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Can I get a Daveed fic pls? 28 - Love confession alongside 28 - “If I kissed you right now, what would you do?”

A Meeting

“So Rafa tells me you’re pretty cool.” You smile as you approach the man standing by the dessert table. He’s tall and his hair hangs around his face in braided tresses. He wears a flat billed had with a circular tree symbol embellished on the front. He smiles as you speak to him, teeth showing bright behind his grin.

“And he could never begin to describe how pretty you are.” He replies smoothly, causing a blush to spread over your cheeks. “Daveed.” He holds out his hand, prompting you to shake and your name falls from your lips with barely a stutter as you do so.

A Kiss

“What would you do if I kissed you right now?” Daveed asks, speaking barely above the volume of his own breath.

The room had gone dark, the music ending with the lights and pumping air conditioning. By now, the alarmed yelling of the crowd around you had died down. The pitch blackness is only accompanied by quiet conversations while people wait for the power to return.

“I don’t know.” You reply truthfully. “Do it.” You dare, a shot of thrilling energy pumps through your veins and you wait a few seconds unsure of what he will do.

He follows your orders and you feel yourself floating from the ground, inflated by his lips against yours, defying gravity with merely a kiss.

A Confession

“I love you.” You blurt. You don’t know how else, or when else to say it. You love him.

He stares at you for a moment, silent while he waits for his head to wrap around what you’ve just told him. You love him? Without a doubt, he knows what his response will be, but the words don’t come out of his mouth.

“You don’t have to say it back.” You begin, “I just… wanted you to know.”

“I love you.” He finally echoes you, declaring the words as a complete mirror of your own. “I love you too.” He repeats.

A Vow

“Do you, Daveed Diggs, take Y/N L/N as your lawfully wedded spouse?”

“I do.” He slips the ring onto your finger, holding onto your hand a few seconds before dropping it.

“And do you, Y/N, take Daveed Diggs as your lawfully wedded spouse?”

“I do.” You feel tears streaming down your cheeks as you put the ring on his finger. You grin up at him excitedly, suddenly unsure whether or not you’re dreaming.

“You may kiss.” The officiant finishes decisively.

Your hand cups Daveed’s cheek as you kiss, and his scruff tickles your palm. With his hand securely against your lower back, he dips you and brings you back upright before finally breaking the kiss, a beam on his face that perfectly mirrors your own.

I guess this is kind of three situations but it was sorta the only way I could think to put them together. I hope you liked it!


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So… Jungkook’s been following Jimin from room to room for years now.

  • Left his room and slept with Jimin on the living room floor.
  • Just straight up stole Jimin’s bed.
  • Made a huge deal of being Yoongi’s room mate in BV. Didn’t matter. Slept with Jimin out on the living room sofa.
  • JK calls Jimin his “All-nighter friend.”
  • After years of complaining, JK finally got his own room.
  • Never actually sleeps there. Go figure.
  • Jimin told JK to stop coming to his room. Kook awkwardly laughed it off. Told Hobi to keep his bed clean for him.
  • Jimin (yet again) “complained” about Kook coming to his room every night. JK don’t care. Made up some excuse about his bed being uncomfortable (despite having shown in the past that he can and will sleep anywhere).
  • Meanwhile, the living room floor/sofa continues to be empty and has plenty of space for JK if he wants it. But of course he doesn’t. Not when Jimin’s not there.
The Younger Son - Part 1

((OOC: Regulus played by @space-marauder, Sirius played by @asktheboywholived))

On this particular night, the Noble Black Family had many visitors in their home at Number 12 Grimmauld Place. The younger of the two sons wandered, talking with the guests of his home, smiling pleasantly, but never really saying a word. His mother caught sight of him from across the room and motioned for him to join her…

The woman rolls her eyes, disgusted with her elder son.

The boy hesitates, his brow creasing ever so slightly.

A moment passes and the boy still has not moved.

The boy makes his way up the stairs to the third floor, passing by the heads of dead house elves mounted on the wall, various family portraits that nod at him politely, numerous candelabra adorned with silver snakes baring their fangs, until finally he reaches the top of the stairs. On one side is his own room where the door is marked with a silver plate, reading “Regulus Arcturus Black.” He crosses to the door opposite. He knocks and waits.

