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Harry Potter AU where Draco joins the order in 5th year and Harry teaches him how to cast a patronus. Obviously, no one else trusts him because “maybe he’s a spy for the death eaters” and” he’s hated us forever he just wants to get us in trouble with Umbridge” but eventually Draco proves himself. This leads to Draco telling the golden trio that his father has some secret plan that involve the Department of Mysteries and convinces Harry not to go to the Ministry after Harry’s ‘vision’ (Sirius lives!!!!!) and it’s not Cho that Harry kisses in the Room of Requirement. 

For some convoluted reason, everyone suddenly starts involuntarily bursting into song “Buffy: Once More with Feeling"-style.

Everyone in the crew has their own musical number revolving around their current thoughts and issues. Donut takes care of belting out the opening number, since he has such great range. Sarge sings about building robots with Lopez. Simmons sings about his dreams and ambitions.

Grif can feel it coming but has no power to stop it and starts singing a soulful love ballad to Simmons.

Simmons malfunctions.

I became addicted to him in a way that was not healthy. All my thought revolved around him. I was consumed by him. Everything was about him. I was losing myself. I didn’t want to go out in case I missed a video call. I didn’t want to go to a certain restaurant because I went there with him last. I clung to my phone 24/7 in case he called or texted. I was losing sense of living. I lost all my close friend because I bailed out on them too many times..I would rather be locked in my room waiting on him. I was obsessed, I was addicted and he was my drug.

This spell is specifically for helping one control their negative and intrusive thoughts- it won’t completely get rid of them but it will help you acquire the strength needed to deal with them.


Chamomile (for protecting you and purifying your thoughts)

Rosemary (for warding off negativity) 

Bathtub filled with warm water


Something to play calming music.

Candles (white)

Fill the tub with warm water, as it’s filling undress yourself. Make sure to do so with care- if your negative thoughts revolve around your body ensure you focus on the parts you’re unhappy with.

Once the tub is filled to your liking sprinkle in the herbs- if you do not have the actual herbs incense, candles, oils, or even bubble bath will do.

Dim the lights or turn them off and light some candles. If you want you can now turn on your playlist of calming music- I personally recommend instrumentals so you don’t accidently start focusing on the words.

Get into the tub and place yourself in a comfortable position- I recommend either lying in the water or leaning against the back of the tub. Put yourself into a relaxed state and clear your mind- this may take some time. Focus on your breathing and your heartbeat.

Once you’re relaxed it’s time to begin. Place your hands on the surface of the water and close your eyes. You can either speak or think the following;

I will be safe
I will be at peace
Negative thoughts decay
Intrusive thoughts decease

Repeat as many times as you feel necessary.

Channel all your negative energy and force it out of your fingertips and into the water. Try to get out of the tub quickly after you finish, sitting in your own negative energy can be harmful.

Drain the tub and watch the water go down. Repeat the following until the water is gone;

As this water drains, as does my unwanted thoughts.

Once the water is all gone turn on the lights/ blow out the candles as you say in a strong voice;

As I have said, as it will be

You know you're in deep when

- One third of your thoughts just revolve around Riverdale
- You keep refreshing all social media sites for more Bughead content
- Lack of certain fanfic? WRITE SOME YOURSELF
- Your sleuthing skills become better thanks to Sprousehart
- You start listening to the Riverdale soundtrack on repeat. ‘Believer’ is my soul.
- THE TRAILER SCENE has become something you want to, if possible, tattoo on your body
- Your dashboard is flooded with ONLY Riverdale
-You’ve created friendships over your mutual love for Jughead
- Pictures of the cast make your knees weak
- You can discuss Riverdale for HOURS
- Get into actual ship wars with your friends about this Goddamn show
- You can’t imagine life without Riverdale
- Life before 26 January? WUT

RAS, you have bestowed a blessing and a curse upon us.

Feel free to add on!

Riverdale Imagine: Mixed Messages  (Jughead x reader)

Anonymous asked: Heyyy, I saw that your requests are open and was wondering if you could do one with jughead and the reader when they date.where the reader and Betty get along and everything but the reader can’t help but get jealous of what they had and how close they still are at times?

Summary: The reader spends a painful summer watching Jughead and Betty in a relationship. She has liked Jughead for years and can’t bear to be around the two of them. The reader arrives back to school in September, after spending a few weeks with her Dad in Toronto, to discover that Jughead broke it off with Betty. Although Jughead and the reader begin a relationship, Betty appears to find it hard to accept Jughead’s new feelings.

