up within seconds.

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Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 595

Summary: You and Jensen get the same room at the hotel the night before the convention.

Warnings: Masturbation, language

A/N: Single!Jensen, Danneel does not exist in this slightly AU fic. Please keep that in mind. Also, I’ve had this written for months but kept forgetting to send it to myself off my phone so… let me know if ya’ll want another part!

Originally posted by deangifsdaily

You were fucking exhausted.

Work was still estranged, and your friendships, whilst some have helped you heal, were beginning to overwhelm you with their drama. You were losing sense of yourself. A dull ache was nagging at the nape of your neck, itching up your jaw and to your temples, and finally finishing behind your eyes. It was one of your most epic migraines to date, something you were entirely used to yet still tired of.

This trip was more than needed; for your heart, for your head, and for your soul. You had saved most of your income for the last year just to get here. You weren’t going to let the rough edges pull you down.

Not this time.

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First Kiss (Fakiru fic)

Neither could recall when the feeling began.

Their fingers interlocked, even as they pulled away to tease fingertip to fingertip. Not a molecule between them, even as their uneven paces hurried through the store.

Searching, hoping to find an unoccupied corner. Every moment was tense, like the pair were off to commit a crime.

Ahiru’s lips were dry. Her tongue poked out to wet them again. Something in her mind begging and pleading for him to stop walking already so she could pull him down and-

Fakir’s eyes darted between her behind himself and the path ahead. If only they could find somewhere to roost, even just a moment. Would it be brief, though, if they started-

He paused. She bumped into him. Their feet were still clumsy, despite all the time they’d spent together with their minds synced by the pen.

Without a drop of ink, she could hear his voice through their hands. She could feel the heat of his cheeks without so much of a peek. She could feel his heart churning, flopping over and over with nerves. Or was that her own?

A gentle tug pulled her nearer to him. They’d stopped once more near the front of the little shop. Her flyaway skirt jingled a nearby jewelry stand. He was facing her now, eyes dead set on hers. His hand, rough with history of sword fighting and training grazed her cheek. Cupped it in that way that held her entire being.
Cheeks ablaze, her own hand cupped over his. She gazed longingly, icy bright eyes now dimmed and glossy, unable to make out anything but the outline of his form.

“Your face is so damned soft,” He spoke finally, voice sarcastic and more rude than he intended. “I.. Like it that way,” Fakir fumbled with his words, never breaking his gaze from hers.

Their moment was interrupted with a soft chuckle from the old lady behind the counter. Immediately, the two broke away, their hands falling into place again as they exited the shop quickly. Never buying a thing.

For some reason, they ran. Down the street and through the dark corridors of the town. All familiarity abandoned them, as they searched for somewhere other than home.

Somewhere private, somewhere alone. Somewhere safe to just-!

The churning was back. Ahiru felt almost sick with excitement. Hazey eyes locked on his form, all she could focus on was following his lead. Sending her pleading, begging thoughts through their hands held so tenderly and close.

He could hear her. Oh god, he could hear everything she wanted. Without pen or ink or parchment or book. But maybe those were his thoughts to. How much he was dying, just to-

Fakir turned, tugging her close. Ahiru’s eyes were wide with adoration and begging still.

And yet he paused.

Fingers curled in thought, his head turned as a silly grin spread across his ever serious face. Could he really? Did he deserve her? This beautiful, adorable girl pleading for- for-!

Anxiety had the best of him. His mood was dropping as the saturation of his cheeks rose.

“Pretty please, Fakir? With a ducky on top?” Words stumbled out of her mouth, before Ahiru could stop herself. Was that her own voice? “Please?”

That was it. Once his head turned, their lips drew together in a quick little peck like magnets drawn together. Unsteady and unsure if it even happened, they tried again. This time, the magnetic force stronger and both could feel the gentle tug. Noses bumping every time either drew back.

As she drew back, Ahiru let out a shaky little sigh, before leaning in and stealing a third kiss.

to whoever loves me next: please, be kind to this broken heart, be soft and tender. be patient with me, discover me slowly but love me passionately. be rough when i need it and be gentle when i crave it. don’t be scared if you still taste another man on my lips and on my skin, just kiss me until you’ve left your signature on every part of my body. burn yourself into my mind and soul. let me be yours completely and let yourself be mine. and i promise, i will never stop loving you.
—  e.s. // a letter to the man who comes after the one who broke me.
Galaxy Kisses

Kaidan's kiss is passionate. Confident. His strong arms wrap around you, and he holds you close. You are precious to him, more than anything, and when he holds you, he doesn’t want to let go. You don’t want him to, either. You can smell his musk and it’s intoxicating. It fills the air around you as you fall deeper into his kiss, his lips fervently dancing with yours in the dark of your cabin. This is what matters now.

Garrus’ kiss is unsure. Slow and steady, careful. Kissing you has been on his mind and he wants to get it right, he wants it perfect. Turians don’t kiss, but that isn’t stopping him. The careful calibration of his kiss is obvious, but you don’t mind. It makes you happy knowing he cares so much about this. The rough texture of his mouth is different, but it is a good different. There is an almost metallic taste as his tongue meets yours, and this is a good sort of different, too. He laces your fingers with his, and at that moment, everything is right.

