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omg your headcannons are life. they fed my children and watered my crops and saved ten thousand dogs. but have you ever considered..... lance and coran

buddy… pal…….. thanks for this

  • coran ‘officially’ doesn’t have a favorite paladin. but. it’s lance
    • hunk is a close second but the cooking rivalry runs too deep
  • lance asks coran to teach him how to flirt in altean. coran teaches him how to say “are there any chores i can do today allura?” instead
  • textbook cases of crouching moron, hidden badass trope
  • lance: “i’m too young and beautiful to die!” coran: “i’m only one of those things but i still don’t wanna!”
  • coran gets an average of two marriage proposals from random aliens a month
    • lance is like. how.
    • “hunk do you think i could rock a mustache” “okay i’m gonna stop you right there”
  • “coran i think i know what the problem is. the castle’s systems have an updog infection” “what is updog?” “PIDGE GET IN HERE I TOLD YOU I COULD DO IT”
  • lance: *shares tender memory of something on earth that he misses* coran: *reciprocates wistfully with some horrifying altean bullshit*
    • seriously what even was altea
    • “i miss dogs. they’re animals that we keep around the house and they’re super cuddly and cute” “oh, we had creatures like that on altea! they were called glarots! except instead of being cuddly, they had spikes all over their bodies. the one i had back home could snap up three flame draks in one bite of its fourth jaw! *sigh* adorable little buggers, they were”
  • [Kuroko and Kagami are playing Catch Phrase and the current word is “cream’]
  • Kuroko: You put this in your coffee.
  • Kagami: A spoon! Your hands! Your face!
  • Kuroko: It’s white.
  • Kagami: Paper! Snow! A ghost!
  • Kuroko: It’s heavier than milk.
  • Kagami: A rock! A dog! The earth!
  • Kuroko: Pass.
  • [New word is "mayonaisse”]
  • Kuroko: You put this on a sandwich.
  • Kagami: Salami! Anchovies! Jam!
  • Kuroko: It’s white.
  • Kagami: Paper! Snow! A ghost!
  • Kuroko: It’s made from eggs.
  • Kagami: Chickens!?
  • Kuroko: Pass.
  • [New word is “ketchup”]
  • Kuroko: You put this on a hamburger.
  • Kagami: Ketchup!
  • Kuroko: Yes.
  • Kagami: Relish!
  • Kuroko: Stop.
Ranger Week: Tracking Guide

image credit: Todd Ulrich

In Dungeons & Dragons, rangers are expert trackers. Here are some ways that rangers go about finding those tracks, or “spoor,” as its called in the hunting world. Below that are ideas for tracks left by some Favored Enemies of the ranger!

Common Signs of Tracks (1d12)

You can roll randomly to see what the ranger found for their survival check or choose from the list below.

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items found in pidge's backpack
  • headphones 
  • laptop their dairy with several bad selfies of their family 
  • usb drives with all the harry potter books and movies 
  • a “what to do when aliens attack” pamphlet 
  • a mashed up pack of raman noodles 
  • a small bottle of scented hand lotion they use for special occasions or when theyre missing home 
  • a smaller backpack with an entire universe solely devoted to powering pidge’s laptop 
  • a usb with the torah 
  • several rubber bands 
  • a cheap watch with a dead battery, the hands frozen at 4:20 am 
  • an entire dog 
  • high heels for when they want to feel tall 
  • a old nintendo ds with “danny phantom: urban jungle” as the game cartilage 
  • a usb solely devoted to meme music, another for the greatest hits of the 1980’s, and all of lorde’s albums 
  • a picture of a dinosaur 
  • fifteen different shaped rocks they found on the ground and kept because they were cool. now they keep them bc its the the only earth rock out here 
  • a empty water bottle 
  • a single sock 
  • seven marbles

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An idea: shiro finding a super earth dog-like alien stray and nearly crying cause maybe it looks like a dog he used to own??? But he slowly earns its trust and brings it with him on the castle and it's happy and pure and it sleeps with him which helps with his nightmares and no im not crying what

They found him in a demolished city, one days after the initial attacks.

The mission was simple: Recover anything they could from the ruined government building to bring to the evacuated population.

In the end, there wasn’t much left of the building.  They had Yellow lift up the top and dug through the rubble.  Aside from a few drawers with of papers, and a couple of sturdier metal decorations, the place was pretty much demolished.  

But something had moved in.