Approx. 2200 words

The friendship wasn’t the problem, that had always been there. Jughead and Betty had been best friends from the moment they had been born. They had had their first day at school together – I had seen the photograph of the two of them aged five, hand in hand as Betty confidently dragged a terrified Jughead through the school gates – partnered together in every class since that day, and even shared their first kiss in the third grade. Before I had even moved to Riverdale, Jughead and Betty were inseparable. I’d moved to Riverdale from Toronto when I was ten and from the moment I joined Riverdale Middle School, I was smitten with Jughead Jones. I was never very subtle – I remember leaving a ridiculously cheesy Valentine’s card in his locker one year, failing miserably to disguise my handwriting so within five minutes everyone had guessed it was me – but Jughead never made me feel embarrassed. I joined Betty and Jughead’s little group immediately, Jughead was fascinated by my stories of life in a big city and Betty was delighted to finally have a girl-friend as there was only so much boy-talk that Jughead would take willingly. By the eighth grade Archie Andrews and Kevin Keller had joined our little clique, and now that we were in the eleventh grade, Veronica Lodge – who had recently moved from New York – had befriended us also.

Veronica was where the problem began. Within days she had noticed how close Jughead and Betty were and immediately latched on to the idea of them as a couple, planting little seeds of romance in both their heads until, at a party over the summer, they finally kissed. As I had been silently crushing on Jughead for the last six years, I had become a master of hiding my feelings. Nevertheless, I spent the rest of the summer uncomfortably third-wheeling at Pop’s as Jughead and Betty shared milkshakes and giggled as they stole each other’s fries, play-fighting and calling each other names. Ironically, I was incredibly thankful when my Mum put me on a plane back to Toronto for the last few weeks of the holiday, insisting that I had to spend time with Dad and his latest girlfriend before I went back to school.


I spent the weeks in Toronto dreading the return back to Riverdale, I wasn’t sure how much more of ‘Bughead’ – as my friends had named them – I could take before I lost it. I had liked Jughead for so long and the fact that he had never had a girlfriend before now was my only comfort, it was easier when he didn’t like anyone, I didn’t feel rejected then. I kept my head down as I walked down the school corridor towards my locker, taking care not to bump into anyone. After I had re-organised my books and pulled out the ones I needed for class, I absent-mindedly closed my locker and, leaning against the opposite wall, I pulled out my phone to check my Instagram feed before the bell rang.

“How was Toronto? Got any new stories for me?” I could hear the smirk in his voice before I saw it. His raven curls were spilling out from his grey beanie and falling over his eyes, I resisted the urge to reach up and touch them. Blushing, I tucked my own hair behind my ear instead as part of it escaped from my messy bun, similarly to the way the rest of me was unravelling at the sight of him. I thought of something witty to say, even flirtatious, but I remembered that he was with Betty and our previously mischievous friendship had boundaries.

“Not this time Jones, it was pretty uneventful.” I muttered as I returned my gaze to my phone-screen.

“Awh come on Y/N! Not a single bad date? Surely your dad found a friend with a wealthy son to marry you off to…?” He winked at me and cocked his head to the side, the butterflies in my stomach started doing flips. I smiled politely and shook my head; any further conversation was saved by the sound of the bell ordering us towards our first lesson.

In English, I was surprised to see Betty sitting with Kevin instead of Jughead. I shrugged, concluding that we had been assigned some kind of paired project, but my suspicion returned when Jughead sank down next to me. I figured that something was going on. What had I missed over the summer? I glanced around to see if Mr Bruce had entered the classroom yet, and pulled out my phone to text Betty.

Are you and Jug okay?? You always sit together, what am I missing?

Ask him! He broke up with my just after you left for Toronto… Something about liking someone else and not wanting to ruin our friendship!!

Relief and horror spread through me at the same time. The idea that I would no longer have to pretend to be happy for Betty and Jughead was liberating, but the thought of going through it all again for the sake of another girl filled me with dread. Despite my own feeling however, I hoped that Betty wasn’t hurt, she was one of my best friends after all and I knew how much Jughead meant to her.

“Betty and I broke up a few weeks ago, I thought you should know.” Jug whispered. He had propped himself across his side of the desk and, with his head leaning on his hand, was staring at me intently.

“That’s a shame, you guys were good together.” I replied, trying to sound sympathetic. He frowned slightly at my response and furrowed his brow; I began rummaging through my English books to hide from his careful gaze.

“It wasn’t fair on her you know? I couldn’t be with her knowing that I liked someone else – ”

“Jug, please stop.” I whispered. I couldn’t bear to listen to him spill his feelings to me about another girl and expect me to be okay, it was too much. He was looking at me, an expression of hurt imprinted upon his perfect features as he took in my words.

“Y/N? Have I done something wrong?” he murmured urgently, reaching out across the desk for my hand. I pulled my hands away immediately and placed them hastily on my lap. I hated seeing him upset but I also knew that I couldn’t listen to him express his feelings for someone else, not again. I had to tell him.

“I like you Jughead, I always have. Ever since I put that stupid Valentine’s card in your locker when we were in the fifth grade I’ve had feelings for you.” I realised that I was making a fool of myself but I continued regardless. “When you and Betty were together over the summer it hurt and I really tried to be happy for you but I just couldn’t. So please don’t expect me to do it again, please don’t make me listen about your feelings for another girl.”

