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I like to imagine the reader (who is best friends with the jocks + Alex) has their own place. Like their emancipated or their parents are never there or something. But obviously they'd be there all the time. Justin practically (or literally) lives there. They all go there when they need a break, or to smoke, because they don't have to worry about Zach or Monty's family coming home early. Or they go there to hang out instead of Bryce's because they obviously don't want the reader near him.

Okay, but the boys not even saying anything to Bryce, they just causally stop rocking up at his house. And the reader’s parents are never home for whatever reason, and there’s a pool and spa too, and they all basically just sit in the backyard and chill. Some days they don’t even talk, they all just lay lined up on the grass getting a tan.

Justin does have his own room there, and he lives there 90% of the time, unless his Mum is single and needs him. So the reader and Justin both have jobs to keep the place going, and their friends help them out with dinner- like Monday’s are at Alex’s, Tuesday’s at Zach’s, Wednesday’s at Monty’s, Thursday’s at Jeff’s etc. so that they get to save some cash.

The jocks are always over there, sometimes even when the reader isn’t home. It’s like their secret hide away and home away from home. Luckily it’s not easy for the neighbours to access, because they definitely drink and smoke there, and the dancing- when they’re super high and just in a daze and lazily swaying with the music.

Half the time the other boys live there too, except Jeff and Zach who enjoy spending time with their families. And they have board games night, and play video games. Above everything though it’s just the place where they can all let their guard down. They’re all super affectionate and sweet with each other there, and it’s just such a nice environment for them all.

victuuri headcanon #1

“i’m not sure where you want to put my stuff,” yuuri says when they walk into victor’s apartment for the first time. “put what where?” victor asks, who’s cuddling makkachin on the floor and rubbing his belly because makkachin is a good boy who deserves belly rubs. “like, i don’t know where to put it,” yuuri says. victor stands up, picks up the box in yuuri’s hands, and drops it on the bed in his own room. he points to the closet in their room. “it’s not your stuff,” he says. “it’s our stuff.” 

“okay,” yuuri says. “but i’m pretty sure my shirts aren’t going to fit you.”

“that’s okay,” victor says. “they’ll stretch.” 

You Can Do It

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Request: Hi! Can I request a scenario where Rocky is teaching you to dance? Thank you !!
Member: Rocky (Astro)
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 703
A/N: This was one of the first requests we got on the blog and now it’s rewritten and reposted! -Admin Sierra

Small beads of sweat rolled down the sides of your face as you ruffled your hair in frustration. You were extremely determined to learn how to dance, however it just seemed your body wouldn’t listen to your mind and couldn’t get past the first few steps.

“Any progress yet?” The door to the practice room swung open, revealing a very tired Minhyuk who just finished his own dance practice for the day. With a small pout on your face, you shook your head and turned back to look at your phone, looking over the steps in the video once again.

“Here let me see,” Lightly pulling the phone from your hands, Minhyuk’s eyes flickers back at forth watching the screen as he took in the dance steps, nodding a few times as they registered in his mind. Unconsciously, his body followed what he was watching on his own and even though the movements were very small, you couldn’t help but think him dancing like that was better than you trying your best to get it done. Your eyes were filled with envy as you watched him and sighed while taking a sip of your ice cold water, not wanting to drag your hopes down even more.

“Okay, let’s do this,” Placing the phone on the floor in front of you two, he patiently waited while you struggled to quickly close your water bottle and place it next to the phone.

“Shouldn’t you be resting though? You’ve been practicing your own stuff all day..” You stood up feeling slightly guilty but Minhyuk only reassured you with a soft smile before immediately getting into teaching mode.

“So you start off with your feet like this..” He moved his feet slightly while changing his body posture, keeping an eye on you as you attempted to copy him, and somewhat succeeded in doing so.