The sound of rustling initially made Shiro turn, arm let and aggressive.  But then he saw the reflected purple spots on two dark eyes, and he paused.  Oh.  An animal. To be cautious, he turned off his arm but lit the built in flashlight, and put it closer to see the shape of the animal without shining directly on it.


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*Masterpost of all elements HERE
  • REPRESENTS: Strength, abundance, stability, wealth prosperity, responsibility, the physical body and your health.
  • SYMBOLS: Rocks, fields, soil, forests, salt, dirt, trees, caves and clay.
  • SEASON: Winter
  • TIME: Night
  • SENSE: Touch
  • ZODIACS: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
  • COLOURS: Black, greens, reds, yellows and browns.
  • STONES: Crystal, emerald, onyx, jasper, azurite, amethyst and quartz.
  • HERBS: Ivy, grain, moss and roots
  • ANIMALS: Dogs, cows, bulls, horses, ants, worms, bears and wolves.
  • ELEMENTALS: Gnomes, elves, dwarves, brownies and leprechauns.
  • PLANETS: Earth and Earths moon
  • CHAKRA: Root
  • MAGICK WORK: Gardening, stone divination, working with crystals, knot-binding, money spells, grounding, and runes.
  • RITUALS: burying things, clay work, planting trees/herbs/flowers/plants, hiking and spending time with nature in general.
  • EARTH PERSONALITIES: Are usually the most trustful, determined, loyal, responsible and giving people you could ever hope to meet. When they are balanced and in touch with their element of the Earth they are honest, open-minded, trustworthy and they always keep their promises. They’re the kind of people that like things to go according to plan; they hate when things suddenly change on them but, can adapt very easily with little effort. They are kind and strong individuals who are there to pick up people when and if they fall down. On the other hand, when Earth personalities are not in balance with themselves, they can be very different people. They can be selfish, insincere, insecure and often participate in self-destructive behaviors. They tend to ignore other people’s opinions and stick to a very narrow and close-minded way of thinking. For Earth personalities to reconnect, they only have to spend time in nature.
categorize me; i defy every label


The second you touched down on the foreign soil, you were on guard. That Shadow thing had decided to drop you on the coast of a deserted beach, but why? You spun around, hugging your arms to your shivering body. You weren’t scared in the slightest. Confused, angry but not scared. Most of all you were pissed that the Shadow abducted you from your home and left you on this island to fend for yourself… not that home was much better though.

“And who might you be? This isn’t a place for a girl like you.” A voice sniggered.

You whipped around, met by green eyes and a smile. The smile wasn’t friendly though, it reminded you of a wolf’s snarl as it circled its prey; arrogant and dominant.

“Who am I? Who are you?” You looked around exasperatedly. “And where the hell am I?”

“Tone the attitude down, love. S'not very ladylike.”

Your eyebrows shot up in disbelief, an insulted look crossing your features instantaneously. How did a stranger have the decency to tell you that you weren’t acting ladylike when you had just been stolen from your home and suddenly harassed by some random boy?

You narrowed your eyes, pushing past the boy. “If you won’t tell me where I am then I’m going to figure it out myself.”

You heard him laugh behind you. “You won’t get far without my help. This is my island and you won’t find anything unless I want you to.”

“Are you ready to bow down to submission yet?”

You snorted. “Bow down to submission? Do I look like a dog.”

The boy laid stretched out in a tree branch, one leg propped up and the other dangling from the branch. He watched you with an irritating smile, one you would like to smack off his face.

“I told you,” He tsked. “You won’t find anything —.”

“—Unless you want me to, yeah yeah. You’ve said that a few times now.”

Sitting down on a rock that had managed to rip its way through the Earth, you buried your face in your lap and wrapped your arms around your legs. You felt a body sit beside yours and with one peak you figured it was him.

“I know you’re upset my pet, but I can make it all better if you let me.” His accented voice was like a siren’s song, lovely, warm and inviting but as soon as you let yourself become taken by it, your life would be no more. You sighed.

“Can you at least tell me where I am.” You lifted your head to meet his playful gaze.

“I’ll give you a hint. You’re in the land where Lost Children go to be loved again.”

Your eyes squinted. Lost Boys? Lost Children? “Neverland…? That makes you Peter Pan?”

The boy smirked, one side of his mouth lifting higher than the other and indenting a dimple in his cheek. “Precisely.”

You tucked a piece of loose hair behind your ear before he stood up and held his hand out in front of you.

