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Hi there! Do you have any smutty wolfstar recommendations? I would really appreciate that :)))

Do I ever! I’m going to separate these into plottier and pornier categories to make things more manageable, but everything on this list definitely has some top-tier smut.

I also have NC-17 and PWP tags.

Plottier (but still fairly porny):

everything by xylodemon, especially Black Velvet if you want straight-up hot-like-burning PWP

Boiling Point by persica (Six hours locked in a room with someone you love. It’s the worst kind of hell imaginable.)

Burns Night by thistlerose (Blackmail, kilts, food art, public sex, light bondage, voyeurism, and poetry. Some national holidays are more fun than others.)

For Educational Purposes Only by lls_mutant (A frigid Remus being taught sex by Sirius.)

The Man in the Moon by thamiris (Sirius loves Remus, loves him nightly with the curtains drawn against the moon.)

Oh, Tuesday by librae (Hogwarts defiled. Children traumatized. A week in the life of Sirius and Remus.)

Our Blood, Still Young by templeg (It’s nearly the last day of fifth year, and Sirius really isn’t looking forward to the summer. Get-together fic (spoiler alert, but really, what were you expecting?) set over the summer of 1976 and into the autumn.)

The Prodigal by midnitemarauder (Sirius returns from the Veil)

Sing My Heart by persica (Some people press their memories between the pages of a scrapbook. Sirius has music.)

Slow Burn by veeagainst (An Order mission for 21-year-old Remus and Sirius brings tensions between them to a head.)

Who Wrote the Book by canis m (Domestic bliss)

Pornier (but still fairly plotty):

And You Shall Know the Fragrance of His Lips by sphinx101 (Granted, it is quite rich for a prefect of all people to sneak out of the castle in the middle of the night to have a tryst with his boyfriend. Then again, Remus can’t remember when he has last had a better idea.)

The Best Man by rochefort (Sex in a very public place)

Blood Rush by gryffindorj (Sirius has found that since leaving school there is a little less of a specific kind of excitement in his life.)

Clockwise by saucery (Set during that wonderful, in-between time when Sirius and Remus had just graduated from Hogwarts, but hadn’t yet lost James and Lily. Or indeed each other.)

Defining Accio by anniesj (Sirius is trying to study. Remus is decidedly unhelpful).

Football Isn’t Anything Like Quidditch by rian (Remus thinks about Sirius, and everyone except Peter thinks that football is not even the slightest bit like Quidditch.)

Let Us Be Silent, That We May Hear the Whispers of the Gods by gyzym (Remus Lupin doesn’t want to hear it–not tomorrow and not yesterday, but certainly not right now.)

The Merits of Toast by sheafrotherdon (There is marmalade. And there is boysex. Utter PWP.)

Periapsis by musesfool (Remus has an apparently endless supply of hot water in his flat. Sirius takes advantage.)

Play It Again by kaybeyk (Sirius likes to watch Remus play the piano)

Quiescent by littlemissgg (“Be still.”)

A Remedy of Remus by katscratches (Sirius has had a Very Bad Day. Remus helps him to forget about it.)

Shh by yeaka (Sirius wakes Remus up on Christmas morning.)

Shift by yeaka (Remus is in heat, and Azkaban has changed Sirius.)

Size Matters by rewrites (It was an inside joke among the four Marauders that werewolves were well-endowed. Remus has a big problem. Sirius can’t help himself.)

Slackened Ties by persica (Boys, school uniforms, and a heat wave.)

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Hello, currently school has been making me feel stressed and even at at times like a failure and bring myself down alot by telling myself I wont get Into college. I feel so tired and come home and have no motivation to do anything. Any advice?

Hi there love- thank you for coming to me for advice- I’ll do my best to help you out today. :)

I understand how you feel, sometimes it can be hard to be in school and cope with strong emotions. Your feelings are validated and I’m here to help you out.

Below are some helpful links on school and college:

Motivation & Procrastination:

Time Management:


Click here to view my whole school master-post

General College Tips

De-Stressers and Health

College Help Masterposts

College & Studying

Click here to view my whole College master-post.

Once you’ve looked over those links, I have some advice for you on how you can cope with how you are feeling.

For me, I have hardly any motivation in school to get work done, but there is one thing that I tell myself each morning when I wake up. I tell myself that if I do not get work done today, then I will not graduate on time and I wont graduate around the same time as my cousins who are also juniors in high school. For ME that’s my motivation that gets me going

I suggest that you find some motivation that YOU can stick to and apply to you and what you’re exactly doing.

