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This is about things I see in fanfiction regarding Isabel and Farlan. I will likely be salty and rather brisk. I will try not to reference specific fanfictions though.

I’m just really tired of how the fandom treats these two. It’s gotten to the point I DON’T want to read fics with them in it because of how authors normally treat them. If they’re not dead they’re either OoC or really minor characters.

Isabel’s Characterization

A lot of times Isabel appears in fics as an overactive whirlwind, which I understand, at first glance that’s what she appears to be.

Isabel is not bratty, hyperactive, and she is most definitely not a LEVI FANGIRL. (More on that later).

Isabel is impulsive and snarky (which seems to run in this trio), especially to Farlan. However, of the trio, Isabel is the first of them to actually be interested in the Corps beliefs. Isabel shows a remarkable amount of determination and eagerness, which paired with her impulsiveness makes her a little excitable, but not hyperactive.

Isabel is stubborn and argumentative, but she doesn’t seem all that hot headed actually.

Isabel is also not a female Eren. Yes, yes I know, they have similar faces and are both excitable but do not write her as an Eren clone. One notable difference is that when arguing with someone Isabel is calmer than Eren.

Another thing to note, Isabel can be rude towards though she dislikes. Isabel also says herself that she’s better with animals than people.

Isabel is shown to be good at hand to hand combat (at least when taking on one other person). She also mastered horse back riding quickly, and is very talented with the 3DMG.

She would refuse to be left out of the action by Levi and Farlan, and there’s no reason they would either. The three of them stick together, so if you write a fic where Levi and Farlan go to fight, don’t leave Isabel at home, unless she’s sick or injured. If Levi takes Farlan, he’s probably taking Isabel. If he leaves Farlan behind, then yeah, leave Isabel behind too.

Isabel’s relationship with Levi

Isabel admires and respects Levi. He is the one who saved her life. She wants his approval. Do not write her as “NOTICE ME ONI-CHAN!”

Levi is also very fond of Isabel, he ruffles her hair, he does seem to view her as a younger sibling.

If you’re shipping Levi with someone, please, please, please, don’t just turn Isabel into a shipper on deck, who only talks about Levi with his love interest. (Yes this happens.)

Isabel IS NOT DEFINED BY LEVI. Definitely not in canon, so do not make Isabel’s entire life revolve around Levi and/or Farlan.

Farlan’s Characterization

Farlan is not an asshole who gets off on annoying those around him and being generally aggravating.

On a similar note, do not define Farlan’s entire character by that one scene where he snapped at Isabel. He obviously sees her as a friend, and that seemed to be a one time event. Farlan isn’t a dick.

Also Farlan certainly isn’t smooth, see the scene where he stops Levi from attacking Flagon again. He’s awkward and clearly nervous. So, yeah, he’s not a smooth talking flirt either.

Farlan is smart, and has a good deal of forethought and is capable of twisting situations to his advantage. However, this is not an constant ability, such as when Levi didn’t fall into his trap.

In the Visual Novel, Farlan was leader of the gang before Levi and the one to steal the 3DMG. He is highly ambitious but he’s also highly loyal, and capable of setting that ambition aside. He is not selfish either, as he cares about Isabel and Levi.

Farlan also has a quick wit, “the Military Police? Shouldn’t they be wiping the King’s ass?” “I’d rather drink sewer water than deal with this.”

Farlan’s relationship with Levi

In a plot twist no one saw coming, Farlan and Levi are actually friends. Levi actually acknowledges Farlan’s existence, listens to his ideas, and sees as a valuable and trusted friend.

I know, it seems really strange, but it’s there in the canon, so if Farlan’s in your fic, Levi’s probably going to talk to him.

I once made a post about the ability to replace Farlan with a potted plant, and this is sadly true in a lot of fics, Farlan is in a scene, but he contributes so little that he might as well be part of the background then an actual character. Obviously he’s not going to talk in every scene but if he's in a scene, don’t just ignore him.

Farlan is a character Levi is likely to go to for advice, and he’ll give decent advice, and try to help Levi as best he can. Also, in canon, while Farlan makes the plans, he does need Levi’s approval.

Farlan is willing to follow Levi because he trusts him. In canon, he sees Levi as his leader and close friend.

