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USUM RR Giovanni has Mewtwo?!! Battle Leaders from ORAS, XY, Platinum G/S

The tweet of Junichi Masuda comes with a Ultra Sun Moon Message: MEGA Legendary Battles with Leaders 

  • Mega Camerupt
  • There’s Lysandre’s Pokemon Pyroar 

Giovanni (Junichi Masuda) sitting in the chair surrounded by the strong Pokemon from previous leaders, has a Legendary Pokemon of his own, the Legendary Mewtwo!

  • Reason why Mewtwo can be captured in USUM

WHAT IF Giovanni had been able to keep Mewtwo under his control? Would he rule the world, would he destroy everyone? What would he do? This could be the “surprise” premise of Ultra Sun and Moon!

Giovanni has Mewtwo and he may hold a Mega Stone (depending on) which version you’ve got!

  • Mewtwonite X ULTRA SUN
  • Mewtwonite Y ULTRA MOON


RR stands for Rainbow Rocket

  • Giovanni is also known to have Nidoking so an Alolan Nidoking is possible

USUM is an upgraded Black 2 White 2  and we may finally battle a Giovanni with Mewtwo!