“Sirius?” he calls. There is no reply. The boy reaches out, twists the door handle and enters the room.

Sirius: And did she tell you just how the imperious curse works…

A blaze of scarlet and gold from around Sirius’ neck catches his brother’s eye.

The elder brother shoves his way past the younger. Regulus can hear his steps descending the stairs. He closes his eyes. And waits. The sound of his brothers steps fade and a moment later, he hears what he expected to hear; the painfully shrill shrieks of his mother and the sharp cracks of guests disapparating.

to be continued…

Take Time

“I don’t have time,” Dean says dismissively, when Cas tries to recommend him new books, new movies, new things to share. “Not right now. I gotta work on the car.”

And then it’s, “I gotta make dinner.”

And then it’s, “We kinda have a ghost hunt on, Cas, if you didn’t notice.”

Eventually, Cas just comes and sits beside Dean when he’s soothing the Impala’s latest aching joint; he opens his book, and starts to read aloud. Dean, stuck under Baby with nowhere to go and an exhaust pipe to fix, complains at first - and then listens.

And Cas keeps following him around, reading. To the kitchen, to the car on a trip (”I don’t get travel sick, Dean, it’s fine”) - anywhere Dean goes, Cas will follow after with his voice shaping words and drawing stories in the air.

One afternoon, Cas is sitting on his own bed, quietly - and Dean comes looking for him. “Gotta fix the car,” he says. “You wanna come or what?”

Cas wants to. They move through books fast, the days soundtracked by the soft rustle of pages turning. By the tilt and camber of Cas’ voice. By the quiet noises of surprise and happiness and horror that Dean makes as the tales unravel.

“Don’t stop,” Dean says one night, when he’s about to go to bed. “Just finish the chapter.” And Cas sits at the end of Dean’s bed, and reads.

The next night, he does the same.

At some point, he stops going back to his own room. He sleeps in Dean’s bed. They don’t talk about it - not until one day when they wake up, and both pretend very thoroughly not to have woken up, and carefully move with sleepy gestures, very very sleepy gestures, into each other’s space. Hand a little closer to chest. Hips turned towards hips. Forehead almost - almost - pressed to forehead. Sneaking glances under half-closed lids, measuring distances, until they catch each other looking and open their eyes all the way.

“Hey,” Dean says.

“Hello, Dean.”

Dean smiles.

“We should get up,” Cas says.

“Nah,” Dean says. “We’ve got time.”



Rooms are as follows: Jin- on his own / Suga, Rap Monster / Jhope, V/ JUNGKOOK AND JIMIN

AND THERE IS MOOOORE to the story, remember that selfie Jimin shared:

The bed were so big but Jikook were glued to one another. Here is the proof: these were their clothes on that day:

He’s a baby boy.

Cas getting a job in college as a pizza delivery boy, just to pay the bills.

Dean, his asshole college roommate, ordering pizza whenever he knows Cas is working. He likes making Cas drive across town to his own dorm room, finds it hilarious. And he likes making the strangest requests, when he orders.

“Sing a song when I open the door.”

“Balance the pizza on your head.”

“Kneel when you give me the pizza, and call me Your Majesty.”

Cas goes along with it, because - well, he finds it funny in a way, even if he would never show it. It’s something that isn’t monotonous, at least, something different. Something weird. And Dean is kind of good-looking… and he seems less and less like a douche, the more Cas gets to know him.

In fact, he’s kind of… kind of the reason Cas doesn’t sleep at night, for the butterflies in his stomach. Kind of the only person Cas can think about.

Cas rearranges the pepperoni on Dean’s pizza one night, so that it’s in the shape of a heart. When he delivers it, he’s so busy blushing and throwing the pizza at Dean that he completely forgets to fulfill Dean’s typically stupid request at the door, and just runs.

The next night, though, when Dean’s request comes in, Cas doesn’t forget it. He thinks about it the whole ride across town, and when Dean opens the door - looking unusually shy and flustered and hopeful - he smiles.

“Kiss me?” the request read. And Cas does.


  • Yuuri: Quick! To the panic room!
  • Yuri: This place doesn't have a panic room!
  • Yuuri: Any room can be a panic room if you panic hard enough!