Levi does not view either Isabel or Farlan as a subordinate. I wouldn’t call Farlan Levi’s brother but he is definitely a close friend. 

Their relationship with Levi

Both Isabel and Farlan are capable of understanding Levi (Hanji also has this ability later).

Levi lets his guard down around Isabel and Farlan, allowing his softer side to show. He doesn’t turn into a marshmallow but does relax around them.

Levi wants to protect them, and thinks of them as important to him.

Their relationship with each other

(I am discussing this entirely platonically not as a ship.)

Isabel and Farlan clash personality-wise, but are capable of working together as a team.

Isabel likes to tease Farlan.

Isabel was willing to die to save Farlan, and her death motivated him to fight the titans, when previously he’d been scared of them. So yeah, it’s safe to say that yes, they care about each other.

Farlan used to tell Isabel stories in the Underground, including how he tried and failed to recruit Levi. He is also seen telling her a scary story about a monster, so this does not seem to be unusual.

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Why do you reblog your posts? Pathetic

Is it…illegal to do that? I’m not allowed to reblog my posts on my blog? 

If I see someone reblog some of the things I wrote, I would sometimes do the same thing if I still find them relevant. And what I write is very relevant to me—hence MY posts.  

I noticed that people like to reblog my Frozen analyses/metas a lot, and I’m pretty sure that’s what you’re referring to since I just reblogged one that was about Frozen/Frozen Fever a few minutes ago. And you know what? Frozen is still very much relevant to me, and everything I wrote about that movie and those characters were carefully thought of with a lot of heart and observation invested into them. I value Elsa and Anna greatly, and their story is very dear to me that’s why I tend to write a LOT about them. 

If that’s a problem, if me being passionate about something I love and reblogging things I wrote about bothers you, then unfollow me. Please do. 

I bet you also followed me for those posts anyway. The irony is pitiful. 

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To be honest, I never interpreted Will talking about not saving himself as literal. My first thought was "He's talking about his relationship with Hannibal, he's talking about giving in to those treacherous feelings he's so horribly afraid of".

Yeah, things actually make a lot more sense if you interpret the “self” Will was referring to as the man he was before that night. This was his becoming in every sense of the word, and as I mentioned here, Will and Hannibal both experienced a “becoming” and a rebirth through the act of killing Dolarhyde together. And the more I think about it the more I believe Hannibal probably realized this is what was happening as well, even if Will did let him suffer just a little. His eyes stayed fixed on Will after he was shot, waiting for him to make his move so he could know the game was on. 

Will was “just fine” with not “saving himself” not because he was prepared to die that night (although I do maintain he looked perfectly as peace with the possibility of dying in Hannibal’s arms just before they tumbled over the edge of that cliff), but because he was finally coming to terms with the fact that he didn’t have to fight against the darkest parts of himself any longer.


Some comments I made in response to the #autchat question about “passing.” (August 25th, 2015) 

[images are a serious of tweets by twitter user @ericforschools. They (all) read: 

“A5: in my advocacy, I have noticed many take me more seriously if I have an NT mask with an autistic perspective–so I pass. #autchat

(cont’d): unfortunately, as you might imagine, this takes a lot of energy–energy I would rather use on making/talking policy.#autchat

(cont’d) Overall, I would consider passing (or rather “covering”) a sadly necessary mechanism. I also cover/pass as a trans person. #autchat

[for reference] Passing according to the sociologist Erving Goffman is the same thing as being “closeted” ½ #autchat

2/2  while covering is being out but making it “hard to tell.” So I am openly trans/autistic but people don’t think I am in passing.#autchat

I would like for the closet doors to be opened and never have to exist again. And not just the closet–but the shame as well. #autchat #lgbt”]

psa about halsey's badlands album

shes said it a lot but the album really does contain a lot of sexual lyrics and explicit reference to abuse.

in particular: hold me down, coming down, colors, strange love and young god have these themes and some others may as well.

please be careful while listening if these things trigger you or make you uncomfortable.

// This is kind of negative, but is there something wrong with me or my blog? I see a lot of new recommended blogs and my dash is full of new RPs, threads getting close to 1000 notes, and other shenanigans, yet my activity and dash feed remain mostly slow in terms of direct or indirect references to me*.

