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Seriously? He took a pic of a sign that was at his home earlier n order to send CC "supporters" a secret message to prove how gay he really is? Because it is SO important to him that YOU know? His entire life revolves not around his family, friends, music, career & things that matter but rather his concern is sending YOU a gayness message? Did that sound better in your head? Darren Criss has too much integrity to do the things you say he does-nobody makes their friends lie to that extent.

Oh dear anon you sound upset?  I assume you are referring to the comment I made on this picture X that I thought Darren was snapping a pic of the gay sex sign behind him.  Well I’ve changed my mind and I’ll actually amend that to Darren is snapping a selfie of Nick, himself and the sign, as that’s clear to see on the pic, but Nonnie the secret gayness (REALLY!) message is in your head not mine, because Darren’s pretty open about his thoughts on gayness and LGBTQ issues, for example, the God Save the Queer T-Shirt he wore yesterday at the Women’s March and at Hedwig in San Francisco.

Then there’s the god made me perfect badge he wore standing on a Pride Float in NYC in 2015 during Hedwig.

Oh…and what about the HRC dinner in March 2016 where he wore Kurt Hummel proposal colours, pretty sure that was intentional on his part.

I could go on, but you see Darren doesn’t need to secret message me or anyone else.  He’s pretty explicit where his support is on this and what he stands for and as for friends, family covering up peoples sexuality - I think you should research people like, NPH, Jodie Foster, Colton Haynes, Kristen Stewart, Wentworth Miller and Matt Bomer to name but a few.

So I was made aware of this two months ago and still feel like an idiot. But apparently, it’s popsicles and not popstickles. now, I feel even more stupid because I have seen it written out but always said popSTICKle.  I thought it reference the STICK not that it was an icicle. Nobody corrected me for my entire existence because apparently the t was so subtle when I said it that nobody noticed. my entire life has been a lie. this was two months ago and I still feel like an idiot

My self esteem has kinda hit a valley. And my frustrations with myself are at a peak.

Im almost ready to just give up, detransition, and just resign myself to a life of insecure depression/self hate. I mean its not like anyone other than my friends calls me by my pronouns, hell my family members pretend to care about it, but only when im within noticeable earshot. Mom calls me by both my dead name and male pronouns whenever she is on the phone, and has actively made me present as male whenever our landlord is present. Dad just stopped referring to me by name entirely. Like, literally just stopped. At my new job, they refer to me as Vi (v-eye or vee). But im constantly recieving male pronouns, from both my coworkers and the customers.

And I don’t really pass 90% of the time, despite my best efforts. I suck at makeup, and my face/ voice outs me a lot. My body is actually less attractive/cute than when I started transition, and I have put on a huge amount of weight. (Which everyone tells me looks healthy, but that just makes me feel more pressured to lose it. Because when I was a twig I fit the archetypical standard of beauty, and i was actually treated as female more often back then.)… In addition, every time I speak, I want to slit my throat. I hate my voice. With an extreme passion. I wish I could live my entire life without ever speaking again… I want to have my surgeries done. But seeing as how poor my family and myself are, it doesnt look like that will ever be accessible to me. ( The vocal surgery alone would take over four years of saving from my job, without ever spending a dime.)

I am meeting all of these other Transwomen who are just coming out, and I am proud to help them in any way I can, but they are all so much prettier than me. (And just better at presenting honestly.) I know that it isn’t a competition, but it just… Makes me feel strangely. Obviously I am jealous.

And of course, I reach the issue that many trans people kick me for. I am nonbinary. I don’t always want to wear womens clothes, and present femininely. Some days I just want to put on a dress shirt, vest, and tie. Other days I just can’t put out the effort to present well either way, and just end up looking like a dysphoric mess.

I am sick of it all. I hate my body, I dont feel pretty anymore. And nothing makes it feel better.

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What's your personal favorite Kurtofsky fanfic(s)? :)

I just went ahead and copied my fic rec page off my personal blog.

