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DOB’s heart breaks not just for the obvious candidates – your Eponines, your Bambis, your Misters T, and so on – but for every sad character, even and especially the minor ones he feels like no one else is paying attention to.

The 3 Most Depressing Minor Characters in Famous Movies

#3. Unnamed Lonely Bus Driver (Mrs. Doubtfire)

In between shenanigans and montages set to Aerosmith songs, we meet a sweet old bus driver played by the late Sydney Walker. [Robin] Williams as Doubtfire has to take a late bus home from work most nights, and this bus driver is usually the only other person on the bus. When he sees her, he smiles and sweetly flirts with her. It’s cute. And the audience watching along is supposed to laugh because, hehehe, the bus driver doesn’t realize he’s flirting with a guy! … There was no reason for the movie to follow up with this guy because the character only exists as a joke. … I don’t know what went wrong in my brain to make me this way, but I think about that guy all the time. … I think about this man and the way he looks and smiles at Mrs. Doubtfire, and I can’t help but think that seeing this woman and briefly getting the opportunity to flirt with her is the highlight of his day. Maybe tonight’ll be the night I ask her out. Nothing big, just a cup of coffee or something, I imagine him saying to himself at his house, alone, because I’m the kind of person who thinks like that, because I’m a lunatic.

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tenxrose pretending to hate each other au?

#9 The One Where Donna Finds Out

1000~words, Teen, #45 - Pretending To Hate Each Other AU

“Saw you talking to the Tyler girl earlier,” said Aunt Sylvia over dinner.

“Eh?” His head shot up, and a smile spread across his face of it’s own volition. “Oh, you mean Rose?”

Her mouth made a grim, displeased line. Behind her, his cousin Donna shook her head, her expression clearly telegraphing abort, abort.

Uh oh, he thought.

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