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I agree, I don't think he was bitter and he realised in hindsight it was for the best. It actually sounded more like he wasn't able to do the job he was hired to do, which was to write songs that would make a boyband successful quickly, because the band didn't want that and I think the conflict came from him having this thing of like "okay here's what you need to do to get to this level" and they resisted because they wanted to be authentic and he didn't feel like that was the right strategy

Well his job was way, way more than that. Savan was involved with developing them from Day 1 of the band on X Factor. He’s not an outside writer they brought in to write and dump. He had to teach them everything from Day 1: how to record, what’s the process, what kind of music they would be expected to make, how a song breaks down into its part and who should sing what. EVERYTHING. That’s a very different relationship than Julian coming in to write on album 3 with an open mind after they’ve all had three years of industry experience under their belt.

What I don’t understand is that this was obviously a positive thing to happen to both parties, even though at the time there was major beef. Like if you want to praise Louis for being a leader or being brash or thinking it’s funny that he can get mouthy or headstrong, you also have to understand that it involves pissing people off to get your way. And considering how their relationship dissolved, the fact that Savan can look back and take partial blame for it and understand that it was for the best, even though in the moment it pissed him off, is really good response.

Creative differences happen in creative industries. It’s par for the course, and this confirms so many of my thoughts on how things progressed over time. I don’t think it’s fair judge how the sausage gets made. Like there are going to be ugly bits of what happened. 


The Killers - Hot Fuss

Originally released on the 7th of June 2004.

Reissued on the 10th of June 2016.

The long-player is very rare on LP and was only ever issued as a limited blue vinyl and a similarly limited seven-inch (black) vinyl box set. Both of which command very high prices on the used market. There has also been a spate of coloured vinyl bootlegs over the years.

The track listing for this new vinyl is the original UK one, with Glamorous Indie Rock And Roll in place of Change Your Mind.

drawing curly hair
a quick step by step, tutorial(-ish) video on how I draw curly hair.