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Spanish made rifle chambered in 5.56x45mm, it replaced the original CETME which was a precursor to the HK G3. Hill & Mac Gunworks did a limited production run of 100 of these rifles assembled from demilled kits. Unlike the HK 93, another 5.56x45mm design, the CETME-L uses standard STANAG magazines like the AR-15. Whether or not these become collectable depends on if some other company will do a production run of their own. (GRH)


Walther Gewehr 43 sniper rifle

Manufactured by Berlin-Lübecker Maschinenfabrik c.1943-45 - serial number 2753k.
7,92x57mm Mauser 10-round removable box magazine, can be fed with stripper clips, gas-operated semi-automatic fire, ZF4 scope.

Following in the steps of its American and Soviet predecessors, the G43 cements the look for future post-war battle rifles. Initially a much more complex design, the G41(W), it was simplified when Walther Waffenfabrik analyzed a captured Tokarev SVT-40 and decided to get rid of the silly gas-operated-phobic requirements of the German army.

serial number 5349f


Remington 7615P

Although Remington is known mostly for their Model 700 rifle and Model 870 Shotgun, the 7615 is an interesting little pump-action rifle. It combines the feel and ergonomics of an 870 in a rifle chambered for .223 Remington that uses AR-15 mags. Marketed towards law enforcement, the goal was to provide a platform for officers who have an 870 and can transition easily to a rifle with the same feel and control. It does make most people wonder why any police department would pick a pump rifle over the much more adaptable and versatile AR-15. (GRH)


Swiss Condor A350 Motorbike

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What did all the lads want for christmas, and what did they actually get?

Well…. hmmm… Michael wanted firecrackers of course (Jack had to confiscate every single one Ryan tried to give him), but he ended up getting a chemistry set instead (Geoff gives Jack a sheepish grin because “c’mon it’s educational.”)

Jeremy asked for a new football helmet. He got that plus a bunch of football equipment that’s much nicer than the school gave him.

And Gavin wanted another camera. Jack told him he had too many already and bought him a new editing computer instead. He takes the trade off.