Thane’s kiss is gentle, at first. His hands lightly rest upon your waist, and you can feel his heart pounding as he gingerly pulls you closer. His lips explore yours slowly and carefully, wanting to savour every detail, for he knows this will make a precious memory. Then, his kiss is almost frantic, tongue passing through parted lips, and you can feel his desperation pouring into you as his arms circle you tightly, holding you as close as close can be. He is afraid and you are too, but within this kiss he loses his fear. You make him feel alive.

Steve’s kiss is hesitant. He has lost so much, and he is terrified of losing more. Of losing you. As your arms wrap around him, he is reassured. You are here, and you are safe. His kiss grows hungry, oh, how he has missed this. The beat of your heart so close to his, hot breath mingling as he is consumed by passion. He did not think to find happiness again, but you have showed him that miracles exist.

Liara’s kiss is just as sweet as she is. Her lips are soft and gentle, just like her personality, like her love for you. You notice the little things; her hand gliding up your arm to rest upon your shoulder, the slowly closing distance between your bodies until you are flush against each other, lost in the moment. She is subtle and careful in every action, for she thinks so much, but when it comes to kissing you, she lets her heart take the lead.

Tali’s kiss is timid, inexperienced. She’s not used to this kind of contact with a person, not at all. As soft lips first meet, her heart gives a start. She hasn’t experienced anything like this, and her heart begins to soar. She feels scared, yet this feels right. When everything seems to go wrong, at least this feels right. She knows she’ll get sick, but as you pull her close and your lips meet once more, she knows it is worth it. Every time.

Miranda’s kiss is almost demanding. She craves the affection she has never allowed herself to have. She takes the lead first, and her kiss strong and confident and certain. She is a rushing wind that awakens you, and your lips move against hers in a fever. She is perfect, not only in body but in her heart and mind, and you let your love for her pour through your lips and into her heart. She lets you pull her to your chest, and she allows herself to give in to your love.

Samara’s kiss is slow and careful, testing the waters. She did not expect for someone to feel this way for her again, she had accepted it as a fact. But you came to her, gentle and patient. You took her hands in yours and didn’t let go. It was almost unreal as you both stepped closer. All time around seemed to stop as the distance between your lips closed. As your lips slowly became acquainted, she stepped closer and you squeezed her hand in yours, gently and lovingly. She is bound to her code, but she also feels bound to you, now.

Jack’s kiss is greedy and powerful. Hungry and passionate and intimidating, just like her. She knows what she wants and she knows exactly how to get it. She takes you by surprise as you begin to speak, rushing at you and roughly pressing her lips against yours. She is a raging fire of passion and desire, so brilliantly bright, and you are consumed. You stand as strong as her as you are pushed to the wall, her lips mashing against yours, and you can feel her desperation. You know there is more behind this kiss than desire, but you do not speak of it. She will come to it on her own terms. For now, you embrace her fiery passion with equal fervor, pulling her close as your tongue meets hers in the dark crimson light.

Dating Rick Grimes would include :

(WOOO I’m back :D Yay for more dating prompts!!!! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Yay for Rick :D Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Unconditional love for one another

-Him doing everything he needs to and can to keep you safe, even going full on crazy

-Carl and Judith being the joys of both your lives

-Him trusting you with every thoughts he has in mind

-Casual public butt groping from both of you

-Him surprising you by how rough sex can get with him

-You being handcuffed to the bed on multiple occasions and him “punishing” you

-Him being gentle and loving when he proceeds with his aftercare for you

-Make out sessions that always end up in sex

-Him taking you on a run and turning on the music in the car, surprising you by how lively and playful he can get

-Him wrapping his arms around your waist after a long day out to hug you for comfort

-Him melting your heart by the way he looks at you with his blue eyes

A Moment of Change

Yesterday, I read this little ficlet of @yukiwrites‘s, and couldn’t stop thinking about how it could have gone down. 

So I wrote this entire ficlet in Yuki’s chat. Let it never be said that I do not feed upon the tears of my followers, especially mutuals. It wasn’t supposed to be more than a plot summary, but idk I can’t write short stuff anymore. I originally only planned for part one, but Yuki’s cries made me want to write part two, and then she still didn’t think it a happy ending so I made the little extra part.

To those unfamiliar with Yuki’s little universe, it’s a birthright fic in which Kamui and Xander had a relationship before she picked Hoshido. Everything complies with her version of events, so look it up at her blog if you’re concerned.

So, enjoy this not-fanfic that looks suspiciously much like a fanfic.

(Sorry Yuki)

Part One

Imagine that Kamui did notice her missing periods, that her stomach slowly started expanding and that the morning sickness slowly went away because she knew. But she never picked this path for herself, she picked this because it was the right thing to do. To sacrifice her heart, her love, for the goodness of the world.

That all changed the second the pregnancy test turned out positive. Seconds before, she would have personally waltzed into Nohr to bring peace to the world. But the seconds the magical scroll used to determine pregnancy spelled it out for her, all of that determination was gone.

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Heartbeat - Soulmate Michael AU

Soulmate AU in which both soulmates have matching heartbeats.

