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Lesser Known Fic Rec

So, I saw Demi (yevgenymilkovich) make a post a lil while ago about being tired of seeing the same fics all the time in fanfic recs and I kind of agree. So, here is a list of some lesser known or under-appreciated Shameless fanfics that I love. I tried to keep this list to fics with 150 kudos or less, but if you’re looking for something more then click here for my absolute favorites and a link to all of my recs!

The Tide Will Pull You Out by missmichellebelle (wip)
Mermaid!au with a cool twist to it, was originally a one-shot that is being turned into to a mulit-chapter. Very, very unique with a bit of darker tone.

All of Me Wants All of You by mytimehaspassed
Ian and Mickey are a criminal duo that joins a team, semi-angsty and so amazing. I probably read this fic once a week.

Geometric Progression by romanticgirl (series)
A s4!au where it takes Mickey longer to find Ian. Such a wonderful combination of angst and fluff, and there’s already 68k+ of it.

Holocene by inanatticinnovember (wip)
Time travel!au where Ian and Lip build a time machine and they accidentally bring Mickey back to present day with them. The concept is very cool and it’s unfolding in an interesting way.

We Were Born to Fall by mytimehaspassed
A very dark and angsty boarding school!au. Not even sure how to describe this further other than to say that it’s just so amazing.

Ice creams & Skateboard by drunkendick (series)
Mickey is a skateboarder and Ian goes to watch him. This au is insanely cute and lots of fun.

Nothing But by Smokemycancer
s2!au written quite awhile ago (and moved from ff.net). Super angsty and very much a slowburn. It’s very intense but really good and also 100k+ 

if you’re still breathing by mandyfuckingmilkovich
Mandy-centric fic! Does more need to be said than that?? Sad and moving, set around s4 with focus on Mandy’s struggles and her relationships with various characters.

I’ll Hit the Earth With You by mytimehaspassed (series)
So angsty and so good. A mob!au where Frank is the mob boss that makes sure all his children have body guards. Ian’s is Mickey. An older series but wow, so amazing.

i love (you) by fuckingkinney
This was posted, I think, during the s3-hiatus and is canon-compliant up to that, basically Ian and Mickey are reunited. Good combination of angst and fluff.

From My Cold Dead Hands by Mellow_Yellow
Because holy fuck it’s the sequel to Over My Dead Body and it is just as amazing and yeah. Just read it and love it and then read it again and love it more. That’s what I do.

Aperature Priority by ArstyAfrodite, Enne (wip)
Photograher/Model!au with Mickey as a photographer and Ian as the model. It has a very interesting start so far and I am so completely hooked.

There are a million more I am sure I could find, I just went through the ones on my AO3 bookmarks for right now but there are undoubtedly many, many more.