Perhaps I’m over thinking it, but I feel left out, like I don’t belong, or like I’m not good enough. Save for a few people recently, it seems that unless I start or continue the conversation, there won’t be one. I guess things like timezones don’t help, but eh, shit happens. This probably is not the case, but I just can’t shake this feeling :/

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Hi. I'm really stuck on how to draw people lying down ((mostly on their front)) If you have anything that could help that would be wonderful C:

Hello~! I’ll try my best ;_;/~! Let’s see uhmm..

  • Looking at different references is a good start~! Nothing wrong with looking at references at all, it helps a lot~


(and here’s a tip on how to use references )

A list of more stock models 

 (some of these links to nsfw ones so be sure to look at the key~)

  • Depending on which angle you’re trying to draw the position from (like if we’re looking at the character you’re drawing laying down from the front), foreshortening is a good thing to look into~! (I’m just trying to cover whatever bases I can think of here XD)

1   2  

  • And studying anatomy shall also help because at the end of the day, the better your understanding of anatomy and proportions.. the easier it’ll be to break the body down so you can draw it in different poses~ ;u;b 

Figure drawing will help with that~

1  2  3  4

An art masterpost- look under the bodies section ~

Youtube art help accounts (you’ll find figure drawing/anatomy and etc. help among other topics they cover~)

But yess hopefully some of that helped~?? I’m not really good at explaining things I’m sorry ;_;/ these are things that I personally think would help but uhmm, if anyone else has anything to add you’re more than welcome to~!  Please do~!

Good luck, you can do this~! 

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you will have some tutorial on how to draw deer? :D

I’ve definitely thought of doing tutorials! Not so much with how to draw things though, if only because everyone has a different process so it’s tough to pinpoint one that works for everyone. I could do some speedpaints though if that helps? Also I reference old Bambi concept art a lot when drawing deer so maybe if anyone is interested it could work for others as well!

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Hey, uh, quick question about the q**er as a slur thing. I personally describe myself as q**er from time to time (I'm bisexual), so me using isn't an issue right?

nope! not as long as you’re just using it for yourself, it’s totally urs to reclaim. it’s when people start referring to lgbt stuff as the “q**er community” or call their friends it w/out consent it gets upsetting.

(though if u hang out w a lot of lgbt ppl you might want 2 make sure none of them have a bad history w the word bc it could upset them to hear it, just out of consideration. it’s still urs to reclaim though.)

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Hi. I'm kind of new to this fandom (I just finished season 1) but I'm already obsessed with Teri and Sherri's friendship. I was wondering if the "my love my love my love" that they used a lot on twitter is a reference to something that happens later on the show or if it's a random thing that they used once and then kept doing it? Thanks!

Yes, it’s from their wedding son, “Same Love.” “My love, my love, my love, she keeps me warm.” And I think that’s why they repeat it. Teri is also fond of using “love” as a term of endearment!

Anonymous said: I was thinking Stef could hand second trauma because her son and daughter where raped. Plus she’s a cop and probably heres about it but I think she already had it from the wreck !  So I don’t see it happening.

Probably not. Honestly, they’ve minimized the effects of it on both kids, so I don’t see it going beyond that.

Anonymous said: Next season if there were no limits of what they could show on TV what would you have happen to stef and Lena

Was just talking about it with a friend, ok realistically on the show, I’d want to see making out like in 18 but naked! No limits? Oh yes, naked, Stef on top, maybe we’d see the clothes flying off, but I’d like to see O face on one of them like supposedly they showed with Callie (i didn’t see the scene). If they can show a teenager showing sexual pleasure then they can show adult lesbians do the same. But they won’t because of homophobia that obviously still exists.

Anonymous said: Can we see a picture of you. LOL

Chat me up first!

Anonymous said: I have discovered your other fanfic after the Worst Night - you are a GREAT writer!  Not only do you write well you get Stef and Lena which makes your writing even better!   Just wanted to say thank you and I look forward to more stories from you!

Ahh thank you! My goal is to either gif tomorrow or write fanfic. So I do have things in mind for you all! Thank you so much, that really made my day.