Now, I have a few tips for you on how you can get more things done in school or college:

  • Take your time to do your work- but allow yourself to take breaks when needed.
  • Make sure you’re getting enough sleep & you’re eating right.
  • Take notes like you would write in a journal (pretty pens might help you.)
  • Ask for help when you need it. Chances are someone has the same question as you.
  • Do your work and turn it in on time. Don’t let yourself slack off because getting things done now and sooner, will pay off in the future.

Okay, now I have some very important links that I think you should check into:

Why Grades Don’t = Intelligence:

Hope this helps ! (: <3

effective remedy for bad days: find that favorite band or artist you haven’t listened to in weeks and listen to their entire discography from beginning to end until you feel better and are singing and dancing along.

Cure for Bad Thoughts Chuck x Reader

Title: Cure For Bad Thoughts

Pairing:Chuck Shurley x Reader

A/N: This was requested off of my facebook page that I own but anyhoser, Enjoy! You can request Here  ( I don't do smut and I’m so sorry but I’m horrible at it and it makes me slightly uncomfortable ;-; ) And he is so fucking adorable 

Originally posted by docorwho

A groan escaped Chucks lips and he ran his hands through his hair. The fangirls/fanboys were demanding more books but his brain couldn’t spit out anymore words.

           "Chuck? I have your tea..“ His head shot up and you poked your head in the doorway.

           "How did you find me?” You smiled and kissed his head making him smile shyly.

           "You never leave this room,love.“ He rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment and you giggled.

           "How’s the new chapter coming along? No words from the angels yet?” You asked as you sat Indian style next to him. He shook his head in distain and a frown covered his lips.

           "No…what are people going to think if I don’t get this book out soon??“ You sighed quietly and wrapped your arms around his neck,pulling him closer to you.

           "That you have writers block?”

           "They are going to hate me..I mean I wouldn’t blame them, I’m a horrible writer….“ You frowned.

          "Chuck! I have read your books back to front over a million of times, I have met the men your writing about and you,babe, are amazing writer!” He shook his head in disagreement.

          “I am a horrible person..” You shook your head rapidly and you laid his head on his chest, he happily complied and he got comfortable.

         "You listen to me, mister. You, Chuck Shurely are the most amazing man I have every met. Everyday you completely intrigue me, You make sure everyone’s happiness including people you don’t even know before your own. You are so intelligent,handsome,lovable and caring. I personally couldn’t ask for anyone better to be my soulmate…I love you so much. “ By the end of your little rant, Chuck was grinning and blushing like an idiot.

         "Thank you so much,Y/N. I love you so much too…” You gently kissed his lips and you grinned as an idea popped into your head.

         "You know whats great about no headaches?~“ He tilted his head to the side. You gave him a suggestive smile.

         "Cuddling under a pillow fort!!” He laughed and leaned his forehead against your own.

        “I knew there was a reason I loved you so much.. Ill grab the books and you grab the snacks?” You nod and run off to get the snacks. He watched you,softly smiling. You were the best remedy for a bad day..

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Can I please get a super fluffy and cuddly Hanamiya with his s/o? Like he just had a really long and shitty day and needs physical contact and comfort. Oh and good luck with the blog!

‘Cuddly’ and ‘fluffy’ weren’t exactly the two most accurate words to describe Hanamiya Makoto, especially when he was in a bad mood. On days when bad shit in general just continued to bring him down, even his teammates or closest friends knew to stay well away from him. His scowl could make a giant grizzly bear cringe.

That’s why he was lucky to have found someone like you.

Through a series of events and patience-testing trials, you had grown closer to Hanamiya than anyone else ever could. You were the one person who he could show the slightest glimse of weakness to and not give a shit about your reaction. There were often times when he didn’t need to say anything at all. You knew when something was wrong and how to cure it.

So, when the raven came knocking on your front door one afternoon, and you could’ve sworn you saw the anime-style, purple depression lines over his head, you knew exactly what needed to be done.

“Rough day?” You asked while standing in the doorway, examining the way Hanamiya refused to meet your eyes, while his hands were stuffed into his pockets and his lips pressed into a thin line. He didn’t speak. Not a single word. He simply proceeded to push past you, and stroll into your house like it were his own. Typical Hanamiya behaviour.