Michael’s heart was beating faster as he walked down the halls. And no matter how hard he tried to calm his heart down, he knew it would be no good. His heart was beating so fast because his soulmate’s heart was racing. He didn’t quite understand it at first, telling his parents as a young child that his heart was pounding chest like as if he was running a marathon, when he had just been sitting on the couch playing Pokémon, and it was then that his parents explained everything to him.

They told little eight year old Michael that somewhere out there, someone is connected to him so strongly that they share the same heartbeat; the person that is connected to his heart is his soulmate. The small blond was so happy; amazed that somewhere out there was someone who was destined to be his soulmate. To the small blond, soulmates to him meant a lifelong best friend that was something that he had wanted ever since he was five, since him being a bit loud and odd…it was difficult for him to make friends, since it seemed that all his classmates would actively avoid the hyper little boy.

He remembered trying to go up to everyone, boys and girls, seeing if they had the same heartbeat, little optimistic Michael tried so hard to find his soulmate at school, and because of that, he was made fun of and even more shunned by his peers. They would say to his face that no one would ever want to be his soulmate that they felt sorry for whoever shared his heartbeat, something that made small Michael cry when he got home, making him feel more alone then he normally did.  And soon that small happy heart of tiny Michael hardened just a bit; he no longer really cared about finding his soulmate. His mind tainted with what they told him, that thinking that it would be so much better for his soulmate to never find him, because maybe those kids were right…no one deserves a soulmate like him, whoever his soulmate was…they deserved so much better than him.  

He graduated high school, attending his local music school to become a sound engineer, but that still didn’t make him sociable. All throughout high school, he was still pushed away, no one wanting to be friends with the ‘weird’ kid, calling him an attention seeker whenever he dyed his hair crazy colors and even more when he started inking his skin with tattoos, covering most of his body with art as well as piercings. People would at times tell him everything that was wrong with him, that he decided that those labels that were thrown at him…did define him.

And they still do, at least he to him it does.

His heart was still racing, and judging by the rhythm is was a mix of anxiousness and excitement. He remembered that as a kid he memorized the rhythms of his soulmate, he knew when his soulmate was upset, happy, angry, scared, and just by the beating of his heartbeat. It strangely comforted Michael growing up, thinking that somewhere was meant for him; it made him feel not as alone as he thought he was.

But after having people knock down his self-confidence…he came up with one conclusion…he didn’t deserve his soulmate. While other people were trying to find their soulmate, he was doing everything he could to avoid it, because in his mind…anyone would be better than him. He didn’t want his soulmate to settle for him, he didn’t want his soulmate to be disappointed in him, because he was sure that the moment they met him…they would be.

He neared his local coffee shop, and felt a change in his heart the moment he stepped inside, a sudden stop then sent launching into speed, his soulmate was nervous with a mix of something else. And he knew exactly what that feeling was, since he experienced it a few times before, love. A few years ago, he would have been upset not liking the idea that his soulmate was loving someone else, but now it relived him, thinking that his soulmate finally could find someone that he knew would be a million times better than him.

“Hi how can I help you!” an eager voice said from the counter.

Michael looked at his server, seeing a nice barista at the counter, but that wasn’t what he noticed. What he did notice was that from the moment that he entered the small coffee shop, his heartbeat…his soulmate’s heartbeat increased as well. “Uh…a cup of caramel coffee,” he said with a small smile.

“Coming right up, Michael right?” he responded, hoping it wasn’t too weird that he knew his name.

“Yea, how did you know that, I can’t be coming here too often?” amazed that someone actually remembered him.

“No, me and my friend were at your store a few times for the guitar lessons, you were one of the instructors”, he said shyly.

Michael slightly tilted his head, trying to remember. You would think that he would, but so far nothing, when he really thought about it, maybe he was really thinking about something that it really distracted himself from even paying attention, “oh yea, sorry I didn’t remember, there just so many of you” he mentioned.

Michael felt his heart become heavy, almost like it was in pain, “that fine, still so anything else you would like?”

“No that’s it,” he answered as he pulled out his card and paid for it, “hey but next time you come down for music lessons, make sure you and your friend say hi.”

As he walked out with his cup of coffee, he couldn’t stop his heart from racing, it literally felt like it was a hummingbirds wings beating against his chest form the moment that he stepped inside. He wondered what his soulmate was doing that was making his own heart act like this, but he knew that judging by feeling, whoever his soulmate was…they were near or with someone they loved, and he knew that that was a good thing, because at least this way, they wouldn’t end up with him. But had Michael paid more attention and looked towards the side to the barista that was preparing his drink, he would have noticed that she was clutching her chest, in hopes of slowing down her own heart. 


Michael was getting his ready for the next guitar class, this time making sure to remember the boy and hopefully not seem so rude like how he thought himself to be for not remembering. The class was starting soon, and he needed to make sure that everything was set up. He had just finished tuning his guitar and forgot something in the back room, quickly getting up not noticing someone was already for his class, not because he was too busy…but rather because of his heart beat, since he was thinking about how fast it was beating because of his soulmate.  

There was a sudden snap, and a slight yelp instantly making Michael worry, bringing him back from the distraction of his soulmate’s pounding heart. He instantly turned seeing a frame of a girl around his age holding onto the guitar for dear life, but his eyes also landed on the broken string on the guitar.

