a really nice neck


aries: HOT ASFFFFFFF, makes a p powerful entrance + generally has a rlly nice face

taurus: an actual goddess, usually has a really attractive neck + gorgeous curves

gemini: usually slender or longg legs, seems intelligent as fuck !!! + has nice hands ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

cancer: either lanky or thicc, mysterious when u first meet them + nice boobs / chest

leo: GORGEOUS AF HAIR, lets u know that they’re there + something about them rlly stands out

virgo: kinda like those intelligent yet kinda quiet anime guys, may or may not have a resting bitch face + they look fucking perfect

libra: symmetrical faces, come off as a bit of a hippie + RADIATE BEAUTY

scorpio: something about them is rlly sexy, mysterious as fuck + they normally have dark features

sagittarius: nice butt, L O U D + they come off as super duper positive

capricorn: resting dead face, may come off as an asshole + there’s something about them that’s so sexy ??? but you can’t put your finger on it ???

aquarius: something about them usually looks unique, has a lot of cute lil freckles + has nice legs

pisces: so frkin ethereal, they just look otherworldly + they normally have nice curves


THERE some high quality shots of iggy’s neck freckles

and also just a really nice shot i took u welcome B^)

**no they’re not dirt!– this is the morning after sleeping in the caravan at the hammerhead! you can sneak a peak for yourself but it’s tricky to get him to stay still -v-’’

Amortentia ~ Fremione

‘Hey Hermione are- Wait you smell…really nice,’ Ginny sniffed Hermione’s neck, ‘Oh god, like musk and… and like Har-,’ she cut off and looked to the floor, ‘ You just smell different!’ the girl blushed wildly and finished in a rushed whisper.

Hermione sank further back into her chair, letting a sigh pass her lips,’ I thought it would be gone by now! After four showers!’

‘What should be gone?’

‘Gin, I spilt Amortentia on myself today in Potions, that why I smell like Harr-’

But before the curly haired girl could finish, Ginny had launched herself at her, hands forcing their way over her mouth, muffling Hermione’s voice,’ Okay! Okay! Shut up, I don’t need anyone knowing that I…I,’

‘That you’re infatuated with Harry?’ Ginny shot Hermione a dark look before nodding silently, Hermione carried on, ‘ Doesn’t matter anyway, everyone knows…well everyone but Harry, it’s quite ironic is it not? That he is the-.’

Hermione felt her words dry up in her throat at the look she received from the other girl and dropped her head back down to her book. She felt Ginny stir restlessly next to her and it was beginning to agitate her, Hermione just wanted to relax for a while, after the hectic day she had just experienced.

Turns out that spilling Amortentia on yourself wasn’t exactly fun!

In fact the complete opposite and Hermione began to  wonder why someone would create such a potion! Having clans of teenagers chase after you, or crowd around you, all sniffing you like a dog would to a scrap of meat, wasn’t something Hermione revelled in, the only attention she wanted was for getting top marks in all her classes, not that she smelt like what they desired!

After a couple of minutes of silently battling against Ginny, Hermione closed her book and rose to her feet.

‘Look Gin, I’m going to go somewhere else until this wears off or something,’ she sighed, placing the book under her arm and left the dormitory, attempting to avoid as many people as possible, which was slightly hard considering the fact that Hogwarts accommodated just   over nine hundred students.

Eventually, after loosing a group of fourth years, Hermione hurried her way to the Library. She would have preferred a nice sofa to sit upon, to comfort her aching back, but considering the situation she was in, she was just going to have to settle for a hard, wooden chair within the Library. She wound her way through the rows of bookshelves, putting as much distance between her and the entrance as possible.

She ended up near the back of the room, somewhere she’d never been and the girl glanced at the collection of books surrounding her, all unread. Her fingers twitched, so gently, to stop the movement, she ran them along the spines of all the novels, eager to pull them all from their rows and begin to devour their knowledge.

Just as she wrapped a nimble finger around the spine of a dark, old book, someone behind her cleared their throat, intruding on her privacy. Startled at the sudden and loud noise, Hermione dropped the book she was holding and it fell to the floor with a dull thud! Hermione spun, prepared to angrily hiss at her intruder, but was shocked to see the red haired boy in front of her.