“Good!! Now the beginning is pretty slow, but your arm has to go up to a certain degree pretty fast, like this!” His head slowly began to raise before his arm shot up gracefully, slowly descending for a few beats before his head began to follow the movement. You smiled in awe before trying to do the same, only as you watched yourself in the mirror, you could tell your movements seemed more forced and stuff compared to Minhyuk’s.

“You almost got it! Here,” Slowly moving behind you, he began to count the beats aloud and lightly held underneath your arm, his other hand lingering on the middle of your back. It took all of your energy to focus back on the dance as he began moving your body as if you were a mannequin, and you couldn’t help but melt in his grasp.

“Look! You’re already doing so much better!” With Minhyuk’s cheering, he left your side and encouraged you to do it once more without the music, and you couldn’t help but smile as you watched yourself in the mirror. It was obvious how much more fluid your movement was, your mind still focused on the lingering heat of where Minhyuk had held you. It had taken you hours to make it to the chorus and even if you knew the steps, they just didn’t seem right, up until now.

“Oh my god look!! I did it !!” A wide smile spread across your face and you immediately threw your arms around Minhyuk in a tight embrace, his arms wrapping around your smaller figure as he squeezed you back.

“See! I knew you could do it,” He pulled back and held onto your shoulders as he smiled brightly at you, your heart melting at the sight.

“I only did it because you helped..” You mumbled while averting your eyes to the floor and he chuckled at your expression, pulling you close in a tight unexpected embrace once more.

“And I’ll keep helping you until you can get it right, okay?” Your face was surely as red as a tomato as you buried it in Minhyuk’s shoulder, scared to let him see how easily flustered you got around him, only he knew exactly how flustered you were and he smiled to himself, tightening his hold on you and closing his eyes in content.

If We Go Down -- Brothers

If we go down, we go down together.
Newt doesn’t remember exactly how that started. He supposes it was around when he was six years old and Theseus was nine. Their father was drunk again – ranting and raving and cursing. Newt was scared, being just a child and all. He was hiding with Theseus in his room, the both of them wrapped in Theseus’ soft yellow quilt, his brother’s arm wrapped around his shoulders.

“It’s alright, Artemis. Remember – if we go down, we go down together.”

That had been to keep Newt quiet until their father had passed out in a drunken heap in his bedroom. He slept in Theseus’ room that night, too frightened to go back to his own room.

The next time it was said, Theseus was eleven and Newt was eight years old. Behind his brother was the train that would take him away, to a far away place that Newt couldn’t go to just yet. Their mother had said her goodbyes and left Newt and Theseus to say it, too. Tears were already clouding the younger Scamander’s hazel-green eyes as he looked up at his elder brother and begged him not to go.

Theseus had smile and reached out, touching the sun pendant that hung around Newt’s neck. “I won’t be far from you, Artemis. I’ll write to you every chance I have, and I’ll see you at Christmas break. Remember, little brother – If we go down, we go down together. With a kiss to his foreheard, his brother had climbed aboard the train and disappeared from view.

Newt is seventeen years old, Theseus Theseus is but twenty himself. This is a time of war – of violence, death, and hatred – and his only consolation is his brother’s smiling face, despite the pain in his chest. His brother has been hit by a spell, a curse, and he’s trying to reassure Newt. “It missed my heart, my Lune.” He croons to his panicked baby brother. “I’ll be fine. I’ve told you before – If we go down, we go down together. I won’t be leaving you anytime soon.”

Newt is twenty-nine, and Theseus is thirty-two. The mess in New York is over, Percival Graves has been found, and Newt is going to the Ministry for a visit. He’s met by a blur, and something crashes into him and sends him to the floor. “If we go down, we go down together. What part of that don’t you understand, Newton Artemis?” He knows his brother is talking about his encounter with Grindelwald, and he laughs as he pats his back.

Newt is a hundred and two, and Theseus is gone. Newt sits down as best he can – his bones have been giving him trouble lately – beside his brother’s final resting place. It’s almost his time, he can feel it. He rests his hand on the still brown and overturned earth that marks his brother’s grave, and he whispers. “If go down, we go down together.”

