a roid

I’m fuckin yelling he’s saying Ben cousins was on the roids despite only testing positive once (to illicit drugs) like who knows he may have been but cousins should sue him for the $5 he has for defamation. He also said footy isn’t a high contact sport and he’s babbling about training regimes like mate you’ve never played a real sport in your life.

What is with fics and their obsession with over masculinizing (is that a word) Jungkook? Reading some Yoonkook ones and literally all I ever see is the emphasis in how much taller or how much bigger Jungkook is. They talk as if he’s some ‘roided bodybuilder with skyscraper height, or how TINY Yoongi is. When in reality it’s this:

Normal and proportionality sized people.

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Things I would rather see at WM than Roid Lesnar vs Grampa .
  • The New Day do literally anything
  • Naomi Vs Alexa Bliss for the WWE SD Women’s Champion

  • A dog take a shit in the ring

  • A completely off topic appearance by The Rock

  • an actual Rock

  • Finn Balor

  • Jack Galliher and Becky Lynch Have a tea party 

  • Noam Dar saying ‘Alicia Fox’ for 10 minutes straight

  • Byron Saxton tell Corey Graves how he really feels 

  • AJ styles comb his hair

  • John Cena singing his greatest hits.

  • Brie Bella give birth.

  • Kurt Angle Drink milk

  • Maryse & Sami Zayn argue in french

  • Kevin Owens
  • The Apocalypse