“Oh, I am so sorry, I didn’t…I wasn’t paying attention,” he apologized, setting his own guitar down looking down on the girl’s hands to make sure that her hands hadn’t been hurt by the snapped string, having a few scars on his own from past experiences, and was relieved that there were none.

“No its fine, I guess it’s my fault for being in the way,” you said trying not to make it seem like a deal, “though I guess it’s a good thing that I’m in a music store, better go buy a new set of strings before class starts,” you said nervously, hoping you weren’t making a fool of yourself.

“Here, let’s get you a replacement string,” he said gesturing you to follow him, the pounding in his heart not dying down one bit, “actually a whole set on the house.”

“You don’t have to do that,” you softly voiced following him into what you assumed was the back room.

“No I mean, if I didn’t bump into you, your guitar string wouldn’t have snapped,” Michael said as he rummaged through a few drawers searching for the right string for your guitar. His heart never once slowed down, in fact it seemed that it became faster since he bumped into you, “here, found the perfect string.” Michael turned seeing you with a flustered look looking at anywhere but him, almost as if you were worried to look at him for too long. “Here let me see your guitar,” holding out his hand for your guitar.

You quickly nodded handing your guitar to him, your hands brushing against his, making your quickly fluster again, hoping that he wouldn’t notice it, although Michael didn’t really leave things unnoticed. He quickly set up the string, his own heart still matching the quickened beat of his soulmate. he looked over to you, seeing you looking away from him, although he didn’t mind being ignored, there was something about seeing you actively ignore him that bothered him for some unknown reason.

“Names Michael, and what’s yours?” he said as he made sure that the string fit perfectly in the guitar before starting to tighten and tune it accordingly.

You were shocked, your heart skipped a beat, you looked up to the red haired male, seeing his arms covered with tattoos peaking from even the collar of his shirt, yet despite his rough exterior, there was something gentle about him, “(Y/N),” you said with as loudly as you could, even though it wasn’t as confident as you wished it to be.

Michael repeated your name in his head, strangely liking the way it sounded that he had to say it outload, “(Y/N),” testing it and liking the sound as it rolled off his tongue.

Michael felt his heart skip a beat again, meeting a pair of a beautiful shade of (e/c) staring into his. His heart then hammered against his chest, picking up more speed. Michael’s eyes widened, slowly starting to make assumptions…but he needed proof. He set down the guitar, and reached for your neck, making you shut your eyes but not stopping either, as you knew what he was going to test.

Michael gently placed his hand above your chest, the area where your neck meets your chest. A long pause as he felt your heartbeat…a perfect match to his.

You were his soulmate.

“No, no, no, you aren’t supposed to love me,” he said once he realized the truth and started backing away.

He could feel the pain in his chest…your pain of rejection, as your face started to show that he didn’t want you, “but you’re my soulmate,” you said your hand over your heart, the heart that matches his heartbeat, your eyes starting to glisten.

“No, you were supposed to fall in love with someone else…not me, all this time you’ve loved me?” he asked.

You nodded, “it was during the first guitar lesson, I had a hard time with it, and you came to help me. I admit I was scared of how you looked, but you were so sweet, you made sure that I understood everything despite everyone being better than me. You would check up on me all the time to make sure I understood and even come up with alternates. And other times when you’re not teaching us…when you play guitar, you look so amazing, I could hear you play for hours and never get bored. And it doesn’t help that you come by the coffee shop I work at, and I always try to build up the courage to talk to you, but I never do. You always look so lonely, and I just wondered if we were friends, maybe you would smile more often, because when you play guitar, you actually smile, and you look so beautiful when you do.” you admitted.

“But…you, you,” he didn’t know what to say next.

“I’m what…not good enough,” you said feeling your heart slow a bit, “sorry I’m not punk enough for you.”

“No, if anything I’m not good enough,” he finished.

“Why would you think that?” you asked.

“Just look at me, don’t you find me scary, odd, weird like a freak,” he asked thinking back to all the names he had been called.

“No, in fact I find your oddness quite charming,” you smiled.

This time when Michael’s heart raced, he knew that it wasn’t because of you; his own heart was picking up speed because of you. And judging by the growing smile on your face, you knew what effect on Michael you had as well. Michael looked carefully at you, really thinking back at what he thought of soulmates.

You walked up to Michael, wanting to take his hand but thought that maybe that would be too much. “look I don’t know what you’ve been through, I wish I did…but I don’t, but if there is one thing I know about soulmates is,” this time reaching for his hand, “they’re perfect for each other, maybe I’m just what you need, someone that won’t judge you on how you look or your past,”  you said stepping just a bit closer, “but love you for who you are, the scary looking punk rock with a heart of gold,” you whispered. “That’s what soulmates do, and I’m pretty sure I can do that for you too.”

Michael was shocked never imagined that anyone would make him feel as special as you just did. His own heart was hammering against his chest, as his cheeks gained a pink color. He replayed those words in his head, loving how accepting and honest they seemed, “would you really do all that?” still not believing that someone could learn to love him so purely.

“That’s what soulmates are for,” you said reaching for his hand to place it on your chest, and then pressed your hand on his chest, both of you feeling the matching heartbeats.