The next time it is said, his spirit is leaving his body, and there he is. His brother is waiting for him, looking no older than thirty-five. He looks down at his own hands, and he is thirty-two years old again. “If we go down, we go down together.” His brother says in his youthful voice, offering his hand to his baby brother.

“Come along, Artemis, it’s time to go home. Can’t keep Maman waiting.” Newt Scamander takes his brother’s hand, and he follows him home.

Not!! Scamandercest!! Okay!! This drabble is based off of Headcanons @th-seus and I came up with for the brothers, including the idea that their father was a drunk and they called their mother ‘Maman.’

-wrote in all caps in his letters when he was excited

-slept under a tree with Washington after the battle of Monmouth, both enveloped in Washington’s cape

-basically saved the life of the Queen by kissing her hand

-re-gifted a fucking aligator to President John Quincy Adams cause he didn’t know what the fuck to do with it

-wanted to go kill the Beast of Gévaudan (some big scary people-eating wolf that scared the shit out of the french at the time) by himself at like 6 years old

-called both Jefferson and Washington on their bullshit, telling them to free all their slaves… neither listened

-actually bought an entire island full of slaves with his wife Adrienne and freed them all, gave them money for the work they did, gave them education

-last letter he wrote before his death was about freeing slaves and how sad he was that France was taking so long to give people of colour the same rights than white people

-died holding a picture of his dead-wife to his heart

-cried with Jefferson when they met for the first time in years after both American and French revolutions

-continued to fight and got back on his horse when he was shot in the leg during his first battle

-called his only son “George Washington de Lafayette”

-was socially awkward af, especially when he was young

-a ginger

-left France to go fight for America when the King, his step family, and basically the whole court told him “no”

-had to sneak out of France

-sources differ, but probably left disguised as a woman so no one would recognised him

-gave the biggest symbol of French Revolution  (the key of the just-destroyed Bastille, a prison where the enemies of the King and Kingdom were imprisoned) to Washington


-told Washington he was his lost father

-tripped when dancing with the Queen of France and never heard the end of it

-had “sleepovers” on the grass with John Laurens and Alexander Hamilton where they talked about politic

-threw himself in front of a loaded cannon ready to shoot to try to stop an event of the french Revolution to become too bloody

-at some point, pretty much everyone in France wanted him dead

-slept through two of the biggest events of the french Revolution lol

-gave money and helped a lot of poor farmers in need

-fought for other religions than his and the King’s own to be respected and have the same rights (specifically fought for Protestant and Jewish people)

-fought against death penalties

-brought back some dirt from America and told his son to put it on top of his grave when he dies

-redecorated his whole house in France just like American’s homes

-actually told people he was American

-altogether had a slight obsessing problem with America

-had his own room at Washington’s home

-had a ring with Washington’s hair in it

-was one of the richest man in France at the age of 12 because his whole family had basically died at that point

-changed back his family motto to “Why not?”

-was only 19 when he left for America

-was detained in horrible conditions in prison for 5 years (2 of which with his wife and daughters)

-refused the hell out of several powerful positions in politic and in the army because he didn’t found these to be close enough to his ideals of freedom and shit