A Change of Pace - After Blaine rejects him, Kurt falls into a relationship with Karofsky. COMPLETE.

About Trees and Empty Forests- Future Fic! Deliciously Angsty. Kurt works as a dancer at a gay bar, and Dave believes he is a hooker. WIP.

Accidentally in Love - Kurt and Dave happen to get drunk married in Vegas. COMPLETE.

Acts Like Summer, Walks Like Rain, Freeze Dried Romance, and Sail Across the Sun - “Kurt gave Dave his number after Prom. And that should have been it, because Dave was never going to call.” COMPLETE.

Ain’t Nothin’ But a Heartache* - “Dave works at Home Depot and Kurt plans on decorating a lot this summer.” I love the Azimofsky in this fic too. COMPLETE.

All Along… It Was You* - My favorite MPreg fic… Ever. It’s so unique, and even after reading two, maybe three, times, I cried. I’m not giving anything else away. Just read it! COMPLETE.

A Tiny Infinity - Kurt and Karofsky might attend the same college, but that doesn’t mean Kurt knows anything about Karofksy, including whether or not he’s suddenly hot. COMPLETE

Between the Blue LinesIt’s been years but Dave would recognize Kurt Hummel anywhere…even in Annecy, France. 2018Olympic!Future!Fic. COMPLETE

Blood on the Tracks - “Seven years later and Dave Karofsky is back in Lima after swearing to never look back. He has no idea that in store for him is a long night filled with sex, sadness, love, conversations, and Bob Dylan.” COMPLETE

Bright Lights and Paying CustomersIt’s been six years since Kurt Hummel’s apparent suicide, and when Dave finds a drug-addicted prostitute that looks eerily like his high school crush, he just can’t let it go (sad with a happy ending). COMPLETE.

Catch Me - “Kurt has not planned for this at all. They were not supposed to meet again, certainly not like this. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, if he can convince himself of it.” Oneshot. COMPLETE.

Cell MatePrison orange is so not Kurt’s color, but unfortunately that is the least of his troubles when he finds himself in a place where dropping the soap is more than just an annoyance in the shower. With no street skills and sparkly pink toenails, things aren’t looking up for Kurt—especially when he’s assigned to the cell of the terrifying bully who landed him in this place in the first place…  (Also a very sad story) COMPLETE.

Circumstance and Luck -  ”Dave led a boring life as a practicing nurse, trying to atone for the mistakes of his youth. Then Kurt waltzed into his life with an infant son and a whole mess of trouble following him.” AU. COMPLETE.

Coffee With Karofsky and Sequel, All I Want- When Kurt agrees to meet Karofsky for a coffee, little do either of them know just how entwined their lives will become. COMPLETE.

Coquetry and the Culinary Arts -Dave’s goals have changed with almost every other aspect of his life. After failing to get into his chosen college, he takes a risk and tries something else he never had the guts to do before, leaving sports behind to train as a chef at the Culinary Institute of America. But he can’t outrun his past when he meets a familiar face that gets friendlier by the day. WIP.

Counters - Dystopian AU. Dave & Kurt meet on the floor, pedalling to earn credits to buy their chance out of the drudgery, and are drawn together in a world that won’t let them have what they want. Can they stick to the rules, work their way towards their dreams, or will they risk it all to be together? WIP

Days Are LongKurt’s getting ready to leave for college and trying to find a place for all of the men in his life. Dave’s trying to find any place that will have him. Follows the events of ‘Dance with Somebody.’ WIP

Destiny Won’t Let You Give Up - Dave wakes up on the day of “the kiss” and keeps reliving that day until he gets it right. As to what is “the right way”, that’s for him to find and for life to give him chances to figure it out. Over and over again.”  COMPLETE

Hand in Glove - “Just when Dave thinks he might, finally, be getting over Kurt Hummel, who walks into Scandals on a Friday night and changes everything? Yep, Kurt f***ing Hummel.” COMPLETE

It Was You- An alternate version of “Heart”. (Makes me wish it could have gone this way). COMPLETE.

Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself and Sequel, Grace Under Pressure, Courage Under FireIn response to all the bullying, the school holds a Challenge Day. Part way through Karofsky ends up outing himself. COMPLETE.

One Thousand Kisses - “Dave Karofsky makes a semi-triumphant return to McKinley, Sebastian is weaselly, and everyone sings their feelings.”Phenomenal story. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. COMPLETE.

Paragraph 175 - “Kurt discovers that Karofsky’s hatred has its roots in something that happened between their families during the Holocaust. The title refers to the German law that made homosexuality a crime.” COMPLETE.

Psychotherapy, Bullshit, and the Art of Losing Control - Life has not been kind to Dave since Kurt Hummel left. After he gets involved in another fight at school, he’s given a choice by Emma and Figgins. To keep his parents out of it, he agrees to attend mandatory counseling sessions with McKinley High’s guidance counselor. COMPLETE

Sting - “It’s been sixteen years since Dave Karofsky has seen Kurt Hummel. Since that time, Dave’s become an FBI agent and Kurt has not become an art forger.” COMPLETE.

Surfaces May Be Hot to Handle -  After a freak storm Kurt is left with a strange new power. Absolutely anyone who touches him must have him. Regardless of sexuality, gender or previous reservations. And he’s not the only one with powers. Based on the TV show The Misfits. COMPLETE. 

The Homefield Advantage - “Kurt, home from Hollywood to help his ailing father, is getting a chance to see all his old friends once more, will his heart be swept away by the first boy to give him COURAGE? Or will his old foe—now a *professional* sweaty, chubby bully (for the NFL nonetheless)—intercept his old crush and run with him, straight for a touchdown?” COMPLETE

The Kurtofsky PostSecret Verse - “Dave Karofsky’s life changed when his anger management therapist lead him to postsecret.com.” WIP.

The Rainbow Network - “Dave’s therapist orders him to visit a gay-teen counseling website. One improbable coincidence later his life is completely ruined. At least until it’s all made better.” COMPLETE.

These Are the Golden Days- “Dave sends Kurt a letter.” Three parts of pure amazingness. Read it! COMPLETE

Third Time Lucky - ”Somehow the dead heat of summer gives rise to the mother(fucker) of all second chances. The road to redemption is paved with fights, phone calls, false starts, and more than a few jokes at the expense of the lovable Finn Hudson.” COMPLETE

Turning Tables - “Desperate to forge a friendship with Kurt, Dave invents a sex life that exist only in his mind.” Awesome revenge sex, plus top!Kurt/bottom!Dave. COMPLETE


PS: The “*” indicates you need to go through the author’s masterlist to find the story/chapters.

this is just me being emo about harry potter but i just realized that the last time we read about harry in the books (discounting the epilogue), it’s may 2nd and he’s 17 years old, watching the sunlight stream through the great hall.

this may 2nd, i’ll be seventeen. i’ll also have picked a college, received my cap and gown, started planning a future.

getting older than your favorite childhood characters is a weird thing. i was nine years old when i got my first harry potter book; for almost my entire childhood harry, ron, and hermione have been my age or older. i remember reading deathly hallows and thinking that they were all so capable, and so experienced, and now i’m sitting here imagining being in harry’s shoes right now and wondering how he ever made it through alive. 

this series has been a constant background presence in my life - a reference dropped in casual conversation, daniel radcliffe’s face on a movie poster, a child dressed up with round glasses and a sharpie scar. it’s given me a lot of things– friendship, laughter, the belief in the power of good over evil and of the oppressed over the oppressor. growing up without harry, ron, and hermione doing the same thing will be a little strange, a little disjointed.

but i’ll be all right, i know that. there’s another thing these books teach you–you keep going, regardless of what life throws at you. you pick yourself up, rebuild, piece yourself back together with light and laughter and happy memories. i’ll get to where i need to be, and you will too. all was well; that’s a promise, from harry to us. 