Remember that one time in Leroux’s Phantom when Raoul’s just minding his own business in his room and all of a sudden he sees Erik’s creepy glowing cat eyeballs on his balcony because Erik has just been standing there watching him sleep?


And Phillippe bounds upstairs after a hail of gunfire interrupts his evening Most Interesting Man in the World bourbon time and he’s like, “Hi, um, quick question: what the fuck?”

And Raoul’s just like, “My girlfriend’s boyfriend was watching me take a nap so I shot him.”

And they go outside and there’s BLOOD ON THE BALCONY.

Which means Raoul got him. Raoul shot the Phantom of the Opera and Erik was probably so humiliated by the whole thing that he didn’t say anything because then he’d have to admit that in addition to watching Christine sleep, he also watched her renegade, quietly badass sensitive sailor boyfriend sleep. And got shot because of it.

Good ol’ Sharp Shooter de Chagny.

My girl

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Imagine Sebastian Stan eyeing you out at the Red Carpet awards and your boyfriend Bill Skarsgard notices.

You walk down the red carpet with your boyfriends arm around your waist, you smile as you pass all the photographers taking pictures, until you felt a bit of a pinch on your side. You looked to see Bill tensing his fist on your waist.

“Ow” You winced

“Sorry” He whispered

You saw that he was gazing to a man ahead of yous, when your eyes followed to where he was looking you saw Sebastian Stan. You both made eye contact, and it made you feel a bit uncomfortable because he was starring at you as he were predator and you his prey. Bill pulled you closer to him and nibbled a bit on your earlobe.

“Bill” You giggled as you looked away from Sebastian

“Hey im ganna go say hi to some people, mind waiting here?” He asked as held both your hands in his warm ones.

“Of course my handsome man” You winked

You watched Bill walk through a crowd of celebrities and dissapear, luckily your best friends Elizabeth Olen and Scarlet Johnson came to your side and admired your dress and makeup.

Bill walked up to Sebastian and fake smiled for the cameras

“Keep your eyes of my girl, or you and I are ganna have problems” He said as he placed his arm around Sebs shoulders and smiling for the cameras

“You jealous because im here ex-boyfriend? or you scared that she one day might leave you and come running back to me” Seb tormented Bill. 

Bill’ hands balled up into a fist, he was ganna do something that he would regret for the rest of his life. He placed a hand on Sebs shoulder, he was about to raise his fist and sock him in the jaw, until you strolled along the carpet with a smile on your face.

“Sebastian!” You hugged him, pulled away and pecked his cheek, once you did Sebs eyes went to Bills and he winked teasingly

“Wow you look amazing doll” You blushed at his comment

Bill placed his hands around your torso from behind

“Seb and I were just catching up…. Right pal?” His eyes glaring coldly at Seb.

“Champagne miss Y/N?” The waitress offered, your eyes went wide, but then you remembered.

“No thank you” you grabbed Bills hands that were on your waist and moved them to your stomach, rubbing your one month flat stomach that would soon pop out.

Sebs eyes widens and his jaw agape’s and Bill steps away from you in surprise with an excited smile on his face

“Your pregnant!” Both Seb and Bill exclaim

You nod at your boyfriend and ex-boyfriend

“OH MY GOD!” Bill screams causing everyone in the whole crowd to stare at the commotion, he picks you up into a fiery kiss and spins you around

“Im going to be a dad!” He yells over to his brother Alexander who is in an interview with E!news. His brothers eyes widens and screams “Congrats bro!” All the celebs on the red carpet congratulated you and Bill. Seb smiled to you, but you knew it was a fake smile. Seb loves you still and hearing the news of your pregnancy shattered his heart, he didn’t say anything but kissed your cheek and walked off. You called out to him but he didn’t listen, you put your arms around Bill’ neck .

“Seb looked a bit off” You worried

“I kinda told him off” He said 


Bill sighs “Because he was starring, and I didn’t like the way he looked at you, so I went to him and told him to stop starring but instead of listening he replied with rude remarks”

“Like what?” Your forehead now on his

“Doesn’t matter. You know why? No matter what happens between us, your still My Girl” He kissed your lips.

