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Harry Potter AU where Draco joins the order in 5th year and Harry teaches him how to cast a patronus. Obviously, no one else trusts him because “maybe he’s a spy for the death eaters” and” he’s hated us forever he just wants to get us in trouble with Umbridge” but eventually Draco proves himself. This leads to Draco telling the golden trio that his father has some secret plan that involve the Department of Mysteries and convinces Harry not to go to the Ministry after Harry’s ‘vision’ (Sirius lives!!!!!) and it’s not Cho that Harry kisses in the Room of Requirement. 

jason mcconnell is gay

not bi or pan

he’s gay

yeah most instances of him talking abt his sexuality are vague enough to be interpreted as bi/pan but He’s Gay alright

in epiphany, someone asks peter “will you drag that poor boy down there with you?” they’re calling him out for being gay, and that line is referring to him “turning” jason the same- gay. 

“a trophy bride and children-” a husband doesn’t actually care about his trophy wife, hence the “trophy.” they’re just to show off. if he were actually attracted to women, peter would know, and just say “bride.”

in one kiss, he literally only says he wants to kiss ivy after she keeps pushing it on him and telling him she wants to kiss him too, and even when he does it’s so weak and half-hearted, like he’s telling himself he wants to kiss her too

in one he says “kiss you is what i’m supposed to do.” he’s supposed to kiss ivy, but he doesn’t want to. “hide with me / lie with me” he’s hiding from himself by sleeping with a girl

“no regrets, i see the light / god, i know that this is right” again, he’s trying to convince himself that it’s right to be with/into a girl, and that he was previously “wrong” for being with/into a man. trust me, as a bisexual, he wouldn’t have this moment of “realization” if he were already into girls

touch my soul- “i wish to god i felt that way.” he really, earnestly does wish he was into girls even at all, because it’d make everything so much easier, but he’s not.

“maybe i can learn to love you” maybe he can work his gayness out and Turn Straight over time. again, this absolutely would not have been said if he were bi/pan and slept with ivy because he actually liked her. 

“maybe he would love you / maybe if he weren’t that way” the “way” he is- gay- is stopping him from loving her, a girl

he is gay. exclusively attracted to men. thank you for your time

For some convoluted reason, everyone suddenly starts involuntarily bursting into song “Buffy: Once More with Feeling"-style.

Everyone in the crew has their own musical number revolving around their current thoughts and issues. Donut takes care of belting out the opening number, since he has such great range. Sarge sings about building robots with Lopez. Simmons sings about his dreams and ambitions.

Grif can feel it coming but has no power to stop it and starts singing a soulful love ballad to Simmons.

Simmons malfunctions.

This spell is specifically for helping one control their negative and intrusive thoughts- it won’t completely get rid of them but it will help you acquire the strength needed to deal with them.


Chamomile (for protecting you and purifying your thoughts)

Rosemary (for warding off negativity) 

Bathtub filled with warm water


Something to play calming music.

Candles (white)

Fill the tub with warm water, as it’s filling undress yourself. Make sure to do so with care- if your negative thoughts revolve around your body ensure you focus on the parts you’re unhappy with.

Once the tub is filled to your liking sprinkle in the herbs- if you do not have the actual herbs incense, candles, oils, or even bubble bath will do.

Dim the lights or turn them off and light some candles. If you want you can now turn on your playlist of calming music- I personally recommend instrumentals so you don’t accidently start focusing on the words.

Get into the tub and place yourself in a comfortable position- I recommend either lying in the water or leaning against the back of the tub. Put yourself into a relaxed state and clear your mind- this may take some time. Focus on your breathing and your heartbeat.

Once you’re relaxed it’s time to begin. Place your hands on the surface of the water and close your eyes. You can either speak or think the following;

I will be safe
I will be at peace
Negative thoughts decay
Intrusive thoughts decease

Repeat as many times as you feel necessary.

Channel all your negative energy and force it out of your fingertips and into the water. Try to get out of the tub quickly after you finish, sitting in your own negative energy can be harmful.

Drain the tub and watch the water go down. Repeat the following until the water is gone;

As this water drains, as does my unwanted thoughts.