Walter Day And His Transcendental Galaxies

“TM’s just like that.  You do it regularly, absolutely regularly, two times a day.  And suddenly, whether it’s two years down the line or four or five, you suddenly realize it.  Wow, this bad thing that used to plague me is gone.”

Walter Day enters my home photography studio with a young man’s zest.  He carries with him a strong energy that seems to spread throughout the rest of the room as we sit down to talk about his life in Iowa as a living legend in the gaming community.  Transcendental Meditation brought Day to Fairfield, Iowa in the late 1970’s, and his decision to move there would ultimately be an anchor point to the rest of his life. Day would soon open the now-famous Twin Galaxies arcade just a short drive away in Ottumwa, and from there he would eventually become one of the world’s leading gaming historians.

FORGOTTEN IOWA: Tell us a little about yourself.

WALTER DAY : Well, my name is Walter Day.  I was born in Oakland, California and grew up in Anaheim a mile or two from Disneyland.  When I was fourteen or so, my parents moved the family back to their hometown of Lynn, Massachusetts.  That’s where I went to high school.  It was there that I first heard about Transcendental Meditation, something that would become one of the most important things in my life.  It removed a lot of stress, a lot of physical health ailments, it just made my life more dynamic and energetic.

FORGOTTEN IOWA: So, TM is what brought you to Iowa in the first place?

WALTER DAY:  Oh, yes. Absolutely.  Maharishi Mehesh Yogi, the founder of the TM movement, said that people should come to this place in Iowa called Fairfield. He said that’s where we’d do our group meditations, that it’d affect how other people think, too.  That’s what I’ve been doing for 36, no, for 37 years now.  It’s been an interesting experience to say the least.  But the Maharishi also said that we should do something to support ourselves when we arrived here.  Since I had just fallen completely in love with video games, I decided to open up an arcade in Ottumwa with a friend of mine.  We called it Twin Galaxies.  It was just one of those typical, old-fashioned video game arcade of the early 1980’s.  We’d only been open three months when we had someone go for a world record on a video game. You wouldn’t believe the trouble we found when we tried to verify the score, that it was indeed the new world record.  Turns out, nobody was keeping track of the scores!  We called up all the manufacturers and magazines and said, “we’re keeping track of the scores.”  We just boldly said it like that.  It was just some amazing stroke of destiny that nobody argued it.  They just said, “Wow, that’s great!  We’ll keep you in our Rolodex and refer to you when somebody calls about a new high score.”  It was less than thirty minutes after that call before Twin Galaxies received our first phone call to report a high score in the Nashville, Tennessee area.  It started as fast as that.  After a week, we were getting a dozen calls a day.  Before the year was over, we started getting ninety to a hundred calls a day.  And thirty-five years later, Twin Galaxies still exists, owned by big Hollywood producers.  I’ve since retired from it.

  • Twin Galaxies, 1984.

FORGOTTEN IOWA:  What made you open the arcade in Ottumwa as opposed to opening it in Fairfield?

WALTER DAY: Well, first of all, the video games were so expensive.  An arcade cabinet cost the same as a new car in the early 1980’s, numbers as high at $3,500 each.  And that’s in early ‘80’s currency!  When we opened our arcade in November of 1981, we had twenty-two brand new games in there.  It was essentially the equivalent of having twenty-two brand new cars that we were responsible for the mortgages on.  These companies had to earn, a quarter at a time mind you, the money to pay back for the debt owed on these machines.  Anyway, there were these people called route operators that would decide where the games would eventually go, what town and what venue, stuff like that.  There was already an arcade in Fairfield back then, and there were some odd rules about only having one arcade per town dictated by these distributors, so opening an arcade here just wasn’t possible.  It turns out that the only town in Iowa that didn’t yet have one was Ottumwa.  It was merely an odd quirk of fate that it was a town that happened to be so close to the one I lived in.  We just grabbed a location there as fast as we could, rented it, and the rest is history.