It was hard for Michael to believe that somewhere out there someone could learn to love him like that, all his life people branding him as odd, thinking that no one could love a freak, yet here you were, so pure and kind making him think otherwise.

“can I kiss you?” he whispered, feeling his heartbeat increase, not knowing if it was because it was matching yours or it was his own heart that was racing, or a combination of both.

You nodded, thinking it so sweet that he would ask, since it would be so easy for him to close the space between his lips and yours. Michael leaned down a bit, his lips tracing your own, almost too afraid to touch your lips, too afraid to close his eyes, because he feels that when he does…you will disappear, since he felt that this is too good to be true. You could see his hesitation; you slightly bit your lip, and took things into your own hands. You brought one up to his cheek, coaxing him to kiss you, your hands gently cupping his face and pulling him closer, feeling the soft press of his lips. Once Michael, felt your lips against his it was hard for him to not kiss you back.  

His lips moved against yours, melting against you. He never thought what kissing his soulmate would feel like, but if he did, nothing could compare to this. He felt complete, he felt loved, cared for, and most of all accepted. Michael wrapped his hands around you, pulling you closer to his body, wanting to keep you close and not let you go. There was something intoxicating about your lips that he didn’t want to stop kissing you, wanting to always feel complete like that. His lips moved gently against yours, making your body tingle with excitement. You knew that you liked Michael, something about him so interesting that you wanted to be his friend to know more, but you never would have imagined that he would be your soulmate. your lips wondered across his face, lightly kissing his cheeks, his nose, neck, anything, wanting him to know that despite whatever he had been through you would love everything about him, he was your soulmate making it both yours and Michael’s duty to show the other the love that no one else would be able to give.

Michael’s breathing deepened as you pressed kisses across his skin, he kept his jaw tight to keep himself from moaning, but he knew he would fail soon. Your kisses weren’t sensual or erotic, but rather intimate and loving. It was almost as if each kiss was to erase the memories of his isolated past, wanting him to understand that you were here to stay for as long as he wanted, and he would never give you up. He needed to press his lips against yours; he took your face in his hands and started to kiss your face as well. Small kisses on your eyelids, your forehead, down your jaw. Every kiss he left the skin he kissed hot and warm, your skin begging for more of his affection. You let out a small mewl, as he brought his lips back to yours.

Finally needing to stop before things got too carried away, he opened his eyes and you did too. Beautiful pools of green met an enchanting (eye color). They were so beautiful, half lidded as they were glazed over with this all-consuming love in them, almost tempting him to kiss you again, but then he remembered that you and him were in public, in his work office, there would be so much time to show you how he could love you, but that would have to wait.

“You’re my soulmate,” he said this time not sounding like he regretted those words.

“I’m your soulmate and your mine as well,” you said with a smile.

Maybe soulmates weren’t all that bad, and was exactly what he needed.




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illyriantremors  asked:

"Can I tell you a secret?" for Moriel, because who else would I ask for? haha :)

HELLO LOVELY, here is your fic, please tell me if you like and what you think of it! I hope you’ll like it <3

It’s another night at Rita’s.

Another night of watching and waiting and wishing for something that will never be, and Mor knows it. She wants to be mad at something, to rage, to be mad at him.

Azriel is talking with Rhys and Feyre, his voice quiet, it always is, barely audible, barely there, but it’s all that Mor can hear.

There are times, moments, when she wants to take his face in her hands, shake him, scream at him, willing to do anything to get a proper reaction out of him.

But she never does.

She wonders if the fear of being rejected by Azriel made a coward out of her.

Mor looks at the liquid in her glass, how it reflects the light.

She is no coward.

Her mind, and heart, go often back to those first tentative days in the Illyrian camp, when every little moment between them tasted of possibility, and now…

The liquid burns as it goes down her throat, settles in her lungs like a lazy fire.

An heartbeat later, her glass is full again.

If she gets closer, if she touches him, what would he do? Become one with his shadows? Would he be stunned, take a step back from her? Would he… touch her back?

She often wonders what his touch would be like.

Would he be soft and gentle or rough and demanding? Would his fingers graze her skin lightly, like the ghost of a touch raising goose bumps in it’s wake or would he-

She drinks the content of her glass so quickly she barely feels the burn, and she prays it will be enough to stop her mind from thinking of him, to stop the relentless chanting of the possibilities that never were.

He is watching her, he always is; his hazel eye are like two shards of ice between her shoulder blades.

Mor already knows the look on his face, it’s painted with longing on the inside her eyelids: his brows are furrowed, his mouth a tight line curved down, his eyes hooded, the shadows dancing around him like they always do.

She feels like a child because that little bit of attention makes her want to drink more, drink until she’s so drunk she can barely stand on her own two feet.

Mor wonder if he would be the one to bring her home, to put her in his arms, cradle her head against his chest.

She can’t help but wonder if that would be all the contact with him she’s ever going to get.

She can hear the thoughts in his mind like they were in hers, should he stop her? go to her? do something before-

But he doesn’t. He never does.

And now-now it’s all plain and clear in this little game of theirs, because a piece is missing. Or better, a piece has found his mate and is now too busy being locked in a cabin with her to see this pitiful display, to put a stop to it.