I bit my lip and looked at my hands, silently cursing myself for letting my façade slip when I needed it the most. After a few seconds of silence I dared a look at him, expecting to be greeted with embarrassment and discomfort, but he was beaming at me. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion as I tried to understand his reaction; suddenly I felt a sickening fear that he was laughing at me… that he found my feelings amusing.

“Don’t mock me Jug, it isn’t kind.” I whispered as my lip quivered and my voice cracked.

“Oh Y/N, you’re such an idiot!” Jughead chuckled “I like you too.”


Jughead and I had been together for nearly three months when we went to Veronica’s Christmas party at the end of the autumn-term. Our time together had been almost perfect. I’d helped him with his novel while we drank countless milkshakes at Pop’s, we watched old-movies at the Drive-In, and he even introduced me as his girlfriend to his little sister Jellybean on one of their weekly video-chat sessions. The only problem was Betty. Betty and Jughead had soon reverted back to being best friends – much to everyone’s relief – and they insisted that their romantic feelings for each other had ceased now that Jughead was with me. Although I trusted Jughead, I struggled to trust Betty and as a result a lot of my thought process revolved around jealousy. I was paranoid about Betty’s feelings for Jughead which led me to feel jealous of their closeness as I was convinced that she wasn’t over him.

Despite Jughead’s reassurances, at the Christmas party my suspicions were proven correct. Just as I was returning from the kitchen with drinks for Veronica and me, I noticed Jughead and Betty at the end of the corridor, talking in hushed voices. Betty gestured towards the ceiling at something – I realised horrified that it was a sprig of mistletoe, Veronica had hung them all over the house – and just as Jughead was returning his gaze to her, a look of mild confusion on his face, she lent up and kissed him on the lips. As my grip on the thin prosecco flute tightened in response to my anger at the scene of betrayal playing out in front of me, the fragile glass smashed into what seemed like thousands of pieces, several of them slashing my skin as they imbedded themselves into the palm of my hand. Momentarily, I looked down at my hand in shock as dark red blood quickly pulsed from my wound and trickled down my fingers like a network of rivers. Weirdly, I barely felt even a twinge of pain as the glass sliced into my skin.

“OH MY GOD Y/N!” Jughead shouted in panic as he saw my cut-up hand. I couldn’t stop the tears pouring down my face as I saw him run over to me. “CAN SOMEONE GET SOME BANDAGES OR SOMETHING?” he called in the general direction of the living room as he held his hands out, about to cup my bleeding one. When he looked up at my face though, he realised that he had misinterpreted where my pain was coming from. Without giving him a chance to say anything else, I turned and ran for the door, slamming it in Jughead’s face as he tried to chase after me.


Later that night, after my mum had cleaned and bandaged my hand, I was curled up in bed trying desperately to think of anything except Jughead and Betty. Failing miserably, I pulled my phone from my bed-side table, no messages. I pushed my earphones into my ears and turned the first album on my playlist up to full volume, not even stopping to check what it was, I didn’t care. I woke a few hours later to the sensation of something warm and soft stroking my face. I blinked in the darkness and as my eyes adjusted I recognised Jughead sitting on the side of my bed, stroking my cheek with his hand, I cursed myself bitterly for giving him a key to the house.

“Jughead you need to leave! You can’t just walk in here whenever you want, especially after what you did” I growled. Glaring at him, I instinctively went to push him away with my injured hand and yelped when pain flared up again.

“Y/N stop! You’re hurting yourself!” he whispered urgently as he cupped my hand in his, stroking my wrist where the bandages stopped with his fingers.

“That’s not where I’m hurting, Jug” I whispered back. He nodded and kissed my bandaged palm before looking up at me and taking a deep breath.

“I’m sorry that you saw Betty kiss me. I should have realised what she was going to do and pushed her away but I didn’t because I’m an idiot. I want you to know that I pushed her away afterwards, right before you cut your hand. I told her that I’m with you now and that trying to break us up like that was cruel… and… Oh Y/N I’m so sorry I’ll understand if you don’t want to be with me anymore.”

As he choked out those last few words Jughead’s voice broke and he started crying. I sat there in complete shock; I didn’t think anyone had seen Jughead Jones cry before. I reached up with my good hand and wiped his tears from his cheeks, he nuzzled his face into my hand as he bit his lip. I sighed and climbed into his lap, lifting his face to mine, forcing him to look at me. I kissed him sweetly on the mouth, tasting the salt-water of his tears as I licked my lips when I pulled away. My breath hitched as his hands ran up my thighs and over my waist, pulling my pyjama top up over my navel, I could feel his soft fingers graze my back and I pushed him down onto the bed.

“I love you Y/N.”

I smiled into the kiss. That was the first time he said that.

“I love you too, Jughead Jones.”