FORGOTTEN IOWA: How would you say Iowa compares to the east coast or the west coast of America?

WALTER DAY: Well, Iowa is so much a part of my heartbeat now because I’ve been here so long that I don’t necessarily notice the qualities of it anymore.  Iowa just is me and I am it, you know?  But recently, lots of people have come to town from other places and they just love Iowa.  They go nuts over Fairfield specifically. Lots and lots of people who have come to my video game events from out of town, out of state, the non-meditators, they’re absolutely intrigued and amazed by Fairfield. They think it’s one of the coolest, most remarkable places they’ve ever been.  They tell me that they can’t put their finger on what it is, just that there’s something so different about Fairfield.  And it feels so good that many have talked about moving here and living here.  Some of them even commit to it and they come here, you know, they live here today.  Not necessarily coming to start doing Transcendental Meditation, just because there’s something about this place that they just love. 

FORGOTTEN IOWA: What do you think the biggest changes have been for Iowa and the people that live here?

WALTER DAY: Okay, well, from the context of being a person that practices transcendental meditation, the big group of us that arrived here to do this big program together and meditate – we have always had the understanding that culture will change.  Culture will become uplifted.  Harmony will develop between all kinds of different groups of people.  We’ve become more peaceful.  You know, the economics and money could get better yet.  Things like that, you know, but I think even those things are beginning to happen slowly.  Especially for Fairfield. Especially here.  That’s why all sorts of different organizations like Mother Earth News, or the Smithsonian Magazine, have been declaring this town an economic powerhouse.  A cultural phenomenon.  Just one of those great places you never heard about that, when you do, you want to come and live in.  That’s not a hallucination.  When we first came here, there was a big division between the townspeople and the meditators.  They thought that, “Oh, some sort of Hindu cult is going to take over the town.”  But we began to have more and more of a presence in the town, and they eventually realized that there was no sort of takeover happening at all.  What actually happened is we all became integrated, and a lot of those townspeople started meditating, too.  A lot of them fell in love with the practice of Transcendental Meditation and started doing it themselves.  So all that stress between these two groups has gone away almost entirely over the years.  So, what else has changed?  A lot of independent small businesses have popped up here, I’ve read that this part of the world is starting to be referred to as the silicorn valley.  I think we’re heading toward good things.  It’s a good time to be an Iowan.

Walter and I would continue a conversation that would jump all over the map, from video games to life philosophies, as I set up my studio lights and we began our photo shoot.  Somewhere in that time, I began to feel like I’d just made a good friend.  And I suppose that’s the kind of guy that Walter Day is.  Friendly, inviting, warm, kind; the kind of person that felt as genuinely Iowan as they come.  He left my studio with two or three large winter jackets on and with a spring in his step.  Walter was off to meditate and then to play his guitar for a little while.

March, 2016

It’s pretty hysterical to watch yumes try and assert their ship as number one, especially considering that so many factors (from Hino) dictate otherwise. 

  • Kaname tells Yuki he can never make her smile from her heart (and has been unable to do so even when he lived with her), but that whenever she’s with Zero, they’re radiant together.  [It’s funny how Zero was able to  make Yuuki smile from the bottom of her heart even when they were separated.]
  • Yuuki’s best friend (who has known her entire life/ shared secrets with, etc) is seen saying that the reason Yuuki didn’t return to Cross Academy right away was because she didn’t know how to face Zero. [Again, it’s funny how that works. You know, because Yuuki should be so upset over Kaname and avoiding that place where he is, but that this is… she isn’t.]
  • Yuuki spends her entire life, the time that is all of her own and under no obligation, with Zero. [Yep! That’s right! Yuuki and Zero lived together. Art together. Drank each other’s blood. Raised Ai together. Made a family together. *wink, wink* ;D )
  • Yuuki trusts Zero so much that she’s willingly leaves her daughter in his care. Yuuki knows that Zero is a kind-hearted man and will protect her daughter at all costs. 
  • Ai has spent so much time with Zero that she refers to him as her father even when he contradicts otherwise. She insists saying, “No, no! Zero is my daddy!” [Hm, you’d have to spend an awful amount of time with a child for them to see you as a parental figure. Hugh, I wonder what that means? Oh, yeah! I’ve got it! That means Zero and Yuuki spent so much time together raising Ai, that she saw them as her parentsas a family.
  • Yuuki freely allows Zero to drink her blood in front of her daughter, and openly shows affection towards him (and let me remind you this is only (6?) years after Yuuki gave birth to Ai).
  • Yuuki spent her ENTIRE life with Zero, and then had a chid with him. [Yes, of course yumes. It makes total sense to have a baby and raise a family with a man you only think of as your “friend”. Please, give me a break. You’re so desperate it hurts.}