But she can’t blame Cassian, or his happiness, or Nesta. She snorts thinking that the latter two to Cassian are the same damn thing and in the sea of envy and joy she feels, she’s big enough to know that she can’t hate them for her own unhappiness.

She knows who really is to blame.

Mor watches her glass being refilled once, twice, thrice and a recurring dream-nightmare, horrible premonition, vision of a future where she at least has the guts to try-uncoils inside of her mind and it’s always the same and it always breaks her heart: she kisses him, lips on lips and the joy she feels is more than she ever felt, her heart trying to dig is way out through her ribs and he- he smiles, soft and polite, it doesn’t reach his eyes, it screams no, not like that, I’ve never seen you like that and you’re like family to me and it’s been five hundred years, your love will end, mine did and he slowly pushes her away, the edges in that cold smile cutting her hope apart.

She empties her glass, again.

“I think you had enough.” It’s him, his voice, drilling in every bone in her body, echoing in the space of centuries of longing.

“Taking the role of nursemaid now, have you?” the role you’ve left to Cassian all this time, she wants to say, but she had let him do it, let his brother fill the space they were too scared to even think of, let Cassian’s gentle heart take the blow for them both, but no longer.

She turns to him just in time to see him breathe in and close his eyes, like being this close to her or talking to her for more than two sentences makes him want to crawl out of his skin.

“Let’s go, Mor” and maybe it’s the way he says her name, the way it curls around her heart and makes it hard to breath but she gets closer to him, touches his face and his eyes widen, shock and-and something else and she masters her most joyful, childish tone and whispers “Can I tell you a secret?

He isn’t moving away, he isn’t moving away, he looks like he couldn’t move even if he wanted to.

She straightens herself, climbs on her sit until she’s face to face with him and she sees his hands opening and closing, opening and closing in the form of a fist until they make their shaky way to her hips and her voice is agonized, like she’s in pain and on the verge of tears, he opens his eyes for her, looks at her and she can’t keep it in no longer.

“I love you.”

Azriel screws his eyes shut, but she goes on, she said, it’s out in the open, he heard her, he didn’t run- “I’ve loved you for five hundred years, I’ve always did. I always will.”

There’s a sound coming from his chest, like a sob, like an answer as he kisses her forehead and his grip on her hips tightens, pulls her closer.

She thinks she can hear his shadows whispering,

Finally, finally.

Stay - Part 1 - I Can’t Stay

Characters: Reader (Y/N Montgomery), Jensen Ackles, Mentions of Ethan Montgomery (OC), Mentions of Kelly (OC)

Pairing: Single!Jensen x Married!Reader

Warnings: Cheating, hurt feelings, forbidden love, implied smut, actual smut, rough sex, fingering, oral (male and female receiving), unsafe sex (wrap it up, kiddos), heartbreak, a shit load of angst.

Word Count: 5,600ish (this is by far the longest I’ve ever written. *cue shocked look*)

A/N: Hey ya’ll. So this is something my dear Kari aka @thing-you-do-with-that-thing, brought up the other night. Basically she had Ronan Keating’s Stay stuck in her head and when she came to me with the song, I realized that it was the same song that I had gotten for a challenge! Kari is so amazing she suggested doing a collab. So we did. She would write in Jensen’s POV and I would write in the Reader’s POV. This is the result. This first part is also my challenge entry for @wayward-oneshots “Brook’s 100 Follower Challenge and my song is Sugarland - Stay (I decided to go with Jensen instead of Dean) Thank you to my beautiful Arie @bringmesomepie56 for beta'ing this for me. 💜💋

Get ready for one hell of a fucking ride, folks. *gets shield and helmet ready for attack*

Read @thing-you-do-with-that-thing’s Jensen’s POV HERE!!

Y/N couldn’t remember the last time she felt this way.

Even now, as she watched her husband drive away in a different car, leaving her to practically fend for herself after arriving in Vancouver only an hour ago, she felt her heart flutter. Her stomach felt like it was full of butterflies at the mere thought of those mesmerizing fairy tale green eyes.

Eyes that didn’t belong to her husband.

It wasn’t because Ethan Montgomery, producer of the show Arrow, wasn’t a good husband. He was the sweetest guy Y/N had ever known. It was his sweetness and gentleness that had lured Y/N in from the get-go.

But even then, something changed.

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Inspired by both titles and quotes from songs/films/books as well as my own creative imagination. More will be added as time passes, but there are currently 1,000+ para titles in this masterlist. They’ve been sorted into five categories: one word, two words, three+ words, Christmas themed, and Halloween themed titles. Please like/reblog if using, thank you!

-Zoey. x

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Characters: Baekhyun x You (ft. Kai & other members)

Type: Fluff, Angst

Word Count: 1830

A/N: Re-posting an edited version because Tumblr deleted my scenarios.

»Trust is probably the most important thing in a relationship, besides love of course. Be careful and protect your loved ones, because you never know who may want to steal them away from you. «

The day Baekhyun confessed to you wasn’t one of your greatest. You were in love with someone else and he knew that. But he also knew that you wanted to move on. So you accepted and now you were glad you did.