  • Jason: I will never pity you, Dickface. I am the perpetual family disappointment, I pity no one.
  • Dick: Oh come on, you think you're the family disappointment?
  • Jason: Well it sure as hell ain't you, golden boy!
  • Dick: We'll see about that. Bruce!
  • Bruce: Hm?
  • Dick: Who is the family disappointment?
  • Bruce:
  • Bruce:
  • Bruce: St--
  • Stephanie: NO!
  • Stephanie: Shut up shut up shut uuuupppp!
  • Stephanie: I cannot be the family disappointment because I am not a part of this family!
  • Stephanie: I don't even go here!
  • Tim: You're here all the time--
  • Stephanie: As your personal Kimmy Gibbler! Not a sister!
  • Stephanie: [to Bruce] I can't believe you. I CANNOT believe you! Say it, Bruce, swear to God, SAY IT and I will slap you again!
  • Jason: Again?
  • Stephanie: You know who is, Bruce? You. YOU ARE THE FAMILY DISAPPOINTMENT.
  • Stephanie: You haven't done half the crap you should and YEAH I'm pulling out receipts because I INVENTED fake dying and when I got back no one was nice to me SO YOU DON'T GET ANY FREEBIES!
  • Stephanie: I'm leaving! Tell Cass I'm not talking to any of you and I broke up with Tim--
  • Tim: How is this my fault?!
  • Stephanie: --and that I'll be at Gina's on 5th for smoothies because SOME of us keep our promises and don't just go 'hey I'm back from the dead get out of my cave even though I'm a loser who got lost in time like a loser' which, like, PATHETIC
  • Stephanie: [wads up leftover receipt from her purse and throws it at Bruce] BYE FAMILY DISAPPOINTMENT
  • Stephanie: [slams door]
  • Jason:
  • Dick:
  • Tim:
  • Bruce:
  • Bruce:
  • Bruce: I was going to say 'Stop'...

Tonight, The Focus is on You

Summary: It’s late at night and in the midst of getting yourself a cup of tea you hear Bucky making some mysterious noises in his room.

Warnings: smutty smut, masturbation, fluffish, Sergeant kink, metal hand kink

A/N: I’m sitting at my kitchen table writing this and I can wholeheartedly say that writing has taken over my life and I love it. I’ve had to awkwardly click off this page so many goddamn times because my family keeps walking behind me and guys it’s so uncomfortable.

You picked up your cup of tea and strutted down the hallway. You were wide awake, another nightmare had plagued your dreams and woken you up panting. You hoped the cup of tea in your hand would soothe you, stopping your body from shaking, and help you fall back to sleep.

You slowed down as you passed by each door, not wanting to wake up anyone up. You stopped outside of Bucky’s, tempted to go inside. You wondered if he was awake, if he’d hold you and listen to the details of your nightmare. You nearly dropped your cup when you heard the faintest moan through the door.

Shit!” The word slipped passed Bucky’s lips, it was barely audible through the thick wood keeping you out. You pressed your ear too the door, desperate to hear more. “It feels so good, fuck…” Another moan left him as you heard him drop down onto his mattress.

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Because he was the youngest of three, Liam inherited the bed that his big sisters had slept in at home in Wolverhampton, he tried to paint a wall blue to put his own stamp on the room, still shaded by bunny rabbit curtain into his teenage years, and ran out of paint before finishing. “It was a total tip,” he says of the last bedroom he lived in before fame. “That bed was so old. The last time I went back and sat on it I couldn’t believe it was the bed I used to sleep on. I often think how I used to sit on the windowsill and just look at the stars and wonder what this was all for. And I often used to think, there must be more to life than this. ”  I ask if his parents kept the room the same as when he left. “Well,” he says, interrupting the nostalgia with a little sharp reality, “I bought my parents a house so I haven’t actually been back to that room in a long time, I’d like to.
—  Liam - Rollacoaster magazine
  • Yuuri: Quick! To the panic room!
  • Yuri: This place doesn't have a panic room!
  • Yuuri: Any room can be a panic room if you panic hard enough!
Smart!Lance Headcannons (Part 3)

Lance can knit

His mom use to teach him and his siblings to knit. Her lessons were fun and noisy. It was a miracle that no one accidentally poked their eyes out. As they got older, Lance ended up being the only one sticking with it and practicing regularly. His siblings would proudly bring it up with every chance they had. Gushing about their new sweaters or plush toys, they would tease him until he went bright red.

Little does he know, the lessons have stopped after his disappearance. Without him his mom had no one to knit with. His mom`s face would twist into a fond yet sad smile whenever she sees kneedles.

One day Lance finds kneedles in the castle. He starts using it immediately. He uses it in Blue or in the comforts in his own room. No one knew. He wasn’t ashamed of being able to knit, he just doesn’t want to tell anyone. Knitting felt like something private he wanted to keep to himself.

