a red head tho

Captain Aaron Burr for @hubris-but-no-writing‘s pirate au that is in the works. If you haven’t noticed, i’m dying to read it. 

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Trying to be cute n stuff, lol.
And say hello to Tobi’s poster behind me.
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if they wore those lame couples halloween costumes…

Gaara doesn’t understand why being condiments are funny, but he’s happy to be dressing up with Naruto

I…. am so freaking gay….


there is a different between the muscle that for show and the one that can kill ya tho :v
It was more funny in my head actually
(eh i forgot to draw Tanah’s red arm band tho )

(if Tanah can bends rocks there is no way he cant crush those cocoa beans into powder tho)

i wanted to doodle more sweaters and then it ended up looking like some kinda ad for dumb animal sweaters HAHAHA also i dont know why fay is holding a cup of oj 

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Heyo! Could i get 58 (i've been in love with you my entire life...) or 100 (i adore you) for s/o to Nagato? (not pain tho? My adorable, sweet sweet red head does not get the love he so clearly needs) 🙊 pretty please? 💜

Hey, lovely! Sorry for the confusion earlier and for the fact that this one took longer to write than the others. As I understand it, Nagato became Pein. You said not Pein, and I also read that Nagato Uzumaki (nearly shit myself when I read that) was very selfless and often cried for others’ so they didn’t have to and came to consider his whole life a failure… I’m really hoping I got this right because I’ve never written for him before, as I said earlier.

Right. I’m still accepting these prompts until midnight.

58. “I’ve been in love with you my entire life. Ever since the day I first met you.”

100. “I adore you.”

The two of you were just sat in a field, taking in the warm sunshine and the slight breeze to take the edge off the heat. Nagato had been shooting gazes at you for the last five minutes.

He claimed to have sunburn on his cheeks but you suspected that it was a blush… unless sunburn could spread across one’s face in a few seconds but be gone the next.


“Hm?” He smiled kindly at you, and you felt your cheeks up a little. Though, that could have been the sun.

“Is there something on my face? You keep looking at me.”

You didn’t say it unkindly, but he still got a little flustered. 

“Oh, no. I was just… I adore you.

You blinked. “Uhhh…. What?”

He cleared his throat, speaking faster than normal. “I’ve been in love with you my entire life. Ever since the day I first met you.”

You had no verbal answer. You were too busy processing what he’d said. So, you settled for stretching your arm out until you could take his hand in yours.

If the smile on his face was any indication, it was more than enough.

How did I do?

Wooooo I like how this turned out. There was this au when the rev twins became older siblings of the classic twins. There didnt seem to have any Rev!Mabel and Mabel interaction so here is my contribution! I cant think of much things they have in common except for their brothers and being a crazy team together when battling with water balloons. haha

edited: I realised a big mistake in the original ver. Oops its fixed now and I made more edits to make it look more lively. Tho now they kind of look like red heads… oops again ^^’

ps what Mabel Pines is holding is a mirror

@jahnibravo first of all bye…. when that came up I was like wait so it didn’t say hole pics originally? Yet again #shooken

And b: ITS SO GOOD I LOVE AMY ADAMS (bye at “the red head girl 😂😂😂” henny PLEASE but seriously tho… the cinnamon tography … outstanding