a rod suspension


Max Machine Markup
1989 240sx
BC racing coils
Custom valving
Swift springs 16/14k
Heat maker hotside knuckle
Heat maker hotside 40mm extended FLCA
Heat maker powerbrace
Ikeya Formula iner tierod
Tien outer tierod
Pbm tension rods
Pbm rack bushings
Moog ball joints
Energy suspension flca bushings
Pbm drop knuckles
Spl toe rods
Energy suspension subframe bushings
GK tech subframe reinforcement
Redtop sr20det
Apexi power fc d-jetro
Wiring specialties pro harness
Yellow top subaru 550cc injectors
s15 spec-r t28
Tomei head gasket
Tomei expreme exhaust mani
Tomei oil cap
Tomei spark plug cover
Aem boost controller
Aem wideband
Aem air filter
Arp head studs
Arp main studs
Arp flywheel bolts
Acl bearings
Aeromotive stealth 340 fuel pump
Moroso oil pan
Chase bays ps kit
GK tech catch can
GK tech fan
CX fmic
Greddy pulleys
Koyorad radiator
Custom downpipe with flex
Dual exhaust with vibrant race muffler
DSS one piece drive shaft
Xtd stock replacement clutch
Xtd light weight flywheel
Welded diff with Villains plates
Villains z33 conversion stub shafts
Z33 axles
4.3 final drive
Pbm front bbk
Pbm front z32 calipers
Braded ss brakelines
Z32 1 1/16" bmc
Acadia rear rotors + custom brackets
Ebc green rear pads
Hot road front bumper
Home made splitter
Car modify wonder skirts
Car modify wonder rear bumper
Ls460 exhaust tips
Gt-1 break ito spoiler
Dmax roof spoiler
Shaved and painted oem tail lights
Dmax hood
Dmax front position lights
Ebay rain visors
Aeromarker mirrors
Gramlights 17x9 +12, 18x9.5 +22
Arp extended studs
Muteki sr48 lug nuts
Slip-on spacers out the ass
Bride zeta iii
Buddy club rails
Bride brix ii
Bride rails
Noname hub
Nrg short quick release
Jdm woodgrain 330mm wheel
Og nissan horn button
Tomei shift knob
Aem gauges
Pbm drift button
Brown recluse garage 4pt with door bars
Slamburglars plaque
Hella dog hair

All You See Are Sympathetic Eyes (original work)

His Toyota Corolla makes a series of unpleasant noises as he turns into the driveway - the squeal of a steering pump followed by the grinding crunch of suspension rods getting ready to energetically vacate their mounting bolts.  He’d had this delivery job for only two years now, and already doubled the mileage on his car, and odds were great it wasn’t going to last much longer.

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1999 Formula SCP11 Platz

Drift private car

Black head for engine ··· 180SX SR20DET

S15 Spec R genuine 480cc injector

S14 genuine turbine

S15 genuine airflow

KRF current car CPU

Evo 8 genuine intercooler

Yashio pink radiator

SF5 genuine electric fan

TRUST Purofekku (1k)

K11 genuine fuel tank

Blitz fuel pump

Drive system and braking system … 5-speed transmission for the SR20

Unknown strengthening clutch

RPS13 Perak shaft (2 axis 35mm short)

Nismo LSD (4.1)

HCR32 Dorasha

Fr C35 5 hole hub

Rr HCR32 5 hole hub

HCR32 brake

Underbody ··· RPS13Fr strut graft

RPS13Rr multi-link transplant

For TEIN HE harmonic drive 180SX

S14 steering rack

C35Fr knuckle

C35Fr lower arm

Unknown Pirro tension rod

Rr suspension tower production

S13 steering column ASSY

Interior and exterior ··· HCR32 floor tunnel transplant

Brid zeta

DUCE R32 front bumper breaks

Tundra R32 side step breaks

Mark 2 Brit genuine rear under spoiler

RPS13 genuine meter

Four additional meter (boost, oil temperature, water temperature, oil pressure)

Tundra pink all painting

Pink film full

Tire wheel ··· Fr Circular (8J-17, + 35)

Rr disk Monde (8J-17, + 8)

Fr ATR Sport (205-40R17)

Rr ATR Sport (205-45R17)