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re: stydia: how can a couple be a power couple if they aren't a couple?

as you’re probably referring to my stydia and scira gifset, i really enjoy seeing these four solving stuff together. i believe that quite a lot of people feel the same way because the post has a decent amount of notes 

stydia is a power couple in my eyes because even though they aren’t an official “canon couple” (for now at least), they still have a deep connection and make a great pair when figuring things out (if you’re watching the same show as me, you should have noticed that by now)

to quote scott mccall in season 5 “those two, they’re pretty good together”

a power couple is two people who have invidual personalities, are independent and capable to operate alone but when they’re together, they create the ultimate duo

a lil quote from urban dictionary that i really liked:
“In a power couple, if one person is flawed, the other person makes up for their weaknesses in strength.“

and I think we see a lot of that throughout the series


Happy Birthday sweet strawberry girl grizzly-pandabear!!!

last year i drew you a haru pillow body but i actually wanted to draw makoharu eating strawberry desserts together so i did it this year o/ 

idk how many straberries i draw but i hope it’ll be enough to satisfy you, grizzly you strawberries lover heheh 


Tips for Writers | Long but Important!
  • Use paragraphs! A 1000 word block of text is something that nobody wants to read. Not sure when to make a new paragraph? Here!

  • Use line breaks when someone else begins speaking! It is confusing as all hell when you have two different people speaking in the same paragraph. When the speaker changes, so does the paragraph.

  • PUT PUNCTUATION INSIDE YOUR QUOTATION MARKS. When writing a declaration or command, it should look like this: “I like cats,” she said. Not “I like cats” she said.

  • Do not write out people’s accents. Make it known in other ways. For example, if someone has an Irish accent, don’t write “Are ye sure? Ah want t’ do it too.” It detracts from the writing. State that their accent thickens with their emotion, or that someone else finds their accent endearing. The most you should do is cut off G, such as “Somethin’”.

  • DO NOT CONSTANTLY REFER TO PEOPLE BY THEIR NATIONALITY/AGE/HEIGHT/HAIR COLOR/EYE COLOR/RACE. At most, use it twice a chapter. Say their name. Call them nicknames. Just say he/she/they! Do not constantly refer to your characters as “the half-korean” or “the younger man”. 

  • Remember what you have your characters doing! More than once I’ve had to scroll back up and see if the character has gotten up from where they were sitting because they’re suddenly standing in the middle of the room, or they go from having all their clothes on to having a shirt on only, and then back to having a shirt and underwear.

  • If you don’t know something (ie: anatomy, a location, how something sexual works, etc.) LOOK IT UP! 

  • For the love of all that is holy, do not give strange names to sexual organs. Don’t call the clitoris a ‘jewel’ or ‘pearl’, or the g-spot a ‘goddess spot’. It makes the writing feel like 50 Shades of Grey. 

  • NATURAL. PROGRESSION. Do not, and I repeat, do not make your characters realize they have a crush → love someone → kiss them → have the other person love them back → make them have sex in three paragraphs. It doesn’t work that way. The first time someone kisses someone, they don’t tell them they love them. That would be weird and creepy.

  • GRAMMAR AND SPELLING. I cannot count how many times I have opened a fic, read three lines, and closed it because the grammar and spelling was atrocious. If you don’t have a word processor like Microsoft Office, there are websites to check your grammar and spelling for you! No one wants to struggle to read something. Grammar Spelling

  • Pay attention to what tense you’re using! Don’t switch from past tense to present tense. Re-read what you’ve written before you post it. Make sure there are no “he smiled at her/she smiles back” type deals because you’ve switched tenses, and it can confuse people. I have to fix it all the time.

  • Try to stay away from stereotypes. With fanfiction, it’s a little harder because we all love tropes! Try to mix it up, though. Put your own spin on a popular trope or cliche.

  • Don’t call your male/male or female/female pairing yaoi or yuri. Please. Also, don’t call sex scenes lemons. This isn’t 2004.

  • Don’t use unnecessary adjectives. Don’t inject your writing with useless, extra words. Ex: I kissed his fruit-punch lips. 

  • Please try for realism when it’s not an AU or something obviously fantasy.For example, A college professor wouldn’t be caught masturbating in his classroom between classes unless he severely wanted to lose his job.