You made your way into the kitchen to brew two cups of strong tea, always being sure to keep a box of his favourite blend on hand in case of days like these. You strode into your bedroom to find the raven haired boy lying on your bed, hands behind his head and staring at the ceiling, completely expressionless. You placed the tea on your bedside table and sat next to him, looking down at his pale features while he still avoided looking at you.

“Do you wanna talk about it?” You asked gently.

“No. Don’t worry about it.” He eventually groaned before turning away from you to lie on his side. You sighed, wondering how exactly you were going to fix this one.

You stretched out along the bed to face his back and began drawing random patterns along his back with your fingers. You could feel him relax beneath your light touches, as he let out a heavy sigh.

“You know you can talk to me about anything.” You whispered into his ear before placing a light kiss upon his cheek. You couldn’t help but smile at the way the corners of his lips turned up slightly before falling back into a flat line. A classic sign of stubbornness. “You’re not just sulking, are you?” You teased. Your smile only grew as you watched Hanamiya turn his upper body, finally looking you in the eye with a mischevious glint before fully turning around and grabbing you by the waist, pulling you close to him and holding you tightly.

“You’re not trying to piss me off, are you?” He mumbled into the top of your head, his tone sending a small shiver down your spine.

“Just the opposite in fact.” You giggled as you nuzzled into his chest.

This was the side of himself that Hanamiya refused to show to anyone else. You were the only one who could make him like this. You made him want to hold you and feel your warmth against him. It was the only remedy for a bad day.

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I am seriously considering that yours will be the first non-porn tumblr that I follow! Your vines are the remedy for a bad day at work. Please sing everything.

Aye, this would truly be an honor to intersperse the various porn imagery you have on your dash with images of kittens and my shenanigans.

Let Me Help You Relax - Ashton Irwin Smut

I’ve been working on this for days now, so I hope you enjoy! You can request anything in my ask, I love requests :) I’ll be away mostly for the rest of the weekend so I wanted to finish this up 

The resonating sound of a slamming door caught Ashton’s attention but he didn’t look up until he heard footsteps stomping up the stairs. The sound of your usually noiseless footsteps trying their damn hardest to be as loud as possible to convey how impossibly done you were with the day made Ashton scramble out of his chair and put down his book (not before dog-earring his page, of course) to greet you as you ascended the top of the stairs. 

“Hey, beautiful,” Ashton said, bright smile settling into a subtle frown as he took in your disheveled appearance. 

“Rough day?” he guessed and you just clenched your jaw in response, but Ashton wasn’t phased at your lack of speech. You winced as you readjusted your bag on your shoulder, the weight of it having more and more of a painful impact on you as the day progressed. Ashton immediately reached for the bag and set it down; the sound reverberated through the silent house as loudly as the door did. You sighed in a new found relief when the weight left your body, making Ashton’s hazel eyes flicker with sympathy before he opened his arms to you with a small, reassuring smile. You let yourself almost fall into him, your tired body melting into his strong hold. He pet your hair comfortingly as you took a shuddering breath, trying to hold on the tears threatening to spill out. It wasn’t like anything crazy happened, just little slip-ups that ate away in the back of your mind and made your day extra hard to get through. 

“It’s okay to cry,” Ashton murmured, his voice wobbling, afraid he would break the moment. 

“I don’t wanna,” you whined like a child, face in his t-shirt so you could feel the beat of his heart against your cheek. 

“Mm, alright, love. Go get undressed for me, okay? I’ll run you a bath.” Ashton loosened his grip but didn’t let go of you completely until you pulled away first. Usually you would protest, say you could run your bath–but honestly, you were too tired and the thought of a warm bath with your amazing boyfriend sounded just like the remedy you needed for your bad day.

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OMG. ;3; If you are having a bad day, this is the cure.

Preference #112 You Wear His Clothes

Requested by anon

Liam- The items that you always sought in Liam’s closet were his old plaid shirts. He hadn’t been wearing them for a few years and they were cute so you thought you could bring them back by adding accessories to it . You added studs on the shoulders and on the rims of the sleeves making it more in your style. Liam was impressed with your improvements and loved to see you wear his old things reminding him how comfortable you felt around him.

Zayn- His jackets were to die for. He had the best style out of all the people you knew and fortunately for you, he’d let you borrow anything you wanted. He had this one jacket with tears all over the sleeves that you particularly liked and he’d always smile when you’d wear it or when he checked his closet for it and saw it missing. They were over sized but sometimes it completed your outfit.

