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  • MLM content in Mass Effect: Ugh, fine you homos here's two MLM dudes. No squadmates, only one counts towards the achievement. One is down in the basement so we don't piss off the straights by making him even marginally visible and the bi romance is heavily skewed towards F!Ryder anyway. Now get out of my Caucasian home.
  • MLM content in Dragon Age: Here's two MLM squadmates. One is entirely, exclusively gay. You can romance both of them, and their romances received just as much care and attention as the straight romances. And the gay squadmate's backstory entirely revolves around empowering him for his queerness and touches on LGBT issues in real life. Oh and if you don't romance either of them they hook up and never shut up about all of the hot, sweaty man sex they keep having, because fuck heteronormativity and fuck The Love That None Dare Speak. Oh and we've been doing this sort of thing since 2009. Anyway, what's good Montreal?

man i doubt any gaming controvery will ever top no man’s sky

like it had this absolutely massive marketing campaign, had huge backing from sony, sean murray even had televised appearances on american talk shows to show off his revolutionary new game and to talk about features in the game

and then the game came out and it was all fake. everything. every single screenshot, piece of footage, every single promised feature was all a lie. none of that was in the game. 

not even fucking multiplayer. 

they spent so much time in the marketing talking about the multiplayer and how every player was part of an interconnected universe and that, though unlikely due to the sheer size of the universe, players would be able to meet and interact with one-another

and then in less than a week two players “found” each other and it turned out the multiplayer was completely fake. there was no multiplayer. none of it was real. 

and then

everyone involved with the game, at least all of the most publicly recognizable people involved, fucking vanished

and the office hello games was using was abandoned

nobody knows where hello games went or where sean murray is 

a small team of indie developers sold the gaming community a lie, tricked one of the biggest multimedia companies in the world in to backing them, and then vanished 

nothing will ever top that. nothing will ever top hello games exploiting the hype and preorder culture surrounding video games for a profit and then running off with the money. i fucking dare the industry to top that. 

soo i have a note in my phone where i brainstorm text ideas for this blog throughout the day, right?

last night at like 4am i woke up out of a dead sleep with this Awesome & Hilarious™ idea so i wrote it down

i checked it this morning (having completely forgotten what it said) and the only thing written is:

“my big fat galra wedding”

… what in the fresh hell does that even mean

I guess to illustrate my point about BotW, I’ll talk about one of the quests - there’s a part in the game where you can’t continue until you have 20 lightning arrows. The NPCs helpfully tell you there’s a monster at the top of the hill that shoots lightning arrows, and you can scavenge them from around his lair. There’s the assumption that you’ll go either sneak around and collect arrows up there, or even kill that monster and return with all his arrows.

I simply teleported to a town, bought lightning arrows, and returned. The game continued without a pause. I didn’t have to fail fighting the lightning guy 100 times. In other Zelda games, I would have been railroaded into fighting the lightning guy. But in this game, the Hard Zelda Game, I could choose not to go fight him.

Ultimate player control, multiple (multiple) solutions to any given problem, optional challenges. No abrupt bottlenecking where you’re not allowed to keep playing the game you bought until you mastered some tiresome un-fun mini game. All of this = great fun.

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i just want to say that sonic fandom really doesnt give enough appreciation to the fact that sonic literally turns into a werewolf in one of the games. its revolutionary guys

Let Me Put On A Show: Jonghyun and Taemin Threesome

Originally posted by jinqki

Based off this request

Pairing: Jonghyun x Reader x Taemin

Word Count:  3k

Content: Jonghyun and Taemin invite you over to hang and you end up playing strip Monopoly. Things get very x-rated. +Taemin taking orders, getting watched as you have sex, and a threesome(kind of).  

Written By: Bambi

Authors’ Note: I worked on this a lot and I’m really proud of it and it’s only my second smut I’ve written so I’d really appreciate any type of feedback! I hope everyone reading enjoys this and I really hope that the anon who requested likes it the most! Happy reading! 


  You didn’t exactly know how you got into the predicament you were in. You didn’t exactly care to get out of it either. It was a game of strip Monopoly that ended with you sandwiched in between Jonghyun and Taemin. You only wore your panties, Teamin was completely naked and Jonghyun was only missing his shirt.

   The actual Monopoly game was Jonghyuns idea. He always knew how to spice up a boring night and this night was one of the plainest you’d had in a while.

   Jonghyun had called you earlier that night complaining that him and Taemin were bored and alone. They had wanted to have some sort of bonding night with the other members of SHINee but Minho and Onew both were busy filming their respective dramas and Key had claimed to forget the night had even been scheduled. After a ten minute phone call with Jonghyun and Taemin both taking turns to  whine into the phone you had gave in.

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