  • When writing sex scenes, especially anal, USE LUBRICATION AND PREPARATION. You CANNOT have unlubricated, unprepared sex if you want both people to enjoy it.

  • Write out numbers!

  • Don’t use capitals for emphasis in stories, unless someone is legitimately shouting. Use italics.

  • Don’t write out moans/sounds of pain/etc. It looks absolutely ridiculous.

  • Don’t refer to eyes as “cerulean orbs of wonder” or anything of that nature. Just… don’t.

  • Practice, practice, practice! You will only get better by writing more.

  • Don’t repeatedly change POV!

Here you go anon, I hope this helps you out <3 

Jafar’s magic is a lot of fun to draw honestly, hahah. This tutorial could stem out and double as a strange sort of wispy-fire type tutorial, since his magic resembles that if I’m honest (or at least, fire was one of the inspirations for it, so it always feels ‘warm’). The only brushes I used in this are a soft round, hard round, and an airbrush! Also a little speck brush to make my life a little easier.

Let me know if you have any further questions! There’s plenty of different types of butterflies too, if you’re not weirded out by bugs I recommend looking them up. 


music like glass/songs to ‘chill’ to

3 playlists by mood; the 2010′s of malayalam cinema
part 2 of this
requested by arjunkapoors

1; H A P P Y (af)

track list/listen

2; S M O O T H  (af)

track list/listen

3; S A D  (af) -includes 2000s as well

track list/listen

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So, I was wondering, how do I draw different poses? The only way pose I know how to draw is with legs pressed against each other and hands into pockets :^/

So here’s my Anatomy, Poses, & Proportions tags. 

This tutorial should help, it has lots of instructions.

This video shouldn’t be used to learn anatomy, but it can help with poses.

Here’s a pose tutorial that talks about using references.

This site, Quickposes, will give you multiple poses to draw within a certain amount of time. This would be good practice. You can choose to do it untimed, or even submit your own pictures for practice.

This post shows multiple examples and gives you things to consider while drawing poses. It also includes tips at the end.

I just searched for “pose reference sheet” on google images and found these. It’s best to keep your figures basic when just practicing. Remember that you should have a basic concept of anatomy before doing this otherwise your drawings can end up misproportioned.

Good luck!

i feel like im one of the few people who actually believes that it is a possibility that they will make steve/bucky canon. please bare with me for what will be the longest post i will probably ever make. they set it up so nicely (besides all the more subtle less-than-platonic things that happened). specifically what steve says to natasha when she tries to set him up with women. “it’s hard to find someone with the same experience” seems a lot like a very specific and very intentional foreshadow referring to bucky. without going into details too much, there is literally no one else in the entire mcu that shares as much experience with steve as bucky. growing up in brooklyn, going off to the war, “dying”, being frozen for several years, waking up and being a soldier, you get the idea. in my opinion that single line has a lot in terms of setting up a potential relationship between them. 

nothing in the movies is unintentional, i believe the russos hide a lot more and understand a lot more than we give them credit for. besides that, it’s incredibly clear in the mcu how much bucky and steve mean to each other. they are both obviously willing to die for one another, as seen in the scene where steve saves bucky from zola (which i will talk about later), bucky won’t leave steve to die in the fire (“not without you”), and where steve is sacrificing himself to the winter soldier (i believe this is also a manifest of steve’s depression and his belief that he would rather die than “lose” bucky again). 

especially the implications of “till the end of the line.” not only are they willing to die for each other, it was made shown throughout the movies that they are willing to loyally stay with each other until death (marriage proposal much ?) once again, the russo’s understand the implications of the heavily emphasized lines they put in the movie. by using the “till the end of the line” phrase as the main trigger for bucky’s memory, it’s sheer importance and relevance (after 40+ years steve still hasn’t forgotten it) is capitalized upon. 

also the line, “even when i had nothing, i had bucky.” yes, someone could potentially say that about their best friend. (although that seems far-fetched as i probably wouldn’t even say something close to that about my own friends, but i digress) but as i said the russo’s understand. they don’t throw in a random line just because, they place lines like that in the movie to reiterate the importance of steve and bucky’s relationship. so many seemingly offhand things are actually importantly included by way of the writers. there is a team of so many people that make and write the movie, you can’t actually believe that not a single one of them read these lines and thought “maybe that has a bit of romantic implication.”

