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Just what the fuck guys. Leave @peachdalooza in peace. I mean. She and springy talk, they solved the situation and woW IT END?? Why you all continue send anon hate to her? She did it bc that actually happen many times (to other artists too) and she said what she thought. The other people who go to send anon hate to springy are literally stupid, but peach have nothing to do with them. 


Stop??????????? stop.

oh and sorry for the bad english :cccc


it starts as a rumour but soon, every damn person on base knows that jyn and cassian got married and they’re all a little in awe. bc who the hell can keep up a relationship when fighting a war??? wHOA they must be so wise and knowledgable bout love…….

so jyn keeps getting asked for relationship advice, oh dear lord. bc UR MARRIED U KNOW WHAT I SHOULD DO ??? SHOULD I TELL HIM I LIKE HIM??? HOW DO I GET OVER HER??? ARE WE MOVING TOO FAST????? hELP ??????

and the only answer jyn can ever give is

“……..kill em”

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Someone talk me out of writing a series in which Reader is training the Winter Soldier back when Hydra first get Bucky, thanks. Much appreciated. I totally got inspired from playing that stupid Captain America video game, plus WS gifs! - Ro

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To be perfectly honest, I think the biggest thing I want from a modern-day Rogue One AU is Cassian as the owner of a beat-up old white van with illegally tinted windows, a privacy screen over the license plate, and an interior where you will find spy equipment stuffed into every nook and cranny of the car, along with a genuinely ridiculous amount of non-perishable food items, bottled water, and a minimum of three full cans of gas. You’re never gonna convince me of a modern-day AU that doesn’t have Cassian living out of his spy van.


Ragnarok Online Gameplay [TalonRO] #3: A Big Dose of JUPEROS!

Greetings, weary travelers! Pull up a seat.

Tonight, we’re going on a guild party excursion into… Juperos dungeon! Prepare yourself for mobs of aggressive robots, death, and awesome music!

Mirage Guild members featured: Yune Hiraze (High Priest), Sniper Clementia (Sniper), Horatio Cornblower (High Priest), Dingleberries (Sniper), Sniper Migs (Sniper), Lokison (Rogue)

Note: Vesper, which I mentioned at the end, is the MVP we ran across while I was not recording. He’s also apparently the once-human that was goading us into Juperos core to get massacred in the first place!

Hope you enjoyed! Have safe travels my friends and I will see you next time!