Ah, well I know I’m missing a ton of stuff…but feel free to add on zekis! Our ship is radiant and eternal! OTP FOR LIFE. 

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headcanons about mikey blushing at things pete says please!!!!!!

so here’s just a list of things that Pete has said that made Mikey blush!

  • “you’re cute”
  • “Mikey Way? More like Mikey GAY am I right?”
  • “I would pay to see you in a dress”
  • “Someone’s getting worked up” (in reference to Mikey’s boner)
  • “Nice ass”
  • “I mean it when I say this, I am so in love with your penis”
  • “No offense but you have like the knobbiest knees I’ve seen in my entire life” 
  • “Sure, I was trying too watch the movie, but I got distracted by someone who decided then was a great time to seduce my impressionable ass”

TBH Sui Ishida is now one of my number 1 inspirations as an artist. We all know how busy the life of a mangaka is. They barely have time for themselves, especially if you are a weekly updater. Then you have Ishida Suit who goes above an fucking beyond. He doesn’t just make and write Tokyo ghoul which is full of foreshadowing, references, etc. He helped with the anime, he made all those ending cards, he made an entirely different timeline for his story, and he made that 366 day calendar for fans. Pile that with the stuff he has to deal with: He deals with the anime studio butchering his ideas. He deals with fans that give him crap for the anime and for ending the Tokyo Ghoul manga before he even had a chance to speak up about it. He also deals with/has dealt with his own personal struggles with himself and with family as you can see with what he put in the music video he was in. He deals with so much crap yet he continues to write Tokyo Ghoul. He continues to interact with fans on a very daily basis. He continues working hard and improving and holy crap I love Ishida so much he is just such a trooper and I support him 100%

It blows my mind that this spinning ball of death has been here 187,500,000 times longer than my entire life. 

I like to think of hurdles as objects relative to their lifespan in relation to human existence. That big bad investor with a title that tries intimidating you… Bro, you’re a spec of sand and soon you’ll be six feet under like the rest of us. You don’t scare me.

If I’m just going to be referred to as another dinosaur anyway, I’m going to be the YOLOsaurus on the cover of the history book that made shit happen, and lived the hell out of life before his (fraction of a second) in the planet earth highlight reel was up.

When you change your perspective, you change your mind. 

If there’s anything that I want people to take away from me when this is all said and done…it’s that I always encouraged you to stare down your fears head on, and chase your dreams endlessly. Whether it’s losing 200 lbs, leaving a terrible relationship, quitting an awful job, telling a friend off, starting a new company, saying I love you, or just simply putting action to the pursuit of your passions…get up and go.

Go for broke.

If you can “see his point” referring to retired General Wesley Clark’s call to indefinitely detain political dissidents and ‘suspects’ of the War on Terror, please reconsider your entire life and the decisions you have made thus far to lead you to this conclusion.

Anyone who claims to champion liberty should be appalled by Clark’s suggestion. Clark doesn’t have a point, he has a plan. 

Quite frankly, if you’re reading this post, you are likely within six degrees of separation from me as I lay out my dissent against such a flagrant call to violate our civil liberties. 

We’re probably all on these lists, so I guess I’ll see you in the camps :)