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Chapter 2: Renagade
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A Rant About Last Young Renegade

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I get that LYR isn’t whay you’re used to, and that it’s not ATL’s “usual style” (honestly they switch it up each album so what is ‘normal atl’ at this point) but that DOESN’T mean that it’s a terrible album. If anything it makes it 10x better, because if they kept the same style it’d get boring. Could you imagine listening to song after song that sounds similar to Bad Enough For You? Or Stella? Don’t get me wrong, I love all their songs, but it would get boring if they released the same sounding things over and over again. LYR hasn’t even been released all over the world for 12 hours yet and I’m already seeing people on Twitter saying 'ATL had the chance to make a great concept album but instead gave us technological things’. And while i understand that it isn’t what THEY would listen to, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a great album. In my opinion every single one of their albums gets better. Put Up Or Shut Up was a great album, but 2 albums later ATL released Nothing Personal, and that was even better. Both of those albums are AMAZING albums, with different sounds.
Sure, Good Times is different but that doesn’t mean its TERRIBLE. And I highly doubt that it made you throw up, or want to be hit by a bus.
Honestly, get a grip. If you don’t like the album, thats your opinion, but it’s the bands FAVOURITE album that they’ve released and you don’t get to try and bring them down because of that. Personally, I love the album, that doesn’t mean that I hate some of their older stuff, like Weightless or Jasey Rae. In fact, it makes me love them even more, because they’re different, and different is good, because it isn’t boring.

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