- His first project was more of a warmup; tiny colourful sweaters for the mice. They loved it and swore not to tell Allura where they got it from. (Despite her curious pleas)

- Lance crocheted a mini blue lion and gave to Blue and she was so happy. She purred loud and proudly as the others looked on with a twinge of jealousy “LOOK LOOK AT WHAT MY SON MADE ME,” He laughed at this and happily continued to make more mini lions for the rest. She grumbled in slight disappointment but if it makes her siblings happy she is all for it.

- The team is just like what the heck what is this toy doing in my lion??? Where did this come from?????

- Imagine everyone in the team getting hand knitted onesies as a surprise gift from him.

- Keith and Pidge come up w multiple conspiracy theories to where these random presents are coming from??? Was it Hunk??? Was it Coran??? Was it the government ??? They even created a club called ‘Sweater Weather theories,’. It was mandatory to join or else Keith will side eye you and start talking milk shots. He will only stop if u join. (He is lactose intolerant)

- It was hilarious, Lance would never tell them.

- but they do find out eventually and soon enough he starts his own knitting lesson but with the team. His best students to worse students were Hunk, Allura, Shiro, Coran, Pidge and then… Keith. Keith sucked. But he was the most dedicated and enthusiastic about knitting so Lance respects that.

-It was great he never had that much fun in a long time.

- AlsO, imagine happy cosy Lance in a mermaid tail blanket.

((Does this count as a smart!Lance headcannon?

Yeah so I interpreted that episode w the Arusians where Lance said “We can knit them tiny sweaters” as proof he can knit

Send me some more Smart! Lance headcannons in my ask guys pls))

  • Jungkook: *showing off his own room* and over on this wall I have put up the most important pictures of my life-
  • Seokjin: these are all just either pictures of Jimin or pictures of Jimin and you together
  • Jungkook: *confused* I'm sure I put up pictures of you guys here too...see like this one
  • Namjoon: that's just picture of Jimin with a very blurry 2/3rds of my face at the bottom left
  • Jungkook: oh...I thought that was Yoongi
  • Namjoon: *looks regrettably into to the distance* lord give me strength
Sex Worker's Guide: Red Flags & Translation (especially for Newbies)

This guide is more useful for Sugar babies but other branches of the industry should still be aware of these lines. I’ve compiled a list of common things I’ve heard/read on POT’s profiles or have had clients/SD’s message me, and I’ve taken the liberty of sharing “the translation” and footnotes attached.

•"No hookers, prostitutes, whores, etc"
-You need to run as fast as your pretty heels can you carry you away from this guy. The word “hooker” was intentionally chosen to discourage SB’s to ask for allowance.
-This is the oldest trick in the book by old pervy men. He hopes that he’ll tap into your insecurity of being seen as a whore so you’ll feel ashamed when you bring up HIS side of the MUTUALLY beneficial arrangement.

•"You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it, would you?“
GURRRRRL, you’re not a car. You’re a human being. He’s gotten his “test drive” to check out his “merchandise” when you granted him the privilege of a meet and greet. Don’t fall for this. He’s gonna ghost on you after sleeping with you as many times as he can. You get to view a house before buying, not live in it.

•"I don’t believe in allowances but I’m generous. I want to show you fine dining, and experiences you wouldn’t be able to experience otherwise.“
-Roughly translates to “I’m gonna spend just a few bucks more than I would on normal courtship habits I would for women twice your age. You should feel so honored to be able to eat a steak meal now that it should be enough to get you on both your knees.”
-Ladies, the money he spends on a 5 star dinner isn’t for YOU. It’s expenses he’s spending on HIMSELF because HE gets to show off a hot woman like yourself at said restaurant. You’re not getting paid. You’re simply giving your service away for free.