He was the very last person she would ever expect to see in a Library. Hermione had thought for years that if he were to ever step within one, the whole place would explode in flames and crumble and fall.

‘Hullo Granger,’ Fred Weasley grinned bashfully at her, his hair ruffled and messy, ‘Fancy seeing you here,’

Hermione rolled her eyes and reached for her fallen books, the last thing she wanted…no needed right now was being mocked by one of the Weasley twins. Especially Fred, who seemed to have a knack for making Hermione’s heart flutter.

‘Not now Fred…seriously, I’ve had a terrible day and…No! Don’t come any closer!’ Hermione rushed, her cheeks flaming. She really didn’t fancy knowing what Fred desired scent was, nor how he would act when he got a whiff of it.

But the Twin’s grin only grew, ‘ ‘Mione, if I don’t obey rules, what makes you think I’ll listen to you…but since you pleaded, not the first girl to plead at me for something if I do say, I’ll stay here,’ he winked and pressed his back against a shelf. Hermione scoffed at his confidence which never seemed to end.

‘Say,’ Fred began,’ I never said that I was Fred, how did you know it was me?’

Hermione’s cheeks couldn’t get any redder. The thing was, Hermione was one of the few people that were able to tell the Twins apart. Fred was slightly more handsome, his hair somewhat darker than George’s, his freckles were more gathered and he had a faint scar right above his lip from a prank that went wrong…but what gave him away the most was the way he spoke to Hermione.

George’s voice would remain the same. Joking and mischievous. But Fred’s…it would lose the put on charm and danger and become huskier, deeper and it would send shivers down Hermione’s spine. She wished he would talk like that all the time, but it only ever went like when they were alone and Hermione was convinced he only did it to annoy her.

She’d almost forgotten she hadn’t answered his question and blurted, ‘You have subtle differences,’


‘Yeah, most would miss them because they…,’ Hermione stopped, trembling.

‘If I am correct, and of course, if I am not, please do tell me I’m wrong,’ Fred smirked, straightening up, ‘But subtle means small, almost unnoticeable, so one would,’ he paused, approaching slowly,’ so one would have to study me to notice these differences,’

Hermione crept back slowly,’ Don’t flatter yourself Fredrick Weasley! The world doesn’t revolve around you!’

‘ Then how did you notice them then?’

‘I..I..I’ve known you for many years, it makes sense that I’d pick up on them!’ but when the words left her mouth, the whole statement sounded more like a question and Hermione mentally kicked herself. It was times like this she wished she was in Slytherin, so she could be a convincing liar!

It seemed that Fred has also picked up on her uncertainty and through his head back, laughing, ‘ ‘Mione, even my mother struggles to know who’s who,’


‘Well…I am the brightest witch of our age, I’m bound to know. Wait, that sounds like I’m insulting Molly, I am not, I’m sure Mrs Weasley is intelligent and smart, I was simply trying to-’ her ramble was cut short by a wave of Fred’s hand.

‘No offence, but shut up,’ he whispered, ‘We are in a Library after all, you have to be quiet, I’d thought you of all people would know that!’

Hermione licked her suddenly dry lips,’ What are you doing in a Library, its a sight for sore eyes,’

‘I do visit this place often…but secretly, can’t have my reputation being damaged,’

‘Oh no,’ Hermione mocked, grinning.

‘Yes oh no!’ Fred smirked,’ What would all my fan girls think if they knew that I, Fred Weasley, the hot, brave, prankster, was a visitor to the Library?’

‘That you cared for your education,’

‘Ah but that’s the thing…I don’t’ he smiled and came closer. Hermione tried to move, but she stuck between a bookshelf and Fred. Merlin, she thought.

‘Please, Fred, I’m serious, stay there  and don’t come any closer or smell me or anything, hold your nose or something,’ Hermione babbled, pressing herself roughly against the wood behind her, wishing she could sink into it.

But one glance into Fred’s eyes told her he wasn’t going to listen to her. His irises pulsed with a mischievous glint as he tilted his head, raising an eyebrow. Of all the times he’d made Hermione flustered, this was most confusing so far.

‘Have you been spending too much time with Ron and his smell has started to rub off on you,’ Fred joked,’Because that would be terrible,’

‘No! Don’t be absurd and Ron doesn’t smell tha-,’

But before Hermione could finish her sentence, Fred took a long stride and was standing right in front of her. Her nose was almost brushing off of his chest and he could feel her warm breath. Hermione groaned inwardly, not prepared for what was going to happen next.