“Let’s go back to camp, it’s going to rain soon.” You purse your mouth and stood next to him, letting his open hand curl into an awkward first between you.

“I’ll just go my own way. When you say the word camp it reminds me of a summer camp where you sit around the fire and roast marshmallows. Not that that doesn’t sound wonderfully fun,” You say with an exaggerated roll of your eyes. “But I’m not here to roast marshmallows and sing camp songs.”

Pan tensed his jaw, feeling his teeth grind against each other. With one usual snap of his fingers, Pan always got what he asked for but he oddly liked the defiance act you were putting on. He remembers how Wendy eventually became clay in his hands and she would bend over backwards at anything he said but… not you. Pan could only imagine how strong his ego will feel once he got you the buckle.

“My camp is no where near child’s play but if you really want to live by your own rules, then you have to prove your worthiness to me.”

“I don’t have to prove anything just because you lack to see it. S'not my problem.”

With lightning reflexes he had your jawbone gripped between his thumb and forefinger, the skin becoming hot and subtly numb under his aggressive touch. Anger immediately flood your senses and you tightly gripped his wrist as a warning.

“Prove to me that you can survive on my island without my help then. Show me,” He whispered, hissing the letters.

“…that you can and maybe I would look up to your so called worthiness. Until then you’re nothing but a literal lost girl to me.”

You took his wrist and flung his hand off of your face. “It’s not very gentlemen-like to man handle a woman, Peter Pan.”

The smirk reappeared onto his face and he paced himself a few steps away from you.

“Peter Pan never fails. Gain my respect by proving yourself.”

“You lost my respect by referring to yourself in third person.”

With that, you turned around and started your way blindly through the forest. You frankly didn’t care if you left Pan standing there. The fact that you were dumped on this island without your say makes it your island as much as it was his.

It had been a few days since you had seen that annoying boy and honestly, you weren’t doing that bad. You were able to find food and despite what Pan had said at the time, it had yet to rain. Neverland was beautiful, with fluorescent wild life and creatures you had only ever imagined in dreams. You were still asleep and the sun had yet to rise over the tops of the pines. The colors of the sky above you bled through each other like a painting, creating a dreamy glow throughout the air.

You groaned and rubbed your eyes, rubbing the sleep away from inside of them. The chilly air pinched at your cheeks and created goosebumps down your body, making you sigh. The sigh was stolen by a gasp as an arrow shot past you, missing the top of your shoulder by a hair’s length.

Your eyes whipped towards where it had came from, only to be met by nothing. You leaned backwards and retrieved the arrow, holding it in front of you as a weapon. Pan had never mentioned anything actually dangerous on Neverland, so what the hell was attacking you?

Another one slung past you but this time, missing you completely. You snorted and stood to pick it up. “Can whoever is shooting at me stop? Nice shots by the way.”

You didn’t miss the pain of the third one, flying swiftly and piercing your shin. Though it didn’t make it too far in, your knees buckled and you toppled down, blinking through the tears as you tried to rip the flimsy arrow out. Blood ran down the expanse of your ankle.

“Now this is a site. I didn’t even shoot that hard.”

You knew that voice, you hadn’t heard it in days. Pan. You gritted your teeth as he emerged from the bushes, dropping his bow to the dusty ground.

“Why would you shoot me?” You shrieked, hands shaking. Before Neverland you had never experienced pain like this, the worse being a scratched knee or a sprained wrist.

“I’m trying to get you to prove yourself. I’m tired of you moping around my island. It’s getting quite boring.”

With a shot of adrenaline, you sprang up and pushed Pan into the body of a tree, holding the wooden arrows horizontally against his neck. Pan only smirked in response, even daring to let his hands rest daintily on your waist before you elbowed them away.

“Do you always go around shooting new kids on your island, Pan? Do you think this is funny or something?” You pressed, tightening the arrows against his neck. The wound on your leg groaned as you stood on it but you couldn’t back down now.

“I didn’t even shoot you that hard, silly girl. And if you’re trying to scare me, all you’re doing is amusing me right now.”

“And you’re making me incredibly furious. I am this close to strangling you, I swear.”

“I don’t think you would.” He taunted, raising an eyebrow. 

You bit the inside of your cheek and glared at him, eventually releasing your hold and throwing the arrows onto the ground. No, you wouldn’t hurt this boy  despite him hurting you. You left Pan where he was and went to cut the flimsy material of your hand made tent off, wrapping it around your shin as a makeshift band aid.