Once the water is all gone turn on the lights/ blow out the candles as you say in a strong voice;

As I have said, as it will be


6 Ways To Move On From The Past

1. Mindfulness - present moment awareness. When we live in the past we are missing out on the now, which is where we experience our deepest joy. We can bring our focus into the now by tuning into the body through the senses because the body is always present, but the mind rarely is.

2. Exercise - moving into the body. Exercising regularly helps us to release pent-up emotions - which are energies in motion. When we allow these emotions to work their way out of the body we can relieve much of the baggage from the past that burdens us today.

3. Creativity - soul expression. Often times we can find ourselves overthinking the past, thereby allowing it to dictate how we feel today. When the past gets us down we can channel these emotions into creative expression rather than allowing them to fester within us and cause unnecessary suffering.

4. Positive energy - surrounding ourselves what makes us feel good. When we spend time with the people, places and things that make us feel good we bring our awareness back into the now. Spending time doing things we don’t enjoy is what can often lead us down the road of overthinking the past.

5. Passion - doing what we love. Being “bored” or having “nothing to do” encourages the mind to wander back into the past and relive previous experiences. Having hobbies or passions to immerse ourselves in occupies our time and mental capacity which makes projecting out of the now less likely.

6. Self-love - forgiving ourselves for our past mistakes. Condemning and shaming ourselves for what we should or shouldn’t have done can cause our thoughts to revolve around the past. We need to release these judgements we place on ourselves and accept what has happened if we want to move forward.

You have to release the old to embrace the new.

Peace & positive vibes.

style vibes

in ref to this post

  • rising/1st house: the reason behind what you’re wearing

how we approach the world, our persona (our 1st house) can give insight into why we wear what we do  

aries asc - i want to wear something to be bold, whether it catch someone’s eye or makes me appear tough 

taurus asc - i want to wear something that flatters my figure; something that makes me appear prosperous/stable 

gemini asc - i want to wear whatever twin wants to show today; i can dress as casual as day or as crazy as a saturday night; i never want to appear boring

cancer asc - i want to wear something that caters to my surroundings; i don’t approach things for extravagance, comfort is key 

leo asc - i want to wear something that puts me in a spotlight or makes me seem confident/bright; i want to appear stylish and royalty-like

virgo asc - i want to wear something that is effective; i approach things in a calculated manner so there’s always reason behind what i’m wearing

libra asc - i want to wear something that is always in trend; my appearance should reflect my accommodating approach, balance is key 

scorpio asc - i want to wear something that is purposeful; i approach things like an investigator, i want to evoke curiosity 

sagittarius asc - i want to wear something just because; i approach things jovially and i want to appear carefree

capricorn asc - i want to wear to wear something to appear mature, whether it makes me look older or more business-like, i like to appear put together 

aquarius asc - i want to wear something to be unique; i never want to appear ‘in the crowd’, i want to stand out 

pisces asc - i want to wear something that is reflective of my delicate, imaginative approach; i want to appear artistic

sun in 1st: adds a desire to draw more attention to yourself; appear as your sun sign 

moon in 1st: adds a desire to appear more expressive or feminine 

mercury in 1st: adds a desire to appear more refined

venus in 1st: adds a desire to appear beautiful/extravagant/graceful or appeal to others through going with trends 

mars in 1st: adds a desire to appear more rugged/provocative/athletic 

jupiter in 1st: adds a desire to appear more cultured or nonchalant 

saturn in 1st: adds a desire to appear more sophisticated/reserved and consistent 

uranus in 1st: adds a desire to appear off-beat/have shock value/be quirky

neptune in 1st: adds a desire to appear more ethereal/be what people want to see them as 

pluto in 1st: adds a desire to appear more compelling/mysterious 

  • 2nd house: the amount you’re willing to spend or where you’re willing to shop; what makes you physically comfortable

in a fire sign (aries, leo, sagittarius)

impulse purchases; very generous with money; finds physical comfort in having the ability to spend on an adventurous whim, may gravitate towards apparel that has a certain warmth to it or an uninhibited quality (athletic-like apparel)

in an earth sign (taurus, virgo, capricorn)

frugal; very practical with money; finds physical comfort in having the ability to have & dip into their savings if necessary, may gravitate towards apparel that is more simplistic 

