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I keep thinking whether I should have that stamp moving more freely in the drawing. Being the only colorful bit, it might distract from the other elements, though. Besides, when the composition is weak, like in some of those above, the stamp serves as an anchor that balances things. When the picture works by itself, placing the stamp gets difficult.

Yeah, I have no life. so most of my thoughts revolve around ink and brushes.


Harry Potter AU where Draco joins the order in 5th year and Harry teaches him how to cast a patronus. Obviously, no one else trusts him because “maybe he’s a spy for the death eaters” and” he’s hated us forever he just wants to get us in trouble with Umbridge” but eventually Draco proves himself. This leads to Draco telling the golden trio that his father has some secret plan that involve the Department of Mysteries and convinces Harry not to go to the Ministry after Harry’s ‘vision’ (Sirius lives!!!!!) and it’s not Cho that Harry kisses in the Room of Requirement. 

For some convoluted reason, everyone suddenly starts involuntarily bursting into song “Buffy: Once More with Feeling"-style.

Everyone in the crew has their own musical number revolving around their current thoughts and issues. Donut takes care of belting out the opening number, since he has such great range. Sarge sings about building robots with Lopez. Simmons sings about his dreams and ambitions.

Grif can feel it coming but has no power to stop it and starts singing a soulful love ballad to Simmons.

Simmons malfunctions.

I sit alone long into the night, and my thoughts revolve only around me, my whole life, about all the wild vitality of youth and all my hunger for the fulfillment of life, which was assuaged by nothing but banality and apathy, discouragement, boredom, fear, nervousness, ruefulness, and sickness. The pantomime of my memories passes through my conscience: I yearn for one thing and one thing only, and what I yearn for is the one thing that I’ve never gotten, but everything else I have gotten, both what I didn’t desire and also what I feared. I never found my own life.
—  Halldór Laxness, from The Great Weaver from Kashmir (Archipelago Books, 2008)

This spell is specifically for helping one control their negative and intrusive thoughts- it won’t completely get rid of them but it will help you acquire the strength needed to deal with them.


Chamomile (for protecting you and purifying your thoughts)

Rosemary (for warding off negativity) 

Bathtub filled with warm water


Something to play calming music.

Candles (white)

Fill the tub with warm water, as it’s filling undress yourself. Make sure to do so with care- if your negative thoughts revolve around your body ensure you focus on the parts you’re unhappy with.

Once the tub is filled to your liking sprinkle in the herbs- if you do not have the actual herbs incense, candles, oils, or even bubble bath will do.

Dim the lights or turn them off and light some candles. If you want you can now turn on your playlist of calming music- I personally recommend instrumentals so you don’t accidently start focusing on the words.

Get into the tub and place yourself in a comfortable position- I recommend either lying in the water or leaning against the back of the tub. Put yourself into a relaxed state and clear your mind- this may take some time. Focus on your breathing and your heartbeat.

Once you’re relaxed it’s time to begin. Place your hands on the surface of the water and close your eyes. You can either speak or think the following;

I will be safe
I will be at peace
Negative thoughts decay
Intrusive thoughts decease

Repeat as many times as you feel necessary.

Channel all your negative energy and force it out of your fingertips and into the water. Try to get out of the tub quickly after you finish, sitting in your own negative energy can be harmful.

Drain the tub and watch the water go down. Repeat the following until the water is gone;

As this water drains, as does my unwanted thoughts.

Once the water is all gone turn on the lights/ blow out the candles as you say in a strong voice;

As I have said, as it will be

2017 seasons greetings ♡ interview
translation: z0eyyy

q: what’s the thing you have been thinking about (most) recently? what are the thoughts revolving inside your head?
jonghyun: the meaning of acknowledgement. to say it again: it’s acknowledging my thoughts and accepting it. i think that’s what acknowledging is. understanding is like interpreting. it’s a little different. i’m working hard to accept others’ opinions. it’s not as easy as i think (it would be)

I think you all would somewhat agree that we wanted a Victor POV to know more about him

So, isn’t it heartwarming to realize that his entire thought process revolves around Yuuri, just the way Yuuri’s revolves around Victor (as seen in past episodes)?

Like, we don’t learn too much about Victor, but we learn so much about how well he knows Yuuri. But even without too much of a backstory, I feel like I know Victor Nikiforov so much better because I can tell what’s going on in his mind.

And that just blows my mind. That Victor Nikiforov, Yuuri’s idol, actually thinks more about him than vice versa.