“What?” Pan asked. “No slapping, no screaming, no girly fits that I won?”

“No. Unlike you, I wasn’t raised in a jungle where we get back at people by using more violence. Violence isn’t the answer.”

“I see.” Pan nodded, taking slow steps towards you. He kneeled next to you and gently moved your hands away from where they were tying the cloth together. You went to bark at him to move his hands away but his stare stopped you.

“At least let me heal it up. It’s the least I could do, you did prove your worthiness after all.”

You allowed him to use whatever Neverland magic he had within and heal up the bleeding arrow wound. Within seconds it was gone, no trace of pain or blood left behind after the stroke of his hand.

“Better now?“ Pan asked with a gentle voice. He looked almost… kind? Genuine? Concerned?

“Yeah. Thanks.”

Before he could stand back up you threw your balled up fist square into his jaw, making him stumble back for only a millisecond. Shock registered on his face and his hand flew up to where you had punched him.

“That’s for shooting a goddamn arrow at me. I don’t need to prove my worthiness to anyone.”

Though punching him probably hurt your knuckles worse than it hurt his jaw, you stood up and held your hand out.

“What?” You mocked, using his exact tone of voice from earlier. “No girly fits that I won?”

Pan laughed, a genuine boyish laugh and accepted your hand as you helped pull him upwards. You ran your hands down your dusty clothes and sighed.

“Let’s go to your camp. I haven’t eaten a real meal in hours, I’m starving.”

Since then, Pan had never decided to cross you again.

BTS in a game
  • Answer: CREAMER
  • MC: You put this in your coffee
  • Taehyung, overjoyed: A spoon!
  • Taehyung: Your hand!
  • Taehyung: Your face!
  • MC: It's white
  • Taehyung: Paper!
  • Taehyung: Snow!
  • Taehyung: A ghost!
  • MC: It's heavier than milk
  • Taehyung, confidently: A rock!
  • Taehyung: A dog
  • Taehyung: The earth
  • Yoongi: Tell me again why did we put him instead of Namjoon?
  • Jimin: Entertainment purposes i guess

Imagine: you’re laying in a soft hammock. the breeze is blowing the heat off you and rocking the hammock. next to you is a pound of weed, and enough Valium to kill an army. no one can be heard around you. you are entirely alone, able to listen to the earth when its not polluted with humans. around you 13 dogs are napping in the sun. they are happy. they are good boys.
you have no where to be. all the time in the world to do whatever you want, uninterrupted.
there’s also those mini wholly mammoth things bc those were cute

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Got any good Stanchez fic recommendations??

OOOoo I’m so glad you asked because I actually had a list sitting in my drafts forever that I haven’t gotten around to posting yet! Strap in because I have a TON for you, anon! 

So here’s some links to some awesome fics on AO3 :-) They’re just in alphabetical order because I don’t know how else to organize them, they’re all great!

Ahead in the Back : I admit I haven’t read all of this comic just yet, but it has a neat premise and a really cool art style, plus the setting is in the 80s with Rick and Ford getting along like oil and water and doing scholarly university stuff and experiments together. 

Car Thief: A super lengthy one: a fun (and also sometimes angsty) adventure with young stanchez and aliens, portals, illegal activity, heists and robbery, alternate selves, it spans over a few years, and the ups and downs of their relationship. Also has Fiddauthor and the mystery quartet!

Day of the Tentacles: NSFW pwp oneshot, the two meet a tentacle monster when searching the multiverse for Ford and it fucks Stan while Rick watches in amusement

Doggone: Rick and Stan hit and kill a dog, and Stan wonders if because of the multiverse, if he’s entirely replaceable to Rick.

doing dirt: Rick gets… burrieeddd alliiiiiiive

Drifting: young stanchez, sexy af, includes sex work and Rick and Stan living at rock bottom, but finding comfort in each other there… A+ characterization

En Attendant: The two of them somehow find themselves driving the Stanmobile in an unescapable desert purgatory where time has stopped.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Planet Earth (Or, How to See Earth by the Skin of Your Teeth): Stan and Rick become business partners and travel, scamming tons of gullible people and sort of falling for each other in the process

i dont wanna talk about what it means: One of my favorites! A high school setting, young/teenage stanchez smoking weed, hooking up and getting into shenanigans and hijinks together

Kings Among Runaways: oneshot. Young stanchez hanging around Glass Shard beach, running away from home, two guys bein’ sleazeballs and having fun on the run. There’s a cool structure of flashbacks versus real time.