in an air sign (gemini, libra, aquarius)

purchases for hobbies/interests; a certain detachment from finances; finds physical comfort in having the ability to spend on whatever next idea they have, may gravitate towards apparel that reflects their hobbies/interests

in a water sign (cancer, scorpio, pisces)

purchases based on emotion; constantly worried about finances; finds physical comfort in having the ability to spend on those close to you or simply having long-term plans, may gravitate towards apparel that is more casual or reflective of memorabilia

sun in 2nd: your ego lies in your finances/self-worth. you are innate in dealing with money, you don’t mind expending your paycheck, you are more than willing to spend as much as you can on clothes because your identity feels lackluster without some sort of material security 

moon in 2nd: your emotions revolve around security. like a 2nd house cusp in a water sign, your purchases can be based off emotion. you can become strongly attached to your possessions, you may spend out of sympathy. your emotions feel secure when your finances are 

mercury in 2nd: your thoughts revolve around security, you think a lot about finances and what makes you physically comfortable. you’re more sensible with your finances because you aspire to sort them out, categorize them, do all that you can for them to be organized; be careful not to let your thoughts be consumed by superficiality. you may have the capacity to ponder before purchasing, leaving you to be a less impulsive buyer. 

venus in 2nd: you love valuables, you love money, you love all things security. you can be overly generous with your money in hopes of winning affection of others or only seeing yourself as beautiful through your physical security. you have a natural inclination of knowing what is and isn’t of value.

mars in 2nd: you have a drive that is aimed towards acquiring physical security, and can be quite merciless in the process. try not to let your resentment or competitive nature run your finances since you can act quite brash in your financial dealings. this placement reminds me of ‘black friday’. 

jupiter in 2nd: spend, spend, spend. you may be lucky when it comes to physical security but you can take advantage of this, you may become overindulgent in your spendings since you rely so heavily on your luck/optimism; always assuming that there will be more money just around the corner. 

saturn in 2nd: physical security may come unhurriedly, you have life lessons to be learned in regards to physical security. you feel limited in physical security, you may feel like nothing quite surmounts to what you need to live contently. you’re frugal out of fear of losing your values

uranus in 2nd: physical security that you want to rebel against; physical security that is never set in stone. you have an individual approach to your finances and live detached from them. one day you may be at an all time high and the next, struggling to pay for necessities

neptune in 2nd: hazy finances. you’re a bit delusional to the amount in your bank account and spend carelessly because of this. you don’t know what to think of money, you seem to have trouble grasping the concepts of financial security. you may spend your money due to your need to feel charitable

pluto in 2nd: you may be secretive and obsessive over your possessions. how powerful you feel relies on how much is in your bank account. you like to be in complete control of your finances, balancing your own checkbooks, and you are distrustful of others handling your money.

  • 10th house: how you’d like your style to be conveyed in public

i want the public to think my style is…

aries in 10th - daring 

taurus in 10th - lavish 

gemini in 10th - versatile

cancer in 10th - comfortable 

leo in 10th - striking

virgo in 10th - modest 

libra in 10th - elegant 

scorpio in 10th - enigmatic 

sagittarius in 10th - blithe

capricorn in 10th - serious 

aquarius in 10th - uncommon

pisces in 10th - expressive

sun in 10th: my ego is evident to the public; my identity is influential to the public; i want to be conveyed in public as reflective of my identity 

moon in 10th: my emotions are evident to the public; my emotions cater to the public; i want to be conveyed in public as moderate 

mercury in 10th: my thoughts are evident to the public; i speak for the public; i want to be conveyed in public as deliberate 

venus in 10th: my relationships/beauty&creative expression are evident to the public; i love the public; i want to be conveyed in public as beautiful

mars in 10th: my passion is evident to the public; my passion caters to the public; i want to be conveyed in public as evoking 

jupiter in 10th: my wisdom/optimism is evident to the public; my wisdom caters to the public; i want to be conveyed in public as cultivated 

saturn in 10th: my restrictions/life lessons are evident to the public; my boundaries stem from the public; i want to be conveyed in public as matured 

uranus in 10th: my rebellion/individuality is evident to the public; i reform the public; i want to be conveyed in public as original 

neptune in 10th: my delusions/spirituality/compassion is evident to the public; i am perceived as the public wants to perceive me; i want to be conveyed in public as expressive

pluto in 10th: my transformations/disruptions are evident to the public; i transform the public; i want to be conveyed in public as impactful 

