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hey pals i wanna say something important about artists on the internet and how they handle themselves. its super rad when u meet an artist u really like and they reply to ur messages and respond real quick and are easy to talk to. but thats an ideal situation. not all artists, especially young popular artists, on the internet can keep up with that kindness. there are artists who are minors and they get so many asks a day and so many people ignoring what they have already asked and just you need to know that they dont necessarily owe you anything.

its one thing when someone is being downright nasty but, if you feel hurt that they didnt answer ur ask, or u arent friends, or they didnt have the patience for ur entire life story when they dont know you, please take a step back and realize this is just some kid on a computer.

when u follow an artists tumblr its easy to gain this easy familiarity with them as a person but, you need to remember they dont know u. you might know when they are sad cause of vent posts and their fav color cause they posted about it once but they dont know you. at all. its like walking up to a stranger on the subway and getting mad when they dont want to hear all about ur day while they are minding their own business.

this isnt a post saying its ok for artists to degrade others, im saying please have patience and understand that while they may create content for ur fandoms, online artists dont owe u anything.

btw, I’m not a fan of the modern heathers movie remake thing and i will not be seeing it, I designed modern heathers characters because i was inspired by @askmodernheathers and @askmodheathers which are both really rad blogs with great artists and y'all should check them out if you haven’t already.

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Hello!! I heard you were doing requests? My tumblr is Animeme-Jam and I just posted my main look on it. Sorry if I sound like I'm trying to take advantage or look for free art or anything, I just think your art style is really rad!!! I'm an artist too. If you don't want to draw it I'm 100% okay with that, I'm just curious.

yeah!! requests should be open for about a week or so? and thanks!

heres your llama drama, sorry its not a fullbody, i got lazy


Q&A Spotlight with Scott Albrecht (Brooklyn, NY)

From wood to paper to collage, Brooklyn-based artist Scott Albrecht’s work speaks in a visual language all of its own.  From his enigmatic and intricate compositions, simplified shapes to signature colors, Albrecht manipulates these elements in various ways to abstract recognizable letterforms in an attempt “to slow down” the viewer to focus on form.  There is something visually mesmerizing about Albrecht’s puzzle-like pieces, which are not simply repetitive patterns, but words and letter forms, as he blurs the lines between language, meaning and interpretation. 

We recently chatted with Scott via email to find out more about his life and works–from working with wood, decorating his workspace to what we should expect in his upcoming solo show New Translations opening Saturday at Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles. Enjoy our latest Q&A w/ Scott Albrecht!

Photographs courtesy of the artist | Portrait by Malena Seldin

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who on tumblr do you also consider friends? make a list i wanna follow them all

oh god that’s so many people though

but I will try my best

holy shit this took too long

(if you’re not on here I’m sorry I must’ve missed you ;w; please forgive me this took a LONG TIME TO MAKE)


Joram Nathanael
Minolta SR-T 101B | Rolleiflex F3.5 | Olympus XA-2 | Nikon F4

Please tell us about one of your adventures. What shenanigans do you get up to out there?

One of my greatest adventures was last year, when a friend and I drove from NYC to Santa Cruz with only our bicycles, a tent, gasoline cooker, and some cameras. We didn’t have support, only the friendly local people who let us camp in their gardens or on their ground. It was very spontaneous, we bought the bicycles in NYC, and a map of New Jersey. Then state after state, we bought some local road maps at gas stations and drove on small streets across the USA. Man! That was really rad.

Tumblr: @joramnathanael


i found out recently that a really rad su artist got bullied and recieved a lot of hate messages that they just deleted their blog

not a lot of people liked who they shipped but that doesnt mean you should send them hate for it. the fandom lost an amazin artist and i cant help but now understand why the su fandom is becoming such a toxic thing to join

Well, I’m not the best artist, but I had an idea for what Asgore would look like if he absorbed seven souls. Since he’s already a goat/lion hybrid, I thought it would be cool if he became some sort of combination of a chimera/griffon (because chimeras are goat/lion/dragon and griffons are lion/eagle). Imagine him with a snake tail, since I didn’t have the perspective to draw that.  


Helpful Stuff: Keeping your art confidence up & more!

skyscribbles answered: Keeping your art confidence up, maybe tips on finding work/jobs, things to try when in an art block/slump, etc. Anything really! :D

steelhidingsilk answered: seconding the previous suggestion about ~art confidence~ or just how to get out of a slump, perhaps?? i’d be interested in any babble, rly.   Hello! Art confidence can come and go like the weather in New England. It’s weird like that! Once you get a feel for how it balances, it’s easier to work with! One of the main things I learned to do was to stop giving a crap about the paper. I had to stop treating it preciously. I started drawing on junky printer paper and it took a little while but I stopped worrying about what I was doing, how well my drawings were, and I totally stopped worrying about ruining paper. Crap happens. Bad drawings happen. Whatevs!  I just started drawing whatever I wanted, cats, hamsters, cute girls, witches, cheezwhiz, whatever. Sometimes I accidentally discover cool stuff when I do this. The more I stopped caring about things, the more confidence I got! I still have bad days and drawings but who cares? You gotta get em out of your system!  When I stopped being afraid, and I started getting confidence, then better drawings were happening more often. Everyone is bound to hit a plateau every now and then, but you gotta push through it. You’ll come out a better artist and it feels really rad! Another thing I do for confidence is sharing stuff here on tumblr. If people troll, who cares? Thats lame because they could be using the time they wasted trolling me, to do something constructive! Haters gonna hate lol. I share, get feedback (good or constructive), and feel awesome! I love constructive feedback, and it helps me learn :D As for art blocks— I had mentioned in an earlier question/answer to not burn yourself out. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. If something ain’t happening, put it down, try something different to keep it fresh. I take time to browse tumblr and pinterest and look at stuff and it’s pretty good for switching something on in my head and getting me inspired! If I am in a down day, and look around— I’ll see something I like, and want to try something like it. I try, and in the process, learn something new or different— or at least just plain don’t feel in an art block/slump anymore! If I get worn out with details, I try drawing big goofy shaped hamsters where I’m not worried about how they look. I get the hammy face on there, and they make me smile no matter what! Trying something different, or trying to do something you saw and liked gets your brain thinking differently and you start to wake up your head.  Also— sometimes if you need a break— just take a break. Play a game, go out and get some froyo— do something else. Your brain has gotta take a break every now and then!  This is a long reply, so here’s a ham in a sweater I sketched on a post-it note! 