Red Carpet Lace.

Authors note: Warning; Mild smut included. Enjoy!

Red-Carpet and award events always leave people curious and longing for you and Harry. Nobody ever knows if the two of you will be attending coincidentally, separately, or not at all. 

It’s nights like these you and Harry resemble somewhat of a love-hate relationship; particularly when you find yourselves competing with each other in the same category. 

You smile at the cameras with Harry on your arm, the two of you graciously walking the carpet together, something you both try to do together unless one of you can’t make it. Just like Harry, you’re a highly successful solo artist nominated for several awards due to your latest album. 

You stand before the host of the carpet, her glittery gown shimmering in the lightening. 

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anonymous asked:

Woozi scenario please where you get into a huge fight with each other. You ignore each other until it leads to rough make up sex

hope you like what I came up with! 😘 ♥

The whole morning had been a bit tense for you and Jihoon. You were both on the grumpier side and neither seemed to have slept well enough, and everything seemed to tick you off, to the point where you couldn’t hold your tongue as well as you had wanted to.

You were eating breakfast, and you were telling Jihoon about your upcoming event at the university you attended, which would be important for you. He was scrolling something on his phone, which already had you gritting your teeth, but what annoyed you even more were his constant, disinterested “mmh”s and small nods.

It was obvious that he heard you, but he wasn’t listening.

“I was going to ask if you wanted to come with me, but you clearly don’t care, so whatever,” you grumbled and continued eating your cereal with your eyebrows furrowed and anger starting to bubble within you.

It only needed a trigger.


There it was.

Your body tensed all over as you clenched your teeth at the sound that came from your boyfriend, which only further proved that he wasn’t listening to you in the least. You put your spoon down with a clank that finally had Jihoon’s gaze moving from his phone screen to you.

“You know, some boyfriends at least know how to act like they’re listening. You, on the other hand, are not even trying,” you said in annoyance and stood up to take your bowl to the sink, your free hand balling into a tight fist in an attempt to contain the anger you were feeling.

Jihoon frowned and turned to look at you. “What, you want me to act like I listen and then ask about it later because I didn’t catch a thing? Isn’t that dumb?”

The glare you threw at him was venomous. “I don’t fucking know, maybe? But I hate talking about something that’s important to me when it’s obvious you don’t care enough to listen, not even with half an ear.”

Jihoon sighed. “Y/N, please. It’s early in the morning and I’m tired, and–”

You crossed your arms by your chest and quirked an eyebrow. “But I have to be interested and attentive when you talk about your compositions at 6 in the morning and expect me to give detailed feedback?”

“Well, kinda?” Jihoon frowned and thought for a moment. “Why are you comparing my job to your… whatever?”

Resisting the urge to slam your hands into  the counter, you stormed into your bedroom to change your clothes, your steps loud as you went and your voice clear yet audibly pissed. “That whatever is the presentation of my thesis, but thanks for caring, you… ugh!

Jihoon remained silent - he realized how big of a thing that was to you and in general - and returned to drink his coffee, feeling slightly remorseful yet annoyed. You changed your clothes while cursing him under your breath, and fought back the tears of anger and frustration. It was the morning, and the last thing you wanted to do so early was to cry.

You washed your face and did your make-up with gritted teeth and deep breaths that eventually calmed you down a little, although your thoughts continued revolving around just how angry you were, which then again did not calm you down in the least.

“What a prick,” you muttered while grabbing your bag from by your nightstand and making sure it had everything necessary. When you exited the bedroom, all ready to go to your lecture, you saw Jihoon still sitting by the kitchen table, scrolling on his phone with his coffee cup (probably empty by then) still in front of him.

You didn’t trust your tongue enough to speak, so rather than saying anything, you got dressed in silence and left with the door slamming loudly behind you.

At that, Jihoon jolted a little, and took a glance at the door. He sighed and put his phone down, after which he massaged his temples. “This is definitely a Monday.”

When you got home later that day, Jihoon wasn’t there. It annoyed you that he wasn’t, but you also knew that you would’ve been just as annoyed if he _had been there. There was no escaping the feeling.

You tried not to wallow in it, however, and spent most of the day putting the final touches on your thesis. It had been a lot of work and finishing it up was just as tough, but you wanted it to be as good as it possibly could be. After all, it was important.

Jihoon came home closer to the evening, and while the two of you would usually greet each other when you got home, now neither of you said anything. Instead, you continued typing on your laptop and he undressed quietly. You had already eaten and from how he didn’t eat anything but supper, you figured he had eaten somewhere else, too.

While you continued working on your thesis and went on with your evening routine, Jihoon voluntarily grabbed his pillow and blanket from your bed, as well as a sheet from the closet to make himself a bit more comfortable, and brought them all to the living room couch. You watched it with a frown that by now seemed to be permanent on your face in his presence, and clenched your teeth when you started changing into your sleepwear.