Niall- Oddly enough, Niall and you shared the same shoe size. Yes, his shoes sometimes were bigger tan your feet but most of them fit. It was a combination of you having larger feet than normal and him buying tight shoes. It was great though because you were able to borrow his Converse Supras whenever you wanted. Sometimes after a long night of dancing, he’d hold your heels, walk around in socks and gave you his shoes.

Harry- After one of those nights where you stayed over at his place with no change in clothing, he’d let you use anything of his that you could find and make fit. Naturally you went for his huge Greenbay Packers sweatshirt because it smelled like him and it was big on you which looked adorable when you wore your skinny jeans. Harry loved it when you wore his stuff because you always made them smell better than when he wore them.

Louis- When you had a bad hair day the only remedy was to wear a hat and what better hat is there than a beany? Louis had a collection of them and most of them he didn’t wear anymore so you would pick one that matched your outfit and have it on all day. It fit your head perfectly and put a smile on his face. “It looks better on you babe,” he admitted, “You can keep it.” So you did.

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Please forgive me if this is rude (I know it's stereotypical), but since you're British and you most likely drink tea a lot, do you happen to know of or have a handy list of teas that are good for common ailments/purposes? Herbal teas or any kind of tea that serves a healing purpose of some sort.

So, I’m english, and basically all I drink is english breakfast and earl grey. Because that’s what most english people drink, plain boring, black tea with milk. An only that. I do drink a lot of tea, but only that and some occasional jasmine because I’m a bit odd.

Herbal teas are kind of an odd thing to drink, as an english person I mean, not like weird, but it’s not a thing most people in the country would have. I mean, it’s would be pretty common among hippie/student types, but it’s not a usual thing. And everyone has a kettle and at least some kind of black tea in their cupboard. Pretty much everyone drinks tea. Not being a tea drinker is odd as an adult. Most people pick it up in university, if not earlier. Pretty much everyone also has milk. But yeah, drinking weird teas as a cure for a specific thing is either a weird hippie thing or an american thing.

I mean you clearly get that british people drink tea, but you’ve missed most of the bits of it that are actually important. You think we drink tea like americans, but just more of it? Nope. We drink tea in very specific and arbitrary ways. 

There are social class lines about what type of tea you drink and how you take it. Having sugar in your tea is working class (acceptable among other classes if clearly marked as an eccentricity and other class markers are clear, I get away with it because I’m clearly middle class and also female perceived, and make “I know, sweet tooth” comments about it). Whether you put milk in first or not is a class indicator.

What type and brand of tea you drink is also pretty solidly defined by class. Bog standard tea like pg tips is I think an assam blend and is more working class than drinking twinnings english breakfast or earl grey. Basically the higher class status you go the weaker the tea gets. It’s all stronger than your american tea.  This isn’t a judgement on any of this being good or bad,it’s just a random thing that tends to be a pretty good class indicator.

And if you want to know more about this read Watching the english (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Watching-English-Hidden-Rules-Behaviour/dp/0340818867) by Kate fox. It’s got a really interesting bit on tea drinking customs and class divisions.

Making tea for yourself and not other people is pretty universally rude though. As is offering tea in literally any situation. 

Tea (meaning a bog standard blend of black tea) is a remedy for everything. Bad day? Tea. Cold? Tea. Headache? Tea. Flu? Tea. Cramps? Tea. Broken bone? Tea. Divorce? Tea. Cancer? So sorry to hear that, would you like a cup of tea? Dead family member? I’m so sorry…Tea? Car crash? Tea, and have some sugar in it for the shock. 

Ice Cream AU || Harry and Eddie

To say Eddie was having a bad day would probably be an understatement. His mother had called him in the middle of a staff meeting to badger him about basically everything in his life, his cat had been sick all over his favourite shirt, and his episode of the Walking Dead hadn’t recorded like he programmed it to, so now he had to wait until tomorrow to watch it. The only remedy for a day this bad was his favourite mint chocolate chip ice cream. The issue was that, of course, he had none left in the flat. 

So now here Eddie was, dragging himself through the aisles of the grocery store in his pajamas, just wanting to get his damn ice cream and get out of there. He must have done something awful in a past life to deserve karma this bad, though, because just as he reached for the last pint, a hand came to grab it at the same time.

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What are some of your bad day remedies ?

crying, napping, long showers, watching the early seasons of real housewives of new york, dressing really nice & doing my makeup just to walk around aimlessly outside, calling my mom, cleaning my room, spending too much time at a coffee shop that i have to reconnect to wifi five times, buying new plants, pilates