‘Nope, I was wrong, you don’t smell any different,’

Hermione felt her mouth drop open and her heart explode against her rib cage. Doesn’t smell any different…but that..thats. Amortentia was the strongest Love Potion, there’s no way Fred could be ignoring it. So that means…

‘Hermione, close your mouth, you’ll catch flies,’ Fred laughed, his fingers grazing Hermione’s cheeks,making her heart beat dangerously irregular.

‘F-Fred…I,’ she stopped and gulped, looking into his dark brown eyes and drowning in their intensity,’ Today in Potions I…I spilt Amortentia all over myself and…’

Fred tensed up,’ What? Amortentia…’

‘Its a love potion and-’

‘I know what it is ‘Mione,’ he snapped and then sighed,’Sorry…I just, I didn’t really expect… to tell you like this,’ he ended in a light chuckle.

The whole Library seemed to fade away, all the colours merging into each other and all that Hermione’s eyes could latch themselves upon were Fred. The way his trimmed hair skimmed his eyebrows, the way his eyes seemed to bore into her soul, making her feel exposed. How broad and muscular his shoulders were, how he smelt of woods and smoke. How her body hummed to be closer to his.

Hermione felt herself tremble under his gaze, her legs threatening to give way. Fred sighed, a small, shy smile on his lips as he cupped her cheeks, thumbs brushing against her skin, sending tingles throughout her body. She leaned into him.

‘Gra-No, Hermione, I…there’s so many things I wanna…But I can’t and it’s hard to and,’ Fred stop abruptly and swooped down. His lips pressed against Hermione’s lips and she froze but after a few seconds, she moved hers against his.

She’d been kissed once before by Krum, but his kiss was wet and rushed and rough, nothing like this. Fred’s touch was soft, his lips soothing over hers and moved slowly with passion that  drew a moan out of her. At the sound, Fred grinned and pulled Hermione closer, dropping his hands from her cheeks to her waist. They only brought apart for air and when they did, Hermione rested her head against Fred’s chest.

He chuckled,’ What I meant to say was…that I like you,’

‘Really? I didn’t know,’

‘Don’t mock me! That was a hard thing to do!’

Hermione smiled, ‘Well I’m glad you told me because I guess I like you,’

‘You guess?’

‘Fine,’ she laughed, looking up at him,’ Fred Weasley, I, Hermione Granger, like you,’

If Fred’s grin could get any bigger, Hermione would have been scared. He reached for her hand and gave it a little squeeze.

‘The bookworm and the prankster,’ he said,’ An unlikely pair,’ Hermione nodded and Fred leaned down again, pressing a chaste kiss to her swollen lips,’You smell amazing by the way,’

Joe Sugg imagine || Making friends ||

Anonymous said:

Could you please do an imagine where you go to vidcon but you don’t really know anyone apart from Caspar Lee and he is like your brother.Then you start to become good friend with Joe and you find out he likes you xxxx You can change the plot if you like just keep the Caspar and Vidcon bit x

- - - - - -

“See, you’re meeting new people and everyone really likes you!” Caspar exclaimed as you walked side by side with him down seemingly one of the only quiet hallways in the massive hotel you were all piled in for VidCon.

It was fairly early in the morning, you figured everyone was sleeping off their hangovers from the giant opening day party last night that ran into the wee hours of the morning.

“Yeah, it’s really nice.” You admitted, playing with your guest lanyard around your neck, nodding a little bit.

Caspar had drug you from South Africa with him, he hadn’t given you much of a choice, as you recalled him throwing things into your suitcase, you sitting on your bed, watching him. Telling you this was going to be; ‘the best thing in the world’. “I told you, you needed to get out more.” He laughed.

Your eyes rolled, looking over and up in his direction, giving him a look, “I thought you meant out more, like to the movies or the beach… Not halfway across the world.” You muttered, watching his eyes twinkle in delight. “To be fair, there IS a beach.” He smirked.

“Don’t be a smart ass, Casp.” You muttered now, shaking your head and holding back a laugh. “You’re meeting all my friends! And I think some of them like you more than me now.” He pouted.