What if you had wanted to sleep on the couch for a change? Why did he have to go about and take his things there without saying or asking anything? Then again, wouldn’t you have gotten even more annoyed if he had asked you?

The anger was irrational and you knew it, but at that point you didn’t care. You were angry, and the longer the situation went on, the less you could handle it, and the less you were angry about the initial reason you had gotten upset.

The next day, the tension could’ve been cut with a knife.

You made breakfast together, but without saying anything to each other. He ate by the table, while you ate by the counter, trying to let the tea you drank calm you at least a little, which was quite a difficult task with the source of your anger so painfully close.

Jihoon didn’t have anything until later in the day while you had a day off completely, so the time you had to spend under the same roof, you spent in the bedroom working on your thesis and surfing the internet, listening to music and all that, while he kept himself busy in the living room by fiddling with his phone and reading the newspaper.

When he left, you let out a sigh of relief and moved to work on the kitchen table, since it not only was more comfortable but also made you less sleepy than being in bed.

The day moved forward, and you were glad to notice that the saying “out of sight, out of mind” applied to situations other than the most common one as well, because by evening, you were about as calm as you normally were.

The very moment Jihoon came back in the evening, however, the reality dawned on you  and you could immediately feel your blood pressure rise. You still ignored each other to the best of your abilities, and in all honesty it was almost amusing to notice that since neither of you had eaten before that, you ended up cooking and eating together, although there was absolutely no communication between you.

While eating, you started feeling increasingly annoyed, not so much about the original reason you got upset, but the situation you were in. Ignoring each other was draining and annoying and it put you off that over a day later, Jihoon had yet to apologize.

“I’m tired of this,” you sighed in frustration and put your cutlery down. Jihoon barely even blinked as he continued eating. “Can’t we just talk this through?”

“I’m not the one who started this,” he said sternly and moved his gaze from his food to your eyes, his ones sharp yet tired.

You worried your lower lip between your teeth. “But you caused it.”

“It was a bad morning for both of us, alright?” Jihoon said in exasperation and pushed his plate a bit further from himself, and you did the same to yours.

“Whatever. I just want this to end, it’s fucking annoying to feel annoyed and suffocated in my own home,” you said with a sigh while glaring at Jihoon. One corner of his mouth tugged upwards a little, and you frowned. “Do you find this amusing or something?”

“No, it’s not that,” Jihoon said with a grin that didn’t leave his face even as he continued, “it’s just that you’re pretty damn hot when you’re angry. Did you know that?”

This time you felt blood rush to your cheeks for a very different reason than anger.

“T-that’s not the point,” you stammered, trying to keep your composure. What would it look like if you gave up just because he said something that took you aback? Jihoon shook his head, but the grin remained. A pout formed on your lips, with your frown ever so present on your face. “Anyway, are we done with this?”

Jihoon shrugged slowly. “I guess? I was wrong, you were wrong… you know.”

“I was not wrong,” you said sternly and stood up, your hands pressed to the table as you glared down at Jihoon. He licked his lips.

“Okay, admittedly I was the one wrong, but…” he trailed off and stood up to take a similar position as you had, and brought his face closer to yours. “…I’d like to apologize in a nicer way.”

You frowned, and only understood Jihoon’s words when he smirked.

“Makeup sex? Really?

“The best kind,” Jihoon stated blankly and moved from his side of the table to yours, and placed his hands on your hips. “Come on.”

Not answering, you leaned in for a deep kiss during which you got one hand to Jihoon’s ass and one to his hair, and it almost shocked you just how badly you wanted it - wanted him.

When you pulled back, you panted and stared into Jihoon’s eyes dazedly. “’Come’ where? We don’t need to go anywhere.”

He melted into a grin and leaned in for another heated kiss when he had spoken. “In the kitchen, huh?”

You hummed into the kiss and ran your fingers through his hair while his ran up your upper body underneath the loose T-shirt you were wearing. His touch made you tingle all over and gave you shivers, much like his teeth on your lower lip did. A quiet moan left your lips when he nibbled on your lip and his hands moved higher on your body, until they reached your breasts, which he lightly squeezed through your bra.

“Let’s get this off,” Jihoon muttered under your lips and moved his hands to your back to unhook your bra, while all you could do was nod enthusiastically.

Yes, your bra most definitely needed to come off.

While you exchanged one heated, hungry kiss after another, your clothes came off one by one, and soon you were both fiddling with the waistbands of each other’s pants and desperately trying to get them down your legs.

Once you were only in your panties, Jihoon lightly pushed you against the wall behind you, your warm back contrasting with the cold concrete in a way that had you shivering. His lips were passionate on your neck as he kissed your skin, his lips trailing down while his left hand traveled on your body. He caressed your breast for a moment, massaging and squeezing it just how he knew you liked it, before sliding his hand down your stomach.