Liquor Store Love: Stan gets a graveyard shift job at a liquor store and Rick becomes a frequent customer after stopping an alien robbery. Multi-chap that I’m collaborating on!

New Heights: Short and sweet, Stan is afraid of heights, and Rick does his best to comfort him on a flight :)

Regrets: Rick’s voice is nailed perfectly in this one, it’s sad as hell because Rick’s character is so tragic but it has a realllly good ending :)

Rickcoaster of Insanity: set in the 70s, Stan comes back to Rick’s place after the bar to crash and learns about Rick’s weird and wild lifestyle, and it has… *whispers* sharing a bed troooope~

Sex, Drugs, and Portals: Super awesome and one of my favorites of all time: young men, Rick is inspired by Sid Vicious, set in the ‘70s, awesome sexual tension and Rick being a manic asshole mad scientist/rocker, Stan is homeless and desperate and rough around the edges

Sprinkles & Scurvy: oneshot for the Summer Sizzle. Rick helps Stan remember him after amnesia from Bill, they get ice cream from the Interdimensional Black Market, and get taken onto a Space Pirate ship. Just something silly I wrote in a few days for fun :)

Stanchrotica : oneshot porn, in-character like whoaaa, it’s hilarious and super hot at the same time! Highly recommend this one

The Best Bad Influence: centered around Stan in his treasure hunting days, age difference of Stan at 19 and Rick at around 26, Stan’s characterization is A+, and there’s lots of time-period-accurate music involved. 2 chapters are up but this has some big future plans, it probably will get really lengthy. I’m helping beta read and edit for it!

The Jock and the Geniuses: 80s setting, super duper long and a slow burn, Stan and Rick live as roommates and get into all kinds of shenanigans with Unity, the Flesh Curtains, the newly assembling Council of Ricks, and it elaborates on the show’s brainwave theory with Stan as a Neutralizer. Features asexual Stan and pansexual Rick. This fanfic was my very first delve into the Stanchez pairing :o

We Gotta Go: oneshot of Rick talking Stan down from a panic attack, and it’s really awesome and sweet!!

What Happens in Space Vegas: HILARIOUS, a high-stakes alien shootout happens when the two go out to buy Stan viagra and Stan’s consciousness gets put into a sex bot, just a warning for gore mention

When Stan met Rick: really great retro 70s-80s time period, Rick is involved in interesting experiments involving LSD and seeing into alternate dimensions while high out of his skull, and the two of them have a really realistic and interesting gritty dynamic to their relationship!

When the Strangers Blew In: Pretty long, Western setting, a lot of trans characters, with fun period-accurate words/dialogue, and the mystery quartet with Fiddauthor, too!

You Are Stanley Pines and You Are Morty Smith: really neat full color comics! I haven’t seen a lot of comics and choose-your-own adventure like these ones, and they’re really fun <3

ASK ME STANCHEZ STUFF WHENEVER. This ship has me fucking whipped… if that wasn’t obvious enough lmfaoo

Don’t tell her blue’s a sad color

Mom doesn’t like poetry

since it’s not clear like how things should be.

Until you write her one, 

and beaming she’ll put it on the fridge with a magnet. 

Mom likes things sorted and clean, papers off 

the table or in the bin, dishes in the sink or the cupboard. 

What is this? Why is this here? 

If it’s clutter, it’s just stuff. Don’t save it.

In her room she has 37 years of photos

 and sometimes tears up when she thinks of her parents

but she would never admit it.

So, she laughs and means it 

when her grandchildren dump the box of toys across the living room 

and the dogs slide down the hall past the family photos 

and bang open doors after a bouncing ball. 

Most of the lines on her face come from laughing, crows’ feet dotting her crinkling eyes.

Her birdcall laugh hangs high above any room

like a day-warbler or a hooting night-owl over the treetops. 

So much of her is rocks and earth and order, 

but every bit of her speaks of beating wings and blue skies.

Mom’s favorite color is blue, deep like the ocean, bright like the sky.

Don’t tell her blue’s a sad color; 

she dressed her baby boy in the ocean and then his sister 

when she could fit his hand-me-downs, 

and then laughed when the disapproving daycare lady sent her daughter home in pink.

She lives with her husband of 36 years in a light blue house 

and relished painting skies on her kitchen and living room walls after 10 years of white and little time 

and laughed again when her children protested at the blue walls, rugs, and carpets.