  • venus: what we find beautiful; how our beauty is expressed

my beauty is expressed as…

aries: courageous

taurus: sensual

gemini: effusive 

cancer: soothing

leo: showy

virgo: demure 

libra: charming 

scorpio: mysterious

sagittarius: lively 

capricorn: powerful 

aquarius: mellow

pisces: fervid

I became addicted to him in a way that was not healthy. All my thought revolved around him. I was consumed by him. Everything was about him. I was losing myself. I didn’t want to go out in case I missed a video call. I didn’t want to go to a certain restaurant because I went there with him last. I clung to my phone 24/7 in case he called or texted. I was losing sense of living. I lost all my close friend because I bailed out on them too many times..I would rather be locked in my room waiting on him. I was obsessed, I was addicted and he was my drug.
Nightly visits

Request: Can you write one where peter is hurt fighting and he comes to the readers window and they fix him up and it’s just cute.

Note: I’m still taking requests!


You lay in your bed, hands holding your bedsheets tightly onto your body while your mind is racing. It’s one of those nights where you can’t sleep, turning around and shifting like there’s no tomorrow.
No matter what you do, you can’t seem to get into a comfortable position and your missing tiredness isn’t helping either.
You sigh and turn yourself to the other side, facing the window when you see a familiar shadow appearing in your eyesight.
A short time later a simple knock echoes in your room and you smile, already knowing who it is.
You throw your sheets away and get up, your fingers unlock your window and you let your best friend in.
,,Hey Peter what are you-“ your smile drops when you see the state he is in.
His Spider-Man suit is full of dirt and partly damaged, his curly brown hair sticks in sweaty locks onto his forehead and one side of his face shows a dark, blue bruise. His knuckles are an unhealthy shade of red and he holds the mask tightly between his fingers.
You remember when he came the first time to your window, revealing his new identity to you and asking for your help. Since that day he would always come to your window, just to talk and laugh together, on other times for needing your help like now.
,,Hey Y/N.” He forces a weak smile and walks towards your bed, a light limp in his movements.
,,What happened to you?“ You kneel in front of him as soon as he sits down on your bed, his jaw clenched and eyes closed.
,,Some guys tried to break into a bank and I stopped them, but they still landed some good hits.” He points to his face and you make a frown, the amount of his injuries not matching with his story.
You know that more happened, but don’t pressure him to talk about it. Instead you walk to your closet and pull out a first aid kit, something you bought especially for Peter.
,,Take off your suit.“ You open the box and pull out some bandages to put a cream on it. Luckily Peter doesn’t has any cuts, something you hated to deal with. You understand that he can’t go to hospital but you’re not a nurse or doctor, being afraid that one day you can’t help Peter out.
As he tries to take off his tight suit, you can see how he is struggling and drop the bandages.
You gently lay a hand on his back and start to unzip the zipper, hands roaming over his shoulders before sliding the suit down. His left shoulder is swollen and bruised, and you try not to stare at it for so long.
Your hands wander over his abs, taking the suit down with them and you stop just above his belly button, so he doesn’t has to get up. His muscular body makes you blush and you try not to stare, looking at your bandages.