You tensed a little when you felt Jihoon’s fingers reach the waistband of your panties, and when he stopped and chuckled, you let out a frustrated sound to urge him to move on.

“Are you getting impatient?” he asked teasingly, giving your chest a few kisses before pulling back, his fingers slowly slipping underneath the fabric of your panties.

“With your cock pressing against my leg, a little, yeah,” you mumbled, frowning a little, although it all changed into a moan when Jihoon’s fingers slid fully into your underwear and dragged along your already slightly wet slit.

He chuckled, his hips slowly grinding against you. “Good, because you’re not the only one.”

You grinned for a second, but soon focused on feeling everything that was going on when you pulled Jihoon into a kiss, full of tongue from the very moment it began, and tangled the fingers of your right hand in his hair while sliding your left hand into his boxers to stroke him from his half-hard state to a full erection.

While you worked your magic on him, Jihoon massaged your clit in gentle circles, occasionally taking some of your anticipation from your entrance to his fingers to make it all that much smoother. Not much later, you were a whimpering mess as his fingers relentlessly drew circles on your clit, unstopping all the way until you were bucking into his hand with trembling legs and stuttering that you were coming.

“That didn’t take long,” Jihoon hummed, his lips pressed to your neck, while you panted, your left hand still somewhat wrapped around his cock, now leaking some pre-cum.

You swallowed hard and nodded, trying to find some support with your hand that was in his hair. “I really needed that.”

“Clearly,” Jihoon said quietly and kissed you by your ear before dragging his wet, slick fingers from your panties to suck them clean with an appreciative sigh leaving his lips. You watched in awe, your pussy tingling at the hot sight, and licked your lips when Jihoon opened his eyes that he had shut and stared into yours. “As pretty as those panties are, they need to go.”

He fell to his knees before you had managed to even nod, and swiftly pulled your panties down, then pried your legs apart enough to give you a quick, long lick with which he caught most of your release that was pooling between your lower lips. You moaned and your hips bucked against Jihoon’s face, although he stood up without another lick, which made you pout.

“Tease,” you grunted, looking at him with a frustrated expression, to which he replied with a grin.

“You love it,” he mumbled and pulled you into a kiss, during which he moved you to the kitchen counter. He broke the kiss and got rid of his boxers, slowly grinding against your lower abdomen as he spoke. “Do you want to sit on the counter, or do you–”

“…Want you to fuck me from the back, yes,” you replied before Jihoon had even managed to get that far, and you grinned at his slightly amazed expression. You raised your eyebrows meaningfully. “I think you know what that means.”

Thinking back to every single time you had had sex with him fucking you from behind and how you had always asked him to be rough, Jihoon’s Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat and his cock twitched a little at the memories. He didn’t trust his voice enough to speak, and resorted to just nodding at you.

You stole one last hungry kiss from Jihoon, although when his hand cupped your breast, you hardly wanted to turn away, especially when he started rubbing your nipple. Eventually you forced yourself to break free and turn around, however, but were glad to notice that Jihoon’s hand found your breast again in an instant.

“Can’t keep your hands off of them,” you said in amusement, and sighed contently when Jihoon moved his cock so that it was between your legs. For a while, he merely thrust forward so that his shaft was rubbing against you, easily sliding between your lower lips - something he greatly enjoyed, and it would’ve been a lie if you had said you didn’t, too.

“Have I ever?” he chuckled and pressed his lips to your shoulder, kissing it while his breathing grew heavier with every thrust forward. With his cock so close to you and being everything you wanted and needed in that moment, you got whiny and looked back at Jihoon with a pout, which made him grin and smack your ass almost playfully, which elicited a moan from you.

“Your pouts aren’t working, baby. But luckily for you…” he said, his voice lowering to a whisper as he leaned forward to whisper by your ear, “I really need to be inside of you.”

You had barely had enough time to register the amount of satisfaction that his words would mean when he was already guiding himself to your entrance and pushing in slowly, filling you to the brim when he bottomed out with the sound of your long, slightly muffled moan echoing in his ears.

God, you feel good,” Jihoon said, breathing heavily and running his hands on your ass as he accustomed to your tight, wet heat surrounding him and even clenching around him every now and then.

Instead of replying, you wiggled your hips a little in a silent plea for Jihoon to start moving, but he did none of that. He continued massaging your breasts but kept his hips still, although it didn’t take long for him to start first rolling them slowly and then add shallow thrusting to it.

From there on, however, all your wishes and needs were fulfilled when he pulled almost all the way out, only to slide back in fast and hard, his hips slamming into yours with a loud smack of your ass.

“Fuck,” you breathed, your hands clenching into fists when Jihoon began thrusting at a relentless pace, his cock rubbing you in all the right places as it moved inside of you, and his fingers teasing your nipples in a way that nearly had your breath hitching.