•"I’m young, unlike the other guys on here. I don’t need to pay for sex.“
Group A: Young millennial men deluded into thinking they offer something so spectacular that women in need of money will drop their financial needs to cater to the ego of a kid.
Group B: (ages 29+): I’m not that young but I don’t want to admit it. I probably spend way too much money on hair dyes or gym regimens in an attempt to fool myself that I’m just as good looking as the women I’m messaging on here.

•"I will send/bring your allowance next week (some other time), I promise.”
-It really means “I promise you ain’t seeing a penny out of me but I’m gonna say the most genuine sounding lines so I can bring you to my hotel room.”.
-Any wealthy man should be able to access his OWN money before the designated date of intimacy. Always remember, no money, no honey.

•"I’m generous in other ways… ;)“
-"I’ve had the fortune of having exceptionally skilled sex partners in the past who’ve convinced me my dick is God’s gift to women. Unfortunately, I failed to realize women fake it much more often than I’d like to admit.”

•He just requests your photos without even so much as an introduction.
-He’s 9/10 a photo collector. Ignore him.
-If he’s the 1/10 that isn’t a photo collector, he’s gonna be an asshole. Can you imagine if a man in real life just went up to you and pulled down your shirt without saying anything? Ignore him too.

•"I thought part of our arrangement was that you’re at my beck and call. Why do you take so long to respond to my messages?“
-Unless you agreed to have an EXCLUSIVE arrangement, he’s trying to squeeze as much out of you as he can.
-Remember ladies, he’s buying a SERVICE. A service that is limited to the set days you BOTH agreed to. That’s it. He is buying you as a service, not a girlfriend. Gently remind him of that.

•"Cmon, I’ve been paying you/seeing you for awhile now. You can at least trust me with your real name, school, work, etc.”
-Any variation of that is a SERIOUS red flag. I’ve had clients of years try to guilt me. I’ve always either smiled then tell them I don’t feel comfortable or I flat out lie about facts.
-There’s a chance he just wants to connect with you but there’s a much higher chance of him blackmailing you in the future. These are powerful men who got to where they are by being cunning and having upper hands. Don’t think you’ll be spared if you ever accidentally upset him.
-The biggest thing I must say is: YOU DON’T OWE YOUR CLIENTS/SD’S JACKSHIT except the service they paid for. Your own personal life is NOT inclusive in your service. Keep it separate.

•If on a meet and greet he asks or tells you to go to his hotel room or somewhere private.
-Never go until the arrangement has been made. By made, I mean the cash or funds have already been paid to you.
-Semi-common for them to lure young girls and rape them.

I’m sure there are many more that I can’t remember now. I might make a part two depending on if people find this useful. Feel free to comment more red flags you’ve experience. Make that money. 💸💸💸 Stay safe, ladies. 👍🏻
Castle Cupid

(Also posted on AO3)

“What the fuck?!” Potter threw up his hands and then promptly jammed them in his hair. He stopped his pacing and stared at the archway where a door had been about… -Draco idly cast a tempus- an hour ago. Apparently, Potter had been driven to distraction simply by the idea of sharing a space with him and was flirting with a level of mania that made Draco quite uncomfortable.

Draco laced his hands together in his lap, uncrossing his legs and recrossing them the other way. He was expecting Potter to start throwing spells again if he kept to the pattern he had established so far. Hopefully, he would cast something that would rebound and turn him into something quiet, like a rabbit.

Potter spun toward him though, “Why aren’t you upset!” he snapped.

Draco raised an eyebrow, “It seems to me you’re doing a good enough job for the both of us.”

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Punish the Friendly Noble

DM - You all enter the ransacked room to find Garret, the royal soldier, dead in a pool of his own blood
Noble Fighter (ooc) - OK OK OK you know what, this is the 3rd time one of my friends has been killed! What the fuck!?
Dwarf (ooc) - Your own fault for making friends. You could’ve been a bastard like the rest of us but oh no, you had to go and be nice to the NPCs! 
Mage (ooc) - You’re a Curse…you are officially banned from befriending the NPC's