When you start to apply the cold cream to his hot skin, Peters body tenses but relaxes as soon as you start to carefully massage the spot and working the cream into his skin.
While doing so no words are spoken because you are to concentrated on not hurting Peter, while his eyes never leave your face.
He feels his heart beating faster and ignores the pain from his body, only focusing on you.
,,You have to be more careful next time.” You mumble worried when you look into his face.
You fixed up every single bruise as good as possible, the bruise in his face being the only one left out.
Your fingertips gaze over his cheek and you look into his brown eyes, biting your lip.
,,Promise me you will be more careful.“ Your fingers stroke his jaw and he nods, goosebumps forming on his arms.
You decide to get some ice to cool his skin and lay a hand on his leg, pressing it lightly.
,,I’ll be right back.” You open your bedroom door as quiet as possible and walk into your kitchen, trying not to wake your parents up. After some minutes you return with a cold towel and some deep frozen vegetables instead of ice.
,,Here you can use this for your shoulder.“ You hand him the baggage and your fingertips touch, his skin feeling extremely warm against yours. He thanks you and brings his right arm up to press the cold bag against his bandaged shoulder, and you can’t help but sigh as you look at his flexed biceps. Peter notices and smirks, enjoying that you can’t stop staring at him. He used to be so shy around you, but since he started to like you more than in a platonic way he opened up and started to feel comfortable around you, feeling like he can finally be himself around someone else instead of Ned.
You see his smirk and lower your gaze, feeling caught.
You are about to apply some cream onto your fingers for his face, but he stops you by grabbing your hand.
,,Can you just lay down with me?” He gives you the puppy eyes and you try to hide your smile but fail miserably.
,,But I still need to take care of your face.“ You touch it once again and this time he leans into your touch, closing your eyes. This moment feels so special to you, that you feel like there is a whole firework inside of you, your body craving for Peter.
,,You can do that later, I’m tired and just wanna sleep.” He yawns and you feel your heart blooming up, nothing but adoration for the boy in front of you.
,,Okay, but you still have to ice your shoulder.“ You grab the baggage he dropped seconds before and press it to his shoulder again.
He lays his hand on top of yours and his thumb strokes the back of your hand.
After some time you pull away and start to clean the first aid kit before putting it back into your closet and watching Peter over your shoulder.
His back is so muscular and strong that you feel yourself wondering how it would feel like to touch his skin more than for a few seconds.
You snap out of your thoughts when Peter starts to cool his other bruises with the wet towel you gave him.
You realise he is still in his Spider-Man suit and grab a shirt you stole once from him, throwing it into his direction.
,,Here you can change into this.” You sit down next to him and he nods thankfully, laughing when he notices the logo of the shirt.
,,You know that I’ve been looking for this for ages?“ He stands up and you instantly lay a hand on his back, supporting him.
He slides down the rest of his suit, revealing him in only his Boxers and you stare at the ceiling, the air feeling incredibly thin to you.

,,You don’t have to look away, I’m already dressed again.” Your mattress sinks down once again when Peter lets himself fall down next you.
He lays on his back, head resting on one of your pillows while his eyes search for yours.
,,You coming?“ He furrows one eyebrow before pulling the sheets over his lower body and you crawl next to him, laying in the same position as him.
You both just lay there and listen to the others breathing for a while, before you feel Peter snuggling closer and wrapping an arm around you.
You welcome his action and lay your head on his chest, afraid to move.
,,Is it comfortable for you or am I hurting you?” You ask worried.
,,I’m fine.“ He kisses the top of your head and pulls you even closer to him so you could smell his cologne. You close your eyes and start to play with the fabric of his shirt, his muscles relaxing under your touch.
His warm breath hits the top of your head once in a while and you feel his chest raising and lowering slower than before, his heartbeat feeling like music in your ears. Peter and you cuddled before, but today feels different. You never thought you could fall for your best friend, but the way your thoughts always revolve around him and the way your body craves his presence makes you think otherwise.
The comfort of your sheets and Peters body next to yours make all your worries wash away and you slowly feel the tiredness you were missing before.
When you stop to play with his shirt, Peter thinks you’re already asleep and takes all the courage to finally say the words swirling around in his head.
,,I love you Y/N.” his voice is nothing more than a whisper, but you still hear him, your mind feeling dizzy from so much happiness and excitement inside of you.
,,I love you too.“ You respond just as quiet as him, sleep finally washing over you.

mostly a reminder to myself for Whenever The Frick I Write More For The Diety Au But I Have Too Many Other Projects Right Now:

At some point, for whatever reason, Mark was on the surface with humans and was on some kind of journey to get back to the moon? Or something. Point is he runs into a trusty dog that is starving and so, being a god and this being a myth, carves out his liver for the dog to eat. The dog becomes immortal an his loyal companion, but Mark looses his ability to drink alcohol and, back when people did sacrifices, it was considered extremely disrespectful to sacrifice fermented drinks to him.