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Trump supporters have compiled data on thousands who signed anti-fascist petition

  • Supporters of Trump have built a database of thousands of people who signed an anti-Trump petition in April, according to BuzzFeed News.
  • The document circulated on Centipede Central, a pro-Trump channel on gaming chat service Discord, contains names, addresses, phone numbers and other data such as links to social media profiles.
  • All of the information appears to have been obtained by Google searches for publicly accessible data on the names appearing on Refuse Fascism’s April “Call to Action” petition, which has over 4,600 signatures.
  • The list seemed to be the work of individuals affiliated with the alt-right, the loosely affiliated network of far-right racist activists and trolls which sprung to prominence amid Trump’s campaign for president. Read more (5/22/17)

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Okay but do you realize that this shit has happened to Sana before? and that’s why her mother is so worried about her… It looks like Sana has been bullied before, in the school she went to before Nissen; since the flashing images of hate messages in the new clip was from people from that school. Honestly this explains so much of Sana’s behavior and her mother’s protectiveness over her and why she wants Sana to “have friends that are more like her”… she wanted to prevent Sana from getting bullied and hurt again.

Harry Styles and Tess Ward 'aren't putting any labels' on relationship
HARRY Styles and Tess Ward “aren’t putting any labels” on their relationship and a currently keeping things casual. The former One Direction singer, 23, and food blogger Tess, 27, have enjoyed a st…

The former One Direction singer, 23, and food blogger Tess, 27, have enjoyed a string of dates, but friends of Harry insist that they aren’t yet serious.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, a source said: “Harry and Tess really aren’t serious.

“They’ve been dating but that’s it, they haven’t gone as far to put a label on anything, they’re just keeping things really casual.”

In fact Harry hasn’t yet introduced Tess to those closest to him, including his mum Anne Twist.

The insider added: “Harry is usually keen to introduce love interests to his interests to his friends and family, she’s met a few friends, but no one in his close family yet.”

under the cut is the rest of the article, which is an old article rehash and contradicts the beginning. surprise.

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