Once done with that, Jihoon took your breasts snugly into his hands and fucked you with a nice twist of his hips, which had you gasping for air. Almost too soon, he moved one of his hands away from your chest, and right when you were about to whine about that, you felt him gather your hair into his hand and tug at it, roughly enough for you to enjoy it but lightly enough for it to not be unpleasant. You whimpered, and Jihoon held back a grunt when he felt you clench around him.

“Good girl,” he hummed appreciatively, and while keeping the hold of your hair tight, brought his other hand away from your chest, too, to deliver a sharp spank to your ass. The moan that left your lips was much like music to his ears, and had him thrusting even harder into you as he chased his orgasm.

You were unable to remain quiet at all anymore, not with how sensitive you were and how good it felt to have your hair pulled while Jihoon fucked you just as hard as you needed him to, not to mention the occasional spanks that only drove you further into madness.

Your second orgasm was building within you steadily, and when you could tell that Jihoon was close to his as well, you brought one of your slightly shaky hands between your legs and began rubbing circles into your swollen, hypersensitive clit. The moment your fingers met the bundle of nerves, you clenched around Jihoon, and he grunted as he thrust deep into you.

Shit,” you whimpered when you felt your orgasm start to approach you fast, and as it began washing over you, your lips were parted in a silent scream and your back arched. Jihoon watched you in awe as he continued thrusting into you, riding you through your orgasm while his own one hit him soon after, with his lips pressed to your shoulder blade and both of his hands pressed down on the kitchen counter, one of them covering yours as he squeezed it.

A few moments passed with the two of you just standing still, pressed into each other while panting, and neither of you dared to move.

Jihoon tried to catch his breath enough to speak. “Are we… good?”

You turned to look at him a little, and smiled weakly. “We’re just fine.”

He gave you a smile back and leaned forward enough to give you a peck on your temple. “I’m really sorry about yesterday morning, okay? If you still want me to join you at the presentation, I’d really like to come.”

With the tension of the past few days washing over you, you found yourself almost tear-eyed at his words. He pulled out of you and you turned around in an instant, wrapping your arms around Jihoon’s neck as you nodded.

“Of course I still want you to. I love you,” you said quietly and hid your face in Jihoon’s shoulder. You braced yourself for just a hum or something, but were surprised to hear a rare choice of words from your boyfriend.

“I love you, too,” he said just as quietly, and you took in every word carefully.

When you felt tears escaping your eyes, you sniffled with a chuckle. “Actually, never mind. I hate you.”

Jihoon chuckled and held you tightly, and as he whispered the three words you honestly got to hear all too rarely over and over again, you only held him tighter.

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Please, Oppa

hoseok x reader ; part two of “yes, oppa”

Genre: Smut
Word Count: 5100ish words
Oppa needs a good kitten.

A/N: So Im gonna be honest here and say I did not reread this cuz I promised it would be up tonight, so I’ll go back over it, edit it, make it better, and add a gif later. But here you guys go, please enjoy. I’m going the fuck to sleep because its 5:30am and I have work in two hours. You can thank the mother fucking cameraman for Music Bank, as well as my sunshine because mother of god, Hoseok, keep your goddam hands off your fucking cock while on live television, I swear to god -

It took the entire trip the bedroom plus the time in between being shoved against a wall and feeling Hoseok’s teeth on the flushed skin of your neck for you to come to terms with the fact that this was actually happening. Previous episode on the couch notwithstanding, you were actually about play with Jung Hoseok.

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anonymous asked:

I don't know if you're still in the hp fandom (let's be real tho, once ur in there's no getting out!) But what are your head canons on Ron as a dad, I always imagined him as a stay-at-home dad :)

Ron Weasley is a good father. That’s the first thing to say. You wouldn’t necessarily think it if you could spy inside his house but he is. He’s a good father. Anybody could tell you that.

When kids come into the shop, Ron knows exactly how to behave. He’s the fun dad-figure, naturally paternal, the one who’ll encourage you in just the right amount of mischief and then sweep you up and cuddle you until it’s better when you get hurt enough to cry.

He’s all big-displays-of-affection and wearing-emotions-on-sleeves. He doesn’t do well with rational, logical discussions about feelings. He couldn’t dissect his children’s emotions down for you. He couldn’t chart the best way to deal with them over coming days. What he can do is intuit what’s caused sadness and promise to make it go away. He can do comfort—oh, he does comfort so well. Steaming mugs of hot chocolate and a listening ear for as long as you need it. Big hugs, woolly dad sweaters, the circle of protective arms to let you know you’re safe and loved. So very, very loved.

The problem is that his children don’t want that.

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Don’t Resent Me

This is the sequel to Forgive me, which was written for the forgiveness challenge. You have to read that first cause it picks up right where that one ended. I’m not sure it *really* fits with this week’s resentment challenge, but let’s say it does. Also, I used one of the prompts from my inbox for this:

@ladymegg asked for: 43. “I swear to god if you touch me…” This is probably not quite what you imagined? I’m so sorry!