“What can I say, I am wonderful.” You grinned, stopping at your door, swiping your keycard, you pushed the door open walking in. “You get it from me, you know – your brother.” Caspar winked following you inside, he kicked off his shoes and ran by you, flinging himself onto the Queen sized bed, fixing a pillow to support his neck.

Caspar and you had been the best of friends forever, you had done everything together, shared everything, you were inseparable to the point people thought you two were dating – you guys had kissed a few times back in the day, but in the long run, you were both like brother and sister. “Yeah, that’s definitely it.” You tone of sarcasm made him glare at you, while grinning.

Sitting on the chair at the desk, you crossed your legs over, drumming your fingers on the desk lightly, biting the inside of your cheek, staring at Caspar, who was now scrolling through his phone.

“What?” He finally glanced up, “I could feel your eyes staring deep into the pit of my soul.” He said dramatically, putting his phone down on his chest. “Nothing.” You said casually, looking away pulling your own phone from your pocket. “No, no.” He sat up a little on the bed, “what?” He asked again.

“(Y/N)…” He said sternly, as you ignored him, your finger scrolling through your Twitter mentions. “Hey look, Alli Speed said it was awesome to meet me last night.” You turned your phone to show him the screen, with a picture of you guys someone had taken last night.

“That’s great. What’s up?” He dismissed you trying to distract him, the only person that tactic no longer worked on was Caspar and you sighed. “Have you any idea WHAT you’re doing to me today?” You asked in a breathless voice, narrowing both eyes at him.

Caspar squinted his eyes shifting back and forth slowly as he raked his brain trying to figure out what you might be on about. “No?” He asked cluelessly. “You’re leaving me alone with your strange friend!” You exclaimed standing up from the chair.

The realisation had washed over his face and he started to laugh, you stepped back as he got off the bed, “you’re worried about hanging out with Joe for a couple of hours by yourself?” He asked you, both his eyebrows raised.

“Yes! I don’t know the guy… And frankly, someone with a thigh gap of that nature cannot be trusted.” You matter-of-factly said, crossing your eyes against your chest. “You shut up!” You snapped as Caspar burst into laughter, doubling over nearly, his arms around his stomach as he laughed. “Someone with a thigh gap of that nature?!” He exclaimed between fits of laughter.

You kept glaring at him, unmoving as he continued to laugh for quite some time, before he cleared his throat, standing back upright, he shook his head, there was tears in the corner of his eyes, he sighed, grinning. “Oh (Y/N).” He said, reaching out, putting both his hands on your shoulders, “you’ll be fine, Joe is a swell guy. I mean, he isn’t as awesome as me… But, fairly close, you don’t have to worry.” He assured.

“You know I don’t do good with new people.” You muttered, looking down at the off grey carpet in the room. “Hey,” He said in a softer voice, feeling his hand on your chin lifting it up to look at him. “You’ll be fine, it’s only for a bit while I do this interview-thing and at least you’ll be doing something fun, not sitting up here by yourself.” He pointed out.

Still feeling anxious, you let out a small sigh, shaking your head a bit. “I promise, you’ll be fine, Joe is great and he’ll make you laugh, I know you get anxious in places you don’t know, with people you don’t know but trust me, the time will fly and everything will be just fine.” He smiled, it was a smile he brought out when he knew you were swimming in the deep side of the anxiety pool and it pulled you back to the shallow end.

“Okay.” You muttered, agreeing with him and giving a small nod. “That’s my girl.” He moved his hands from your shoulders and wrapped them around you in a tight hug, kissing the top of your head, you reached your arms around returning his hug…

… You met Joe not long before Caspar abandoned you for the afternoon, he was really funny and sweet, you had both left the convention centre and slowly wondered down Katella Avenue toward what Google maps was telling you, was a shopping centre.

“What’s your favourite thing about California so far?” Joe asked, walking beside you, his hands were in his ripped black jeans pockets, he wore round sunglasses and his hair was styled off to one side.

“Mmm.” You thought about it, trying to watch where you were walking, but also keeping your glaze on him, he wasn’t much taller then you, but definitely noticeably taller. “The weather?” You offered, not entirely sure. “I haven’t seen much.” You pointed out.

“That’s true.” Joe said, understanding, “I think the people are just amazing.” He said brightly. “Everyone I’ve come across is so nice, and sweet.” He smiled at you, you could feel your cheeks getting warmer as you both crossed the street.