“Well, it seems to me that the best relationships - the ones that last - are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is… suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with.” - Scully

Thoughts about “The Cell”/Daryl/Coffee

So I will freely admit that I had to go back and do a rewatch of 7.3 today after letting my first thoughts sink in before I was willing to write anything about it. There were a few places I had questions that I wanted to look at again and some thoughts I had after the episode concluded that I wanted to look at in the context of the episode. Some of those thoughts revolve around Daryl, some the Sanctuary and Negan, and others the story moving forward. Before I get started with my thoughts though I do want to hit on one thing which is that “The Cell” was written by Angela Kang who for reference sake also wrote “Still”, “Coda”, and “Thank you” among other episodes. I think that’s important because there were a few places where I think the callbacks to those previous episodes were very present even if it wasn’t blatantly presented that way and I think that she was deliberately tapped to write this episode because of those connections. I am also probably going to break my thoughts up into multiple post because otherwise this will get way to long.

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It seems TPTB’s method is an endeavor to make us forget Caryl, but not completely. I think they want the audience (the GA at least) to believe that the Caryl relationship has been put on the back-burner and now they’re setting up something romantic between Ezekiel and Carol. They are trolling big time, but I don’t think that they want people to forget about Caryl altogether.

When you want your audience to forget about a ship for good you don’t:

(a. Add Daryl’s name to that Talking Dead poll, insinuating that he is still an option when is comes to Carol romance.

(b. scatter easter eggs for said ship everywhere

(c. have more than half of Daryl’s “dying thoughts” revolve around Carol, and show us flashbacks of moments like the Caryl reunion and the Cherokee rose scene.

(d. have your puppet – I mean after-show host – say things like, “We will never give up on Carol and Daryl!”

If TPTB wanted their audience to completely forget Caryl, they wouldn’t give us anything that should cause us to hope. They would just dismiss it.

Gimple wants the element of surprise to be a huge part of his show. He wants shock to be an aspect in almost everything. And while I think that’s really stupid, I do believe it’s what they’re doing with Caryl. They want their audience to forget, not completely – which is why they are still giving us hope undertones – but temporarily. They want us to forget just enough to be surprised and caught off guard when Caryl does happen.

Did you find it hard to breathe?
Did you cry so much that you could barely see?
You’re in the darkness all alone
And no one cares, there’s no one there

   - The Script, Flares

Another aesthetic! I’ve realized that I haven’t actually given you guys a good look into Alice’s mind and I’m actually working on a story revolving around her inner thoughts and struggles! Anyways, onto the tags!

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Yes, from the kingpin of the handgun world, we come to the the kingpin of the revolver world. A gun who’s name alone means business. It’s the gun revered as the Cadillac of the Revolver Market. It’s big, blued, and just a bit subdued.

It’s the Colt Python.

It’s an icon of the police force, a force to be reckoned with and while it might not live up to the reputation of some revolvers, it just doesn’t need to.

The Colt Python was built in the 1950′s. Colt was riding off the success of the Colt Cobra and other such revolvers and thought to top the market, they’d make a top-of-the-line gun, a .38 Special Target revolver fitted with barrel ribbing, large target sights, smooth trigger, extra metal and was later changed to .357 Magnum, a brand new cartridge at the time. And in 1955, the Colt Python was released.

It came in bright satin nickel or Colt Royal Blue. Later the nickel was swapped out for Satin or mirror-polished “Ultimate” Stainless Steel. It came with wood or rubber Pachmayr grips and barrel lengths from the 2.5 inch snubbie to the 8 inch one for hunting. Though most you’ll find will be with 4 or 6 inch barrels.

And like any gun, they came in different models. These included the Python Hunter, fitted with a 2X Leupold Scope and 8 inch barrel. The Python Target, a model only in .38 Special. There were custom guns like the Colt Boa, Colt Grizzly, and Colt Kodiak. There was the lower cost Colt Troopers and Colt Lawman’s and there was the .44 Magnum caliber Colt Anaconda.

And on release, the Colt Python was a success with police and civilians across the world. Police Departments bought them, with 6 inch barrels to uniformed police and 4 inch to plainclothes officers. Highway patrol units from Colorado and California to Florida and Georgia had Colt Python’s holstered until their replacement in the mid 1990′s. 

And not only cops, but a number of dictators and kings bought their own run of Colt Python’s. Anwar Saddat of Egypt, Sheik Zayed of the UAE, King Hassan of Morocco, King Juan Carlos of Spain, King Khaled and Fahid of Saudi Arabia, Hussein the First of Jordan had their own runs of Colt Pythons. Irish Crime reporter Veronica Guerin was killed by a Colt Python. The King himself, Elvis Presley was known to collect Pythons, with a number attributed to him floating in both Graceland and in private collections.

The Python wasn’t without some faults. The guns had a tendency to “wind down” with heavy usage. Effectively meaning the cylinder wouldn’t line up perfectly with the forcing cone, meaning anything from increase lead spray to the gun not working in DA mode. That and the fact most weighed more than competing S&W revolvers slowly showed Colt that these guns were becoming a money pit.