Sebastian was in the mens room starring at his own reflection with anger rising in his chest, his mind screams and his heart breaks. Hes angry at himself because he wishes that could be his child instead of that stupid clown, he wishes that he could reverse the mistakes that he did, only to be with you. But it’s too late, you’ve moved on and now your having a baby. 

He smashed the mirror with his fist and slid down the wall holding his bleeding hand and crying tears from his ocean blue eyes

“Im sorry, I cheated on you with Margarita” 

My Girl Pt2

BTS Reaction - You wearing his boxers

He didn’t know if he found you adorable or sexy..


As clumsy as Namjoon was he had thrown the freshly washed new boxers he bought anywhere in his room. He crouched down the floor, a hand covering his eyes while calling out: “Why me?!” To his words you rushed to his room, seeing Namjoon’s mess of a room. “Babygirl, have you seen-” Standing close to his kneeling body he saw the culprit taking his new boxers. The atmosphere changing as his big hand shot forward, he pulled you by your legs into him, your core meeting his face. “I guess I can take these off?, he would shove his fingers into the hem, slowly pulling them down to take back what he was looking for.


“Pink and checkered?”, it was Hoseok who asked after Jin desperately tried to accuse him as the one taking his boxers from time to time. “You always have them, man, give them back”, he was annoyed as the oldest having a hard time dealing with the kids, but his younger friend only gestured to you who bent down to lift your phone off the ground, seeing the familiar pattern peaking out of your jeans. Jin then would walk to you, grabbing you by the hips to shove your ass into his core. “You better take them off, y/n.”


Of course he would lend you his boxer when you stayed over, what else would be comfortable after a good fuck? You dressed into them, hidden under the blanket as Hoseok went to get you water. As he came back you surprised him with his own undies on you, his smile bright, but laced with arousal. “I know whose these are, babe. All”, he would drop the glass on his nightstand, “of this”, then pull you close, his hand stroking over the material of his boxers, touching your still sensitive spot, “is mine, isn’t it?”, taking them off of you whereas his dick grew in his sweatpants for a second round, the sight a major turn on for him.


“Yoongi? I’m thirsty”, you tried to wake the sleeping guy next to you to get you something to drink, but he would just groan and turn around to ignore you wherefore you stood up yourself, grumbling looking for your clothes, but instead snatched his boxers and shirt. Down in the kitchen you took your time, suddenly feeling a pair of hands surrounding you. “I didn’t know that my boxers look that hot on your round ass, baby”, Yoongi’s voice was raspy and dark, his hands warm as they hit your ass, massaging your flesh over the material. “You better take them off right now..”


Jimin would give you everything he had to offer, even his underwear hence he wasn’t mad as he caught you on the couch laying in nothing more than his boxers and a shirt. He found you adorable, sprawled across the couch with a bag of chips in your hands. “I’m home, princess”, he would smile at you as you tried to stand up, tripping over the table and showing off his boxers in another way, face down, ass up. Hissing he rushed to you, his hands stroking over his own undies on you, strangely turning him on. “Are you okay, princess?”, he would assure you were okay ere he would start to grin, taking in the view and giving you a playful hit on the ass. “Why is that turning me on?”


A lazy sunday was the best to relax, you in his arms, wearing his boxers after a hot session on the couch this morning. You looked utterly cute in the wide shorts, your messy hair with a bright red hickey covering your neck. Then you asked him to let you free to get your phone, dancing light-footed down the hall, his eyes focused on the way your hips swung from side to side, turning him on that you had his boxers on. “B-baby, wait for me”, pictures formed in his head, his lips licking as he followed you, pushing you down the bed the moment he got hold of your body.


Taking a shower forgetting your own clothes, you decided to take Jungkook’s prepared boxers for himself, pulling them over your ass before walking in his room to get your own things. “You can go now”, you would look for your clothes without even looking at your boyfriend, silence greeting you. “Is every-”, Jungkook stared at you, his shock at what you were wearing plastered on his face. “Are those mine?”, nodding you would smile at him, seeing something big poking at the material of his jeans. “Shower can wait, come here.”

Weak For

Sorry, I had to write this, it was really cute, by @ironinkpen

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me and neither does the prompt. 

Keith doesn’t know what makes him pause but suddenly his eyes fall to the empty space on his right and then he frowns.

Where is Lance?