Back to my reply:

Finding work and jobs, well, they can be tricky. It can feel like none are being posted, or they can all be posted in a blizzard!  I swear by keeping a nice, clean, neat portfolio online. ALWAYS. DO THIS. Very often a job posting will request to see your portfolio online. Sometimes a PDF, but at the bare minimum— a webpage.  The other thing is– a web portfolio does some work for ya! People who are looking to hire— browse the internet. They see, and they can contact you. Thats how I got hired! I cannot stress enough how important having a portfolio online is! Have it ready so you don’t need to scramble, and keep it updated! Make sure you have your name and email for work on there, and it helps to say “open for full time and freelance” if you wish. I started freelance, and was hired full time at the company of my dreams. All because someone was browsing online and found me.  I post a lot about portfolios and you can read one of em here. I also answer more questions about em on my questions page.  I know things might get stressful, but hang in there. Don’t ever give up because you are always becoming a better artist, learning more, and you never know what the future holds for you! I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!  I hope this helps, and as always, if you want me to elaborate on something, let me know! I babble a lot :D

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If the Haikyuu boys had blogs what would they blog about?

ALL the hq!! boys? gosh um this might take a while,,,

Lev Haiba: ANIMALS like vines, videos, pictures,stories the whole enchilada (esp puppies/baby animals in general) 

Wakatoshi Ushijima: important save the earth posts and farming tips. all complete with terrible puns and comics. also his followers know him as the guy who’s adorably socially inept

Kei Tsukishima: music!! he’d post what he’s listening to, and promote indie artists he’d also have really rad art on his blog and his icon would be a dinosaur with headphones

Tetsurou Kuroo: more into vine, twitter, and youtube but he’d probably be a pretty popular humor blog

Bokuto Koutarou: i think bokuto would prefer vine and twitter too tbh so his would be an inactive blog he only made to stalk akaashi lmao there are a few owl vines posted there though

Sou Inuoka: trending topics and puppies!!

Akiteru Tsukishima: personal blog where he writes about his life and experiences

Asahi Azumane: opera food! i think like recipes he’s tried out, what he wants to try, and tutorials!! he’d also always listen when someone rants to him and he always messages people happy birthday. he’s also hella artistic i think so maybe he’s post some of his drawings

Tooru Oikawa: 50% aliens 50% iwa-chan appreciation

Keiji Akaashi: gives his opinions on things and discusses them he also sasses bokuto and kuroo’s hijinks. he doesn’t post many selfies but they always cause a storm in his notifs. he’s been on “pretty people” blogs many times

Tobio Kageyama: an inactive blog with one post saying “how do you do this”

Chikara Ennoshita: film appreciation also recommendations lmao that boy is cultured in cinematic art

Tadashi Yamaguchi: photography? also like really positive things like those “feel better” blogs with really motivational posts and probably has eye of the tiger or someshit on autoplay

Hajime Iwaizumi: he’s too busy keeping an eye on oikawa to have one


Ryuunosuke Tanaka: 90% kiyoko 10% his and noya’s shenanigans. many posts are in all caps.

Daichi Sawamura: he’s too busy having nightmares of the vice principal’s flying wig and keeping the other crows in check to consistently post on his blog

Taketora Yamamoto: tattoos and like punk stuff man he got that mohawk idea from somewhere alright, terrible pick up lines, and songs he likes idk bro i can’t get the image of him singing from the nekoma ova out of my head

Koushi Sugawara: recipes, food, fashion, uses his blog to get in contact w the others

Kenma Kozume: aesthetic, minimalist art, maybe game/tech reviews and impressions

Ittetsu Takeda: POEMS!! LITERATURE!! GOTTA KEEP THE BABY CROWS MOTIVATED!! also maybe wine and art!

Morisuke Yaku: what to say when people tease you about your height and other stress prevention/relief posts

Shouyou Hinata: VOLLEYBALL he posts their own karasuno adventures (snapchats n vines yo) as well as like training tips and sports articles (he follows the small giant too)

Yuu Nishinoya: he posts his and tanaka’s pranks  and he also films himself doing the rolling thunder in various (probably public?) places and posts it online.

if i missed anyone i’m really really sorry these are just the ones that came to mind  (´ヮ`) *。+゚ *

Just got an offer to work with http://thirdeyetapestries.com/ on making custom work… :O
Check out their page! Awesome artists. This could turn into something really rad!