rewinding to the first movie, although bucky didn’t get much screen-time, we still see how much they still care for each other. of course they do, they’re best friends. but in my own personal opinion, i believe it runs deeper than friendship. for example, bucky keeps trying to convince steve not to join the army because he doesn’t want to see him get hurt, even though it’s the one thing steve wants more than anything at the time. and once steve finally gets that, he risks everything he just worked so hard for on the off-chance that bucky is still alive and he can save him. i don’t really feel like going too deep into this, but its incredibly obvious how important joining the army is to steve, and they showed that bucky was more important than all of that, as he risked being discharged even though he didn’t even have confirmation that the latter was still alive.

(i’m not even going to go into age of ultron, joss whedon is a garbage director and wouldn’t know continuity if it was up his ass.)

and fast forward to the events of civil war that we’ve been shown so far. albeit it’s not much, we can confirm that steve and bucky fight together, and crossbones makes a reference that underlies a less-than-platonic relationship between steve and bucky. “you know he remembered you. your pal, your buddy, your bucky.” i don’t know how much i can possibly emphasize it, definitely not enough, but the russo’s are not idiots. pretty much no one refers to someone’s best friend as being “theirs.” crossbones could’ve used that as a taunt by way of making fun of steve and bucky and their friendship (basically his equivalent of calling steve the f slur for being so close to another man). however, the fact that in order to hurt steve he brought up bucky’s torture seems telling enough to me. there is nothing most people hate more than to see the people they love (in any capacity) suffer by fault of them. but bucky’s torture and it’s level was directly affected by his memory of steve. steve must see it as his fault, because if bucky didn’t remember him, they wouldn’t have had to torture him so many times. assuming steve knows why they had to keep erasing his memory, and i believe he will know by civil war.

and god, the line “your mom’s name was sarah, you used to put newspapers in your shoes.” so, bucky couldn’t even remember something as simple as his own name, but he managed to remember things that specific about steve ? this seems like one of the lines that was put in the movie to re-emphasize the importance of their relationship.

on the other hand, we do live in a very heteronormative society and that could affect how their relationship is portrayed just as much as all of this stuff, so take with that what you will.

i really didn’t mean for this post to be so long (and trust me i could go on for much longer) but i would appreciate if you could give it a read and potentially discuss more points with me.

to sum it up: steve and bucky have the perfect build-up for a romantic relationship, the russo’s aren’t as oblivious as we think, and civil war is going to be very exciting.

About Dysphoria

I think this needs to be addressed because gender dysphoria can and is a lot more than what people think it is. yes being uncomfortable with your body can be a part of it but it can also be things like:

  • being uncomfortable with how people refer to you/how people view you (e.g being called boy/girl or handsome/pretty etc. or being thought of as your assigned gender)
  • rejecting parts of your identity because they are  associated with your assigned gender (i.e as a trans boy i was very uncomfortable with wearing dresses, even though i liked them, because of how they made other people think of me)
  • doubting your assigned gender/not being comfortable with it within yourself

not everyone experiences every type of dysphoria, some people are uncomfortable with their gender within themselves but don’t care what others think, some people don’t experience physical dysphoria etc. dysphoria can also:

  • have good or bad days, some days you can be very dysphoric and others you can be not very
  • (for psysical dysphoria) be directly related to other people, lots of trans people say they wouldn’t mind their body if it wasn’t associated with their assigned gender or if people didn’t think of them as less of their gender because of it

only you can work out if you are trans or not, and their are reasons other than not liking what you look like. thank you.

FEALTY - Prologue/10


WC: 1800
Relationships - Present: Jack/Caiti
[Acknowledged Past: Geoff/Gavin; Future: Geoff/Michael, Meg/Ryan, Meg/Ryan/Gavin]
Characters: Mainly Jack, Caiti, Michael, Geoff, Gavin, Ryan, Ray, and Meg–but the RT gang’s all here in later chapters.
Rated: T for non-graphic violence / E for sex and violence in future chapters

SUMMARY: “The clairvoyant beyond the borders of Laurus–beyond any ruler’s reach–is the only one watching Mogar as he moves that night. Touching the boy-warrior’s thoughts. Knowing beyond understanding, beyond fact, that Mogar will become Michael: the cleat that will split a rotten kingdom apart before mending it. Before joining with another to become the keystone of a new era.”


