a rocket x mas

The Splat 2016 Holiday Programming ❄️

We’re serving up a whole lotta holiday episodes of your fave Splat shows this year! 


10PM: Hey Arnold “Arnold’s Christmas”
11PM: Rocket Power “A Rocket X-Mas”
12AM: Rugrats “Babies in Toyland”
2:30AM: CatDog “A Very Merry CatDog Christmas”


10:30PM: Hey Arnold “Arnold’s Christmas”
2AM: CatDog “A Very Merry CatDog Christmas”
3AM: Rugrats “Babies in Toyland”


11:30PM: Rocket Power “A Rocket X-Mas”
1:30AM: Doug “Doug’s Christmas Story”
4AM: Hey Arnold “Arnold’s Christmas”


10PM-6AM: Yule Log


10PM: Hey Arnold “Heat/Snow”
10:30PM: Hey Arnold “Arnold’s Christmas”
11PM: Kenan & Kel “Merry Christmas Kenan”
11:30PM: All That “Christmas”
12AM: Rugrats “Babies in Toyland”
1AM: The Wild Thornberrys “A Thornberry Christmas”
1:30AM: Rocket Power “A Rocket X-Mas”
2AM: Doug “Doug’s Christmas Story”
2:30AM: CatDog “A Very Merry CatDog Christmas”
3AM: Ren & Stimpy “A Scooter For Yaksmas”
3:30AM: As Told By Ginger “An Even Steven Holiday Special”
4AM: Angry Beavers “Gift Hoarse/Go Beavers”
4:30AM: Rocko’s Modern Life “Rocko’s Modern Christmas”
5AM: Rugrats “The Santa Experience”
5:30AM: Rugrats “Angelica Orders Out/Let It Snow”


10PM: Rugrats “A Rugrats Kwanzaa”
10:30PM: Rugrats “Rugrats Chanukah”


2AM: Rugrats “A Rugrats Kwanzaa”
2:30AM: Rugrats “Rugrats Chanukah”

anonymous asked:

Could you do an imagine where you're Gladio's best friend, lover, and a protector of Noct and after Ignis and you get really injured (with you gaining new scars on your face and back) he yells at Noct and you jump in to defend Noctis which upsets him more and causes you to fight? And Ignis slaps some sense into Gladio when you storm off?

Note: Spoilers in this one-shot! Refrain from continuing if you haven’t gotten past Chapter 9 or at least beaten the game.

Title: Into the Storm (Gladio x Reader)

Word Count: 2626

Noctis came back outside once he concluded his meeting with Camelia, meeting up with you and the boys. Gladdio and Ignis was the first to walk up to him, wanting to hear the plan about getting the Leviathan and getting Lady Lunafreya back. Noctis looked around the group and said, “Well, basically, we need to evacuate the citizens of Altissia if we want them to return Lady Lunafreya to us.” Gladio nodded and Ignis chimed in, “Hmm, it seems that they were only holding her ‘hostage’ because they wanted us to help with the evacuation.” You looked down, knowing that it’s going to lead to a huge battle with the Imperial Forces and then the Leviathan on top of that. You’re a sworn protector of Noctis, just like Gladio and that means never backing down from the fight. Gladio looked over to you and asked, “Think you can handle it?” The boys all turned to you and you remained silent for quite a bit before finally answering, “I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t able to. As long as Noctis will allow me to remain, that is.” Noctis placed a hand on your shoulder and smiled. Prompto smacked you playfully on your back and said, “Come on, what’s the worst that could happen? We got this, right guys?” They all agreed in unity and Ignis cautioned them, “We still need to be smart about this. We’re fighting two battles here. Noctis, you focus on getting Leviathan under your control and the four of us will evacuate the citizens.” That is that; the plan is set and the only thing left is to play the waiting game. You weren’t planning to fall in love with one of the boys, namely Gladio, but love comes when you least expect it to. You two have a lot in common and have been through training, tough training, to be one of the best warriors assigned to protect Prince Noctis. When you found out that Gladio got assigned to Noctis as well, you were excited. It’s no surprise there because the Amicita family has always been sworn protectors to the royal family of Insomnia. You sighed as Prompto suggested to head back to the hotel to gear up for the upcoming battle.

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