“I must admit, I feel a bit annoyed at Caspar.” Joe said now, clearing his throat. “Oh?” You asked nervously, unsure of where he was going with this sag way in conversation, “yeah, for not introducing us sooner.” He grinned.

“Oh, haha.” You felt some relief. “Caspar likes to keep me hidden, I think – like I’m a troll under a bridge.” You rolled your eyes, “troll under a bridge?” Joe gasped, “if anything, you are at least a goblin in a castle.” He winked, his tone so airy and full of joke, it made you laugh.

“Oh, well thanks!” You rolled your eyes, still laughing while you walked through the automatic doors of the centre, the cool air from the air conditioning hitting your face.

“Only kidding, I would say Princess.” He was more serious now and you couldn’t control the blush washing over your cheeks, your heart fluttering. “I think you’re pretty great too.” You admitted.

“Oh good job, Joe, you’re reeling her in.” He whispered like you couldn’t hear him, “I mean…” He cleared his throat, “nothing.” He smiled innocently. Rolling your eyes, you nudged him teasingly. “Stop it.” You whispered.

“Hey, no rough housing indoors!” Joe said sharply, rubbing his upper arm dramatically. “Or I’ll have to tell on you.” He nodded. “Ohh, I’m so scared.” You said tauntingly before biting your lip, watching him, your eyes both staring into each others.

“Oh, that’s it Missy, I am telling!” Joe said, pointing toward a security officer, “Joe!” You exclaimed as he started walking away from you. “Joe!” You said again, briskly walking behind him. “Nope, I’m telling you pushed me!” He nodded, walking faster.

“Excuse me, Sir! Sir!” Joe said, pipping up louder as you caught up to him, seeing the guard turn his attention toward you two, “I would like to report a crime!” He said dramatically.

“Joe!” You said again, almost tripping over him as he stopped walking, mid-stride, you ran directly into his back, your hands went out, grabbing him to keep you both from falling flat on your faces.

“Officer, she pushed me and it hurt my feelings.” Joe said seriously, feeling you clinging to his back, your finger nails dug into his arms, “Joe! I swear to god.” You whispered darkly, your heart racing, embarrassment rising.

“She pushed you, huh?” The guard came walking over with a serious look across his face, his hands on his belt. “She did,” Joe nodded. “Ma'am, did you push him?” He peered over Joe, seeing you glancing up slowly, nodding, trying if anything to mould into his back like a shadow.

“You know we can arrest you for violence against another person?” He asked you, “I… I… I…” You stammered in panic. “I didn’t… Uhm.” Your heart had gone from fluttering to pounding uncontrollably in minutes.

“Good thing, today is my last day on this job and I don’t want to deal with paperwork.” He nodded his head, turning on his heel and walking off swiftly. You turned your head, looking at Joe who was looking at you and he started to laugh.

“That was NOT funny!” You said darkly, hitting him in the arm again. “I thought I was going to get arrested and deported back to South Africa and barred from ever entering the United States of America ever again!” You blurted out in a panic at him.

“(Y/N)… (Y/N)…” Joe said slowly regaining his composure. “That, that is the biggest exaggeration I have EVER heard.” He pointed out. “Stop laughing at me Joe.” You said seriously. “I’m sorry but that was hilarious.” Joe looked wildly amused.

“I hate you.” You said dryly, shaking your head at him. “No, no you don’t.” He winked, “you like me.” He grinned. “Nope.” You shook your head. “What if I … Buy you an ice cream?” He gestured to the ice cream kiosk a few metres away.

“Mmm…” You made a face of though, your finger tapping your chin, making him wait for a response. “A double scoop of ice cream?” He offered now. “Mmm.” You stuck with your thinking pose.

“Fine, but I want sprinkles.” You nodded, walking off toward the kiosk without. “I don’t think I said anything about sprinkles…” Joe had caught up pretty quick. “Actually, I think you owe me the ice cream.” He rubbed his arm, “I had a bruise from you hitting me, and I think nail marks from you gripping my arms so tight back there.” He laughed.