Hey! I’ve been noticing a lot of the new studyblrs are freshman! I thought I would share my high school experience as a freshman. Here are some tips for those of you entering high school.

**Disclaimer: Everyone experiences high school differently, stated below are my opinions and things I would find useful!

+Everyone Changes

“Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other’s gold”

please please please understand that the friends you have in middle school are not going to be your best friends going into high school, as sad as it may seem people find new friend groups and the friends you thought you knew, are totally different. Change may not happen right away, but please be aware that it does happen. Everyone heads off into a different direction, friend groups end naturally, but do not let this distract you. YOU WILL MAKE BETTER FRIENDS WITH TIME.

+Keep yourself busy

Join a few clubs, try out a new sport with a couple of friends. Do something outside of your comfort zone. FEED YOUR EXISTENCE. Find something you love to do, and meet others that like to do it too!


Make sure that you are happy and well before you worry about anyone else. YOU are the most important person in your life, so make sure you are satisfied.

+Relationships aren’t everything

Don’t fret if you’re single and all of your friends are in a relationship. Do NOT feel pressured to date someone because everyone else is, it’s best to let these things come naturally.

If you are in a relationship remember to balance between homework, family, etc. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT NEGLECT your friends!!!

+STUDY (duh)

Its so important to start developing study skills now, (if you haven’t already). There are plenty of awesome study blogs where you can learn different techniques, organization tips, and all that good stuff. Here is my favorite study blog. 

+Your GPA matters

Some people will tell you that your GPA doesn’t count your freshman year, and that maybe true, but it’s still good to keep your grades up! This doesn’t mean try to get all A’s, do what works best for you! if the highest grade you can get is a B+ that’s absolutely fine! Being smart is not about having the highest grade in the class.

+Trusting others

That girl that told you she didn’t study for the test, most likely did. The person that texted you “nah not gonna study for that” probably is as we speak of it. Just because people aren’t studying or are telling you they aren’t, doesn’t mean you should too!! Some people can be really competitive about grades/test scores and tell you not to study because they took the test and it said it was easy.

+Start things early

Book report due next Friday? Better get started on it ASAP. If you have a free block, read a little and get started on homework, so you don’t have as much when you get home.

+Reward yourself

If you didn’t procrastinate, and actually did your work, reward yourself with an episode on Netflix or a nice bath. If you got an A on your math test, treat yourself to some ice cream. It’s so important to do nice things for yourself, especially if you accomplished a goal. 


Trust me, if you are struggling, GO IN FOR HELP it will save your life, and the teacher will see that you are really committed to your work.


  • You have the same potential as every kid in your school, everyone has their own advantages, but if you work hard enough, you’ll make it to where you want to be.
  • YOU ARE WORTH IT, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise
  • Be easy on yourself, school can be stressful, but crying over an F is not gonna fix it, we make mistakes, and we move on.
  • Don’t be so fixated on the idea of perfection: no one is perfect and a few bad grades won’t damage your GPA.
  • Don’t be soOOOO focused on school, that you don’t have time for your friends/family or vice versa; MANAGE YOUR TIME !!!
  • Do NOT waste your time; TIME IS MONEY
  • Social Media can wait (its not going anywhere)
  • its okay to take mental days; (skip school to just relax) but don’t take them too often
  • BE CONFIDENT (easier than it sounds I know)
  • GOOD friends will understand if you can’t text them back right away
  • you’re beautiful, so don’t worry about your appearance too much
  • GET SLEEP (for the love of god, if you can manage to finish your hw early, and actually sleep, then do it!!!!!!!)
  • don’t date upperclassmen; ((they’re gonna leave you))
  • save your money 
  • EAT; like seriously it’s good for your health
  • last but not least; LOVE yourself! You matter!!

Ah, sorry this is long, but I wish each and everyone of you good luck on your first day! KICK ASS and DON’T FORGET TO SMILE :)