Time may pass, and the blue curtains, rugs, and walls may have disappeared and her children may have had children, 

but blue is still her favorite color and her children are still her children, 

and she still doesn’t like poetry. 

me, aged 93, broken and old rocking on my front porch and watching my great grandchildren, bright and fast-burning memorials of what my own life used to be, play absently in my front yard as the dogs fall asleep and the sun inches lower in the sky, a reminder from the earth of my own mortality and purpose: i love gansey

Teen Titans Fam at the Mall - #2 Hot Topic

It’s a pretty popular store, I know it’s mainly goth fashion there but some of their items seem punk rock.

Kori: These earth gems are amazing! Do you think there are any from Tamaran?

Raven: I doubt it.

Garfield: Stop being a downer Rae, Jaime and I have something to show~ you~

Raven: No.

Jaime: We found something that would really suit you~

Raven: No.

Damian: Whatever they have is better than what I’m wearing.

Dick: Oh come on, you look cute. Want to show Bruce?

Damian: No way-

Dick: The dog can be in it too.

Damian: …

Lucy and Natsu, or, Orpheus and Eurydice

Still crying over Natsu and Lucy almost happened romantic reunion? Still heartbroken over the fact that the two didn’t manage to say what they wanted to? Let me make it worse.

Orpheus and Eurydice is a myth in Greek-Roman literature. Virgil and Ovid wrote short poems about it. Variations aside, both narrate the story of Orpheus, a singer and lyre player, whose instruments was given to him by none other than Apollo, the god of music and arts. He was a cantor, a player who used his instruments to sing stories. Orpheus played divinely and he was also very beutiful. Many, men and women, humans and gods, fell in love with his heart rending voice.

But Orpheus refused them all. Honours, beautiful women - and men, these were anciet greeks -, riches … the one he loved dearly was his beautiful Eurydice, a nymph. Nymphs were minor deities, depicted as beautiful, young, who singed and danced in the Nature, sort of ethereal creatures, a form of life between men and gods - the most famous nymph would be Teti, a naiad, Achilles’ mother.

But Eurydice prematurely died - bitten by a viper or as she run from a suitor, versions differ. Orpheus was beyond distraught. He sang in mournful voice a song - and remember, song narrated stories  - so beautiful that it is said even inanimated objects such as trees and rocks started to weep. So did the gods, who, heartbroken, granted him a passage to the Underworld, the Hades. Here he passed many trials, including facing the three-headed monstrous dog Cerberus, and was finally granted an audience with Pluton, the god of the dead, and his wife Proserpine. As he sang another beautiful song to them, the two were moved, and granted him to lead his wife back with him to earth, on the condition though that he never turned back to her as they walked.

So they they started walking. Orpheus walked in the front and Eurydice was behind him. I imagine now he must’ve been, for a while, overjoyed: he had been robbed of happiness, but managed to overcome so many obstacles, and now was about the enjoy a life with his beloved again. 

But he was worried; he couldn’t hear her. She was a spirit, an ethereal being even more now than when she was alive,  so she made no sound as she walked. He as anxious, tried to shake the feeling off, but couldn’t. So he did the one thing he was told not to: He turned to her.

And just like that, he broke his promise. He had managed to overwrite the rule according to which the dead cannot be brought back to life.

… and broke it. The love of his life had now vanished into thin air.

The myth goes on as Orpheus, turned to madness by the now unsolvable grief, started wandering​ through woods and forests, and eventually met the Maenads, women followers of the wine god Dyonisus, who tried to have him join their maniacal dances and rituals; he refused and thet dismembered him, then threw the pieces of his body in a river. 

Now of course I don’t think this will be the case. As I was confident from day one that Makarov wouldn’t stay dead, I’d be as crazy as Maenad to think that Natsu won’t come back. Not to mention Mashima, SPOILERS, did the exact same thing in his previous manga, Rave Master. I just wanted to draw some little lovely parallels as Orpheus and Lucy are both narrators who go through an inhuman feat to save whom they love. 

How he will come back remains a mistery though. Lucy managed to rewrite him back to life, but Natsu’s exsistence was tied to Zeref’s, who stated it multiple times. However, Natsu is also partially a dragon and a human, and though the book of END and informations about him disappeared -, parts of him may have remained “somewhere”. And as long as that somewhere exists, there must a way to get there, and if that way happens to be a door, remember we have a girl who happens to have a bunch of keys.