“Pidge,” Keith calls quietly, hoping that his voice would go unnoticed by the small gathering of royals around the room, who were currently entranced with Allura’s speech, “Where did Lance go?”

“Hm?” Pidge hums, head turning to him but eyes never leaving her wrist where she has her hologram screen up, “Uh, I don’t know? He was right behind us before the meeting. I think I might hear him yelp or squeal at something in the garden? Not sure though.”

Keith purses his lips in annoyance before he rolls his eyes. “What could have been so ‘amazing’ that made him miss the meeting?”

“I don’t know. He’s probably flirting with some girls, maybe?” Pidge shrugs, cheering softly to herself when a new dot on her screen turns green, meaning her hacking succeed.

Keith ignores the solid drop his stomach makes at the suggestion and ignores the hard tug inside his chest. He doesn’t even want to picture it. “Whatever thing he’s doing, he needs to be here now or Allura’s gonna throw a fit.”

“Well, you better hurry then and get him, because Allura’s inspirational speech is about to end and then she will notice for sure.”

Keith blinks because excuse you but why is he in charge? and then oh, right, black paladin stuff, yay.

No yay.

Sneaking out of the room wasn’t hard at all and soon he was retaking his own steps from an hour ago. He’s in the royal garden all of the sudden and it’s not long before a familiar voice echoes around him.

“You have got to be the most beautiful little lady I’ve ever seen!” Lance shouts, the happiness in his voice clear as the day and it makes Keith to twitch an almost smile, “Believe me, I would know, I have travel the entire universe!”

Keith sighs then, because he knows who Lance must be talking to and what’s he’s aiming for. Sucking in a breath, Keith turns to head over he heard Lance’s voice and he’s surprised to see that there’s a small group of the planet’s habitants, all of them circling two figures in the middle.

He easily recognizes the blue color on Lance’s armor, just like he recognizes the common castle’s servant attire of the aliens surrounding Lance.

Keith’s curiosity sparks when Lance’s voice keeps going but turning into a more high pitched and playful tone. It’s not unusual, per se, for the Blue Paladin to talk like that, but it’s no usually done in front of potential Mrs. Blue Lions.

Not that Keith has been paying attention to Lance’s tactics.


Keith walks forward, tapping and pulling gently to the side at some of the servants and nodding gratefully when some of them step away voluntarily as soon as they recognize him.

“Lance, what are you doi –“

His words get cut off by a squeal quickly followed by a giggle.

A child-like giggle.

Keith stares at the scene in front of him, of Lance hunching down in front of the young servant in front of him, clearly a female, but he’s not looking at her, he’s looking at the small bundle in her arms.

It’s a baby, a small round baby that sits on their mother’s lap as they giggle and throws their small arms in the air, trying to reach the Paladin’s smiling face.

Huh, would you look at that.

“Keith!” Lance shouts then, turning his attention from the baby to him and Keith’s eyes widen when Lance pulls him forward, “You gotta meet this precious star!”

“Um, hi, hello, I’m Keith and I’m here against my will and I’m sorry for intruding,” Keith says, waving awkwardly at the young mother of the baby, who smiles gently at him.

“It’s alright, Red Paladin, it’s my pleasure to be surrounded by such presence like yourself and the Blue Paladin. I thank you for your brave doing of saving our planet,” she pauses then, eyes falling to the baby on her lap before she continues, softer than before, “For saving us.”

And Keith’s heart melts, because there are no words that could express the feeling of pride that fills him.

He looks down at the baby then, when something grabs his finger. Keith gasps softly before smiling when he sees the way the baby coos, enchanted by his gloves.

“Aren’t they precious?” Lance whispers next to him, sending him a bright smile, “I’m sorry I missed the meeting but I mean, come on? Look at that face.”

Keith snorts but still kneels in front of the baby, letting them nib with their tiny mouth his gloves. “You got lucky this time, Mister.”

Lance chuckles quietly, kneeling down next to him. “Who would have thought Keith Kogane was weak for babies?”

“Not only for them,” Keith mumbles but Lance doesn’t hear, because he’s back to cooing and stealing the baby’s attention in less than a tick.

They both miss the meeting, but that’s okay, Allura didn’t mind after she joined them two hours later.