Dating Baekhyun was one of the most beautiful things in your life. You started to fall for him and loved him dearly. How could you not? He was always there for you. Yet, there were things going on you couldn’t understand.

Why was Baekhyun suddenly so hostile towards you?

He changed suddenly and when you confronted him, he blew up on you, voicing out doubts. He thought you were cheating on him. With whom? Your previous crush.

You couldn’t believe it. He wasn’t trusting you, rather he trusted that damn man that wanted you guys to split and it seems like that person reached it.

“He never trusted you, you see. It needed just a photo of a randomly bought underwear and he instantly trusted me that you slept with me and cheated on him. He was so blind with anger that he didn’t even make sure if it was yours or not. Laughable.”

You were just a crying mess. Sitting on the ground, you were hugging your knees while your face was buried in them. Your small frame shaking as you hiccuped.

Kai was obsessed with you, he started to stalk you and watch your every move. He was always around you in the shadows. And now, he successfully blackmailed you with the well being of his friends to let him into your home. He was threatening you with his friends, he was just inhuman, a psychopath.

The moment Baekhyun asked you to be his and you accepted, he snapped. Strange things happened to him after. Kai changed, he wasn’t him anymore and you were glad that he didn’t get the courage to ever ask you out.

But Baekhyun didn’t trust you anymore and your mutual friends probably as well. Baekhyun knew that longer, they were better friends. They wouldn’t be on your side, no one is. Not after you tried to make them believe you, yet they were not letting you speak. They were not listening.

The only person who knew everything and believed you unconditionally was your best friend Yujin and you hoped that she would tell the guys everything because there was no escape from Kai this time. Not when he locked you guys into your home.

“Why are you doing this?! This is not loving! You are hurting me!!” You cried into your hand, not understanding how he could have changed so much to the worst. What had you done to deserve something like this?

“You don’t know what love is.” He whispered. “You don’t love me yet to understand, but don’t worry…” He came closer towards your figure on the ground, crouching down in front of you to take your head in both of his hands. You froze instantly, feeling utterly disgusted at his touch. But he would flip out if you dared to slap his hand away. Kai getting angry was definitely something you didn’t want to happen. He would get violent for sure.

“I will make you fall in love with me.” He breathed out, his eyes stuck on your lips before neared his. Feeling his breath against your lips, you squirmed instinctively, trying to show him away from you. This surely fuelled him on as he pulled you to him aggressively, crashing his lips to yours. It wasn’t sweet, it wasn’t gentle. His kiss hurt. He was suddenly biting your lower lip so hard, bringing you to whimper as you tasted your blood. making them bleed. Mistaking the sound as content and a sound of pleasure, Kai smirked amusedly not stopping once.

He was really thinking that you were enjoying his torture. He was sure that you would love him back soon enough. He was insisting that you never stopped loving him. Because you were now his and nobody would be able to tear you apart.

Kai was in bliss. Finally have you in his arms, by his side. His.

You, on the other hand, felt like throwing up. Feeling your strength leave you to the mercy of the man who is forcing himself on you, you let your tears run down your cheeks. He was already lost in his own beliefs to see reality. Your true feelings for him. Hate.

However, this wasn’t enough anymore. Kai needed more. “You are finally mine.” Pulling you up, he shoved you into a wall while murmuring. His hands ran down from your face towards your hips, pulling them towards him. He loved the friction, and he wasn’t really hiding that fact as his breath hitched.

A sob broke out of you. When will this stop? When will someone come to rescue you?

Slipping his hands into your shirt, his lips found your neck, leaving painful red marks. The moment his hands reached your bra, though, he was shoved away from you, letting you slide down the wall as Kai was forced into the bathroom with a punch by none other than Baekhyun himself.

Letting your head fall between your knees, you hugged yourself tightly. You felt dirty, so overly dirty and used that you were on the brink of hating yourself.

Seeing the state you are in, Baekhyun saw red. If it wasn’t for Chanyeol pulling him away and Tao locking Kai away, he would be pouncing on the younger without mercy. With the intent to kill him, if not hurt him severely. He didn’t seem to be able to tone down his anger, especially not with Kai shouting.

He was pounding on the door, shouting that you were his and that he would get you no matter what and that he wouldn’t stop and leave you in the hands of anyone else.

Not being able to calm down, you breathed in and out deeply, rocking yourself back and forth. Seeing your distressed and frightening state with sad eyes, guilt rose in the guys immediately. They couldn’t believe that they judged you without even hearing you out. The only thing they could do now was thank heavens that Yujin told them everything in time and that they actually listened to her. How could they have doubted an innocent soul like you? You were like their little sister and they didn’t trust you enough. Why would you, out of all people, make something up about one of their friends?

You, though, didn’t now what to feel at the moment. You were extremely freaked out and scared as you noticed someone stalking you. Totally shocked as you found out it was Kai, a friend you knew longer than Baekhyun. Heartbreak and a whole new level of sadness, when your friends and Baekhyun jumped to a conclusion without listening to you or hearing you out and leaving you alone But the extreme relief that you were saved now.

These were too many emotions at once. So it was no wonder that you would be crying messily, trying to forget what just had happened. How the touches felt. How his kisses felt like. You felt like puking, rubbing your skin dry and clean of anything.