As the Colt Python was being replaced in Police holsters everywhere, Colt stopped main production of all revolvers, including Pythons in 1999. While their custom shop kept making guns, in 2005, the production stopped. And with that, the prices of Pythons soared to high prices, higher than usual. Your standard Python costs around $2,000 dollars. And while they have stopped production, they haven’t faded from memory. 

Especially in film.

The Python’s long history with police make it a common sight for movie and TV cops, whether normal beat cops or high ranking detectives, the Python’s a common sight. And with it’s usage by movie cops and bad guys, it’s not an uncommon sight from zombie flicks to action movie drama. From the hands of McQ to Grimes, a Python is an perfect pistol. It’s big, it’s commanding, and if it’s a nickel/stainless gun, it’s shiny.

Course with fame in media comes fame in video games, and like the 92FS, the Python got a break because of a video game now revered as a classic.

They’re waiting for you Gordon…in the test chamber.

Half Life. The PC Gaming classic. A game that showed what gaming could do. With the Quake 2 Engine, Valve showed that it didn’t always have to be mindless violence, but can play a story on par with Hollywood. 

You play Gordon Freeman, a mute 27 year old MIT graduate entering a day of work at the Black Mesa Research Complex. Within around 1 hour it goes from your average Monday to a DEFCON 1 situation, with aliens pouring in from every crack in the wall. And all you have is a crowbar, a HEV suit and a laundry list of firearms from the dead guards and HERC soldiers. The Glock, MP5, SPAS-12 and other guns, but none could really rival the Python.

The bottom of the blast pit gives you the satin nickel handcannon, and it serves as one of the games most solid guns, easily dropping zombies in one shot. And just like the MAC-10 and 92FS, this classic influenced a laundry list of other games.

The Python’s a relatively common sight in video games, with it usually in it’s royal blue finish. It serves as a games magnum, high stopping power, low magazine capacity and firing speed. It doesn’t need to fire fast or be quick reloading, cause 1 shot should be enough. From the arms of the Spy in TF2 to the darkened streets of Alan Wake, the Python’s sure to be there and still firing when others have failed.

And that is the Colt Python, the king of the revolver world. It’s had 50 years of production, and from the zombie filled apocalypse to the crazed factories of gravel fueled proxy warfare, it’s a common sight. It doesn’t need to be fast, it doesn’t need to be new, it just needs to work. And work it does.

Hold back the night, turn on the lights, I want to dream… Dream about you baby”

If I am soft to myself and slide comfortably into self-pity and self-sympathy, if I do not by the grace of God practice fortitude, then I know nothing of Calvary love. If I myself dominate myself, if my thoughts revolve round myself, if I am so occupied with myself I rarely have “a heart at leisure from itself,” then I know nothing of Calvary love.…That which I know not, teach Thou me, O Lord, my God.
—  Amy Carmichael


The past few days had been awkward. All incidents involving them both prior to today had left things ambiguous– did Yukako like him or not? It was frustrating not knowing. Especially since Josuke found himself thinking about Yukako almost every day.

The final bell rang and class was dismissed; Josuke had snapped back to reality and began to pick up his school supplies before packing them into his book bag.

Things were still so confusing to him. He didn’t understand why he liked Yukako or why he kept revolving his thoughts on this whole damn situation.

– But one thing remained clear. He still needed an answer from her.

After he hurriedly stuffed his items into his bag, he rushed out of the classroom. There was no wasting time; his eyes shifting left, then right, then left and then right again as he searched around for Yukako.

If she says no.. well then that’s that. But at least I got an answer.

It didn’t take him long to find her, although it did take him a bit to get the courage to face her. Once he’d mustered enough of it, he made his presence known by stopping right in front of her, staying silent for a second or so.

He wasn’t going to drag her out– he’d learned from all his previous times before just how much she disliked that. The teen instead took a deep breath before glancing upward– a faint pink tinting his face before speaking.

“…. Can we talk? Just privately, you and me.”

I fear that some of you will face a very rude awakening. The world doesn’t revolve around you. I thought I would always have it easier because of my insane anxiety that I sometimes can’t calm down. But no bitch my dads still gonna yell at me like anyone else, I still have to get up and work an 8 hour shift dealing with rude ass customers, I still have to deal with long nights crying my eyes out over all my failures and mess ups lol the world doesn’t favor us mentally ill!! That’s sad but fucking true !! You can’t be coddled forever you have to adapt to the best you can. It was so hard and I felt so worthless, my emotions and illness meant nothing like that was such a devastating thing to realize. Maybe I’ve been too mean about it lately and I come off as cold but my heart breaks over this. It sucks but we can get through it I believe in you.