Now on with the actual story which got so long you’re getting a read more.

The woman, William’s new mother, clings to the boy she considers her son. When her arms tighten around him instinctively, Will starts to squirm. Mulder wants to see it as a sign that Will recognizes him, which is silly, or Scully, which seems likely; but in the end, he doesn’t know. Mulder has to stop himself from sprinting over there and grabbing his son out of the woman’s clutch. This is his son, he thinks, but this woman, this Mrs. Van de Kamp, she loves the child, too. And, as much as even the thought burns him, Will must love her as well. Mulder glances at Scully, quickly, before he turns away again. Her face is pale, ashen almost, and fixated on their son. Both her hands are on the car door; she’s ready to run away, to flee. Leave their son here and never talk about it ever again. They’re good at that, after all. He’s brought her here without any warning; he couldn’t have told her, he reasons, because she would never have come had she known. When her knuckles turn white from grabbing the door, Mulder winces and averts his eyes. Forgive me, he thinks again; his forever mantra now. Maybe one day she will. Maybe one day his son will as well.

The thing is that Mulder doesn’t know if he can do this without her. He knows he doesn’t want to. What he’s not sure about, though, is whether or not he’d do it anyway.

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i don’t want you to go, but i want you so

basically, this is part two of Pain and part one is here let’s all suffer

“Why’d you kiss back?”

In the split second after Gina asks this, voice raw and ravaged as bloodshot eyes beg her to stay, hundreds of thoughts run through Rosa’s mind.

But she acts on instinct, and that instinct is to flee, to leave, to place as much distance as possible between herself and Gina.

She’s running away from her feelings again, and a sadistic voice at the back of her head mocks her for it.

Hands, her hands, shove Gina away- wringing herself quickly from rigid fingers that had wrapped around her arm so tightly. It’s an almost aggressive move that Rosa regrets once she carries out, but earlier thoughts revolving how badly Rosa actually wanted to give in and stay scare her even more.

Gina’s apartment door slams behind her and Rosa feels herself jolt in shock; an unusual feeling because as a cop with over a decade of experience under her belt, slamming doors and much louder, jarring noises are her stock and trade. But this entire situation has been so surreal and unexpected and Rosa feels like an empty hollow shell.

But when she thinks about it- is it really so unexpected?

An endless stream of appreciative stares and constant flirting had followed Rosa when Gina first started working at the Nine-Nine, and time did little to diminish Gina’s shamelessness. There had been winks and heated glances thrown at Rosa all those times Gina caught her doing yoga; “invites” to the gun range even though Gina didn’t know how to shoot-

“You could teach me, sweetie. Teach me how to gun, hun.” Gina chortled at her own little pun, and even back then Rosa had difficulty not grinning when Gina was being all… Gina. She had her charms, and those charms were admittedly very cute.

“I’m going to the gun range to blow off steam. It’s going to be endless shooting for hours. I need this distraction, Gina.”

Gina had only winked. “I can be your distraction for as long as you need.”

As always, Rosa had rolled her eyes. And relented, letting Gina have her way, which she found over the years to be a common occurrence for herself. Gina would want to do something, Rosa would say no, and they’d end up doing what Gina wanted after some careful persuasion. But that wasn’t always a bad thing, since it did end up being a fun afternoon… and half an evening.

What? They lost track of time, and ultimately Rosa achieved her goal of releasing her stress although she never taught Gina how to shoot a gun on her own; she kept insisting that Rosa put her hands around her as Gina aimed the gun. Still, they had a good time.

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Downfall [17]

Characters: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 5,779

Genre: Assassin AU

Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18

“Please tell me you have some good news.”

Walking over to Hoseok’s lab station, you plop yourself down onto his empty stool and spin around to face the man you’re speaking to. Your teammate is currently standing with his back towards you and perusing the uppermost shelves of the nearby wall, his posture elevated just a tad as he pushes himself up on the balls of his feet.

The laboratory looks the same as it always does; it somehow manages to exist in between looking bare and clustered, the simple and clean décor providing a contrasting backdrop to the complex equipment and stockpiled substances. Hoseok is wearing a white crewneck sweater today, but when put up against the blindingly pale walls that reflect the equally bright ceiling lights, it appears to be more of a cream color.

“Good morning to you, too.”

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Why do people write? There are as many reasons as stars in the sky but I will tell you why I write. I write because if I don’t I feel like my head will explode and my heart will give out. Because If I don’t write I will drown amidst all these feelings and thoughts that revolve in my head and heart. Because all these years of interiorizing every little thing has left me with thousands of ideas and feelings and I have no one to discuss them with and so I write. I write because I have to. I write because I must. I write because it is the only way I can quiet my soul for any length of time. I write not to feel as lonely. I write so I can feel alive. I write because maybe somewhere somebody is feeling the same as I.
—  e.v.e.