“I can’t believe we didn’t listen to what she had to say. I can’t even believe that we didn’t – that I didn’t – notice her changes and how scared she always was,” D.O mumbled, eyes watering seeing the state you were in. “We are such jerks…”

“Baby,“ Baekhyun whispered a tear escaping his eyes as he tried to walk near you. You flinched the moment he touched your shoulders and retreated instantly seeing your reaction. It just broke him more. How could he ever think you would cheat on him? You the person who ran after him rather than the other way around.

“We broke her.” Chanyeol breathed out. “How could we?”

Baekhyun fell to his knees, hands balled into the fist ready to pounce on the man who did this to you. “That son of a-…”

“Baekhyun?” Your voice a mere whisper as your head cleared and you recognised your boyfriend’s voice. Was it really him? Or were you dreaming?

Baekhyun sobbed, pulling you towards his chest, basically crushing you with his arms.
“I am so sorry. I am so sorry. You were always protecting us and we just tossed you away, I am so sorry!”

“I was so afraid Baek.” You sobbed. The boys were taking some steps back, giving you guys a bit of privacy, discussing what they should do with Kai now. He was a friend after all, but his actions were unforgiving and based on the protests and noises he made in your bedroom, he wouldn’t give up so soon. The police were needed in this. (Past) Friend or not.

Baekhyun pulled away to look into your face, wiping away your tears and you doing the same with his. He slowly leant his forehead to yours, smiling sadly at you. “Can you forgive me. Scratch that, I will do anything for you to forgive me. You mean so much to me.”

More tears fell down, but this time of happiness. You just nodded in delight and Baekhyun couldn’t believe it. He was really dating an angel. One that seemed to always forgive him. He didn’t deserve you, but he would make up every mistake. He would earn your forgiveness and trust again. It won’t be easy and he didn’t expect it to be, but he will do his best.

The moment you smiled at him, he has dazed again, unconsciously locking his lips with yours. It was an innocent peck at first but soon turned out to be much more. He started to move his lips softly pouring all his feelings into the kiss, till he became needy. The kiss turned into a rough and passionate one, yet still so gentle, so different from Kai’s before, so him. It was making your head dizzy, giving you so many tingles. You were shivering from the intense feelings. And to your luck, it made your mind hazy, making you forget what just happened minutes ago. You two were in bliss, this was it: perfect. It was everything.

The first one to pull away was you, catching your breath as you smiled even brighter. Whatever he did, he was always the one holding your heart, being the owner of it. And his heart belonged solely to you.

“I love you so much.” Baekhyun huffed out, kissing your face all over.

You giggled at the small tingles it left on your face. “I love you too. So much! Just…listen to me the next time, okay?”


They say your life flashes all at once in front of your eyes when you’re about to die, but there’s only fear and a mild disappointment in Matthew Crawley’s heart as his car rolls over itself and crashes loudly on the side of the road.

This is the end, he thinks, and all goes black.

He wakes up with a start and it’s day and he’s in a forest. His car is nowhere to be seen, no coat, no bag, no phone. He starts walking hoping he’ll meet the road at some point because he knows the country around the abbey by now, and the forest is not very large, but he wanders for hours, and all he finds is a narrow path between the lines of trees, and he follows it as the sun starts setting and the temperature drops.

There’s commotion in the distance, he can hear shouts and what sounds like many horses galloping in his direction. He hides away in the trees as they pass, but they’re also his only chance, he thinks, and so he jumps on the road before they run too far and calls them back.

They’re around him in less than a beat, pointing weapons at him, not shotguns or rifles, to his surprise, but swords and spears, and when Matthew looks up at the strangers his eyes wide as he takes in their look, for they’re all dressed as medieval knights.

They’ll take him prisoner, they decide after a small debate, and they’ll bring him back to “the castle”, and if a small part of Matthew hopes at first that they’re taking him to safety, that maybe these are actors rehearsing for their next scene, or history fanatics reviving some famous battle of the past, his heart soon drops when they leaves the trees behind and the gentle slope around the now familiar bulk of Downton Abbey comes in sight, only there’s no pretty seventeenth century building there, but a smaller castle stands in its place, with strong circular towers and narrow windows.

He shakes from cold and fear, and when they take him by the arms and drag him inside, he thinks that he must have gone mad, or maybe he’s dreaming, because what his mind is telling him is just not possible.

His arms hurt from the pressure of rough hands around them, though, and the strain in his legs is real, and he almost stumbles as he’s pushed through the crowd into a huge, bare room.

“Welcome to Dountone Abbeie,” one of his guard whisper to him mockingly, before unceremoniously dropping him on the hard stone floor, right in front of a wooden throne.

They leave him there and stand a few feet away, and he can feel everyone’s eyes of on him, hear the sniggers of the closest men, and his heart is racing in his chest, his breaths are coming in shallow.

When he dares to lifts his face there’s no laughter in the dark eyes of the woman who is looking down at him.

“My name is Mary,” she tells him in a cold, but clear and authoritarian voice, and the crowd falls silent. “Lady of this land and ruler in the name of God. Who are you?”

And Matthew swallows, sweat sliding down his neck, as fear pools low in his stomach.


Time travel AU, by patsan.

Blatantly inspired by Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander.