a rogue bludger

Things Fred and George are besides troublemakers:


  • they figured out how to use the Marauder’s Map during their first year
  • they both received good marks in their first few years at Hogwarts
  • they drove their dad’s flying car without any training
  • they knew how to pick a lock using Muggle methods
  • they actually memorized the entire Marauder’s Map by their fifth year
  • they correctly predicted the outcome of the Quidditch World Cup
  • they made a successful aging potion so they could put their names in the Goblet of Fire (of course, Dumbledore had the age line which knew they weren’t of age, but their aging potion was a success regardless)
  • they started a highly successful business from scratch before their sixth year
  • they invented a great load of things for their business (which takes time, intelligence, and money)
  • found a way to disguise their products so they could be delivered to Hogwarts students
  • they passed their Apparition tests “with distinction”
  • they knew what the Vanishing Cabinet was and shoved Montague in it, knowing he wouldn’t come out for weeks
  • they turned corridors at Hogwarts into swamps
  • helped to keep Potterwatch going


  • tried to send Harry a toilet seat when he was in the hospital wing after fighting Quirrell and Voldemort
  • tried to keep the rogue bludger away from Harry in his second year
  • they rescued Harry from his abusive home before his second year at Hogwarts
  • didn’t take the rumors that Harry was the Heir of Slytherin seriously
  • both of them were ready to attack Malfoy when he called Hermione a “mudblood”
  • decided to give the Marauder’s Map to Harry because his “needs are greater than ours”
  • comforted Harry after the dementor attacks
  • they allowed Harry free merchandise from Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes because he gave them the thousand galleons to start their shop
  • defended their brother when the Slytherins came up with “Weasley is our King”
  • defended Harry when the Slytherins insulted his mother, Lily Potter
  • started an all-out rebellion against Umbridge for her punishment practices
  • volunteered to take Polyjuice Potion to disguise themselves as Harry Potter so they could safely transport the real one


  • constantly defended their family from jokes about wealth, blood status, and appearances
  • requested that Percy sit with them instead of the other prefects in their third year because it was a “family holiday”
  • they were very proud of Ron when he beat McGonagall’s life-sized wizard’s chess
  • tried to cheer up Ginny during her first year, even though she’d been under the influence of Tom Riddle
  • joined their family in Egypt (even though they tried to lock Percy in a pyramid)
  • (sort of) comforted Ron when Scabbers went missing in his third year
  • they bought Ron a brand new set of dress robes under Harry’s instruction
  • they spent a majority of their Christmas holidays during their seventh year at St. Mungo’s after their father was attacked by Nagini
  • defended their family from Percy’s ignorance on multiple occasions
  • both still stayed at the Burrow for the Christmas holidays during Harry’s sixth year

[feel free to add more]

Ten more Next Gen headcanons.

1. Dean and Seamus wait until their mid-forties to have kids. They name their first daughter Ari, after Ariana Dumbledore, who kept Seamus and the rest of the students in the Room of Requirement safe. 

2. Teddy fully expects his patronus to be a wolf. When it’s not, he panics, and firecalls Harry from the Hufflepuff Common Room. Harry is so busy being proud of his godson for producing a corporeal Patronus, he eases Teddy’s fears by not even asking what form it had taken. He figures, if Harry didn’t care enough to ask, whatever it is is okay. 

3. Lily Luna Weasley-Potter is the spitting image of her namesake, so people are often surprised to find that she’s more like her father than anyone. She’s sharp, suspicious, and never lets a mystery pass her by. When Harry made the mistake of using his, “trouble usually finds me” line in Lily’s hearing, she adopted it to use when given detentions for sneaking around the castle. 

4. Pansy Parkinson’s spoiled son is basically Draco Malfoy 2.0 - he’s just as rich, pretty, and disdainful. He’s also a mama’s boy. She loves him, although she’s not half the mother Narcissa was. 

5. James Sirius Potter adds a hyphen to his middle name after learning about the Marauders, and tries to make people call him James Sirius-Remus Potter. It only works on Andromeda and Teddy…until he comes of age and gets it added legally. He’s the most affected by history of all the next gen kids, and carries his name and his blood (both Potter and Weasley) very seriously. His Patronus is a stag like his father’s and grandfather’s before him, and he takes immense pride in that. 

6. Hugo Weasley is the cuddliest child in the history of children. He gets it from Ron, who eats it up and cuddles him right back. Hermione doesn’t know how to deal with it as well. She’s more of a forehead kiss kind of person. 

7. Ginny loves the Burrow as an adult more than she ever did growing up in. She’s grateful that her children have somewhere to spend their childhoods with their extended family. It feels right to take Jamie and Al and Lily there in a way it never felt right when she was young. 

8. Bill and Fleur, who constantly keep their own respective well-above-average hair in complicated braids, teach their kids to, as well. Victoire, Dominique and Louis have the prettiest, shiniest, most adorably braided hair in school. 

9. Harry is convinced that his kids have a fundamentally different Hogwarts experience than he did - not by nature of not being the Chosen one, or even because half of them aren’t in Gryffindor - but because Madame Pomfery retired before they even got to Hogwarts. She’d been a huge part of his six years there - always there fussing the moment he awoke. Who was going to do that when Lily did something stupid, or Al got hurt defending his friends, or James caught a rogue Bludger to the ear, or Teddy splinched himself in Apparating lessons? Who else was going to be vaguely disapproving and caring at the same time? Who else was going to say don’t do that again, child…but on the off-chance that you do, you’ll be right as rain with a bit of rest? Even though Hannah does a great job in the infirmary, Harry always feels off when any of his kids get hurt. 

10. The Weasley clan never knows who to cheer for during House Quidditch matches, because they’ve got children, grandchildren and niblings on every House team. So they cheer for everyone. 

The Song of Achilles - Fic Rec part 2

So I have read even more The Song of Achilles/ The Iliad inspired fics and here’s a collection of some of my favourites, by fantastic authors: 

-Laughter Lines by Lthien (808)

“You need to have more confidence in yourself, Patroclus. I love you; for you.” He pulls away then, his eyes protective in a way that sets my heart aflame. “Was it my mother again? Do not listen to her. She does not know my heart, only my destiny.”

- Beach Antics with Achilles by rememberednoah (Chapters 3/3)

There were few things Patroclus would say no to when it came to Achilles. When Achilles asked him not to take a summer class, he agreed because Achilles made a convincing point by merely breathing. When Achilles asked him to go on a road trip with him to Phthia so they could spend a week at the beach, how was Patroclus supposed to say no? The answer to that was that there was no way for him to say no because the whole idea had more upsides than downsides.

-Can you Imagine? by littlelamblittlelamb (1.1k)

“Now imagine that you, the strongest man you have ever heard legend of, sent Patroclus – who did not fight or quarrel or rage – into a battle. Imagine that you, who can kill a dozen of Troy’s strongest in a single battle, had one person to protect of any value, and you sent them to die. Over nothing real. Can you imagine?”

Automedon shakes his head. “I am sorry, Achilles. He was so brave-”

“If this was you, who would you be most angry at?”

- The Kiss That Launched a Single Love by Eristastic (Chapters 26/26)

Caught between the sun and the stars, Patroclus learns to thrive in the shadows and bloom as himself. [AU in which Helen and Patroclus are twins and he goes to Troy with her]

-Clear Blue Skies by geekdom_is_wisdom (2.1k)

Achilles and Patroclus compete for the Quidditch Cup, when a rogue Bludger from Hector adds tension to the most exciting match of the year.

-Warm Sand by patrochillin (1.4k)

Achilles and Patroclus, in their early years of friendship in Phthia, share an intimate moment

-Untitled by Chaotic_Mira (1.4k)

Deidamea is the new girl who gets a lovey dovey at the sight of Achilles. Achilles and Patroclus are giant memes, Briseis doesn’t get paid enough.

-wait for them here in my arms by cinnabean (2k)

Patroclus goes missing and Achilles sets out to find him.

-Down There By The Train by HailMary (Chapters 20/20)

Hero of the Greeks. Scourge of Troy. Undefeated in battle. Killer of children. Prince.Monster.

Achilles Pelides. How do you love a monster?

-Wonderment and Wanderers by freezing over hell (774)

“I hoped that you would come,” I say. Patroclus will always follow me. He will always find me and be with me, this much I know.

Enjoy! x
Knockout {George Weasley x Fem!Reader}

Requests are closed for now but they will open again soon!

Prompt: Anonymous: <3 could you write a very fluffy george weasley imagine where him and the reader are married and have maybe 2-3 kids, 1 more on the way? But George and her still flirt like teens haha :P I just love cute family imagines!!!! Thx!!

A/N: Me too omg

(Y/D/N)= youngest daughters name

Warnings: dirty humor ??

Originally posted by nellaey

“MOM! DAD! WE HAVE TO GET GOING IF WE WANT TO GET THERE BEFORE THEY SELL OUT!” Your oldest daughter screamed as she pounded on the door. Today, the whole family was heading to Diagon Alley for a day out. But today, your daughter was also getting her first broom. Only a year away from attending Hogwarts she wanted to get a “quality” broom before tryouts. That way she could practice to become as good as Aunt Ginny.

“GET UP OR I’M COMING IN!” George rolled over and kissed your head.

“Good morning, beautiful,” he mumbled into your hair. You smiled and sat up. You groaned as you swung your legs over the bed. Just as you went to stand, you felt George’s lanky arms wrap around your middle. 

“George…” you whined.

“(Y/N)…” he mocked. You slithered out of his grip and went to get the other kids ready. His arms found your hips again and he turned you around in his arms. His lips hit yours at full force but the kiss was slow and sweet. Just then your daughter walked in. 

“EW! GUYS! MOM, DAD THAT’S SO GROSS! COVER YOUR EYES (S/N)!” You smiled against George’s lips. He still gave you butterflies and set fireworks off in you stomach. Two of your kids stood in the doorway giggling and peeking through their fingers. You both pulled apart as your third child ran into the bedroom. 

“I love you,” you whispered as all three kids ran into your shared room. The three of them over and gave ‘good morning’ hugs. 

“Are you guys excited to go to Diagon Alley?!” George yelled. All the kids jumped around and ran down the stairs as your husband ushered them out. George slipped his arms around your waist once more and then squatted down to kiss your growing belly. 

“I love you,” he whispered just before he stood again. You smiled at him and let your hands linger on his shoulders. You gave him a quick kiss before you left the room. George gave you a quick smack on the behind as you left. You turned around with fake shock on your face. He had a cheeky smile that ran from ear to ear and he shot you wink. Even as you both haven’t been teens for over a decade you still acted like two wild 17-year-olds.

Your little family stood in front of Quality Quidditch Supplies. (D/N) bounced on her toes waiting for the closed sign to change. You stood with George his long arms draped around your middle.

He whispered in your ear, “You know, when I first laid eyes on you I thought you were a keeper for sure.”

“George, I think old age is getting to you. I was a chaser.” You turned slightly in his arms. He wiggled his eyebrows. “What-oh” Your cheeks burned slightly and you giggled. 

Once the door opened your daughter bolted to the back of the room. All you could think about was the first time you ever met George Weasley. He had almost knocked you out with a rogue bludger when you 12. 

His brother had opened a case of balls and they were tossing a quaffle around. George had unlocked one of the bludgers and it zipped around the shop. You were across the room looking at brooms when it whipped across the top of your head. It knocked the top of your head and you hit the floor hard. Mrs. Weasley ran over to you yelling at the twins the whole time. From the moment he ran over to apologize it was meant to be.

George came over to you as your daughter was wrapping up her decision. Your arms settled his shoulders, your hands clasped behind his neck.

“You still knock me out,” you said, smiling. He let out a deep, full laugh. 

“Why are you both so gross,” you heard your daughter say. Your two other children giggling and hiding their faces. George pulled her into a hug between the two of you. She laughed as her siblings joined the hug. 

The day came to an end and everyone was ready to go to bed. George was carrying your youngest because she had fallen asleep while we were getting ice cream. Your son was leaning on your arm as he was about to fall asleep as well. All of you walked through the door and immediately headed to bed. You put your son to bed and walked across the hall to your oldest to kiss her goodnight. Finally, you walked down to your youngest’s room. 

You heard quiet voices coming from her room. You stood in the doorway, smiling at the two of them. She was talking to your husband about something you couldn’t make out but he was smiling and laughing softly. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he kissed her forehead. You smiled, small tears formed in the corners of your eyes. He walked out of the room and cracked the door. 

“What was that about?” you asked as you both crossed the hall to your own room. 

“Just tucking (Y/D/N) in.” You raised an eyebrow.

“Is that all?” you crawled into to bed with your husband.

“She wanted to tell me that she didn’t think it was gross when we kissed. She said and I quote, it’s funny ‘cause mommy kisses you and you get all red like your hair. ” You laughed so hard you had tears in your eyes. You kissed him passionately just to see his rosy cheeks.

“Red suits you,” and with that you rolled over and went to sleep, leaving George red in the face.

“God she’s a knockout.”

yours, ‘that slytherin chaser.’

character: lai guanlin.

genre: fluff, comedy (?), hogwarts!au.

word count: 1,888w.

summary: you wouldn’t know love if it hit you in the head with a bludger. but maybe if it hit the object of your hidden affection instead?

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Chapter Ten: The Rogue Bludger

A jet of steam had hissed out of the camera. Harry, three beds away, caught the acrid smell of burnt plastic.

“Melted,” said Madam Pomfrey wonderingly. “All melted …”

“What does this mean, Albus?” Professor McGonagall asked urgently.

“It means,” said Dumbledore, “that the Chamber of Secrets is indeed open again.”

Madam Pomfrey clapped a hand to her mouth. Professor McGonagall stared at Dumbledore.

“But, Albus … surely … who?” “The question is not who,” said Dumbledore, his eyes on Colin. “The question is, how… .”



The New Zealand Academy of Spellcraft is situated in an undetectable location in the bush lands of South Island so incredibly difficult to find due to its surroundings’ constant changes in appearance that even repeat visitors often have trouble finding the school. Many muggleborn students are raging fanatics of the All Blacks, and they have slowly converted the rest of the student population who used to thumb their nose at the mention of rugby. However, quidditch remains immensely popular, with students often sneaking out under the cover of night to play matches in the dark because it is “more challenging, and therefore, more fun,” despite the drastic increase in the number of injuries and dents in trees due to rogue bludgers growing slightly panicked in the dark. The school prides itself on its large and prestigious herbology department; international witches and wizards often take on extended environmental studies at the academy, so students are always on the lookout for lost foreigners stumbling around. Often times when they graduate, students of distinction are gifted with Pounamu ornaments that are embedded into the handles of their wands as a reminder for them to always be at peace with their surroundings.

People claim Ron wasn’t a great friend to Harry and I have refuted this argument a number of times by listing the big things Ron did and the ways he risked his life but I was rereading Chamber of Secrets and I came across this
“Hermione waited outside the curtain drawn around Harry’s bed while Ron helped Harry into his pyjamas.”
That’s real friendship. How many twelve year old boys would help their best mate get dressed?
In case you want to check: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Chapter Ten (the rogue bludger) page 131.

oliverwvvd  asked:

You asked for procrastination material. Procrastination is my jam, so here we go. Flintwood (maybe some 'the war is over and they realise they've fallen hard' headcanons? entirely up to you, of course, my dear).

  • during the war, Marcus and Oliver find a clear overlapping ground in which their care for quidditch has to be put to the side, and their familial focus comes first
  • Wood isn’t too prominent of a name - Flint is. 
  • but by some turn of events 
  • (involving a death eater with a vendetta against quidditch’ ‘non-purity’, a rogue bludger amidst a nasty match, and terrified players apparating far far away)
  • three dark months happen, before the battle at Hogwarts, where they’re the only ones hiding in a safe house
  • and somewhere in between sleepless nights and moonlit skies and one firewhiskey hazy afternoon, Oliver realizes that he and Flint aren’t so different after all
  • except he goes to fight, but Marcus keeps his head low. It makes sense, really, when Oliver thinks about it afterwards - you can’t shoot curses and spells at people who you’ve known, who know you.
  • it makes sense in a Slytherin sort of way. a Marcus sort of way. and Oliver thinks he finally gets that
  • when he returns, he makes sure the wards are secure, and the door opens with a tell-tale creak, and he’s sure Marcus must’ve left, must’ve fled 
  • (there’s a hollowness in his chest, a panic that he can now put a name to, at the thought of that)
  • but then Flint is there, sitting immobile at the tabletop, rigid with fear and stubble and dark eye circles, wand clenched in hand
  • he sees Oliver and all the tension seems to evaporate off his shoulders
  • “it’s done?”
  • “it’s over.”
  • the chair screeches across the tiled floor and Oliver feels the urge he’s been fighting off for months resurface at the clear relief that Marcus’ face is showing - and he wonders what more Flint had at stake in the war, how much more there was than what Marcus had told him amidst midnight talks and - 
  • then Marcus is a foot in front of him and looking like he wants to crumple in Oliver’s arms. 
  • “didn’t realize,” his voice is quiet, “how much you - are to me. how much you mean.”
  • and Oliver realizes Marcus has put the name to the feeling as well. the same heart wrenching need and care that’s come to existence
  • “oh,” Oliver whispers, “oh, me too.”
  • and Marcus, in all his frazzled, relieved glory, steps closer and leans down and then the pieces all slot together and this - 
  • they won. they won, today, but this will always be Oliver’s personal victory.

Wood… I don’t know if there is an official diagnosis for this, but sometimes your obsession with Quidditch turns you into a terrible person. That’s a diagnosis, right? Terrible Person When Sports Happens Disorder?

Seeker (Quidditch!Luke)

Summary: It’s the final match of the season and you’re determined to beat the opposition..no matter how dirty you have to play

Word Count: 2k

A/N: This is for @jigglypufftribe​ and @0kbutmichaelclifford​‘s Hogwarts!5sos blurb night! (Plus I had a few requests for hogwarts aus and I’m a total Luke hoe so this baby was born)

Originally posted by fallenfor5sos

Masterlist | Have any feedback?

Hufflepuff were never known for their stellar quidditch skills. Their team was thought to be too unorganised, not focused enough, a mess. But that all changed when you discovered your uncanny skills as seeker and joined the team during your fifth year at Hogwarts.

You’d been messing around with some friends by the lake, enjoying the sun and cramming in some revision. One thing led to another and you ended up being dared to try to ride a broom, instantly discovering a new talent.

You could ride a broomstick, and you were darn good at it.

Come sixth year, you’d tried out for the team an instantly got on, replacing the past seeker and taking your new position as a pivotal part of Hufflepuff’s team. The streak of bad luck passed, your contribution going rewarded as you helped to win many matches for your team over the year.

Fast forward another year and you’re in your seventh year. Having been appointed captain by your teammates you’d set up a vigorous training regime to ensure you won the championship.

Everything was looking up until Ravenclaw, fellow house and quidditch rivals, decided to bring out their secret weapon.

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harry potter ask meme
  • Sorcerer's Stone:
  • 1. The Boy Who Lived: Do you enjoy your birthdays?
  • 2. The Vanishing Glass: Have you ever seen anything you can't explain?
  • 3. The Letters From No One: What was the last letter you sent?
  • 4. The Keeper of the Keys: Do you have a best friend?
  • 5. Diagon Alley: If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
  • 6. The Journey From Platform Nine and Three-Quarters: Would you rather travel forever or live in one place your whole life?
  • 7. The Sorting Hat: What Hogwarts House would you like to join?
  • 8. The Potions Master: Who was the worst teacher you ever had?
  • 9. The Midnight Duel: Have you ever been in a fight?
  • 10. Halloween: Do you have any deep secrets?
  • 11. Quidditch: What are your hobbies or pastimes?
  • 12. The Mirror of Erised: What is your deepest desire?
  • 13. Nicolas Flamel: If you could live forever, would you do it?
  • 14. Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback: Do you have or want pets?
  • 15. The Forbidden Forest: What was the last time you were caught somewhere you shouldn't have been?
  • 16. Through the Trapdoor: Have you ever taken a risk for someone else's sake?
  • 17. The Man With Two Faces: Have you been betrayed by someone you trusted?
  • Chamber of Secrets:
  • 1. The Worst Birthday: What are your best and worst birthday stories?
  • 2. Dobby's Warning: Have you ever done something despite what people told you to do?
  • 3. The Burrow: Do you have a "home away from home"?
  • 4. At Flourish and Blotts: Do you enjoy writing and reading?
  • 5. The Whomping Willow: When was the last time you drove a car?
  • 6. Gilderoy Lockhart: Do you know anyone who everyone thinks is great but is actually just a pompous git?
  • 7. Mudbloods and Murmurs: Has there ever been a rumor spread about you?
  • 8. The Deathday Party: Have you ever been to a funeral?
  • 9. The Writing on the Wall: Have you ever vandalized something?
  • 10. The Rogue Bludger: What has been your worst injury?
  • 11. The Dueling Club: Have you ever taken self-defense classes?
  • 12. The Polyjuice Potion: How good are your impersonations of people?
  • 13. The Very Secret Diary: Do you keep a journal or diary?
  • 14. Cornelius Fudge: Are you a good leader?
  • 15. Aragog: Are you afraid of spiders?
  • 16. The Chamber of Secrets: When was the last time you were scared?
  • 17. The Heir of Slytherin: Do you get along with your family?
  • 18. Dobby's Reward: Do you prefer to be paid for work or do you enjoy volunteering?
  • The Prisoner of Azkaban:
  • 1.Owl Post: Do you send letters often?
  • 2. Aunt Marge's Big Mistake: Do you have any obnoxious family members?
  • 3. The Knight Bus: Do you prefer cars or public transportation?
  • 4. The Leaky Cauldron: How often do you go out to eat?
  • 5. The Dementor: What makes you truly sad?
  • 6. Talons and Tea Leaves: Do you believe in fortune telling?
  • 7. The Boggart in the Wardrobe: What are you afraid of?
  • 8. Flight of the Fat Lady: Do you like museums?
  • 9. Grim Defeat: Do you believe in omens?
  • 10. The Marauder's Map: Do you enjoy playing pranks on people?
  • 11. The Firebolt: Would you rather go fast through life or slow?
  • 12. The Patronus: What would your Patronus be?
  • 13. Gryffindor Versus Ravenclaw: Brawn or Brains?
  • 14. Snape's Grudge: Do you hold grudges?
  • 15. The Quidditch Final: Have you ever been involved in a big competition?
  • 16. Professor Trelawney's Prediction: Have you ever predicted something, and then it happened?
  • 17. Cat, Rat, Dog: What is your favorite animal?
  • 18. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs: What would your animagus be?
  • 19. The Servant of Lord Voldemort: Is there anyone you truly hate?
  • 20. The Dementor's Kiss: What do you do to overcome sadness?
  • 21. Hermione's Secret: Do you enjoy learning?
  • 22. Owl Post Again: How often do you talk to your friends?
  • Goblet of Fire:
  • 1. The Riddle House: Have you ever been in an abandoned building?
  • 2. The Scar: Do you have any memorable scar stories?
  • 3. The Invitiation: Do you prefer to go to parties or stay in?
  • 4. Back to the Burrow: What's your favorite place on Earth?
  • 5. Weasley's Wizard Wheezes: Would you like to own your own business someday?
  • 6. The Portkey: What is more important, the journey or the destination?
  • 7. Bagman and Crouch: Do you like to gamble?
  • 8. The Quidditch World Cup: Do you keep track of any sports?
  • 9. The Dark Mark: Do you want any tattoos?
  • 10. Mayhem at the Ministry: Calm or Chaos?
  • 11. Aboard the Hogwarts Express: Train or Plane?
  • 12. The Triwizard Tournament: Have you ever been too young to do something you really wanted to try?
  • 13. Mad-Eye Moody: Who is your role model?
  • 14. The Unforgivable Curses: Do you have any great regrets?
  • 15. Beauxbatons and Durmstrang: If you are in school, do you like it there?
  • 16. The Goblet of Fire: Have you ever been chosen to do something you don't want to do?
  • 17. The Four Champions: Have you ever become friends with an unlikely ally?
  • 18. The Weighing of The Wands: Do you and your friends have anything big in common?
  • 19. The Hungarian Horntail: Who or what is your biggest rival?
  • 20. The First Task: Whats the youngest memory you have?
  • 21. The House-Elf Liberation Front: Do you consider social justice an important issue?
  • 22. The Unexpected Task: Do you like surprises?
  • 23. The Yule Ball: Do you like dancing?
  • 24. Rita Skeeter's Scoop: Have you ever been interviewed?
  • 25. The Egg and the Eye: What's your favorite riddle?
  • 26. The Second Task: Are you a good swimmer?
  • 27. Padfoot Returns: Do you have godparents?
  • 28. The Madness of Mr. Crouch: Do you have any weird relatives?
  • 29. The Dream: Do you dream?
  • 30. The Pensieve: Do you remember your dreams?
  • 31. The Third Task: Are you good at mazes?
  • 32. Flesh, Blood, and Bone: Are you claustrophobic?
  • 33. The Death Eaters: Do you have any enemies?
  • 34. Priori Incantatem: What was the last thing you said, and to whom?
  • 35. Veritaserum: Do you prefer difficult truths or easy lies?
  • 36. The Parting of the Ways: Have you ever reunited with an old friend?
  • 37. The Beginning: How have you changed through your life?
  • The Order of The Phoenix:
  • 1. Dudley Demented: Are you close with your cousins?
  • 2. A Peck of Owls: Do you like the sound of birds in the morning?
  • 3. The Advance Guard: Who do you feel protective over?
  • 4. Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place: Do you have any of your friends' addresses memorized?
  • 5. The Order of The Phoenix: Have you ever been part of a tight-knit team?
  • 6. The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black: Do you have any notable ancestors?
  • 7. The Ministry of Magic: Have you ever been in trouble with the law?
  • 8. The Hearing: Do you judge people for their decisions?
  • 9. The Woes of Mrs. Weasley: Do you consider yourself a motherly figure?
  • 10. Luna Lovegood: What's your astrological sign?
  • 11. The Sorting Hat's New Song: Do you write music?
  • 12. Professor Umbridge: Do you like the color pink?
  • 13. Detention with Dolores: Have you ever gotten detention? What for?
  • 14. Percy and Padfoot: Do you value your career or your family more?
  • 15. The Hogwarts High Inquisitor: Have you ever been given a title or position?
  • 16. In the Hog's Head: Have you ever been in a dive bar?
  • 17. Educational Decree Number Twenty-Four: Are you politically interested?
  • 18. Dumbledore's Army: Have you ever been part of a rebellion, even a small one?
  • 19. The Lion and the Serpent: Have you ever been friends with someone your family didn't approve of?
  • 20. Hagrid's Tale: Are you a good storyteller?
  • 21. The Eye of the Snake: Have you ever been in love?
  • 22. St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries: Have you ever spent a night at the hospital?
  • 23. Christmas on the Closed Ward: What winter holiday do you celebrate?
  • 24. Occlumency: If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
  • 25. The Beetle at Bay: Are you afraid of insects?
  • 26. Seen and Unforseen: Are you religious?
  • 27. The Centaur and the Sneak: Are you very loyal?
  • 28. Snape's Worst Memory: Do you enjoy gossip?
  • 29. Careers Advice: What is your dream job?
  • 30. Grawp: Does your family embarrass you sometimes?
  • 31. O.W.L.s: Are you good at taking tests?
  • 32. Out of the Fire: Do you lie often?
  • 33. Fight and Flight: Fight or Flight?
  • 34. The Department of Mysteries: If you had a chance to know all your friends' secrets, would you take it?
  • 35. Beyond the Veil: Have you ever lost a loved one?
  • 36. The Only One He Ever Feared: Do you want to be a leader when you are older?
  • 37. The Lost Prophecy: Do you have a good memory?
  • 38. The Second War Begins: Do you choose sides when your friends argue?
  • The Half-Blood Prince:
  • 1. The Other Minister: Have you ever fought with a friend over a petty thing?
  • 2. Spinner's End: Have you ever broken a promise?
  • 3. Will and Won't: Do you have a strong will?
  • 4. Horace Slughorn: Do you pick favorites?
  • 5. An Excess of Phlegm: Do you get jealous?
  • 6. Draco's Detour: Are you good at sneaking around?
  • 7. The Slug Club: Have you ever been chosen as a favorite?
  • 8. Snape Victorious: How do you react when someone you don't like wins something?
  • 9. The Half-Blood Prince: Are you proud of your family?
  • 10. The House of Gaunt: Do you prefer a messy or spotless house?
  • 11. Hermione's Helping Hand: Are you good at manipulating people?
  • 12. Silver and Opals: Do you wear jewelry often?
  • 13. The Secret Riddle: Do you enjoy giving and receiving gifts?
  • 14. Felix Felicis: Do you believe in luck?
  • 15. The Unbreakable Vow: Do you ever make promises you can't keep?
  • 16. A Very Frosty Christmas: Hot weather or cold?
  • 17. A Sluggish Memory: Do you have a good relationship with your teachers?
  • 18. Birthday Surprises: Have you ever been tricked by someone?
  • 19. Elf Tails: Do you have younger siblings?
  • 20. Lord Voldemort's Request: "There is no such thing as good and evil, only power and those too weak to seek it." Do you agree?
  • 21. The Unknowable Room: What would you hide in the Room of Requirement?
  • 22. After the Burial: Have you ever lost a loved pet?
  • 23. Horcruxes: What kind of object would you store a piece of your soul in?
  • 24. Sectumsempra: Have you ever accidentally caused someone physical harm?
  • 25. The Seer Overheard: Do you listen at doors?
  • 26. The Cave: Are you afraid of zombies?
  • 27. The Lightning-Struck Tower: How far would you go to protect those who are loyal to you?
  • 28. Flight of the Prince: Do you defend your decisions even if you realize they were wrong?
  • 29. The Phoenix Lament: What makes you cry?
  • 30. The White Tomb: Do you want to be cremated or buried?
  • The Deathly Hallows:
  • 1. The Dark Lord Ascending: Do you stand up for what is right, even when you are outspoken?
  • 2. In Memoriam: Have you ever written a eulogy?
  • 3. The Dursleys Departing: Have you lived in the same house your whole life?
  • 4. The Seven Potters: Are you and your friends more alike or different?
  • 5. Fallen Warrior: Do you cry at sad movies?
  • 6. The Ghoul in Pyjamas: How far will you go to play a prank on someone?
  • 7. The Will of Albus Dumbledore: Who will you bequeath your belongings to?
  • 8. The Wedding: Do you want to get married someday?
  • 9. A Place to Hide: Do you have a safe place to go when you're feeling overwhelmed?
  • 10. Kreacher's Tale: Do you exaggerate when you tell people stories?
  • 11. The Bribe: Is money an acceptable motive for a crime?
  • 12. Magic is Might: If you were a witch or wizard, would your family be magical or muggle?
  • 13. The Muggle-Born Registration Commission: Do you know all of your friends' secrets?
  • 14. The Thief: Have you ever stolen anything?
  • 15. The Goblin's Revenge: Do you forgive and forget?
  • 16. Godric's Hollow: Where were you born?
  • 17. Bathilda's Secret: Have you ever met someone who wasn't what they seemed?
  • 18. The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore: Do you think people's wrongdoings are ignored when they die?
  • 19. The Silver Doe: Are you in love right now?
  • 20. Xenophilius Lovegood: What would you do to protect your family?
  • 21. The Tale of the Three Brothers: Do you still read fairytales?
  • 22. The Deathly Hallows: Which of the Hallows would you want to own?
  • 23. Malfoy Manor: Has anyone ever tattled on something you did?
  • 24. The Wandmaker: What would your wand be made of?
  • 25. Shell Cottage: Do you like the beach?
  • 26. Gringotts: Do you save your money or spend it right away?
  • 27. The Final Hiding Place: Do you prefer to confront or avoid your problems?
  • 28. The Missing Mirror: Do you like looking in the mirror?
  • 29. The Lost Diadem: Have you ever lost a treasured possession?
  • 30. The Sacking of Severus Snape: Have you ever left an unhealthy relationship?
  • 31. The Battle of Hogwarts: What would you do to defend your friends?
  • 32. The Elder Wand: Would you want to possess all three Hallows?
  • 33. The Prince's Tale: Do you like Snape or not?
  • 34. The Forest Again: Do you like being alone?
  • 35. King's Cross: Do you give up easily?
  • 36. The Flaw in the Plan: Who would you die for?
  • Epilogue - Nineteen Years Later: Do you believe that all will be well in the end?
Boostle: hogwarts au

“WOHOO! GO BOOSTER!!!” Ted screamed from the quidditch stands, earning a few glares from his fellow Ravenclaws as he celebrated Slytherin’s goal. Well more acutely he celebrated Booster’s goal. Neither he or his best friend had ever cared much about house rivalries which is probably why their friendship had lasted so long.

Ted continued to cheer the Slytherin’s star chaser did as he did a celebratory lap around the field. When the two made eye contact he received a trademark million watt smile and wave.

“You know one of these days you’re going to get into trouble for cheering against your house team” Ted’s other best friend Barbara said from beside him, not even bothering to look up from her charms homework. He rolled his eyes, thinking back to all the times the younger girl had cheered for a certain Hufflepuff seeker.

He turned back to the game to wave back when he saw a rogue bludger headed straight towards him. He didn’t even have time to scream before the it hit him in the face knocking him instantly unconscious.

Some time later he awoke to the sound of raised voices and concerned faces. It was difficult with his lack of glasses and pounding head to make out the people above him but he could eventually make out the red blob on his right as Barbara, her boyfriend Dick standing just behind her and the brown one on his left as Jaime, the first year he was tutoring.

Over their shoulders he could just make out Booster’s fellow team mate Guy arguing defensively while his girlfriend Tora who stood between him and Booster who was shouting at him in uncontrollable anger, having to be held back by his fellow Slytherin Bea.

“What happened?“ Ted said in a voice that sounded rougher then he’d liked.

“Ted!” Booster shouted, instantly leaving his argument so that he almost teleported to his side and grabbed his hand tightly.

“You ok buddy” he asked in a worried tone that was startlingly different to his usual confident demeanour.

“Yeah I’m ok. That game was a real knock out wasn’t it?” He joked in a poor attempt at humour. Only Jaime gave him a weak laugh.

“How long was I out?” He asked in a more serious manner to the unimpressed faces.

“Only a few hours” Babs replied. Ted sighed in relief. He’d heard stories of people being knocked out for weeks.

“Which wouldn’t have happened in the first place if someone who calls himself a beater could actually aim!” Booster cried looking back at Guy who still stood on the other side of the infirmary. Well that explains what the pair where arguing about.

“Hey!” Guy shouted, crossing his arms in defiance before avoiding Ted’s eyes as he looked down at the floor in guilt and anger.

“I’m sorry” he mumbled “I was aiming for Ray Palmer honest, but bastard moved out of the way”

“It’s fine” Ted assured him. Guy might be a dick but he’d never injury anyone without a reason.

“Come on guys it’s getting late. We’d better make it back to our dorms before the caretaker catches us.” Barbara said in a suspiciously conspiritual voice. Dick started to wheel her out of the infirmary and after a few calls of “get well soon” the others followed till only Booster was left.

Ted noticed that they were still holding hands. He realised that this looked pretty gay so he thought about letting go but the touch felt comforting and grounding so he held on. Then realising how gay his thoughts were he blamed it on the drugs. And once he realised that he wasn’t in a muggle hospital so couldn’t be on drugs he blamed it on his head injury.

“It’s just my luck that out of all the people in the stands Guy had to hit me”

“Well he did have a pretty big target with that big old brain of yours.” Booster smiled, gently stroking Ted’s head.

“Are you calling me big headed Mr ‘I don’t need to learn luminos cus my ass is all the light we need’?” Ted teased familiarly.

“Well it did that time we pranked the Prefect bathroom”


Ted laughed heartily as he remembered how the light reflected off his golden trunks. Booster gave a soft chuckle before he stopped stroking Ted’s hair which started Ted since the action had felt so natural that he didn’t want it to stop.

“I thought I’d lost you Teddy” he said so quietly Ted wasn’t even sure he’d actually spoken.

“I didn’t even see it happen. All I heard this horrible crack and I spun around to see everyone staring at you so I rushed over to find you on the floor, not moving”

He looked at me with tears in his eyes.

“You weren’t moving Ted. I could see the imprint of the bludger in your face. Babs was screaming and you know how tough that girl is so I thought that the only reason she’d be screaming was if you were ……. if you were…..”

Ted pulled his best friend into a string hug as he started to break down. He didn’t blame him. He didn’t know what he’d do if that had happened to Booster.

“Hey it’s ok buddy, I’m here” He stroked his head in the same way he’d done to him “And I promise I’m never going to leave you”

Booster removed his face from where he had buried it into Ted’s neck.

“You promise?”

“I promise”

for apalapucian, who deserves all the smiles in the world.
i’ve included some of your favorite things, sweetheart.

James woke reluctantly, groaning. His first order of business was to roll over and displace the bloody traitorous cat, who’d been sitting on his chest, pawing at his face. Not yet ready for consciousness, he ignored her mews of displeasure at this rough treatment and mashed his face into his pillow, determined to fall back to sleep.

It’d been a hell of a night.

It’d been a hell of a night and his entire body felt like it’d been repeatedly hit by a rogue bludger. His head simultaneously swam and throbbed; his stomach squirmed with that unfortunate combination of not enough food and even less sleep. He would’ve called it hung over…and it was, after a fashion: an empty glass bottle was definitely responsible for his current misery. The bottle in question, however, was rather smaller than an average alcohol bottle, lacked a gold foil label. Instead of a cork, it boasted a rubber nipple. And instead of being filled with his favourite whisky, this particular bottle had been filled with milk.

Awareness came whether James wanted it or not and he realized there was no familiar dip in the mattress next to him, no sweaty thigh plastered over his calf or arm tucked under the hem of his shirt. He wasn’t surprised to find her gone—obviously, the little bloke had woken up again—but that he hadn’t heard the wailing or her departure? He must’ve been knackered.

He was stillknackered, but just the same, he lifted his head enough to squint at the rocking chair in the corner.


Was it night, or had morning come? Did it even matter?

Time had devolved from the dayand nightinto a jumbled mix of Harry-is-awake or Harry-is-asleep or Harry-is-nearly-asleep or Harry-is-sleeping-but-only-just-so-for-the-love-of-merlin-and-circe-be-quiet or Harry-is-going-to-wake-up-any-moment-nowor Harry-is-sleeping-and-it’s-been-three-hours-do-you-think-everything-is-alright-should-we-owl-the-healer or  Harry-is-only-pretending-to-be-tired-because-he-smells-our-desparation-and-delights-in-our-misery.

Or something like that.

They stole snippets of sleep however they could, though it was rarely together. He’d found them snuggled on the sofa the day before. Earlier this week, she’d discovered him sleeping with Harry in the crook of his arm on the floor in front of the cot.

Since the bits they stole were never quite enough for either to get on functionally, they shuffled around the house at all hours in a hazy stupor, stifling too many yawns and crashing wherever they could. Inferi, they’d joked, though they knew it wasn’t funny.

In the second week, James had put a small novel in the toaster and nearly set the cottage to blaze. Four days later James had pointed out, as Lily calmly sipped her tea, that she’d poured breast milk into her cup. She’d spewed it out across the kitchen table.

Currently, dim grey light filtered through a crack in the curtains. Morning, then, or close enough. He ought to get up, try and hunt them down, if only to bring one—or both—back to bed with him.

The cat batted at his leg, impatient for milk.

For good measure, James released a loud groan as he rolled out of bed. He stopped in the loo to splash water on his face…a half hearted attempt to rouse himself.

In school, he’d refused coffee, even when he was exhausted, or what he’d mistakenly and naively called exhaustion back then. He’d refused it on principle, stating somewhat self-righteously that he didn’t believe in stimulants. And he hadn’t, for exactly two consecutive overnights for the Order. He’d been so drowsy he fell asleep, missed his mark, and the humiliation was enough to make him swallow his pride and the coffee and it quickly became a necessary part of his routine.

He’d been relieved to give it up when they’d been forced into hiding. But desperate times, desperate measures, and all that; James found himself setting pots to brew at all hours. Coffee sounded bloody fantastic right now. He was on his way downstairs to brew some, but upon exiting the toilet he heard the mechanical winding of the camera, the familiar snap of the shutter. He opened the door infinitesimally, just in time to hear it go off again. Despite the early hour, Lily was awake and leaning over the cot, camera in hand, snapping pictures of Harry, who was presumably fast asleep.

He mustbe asleep; else she’d be holding him. 


James walked in and stopped behind his wife, reaching ’round to brace a hand on either side of her, palms resting against the cot rail. “I never knew, before he came,” whispered James, nodding towards their sleeping baby, “that you enjoyed taking pictures so much.”

The camera he’d got her at the end of sixth year had been used more in the last month and a half than the previous three years combined. He wrapped an arm around her abdomen, pulling her snug against him, and peered into the cot, to their little man inside it.

“How many pictures do you plan to take of the little bloke?”

She leaned her head back on his shoulder and looked up toward him, answering in an undertone, “As many as I can get away with before he starts snatching the camera out of my hand, or covering his face, or protesting…“

James rolled his eyes and ran his fingers lightly over her stomach, teasing. “You cannot be thatmum.”

“Your mum, you mean?”

“Exactly. Took pictures of me constantly. Drove me barmy.”

She squirmed under his wandering fingers and pawed at his hand. He stopped, realizing she close to laughing, which definitely would have woken Harry up. “I know she showed you the albums—she had an album a month,” he half warned, half pleaded into her ear. “Please, don’t be her.”

“Yes, love, I’ve seen them all. But you’ve got to understand, James, that I have hardly any pictures of myself as a baby. Mum was too busy chasing after my sister. I don’t want that to happen to him.” She pointed to his exposed toes, “Anyway, look how perfect he is.”

“You weren’t saying that when he sicked up all over your shirt a few hours ago.”

“Well, no,” she admitted. “But a shower and a few hours’ sleep helped my perspective. I’d be a rubbish mum if I held it against him—he can’t help it, after all.”

“No, he can’t.” Just then, the absurdity of their situation compelled him to ask, “Lily, what in the bloody hell are we doing awake when he’s fast asleep?”

“He justfell asleep, James. You took him after he sicked up…”

“To be fair, you burst into tears.”

“Can you blame me? He sicked upon my favourite shirt. Like the bloody cat—“

That reminded him. “Oi, when was the last time we actually played with the cat?”

From his vantage point, above her, he saw her brows knit together. “Erm…I dunno. Merlin, we are terrible cat parents.”

“She’ll forgive us, right?” he asked hopefully.

She shrugged a shoulder, knocking into his. “We’ll add a few toys for heron Padfoot’s next shopping list.”

He nodded his agreement and kissed her hair. They’d just have to remember to use the toys and actually playwith the cat.

“Anyway,” she whispered, redirecting the conversation back to Harry, “he woke an hour or so after you came back. We’ve been up since 4:30 and he just went down. I was going to sneak back to bed but I saw his little toes, the camera was right there—“

“He’s going to catch cold with his booties off,” frowned James. He leaned forward, half crushing her against the cot as he reached for the discarded garments.

She pulled his hand back. “You worry too much. It’s August, James. If there’d been the slightest draft, I’d have put ’em back, straight away. It’s not like I took them off for the picture, you know. He kicked them off.”

This satisfied James well enough, and he moved to stand next to her, elbows on the rail. He examined their baby for a minute, then looked sideways at her, to see her profile. “I stood here and watched him last night, you know, after I got him back down. I’ve never seen someone wiggle so much in their sleep.”

Lily pressed her hand into her mouth, trying to muffle a strangled snort, and looked at him incredulously. “That’s only because you can’t see yourselfsleep, James. You nearly kicked me off the bed last week.”

He pulled a face at her. “At least I don’t hog the covers.”

But she was right, and he knew it. On cue, Harry shifted in his sleep.  James ran a finger lightly down the bottom of his, half-smiling as the toes curled in.

“How long will he have this reflex for?”

She shrugged, knocking his shoulder with her own. “Dunno. It’s in one of the books though, I’m sure.”

He glanced at the camera, now lying on the table next to the cot. “Padfoot’s going to hex us, you know. That’ll be three rolls of film this week.”

“Four,” said Lily, smiling sheepishly.

“You’re mad.”

“Oi, says the bloke who snapped an entire roll of him sleeping Tuesday afternoon.”

“He was doing that thing with his mouth,” defended James, “it was bloody adorable. Andhe had his first Potter jersey on. Needed to be well documented, now it fits.”

“Ssh!” she reminded him, and smiled, “James, it was still four sizes too large for him.”

He shrugged.

“I think they’re this adorable so we don’t lose our shit at the—“

“Sicking up on our clothes in the middle of the night?” he said knowingly.

She leaned her head against him. “Exactly. We make damned adorable babies, James.” She wiggled a toe. “Look at them. I could eat them.”

 “That’s an awful expression.”

“It is,” she agreed. “Doesn’t make it untrue though. Anyway, you’ve done it.”

“Done what?”

“I saw you lot on the sofa last week, when you thought I was having a lie in. You were blowing raspberries on his toes.”

“Well, yes, but he loved it. He was smiling.”

She tucked an arm around his waist and kissed his shoulder before resting her head against it. “It was just gas. He’s too young to properly know who we are yet.”

“He will, though, just in time to find out we’re nutters.” He kissed her hair, and hooked an arm around her shoulders. “By the way, you can’t tell Padfoot I was blowing raspberries on Harry’s feet. Never let me live it down.”

“I won’t.”


“Solemnly,” she said, grinning. “I mean, I did send him the picture, and I expect he’ll bring it up at supper tonight—”

Evans—” began James, staring at her in horror, but she cut him off.

Potter,” she’d interrupted him, only to interrupt herself with an errant thought. “Merlin, how weird is it that one day I’ll say that—Potter—and you’ll both say, ‘what’? And he’s going to wonder why you call me Evans all the time. You can’t tell him the truth—that you call me that when you want to jump me…”

He stepped away from the cot and pulled her with him. Her arms slinked around his neck as his found purchase around her lower back. He nuzzled her nose with his own, and whispered into her ear, “Don’t know how to break this to you, Evans, but I alwayswant to jump you. He’ll have to get used to it sooner or later. And the hellI can’t call you Ev—”

She was going to shush him but changed course, silencing him with her lips in another way. Much more effective, that, and more fun.

And—it’d been too bloody long for both of them, and they pressed against each other and lost themselves in their kiss. His hand slipped under her shirt, and she was toying with the waistband of his bottoms, and he backed her up against the cot. The cot, where their baby was sleeping.

He pulled away, breathless, and said, “Wait.”

“What?” she asked, trying to pull his face back down to hers. “Wait? James, it’s been a bloody sodding month—“

“Not wait, wait, Lil. It’s just…can we do this in front of him?”

She sagged against him and sighed. “Oh, right. Our lives just go so much more complicated, didn’t they?”

“In ways we never could have imagined,” he agreed. “Are our days of snogging and shagging whenever we want really over?”

“We were never thatbad,” said Lily. It was James’s turn to snort at her, and she smiled because of bloody course theywere that bad. “Think we both knew I was bluffing on that one.”

She tilted her head back to look him in the eye, “You know, Potter.”And she used thatvoice, and he didn’t stand a chance, not that he’d wanted one. “He just went down—he’ll be good for an hour at least.”

He didn’t waste any time, or words, simply grabbed her hand and led her, laughing, back across the hall.

anonymous asked:

What are your headcanons on the way the Marauders sit - like in class and when they're hanging out in the common room or when they're plotting a prank.

You think I have headcanons for that? Like I’m some loser who does nothing but sit around wasting my excess brain energy on completely arbitrary things like the way the marauders sit in various scenarios rather than on productive things like plotting my world takeover or learning a second language? 

Right. I think we both knew I was bullshitting there. Of course I have headcanons for that. Here they are.

Never sits still; he’s constantly fidgeting between positions.

Wooden chairs.
When he’s in a wooden chair, he either plants his feet on either side of that chair or stretches them out as far as he can. The problem is, he’s got really long legs, so he’s constantly banging his knees on the bottoms of tables or he’s accidently kicking the chair or foot next to him because he’s absentmindedly tapping his foot. He gets retaliatory kicks in the shins rather a lot.
If he’s at a table, he’s got both elbows on the top, one hand tapping out some rhythm while the other is buried in his hair, propping up his head up.  
If he’s trying to make a point about something, he’ll lean forward with his elbows on his knees and stare at you intently until you melt into a puddle of pheromones. (That’s a science fact.)

Comfy chairs.
Squishy arm chairs are his favorite place to relax. He nestles back into the corner of the chair where the back meets the side. He likes wing backed chairs for especially this reason. But he’s constantly crossing and uncrossing his legs or stretching out one, then the other.  This drives his mates absolutely mad and sometimes they’ll throw a sticking charm to keep his feet on the floor.
Sometimes he throws his legs over one side of the armchair and his neck over the other, lying sideways in the chair. He watches the room upside down until his glasses slip off his face. He doesn’t really have an explanation for why he does this.

In the dorm.
He’s either stretched out, back against the headboard, lying down on his stomach with his arms propping him up, or with his legs crossed, hunched forward with his elbows on his knees. He’s always fidgeting to find a comfortable position.

He takes up as much space as it takes to be comfortable. Comfort is his primary objective. That, and looking cool.

Wooden chairs.
He learned how to do a cushioning charm second week into school because he said the wooden chairs hurt his arse. He prefers to flip a chair around and straddle the chair, putting his elbows on the back. He prefers this when they’re plotting/planning mode.
If he’s in class, he sits with his feet planted apart and tilts his chair back as far as he thinks he can get away with, then a tad more for good measure. When he’s feeling like a shit, which is often, he tilts his chair back and lets it thud back to the ground. It annoys the hell out of the other boys, so four times out of five he’ll end up flat against the floor because someone’s either hexed or kicked the chair backwards, which steadies him a bit, at least until the next day.

In a comfy chair.
If he’s going to be in a squashy chair, he’s going to be comfortable. In squashy chairs or sofas, he insists upon having an ottoman or footstool, which he’ll either accio or conjure. He got into a fair bit of trouble when he tried this in divination. He leans back and puts his arms behind his head, clasped at the neck, or just one stuck in his hair if he is holding a drink. Sirius prefers an armchair to a sofa because he’d rather not share. He’s the sort who would plop down onto someone to make them move before he’d budge up to make room for them.

In the dorm.
When the boys are in the dorms, Sirius prefers to lean back against the headboard or corner post and stretch his legs out. He might pop one knee up and rest an elbow on it. The boy doesn’t like to be cooped up or hemmed in.

Really depends on what time of the month it is. He’s much more apt to lie, than to sit, when it gets closer to the full moon.

In a wooden chair.
Well, his primary objective in class, in the library, in crowds in general, is to remain inconspicuous which is funny, given that he’s a marauder, but staying under the radar as much as possible helps him cope. So, you know, he sits in a chair like a normal student - no antics, if you please. In class, I picture him hunched over his desk or table, studiously taking notes. He learns forward, both arms on the table, studiously taking notes. But he does bends one foot in and rests it on the chair support.

In a comfy chair.
Remus prefers comfy chairs by default. His favorite spot is one the left side of the sofa. He stretches legs stretch out and props them the end table, sets his left elbow on the armrest, holding his head up. He prefers doing his homework here and uses at least the middle cushion to spread it all his homework out. However, when the full moon gets nearer, he’s so stiff that he really prefers to lie down. Remus gets the sofa by default, no questions asked. After the full moon, he’s so sore that what he needs is support. He likes to lie on the floor a metre or two in front of the fireplace hearth-just enough that the stone is cool, but warm enough to soothe his muscles.

In the dorm.
He leans against his bed and parks his adorable little arse on the floor. To be cliché, he does this because he likes to change the records out and he also likes access to his chocolate stash. (Science fact: Remus loves chocolate.) He doesn’t really lounge on his bed, because he’ll probably fall asleep.


Peter wants to feel included more than he wants to be comfortable. He tries to do things like tilt his chair back but he doesn’t always pull it off as well as his more graceful counterparts (read: Sirius black the most graceful person in the history of the world, any world, fictional or not.)

Wooden chair.
He likes to lean back in his chair with his legs spread out and his arms crossed. One time he tried to tilt his chair back and he fell back and hit his head and had to go to the hospital wing but his mates were cool about it and told Madame Pompfrey that he got hit by a rogue bludger so he could save face. He’s shorter than his mates so it was always my headcanon that sometimes his legs swung (even though I know he’s not that short).

Comfy chair.
He likes to sit on the sofa with his legs stretched out. He leans his head back against the back of the sofa and stares up at the ceiling. Idk why. He just does.

In the dorm.
He likes to lie on his bed and stare up at the ceiling, or he likes to lean against the headboard. Basically he likes to be wherever the action is, that’s more important to him that being super comfortable. He’s a wiz at chess and likes sitting cross legged at the end of his bed with any of his mates and kicking their arses.

There you go, 1,264 words on my marauders sitting headcanons. FML.

Harry was really unlucky when he played quidditch though
  • First year: Teacher tries to knock him off his broom and kill him
  • Second year: Chased and almost killed by a rogue bludger
  • Third year: Falling off the broom because of nasty dementors and the grim
  • Fifth year: Banned from ever playing quidditch again
  • Sixth year: Not able to attend the final match even though he was quidditch captain
when we go crashing down

So, I recently passed 150 followers (seriously, how and why?). To celebrate, I wanted to post something and this was the result. There was no real point to writing this, I’ve just had the beginning sitting in my drafts for a while and decided to try and finish it.

Massive AU, because I wanted something happy without the underlying knowledge everything would go wrong. Surprising, I know. I feel they all spend far too much time smiling at baby Harry in this, but I can’t really blame them. Awkward ending is awkward but I couldn’t find a place to stop, so.

ff.net (x) or ao3 (x)

Drawing the thin curtains closer together, James Potter glanced over his shoulder with a smile. His sleeping wife was spread out across the bed, her chest moving steadily as she breathed. Her fingers flexed as tiny hands grabbed at them, their owner tucked to her side and grinning to himself.

“Hey there, little man.” James whispered as he crossed back across the room and placed a knee on the mattress. His two year old son turned the grin on him, giggling happily as he wriggled free of his mother’s arm. He crawled across the duvet, using whatever purchase he could gain from it to pull himself along further until he came to a stop next to James’ knee. Using the arm he was offered, he unsteadily got to his feet and placed his palms on his father’s cheeks when James bent low enough for him to reach.

“How about you and I have some breakfast, yeah?” James asked quietly, tapping his forehead against the toddler’s and smiling at the happy pats his cheeks got in return. He carefully picked Harry up, small arms immediately wrapping around his neck and a dark head rested lightly on his shoulder. He got to his feet slowly, expertly avoiding the two creaky floorboards in between him and the door. “Let’s let your mum sleep a bit more, eh?”

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