“No, you owe me ice cream for the trauma you’ve caused me,” you put your arm against your forehead and let out a dramatic sigh. “Oh jeez, okay.” He laughed…

… Joe and you had gotten ice cream and walked around the shopping centre before finally heading back to the hotel at your hotel room door, you both stood together, “I wasn’t too bad to hang out with today, huh?” Joe asked you, he was leaning with one shoulder against your door.

You smiled, “no, you were awesome.” you admitted, “thank you for a great day.” You added. “My pleasure.” Joe said in a softer voice. “If you ever need someone to put the fear of deportation in you… Call me.” He laughed a gentle laugh.

You rolled your eyes now, but nodded, “yeah, I’ll definitely keep Joe Sugg in mind.” You laughed.

You bit your lip, watching Joe reach over, his fingers brushing a stray piece of your hair away from your face and tucked it behind your ear, your cheeks going red again. “If you want… Maybe you’d like to hang out tomorrow?” He wondered.

“That sounds, really good – yeah.” You smiled at him and he grinned. “Really?” He sounded surprised. “Awesome!” He nodded himself now, “have a good evening (Y/N).” He brushed his hands down his black t-shirt.

“You, too Joe.” You smiled, finding your keycard again, you both lingered together at your door in silence a few more seconds, just smiling at one another. “I’ll find you tomorrow?” He asked.

“Okay.” You nodded, your cheeks hurt, between laughing, smiling and blushing all afternoon. “Great, see you.” He said, leaning in, he kissed your cheek lightly before stepping back, smiling once last time and disappearing behind you down the hallway.

Swiping your keycard you were grinning like an idiot to yourself, pushing the door open, it stuck slightly and you pushed harder. “Ah!” - “AH!” Escaped your mouth at the same time as Caspar’s as he jumped back from the door. He looked at you with wide eyes, like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. “Were you SPYING?” You exclaimed.

“No! - Yes. I mean, no!” Caspar said quickly. “I was going to leave, it wasn’t my fault you lingered in front of the door for ages!” He pointed out, justifying his close proximity to the door.

“What did you see?!” You questioned him. “Nothing!” He exclaimed back, “… Everything.” He whispered now. “Caspar!” You groaned, walking by him, you fell face down onto the bed, pulling a pillow over your head.

“I have to torment Joe!” Caspar said evilly. “About him totally infatuated with my best friend!” He laughed darkly. “No! No you not, Caspar put that phone away!” You pointed in his direction, without lifting your head off the duvet.

“I wasn’t!” Caspar said, you turned your head quickly, seeing him attempting to shove his phone back into his pocket, but failing and it landing on the floor, “I mean, okay… It’s not what it looks like…” He defended.

You stared at him, unmoving not even blinking. “Okay… It’s exactly what it looked like…” He muttered. “It’s nothing, just leave it.” You said seriously.

“Oh no, this… This is everything.” He said picking his phone up. “This is gold.” He looked from you to the door. “Caspar…” You warned him. “CASPAR!” You yelled, getting up from the bed as Caspar bolted to the door, opening it quickly and running out. “CASPAR!” You yelled again, chasing him out of your room and halfway down the hallway.

Caspar, laughing the entire way not looking back at you, running after him.

Just so y'all could see what that hilarious moment actually looked like IRL. We haven’t done downward transitions at all so he was like ‘what’ but look at how quickly he ducks down and launches into the stretchy trot I’ve been teaching him! You can see it really nice in his neck, from bulging underneck to arching over the top in just a second. And this is on his bad side. He’s learning so well :’)



All these people are against LGTB and go along with the ideology of “Natural Family”. (Aka woman + man = me, or in this case LIPS + MUSTACHE = ME)

Not only are they using “God’s word” as a reference to make “valid arguments”, but they are literally misinformed about what they are fighting against.

They think :

The government is gonna take away their right to educate their own children. (It is obviously not true. BTW, WHEN HAVE THE PARENTS NEVER HAD CONTROL OVER WHAT THEY TEACH THEIR CHILDREN, THE KIDS SPEND THEIR WHOLE LIVES MOSTLY LEARNING FROM THEM)

The government will be the one to give sex ed to their children. Said sex ed will also include anal, sex with underage, and bestiality (WHAT?! who in their right minds would ever have to talk about those when you are talking about sexuality?! Speaking of which, as if the parents ever bothered to teach sex in Mexico, that is why we have so many teen pregnancies)

The gender ideology will be implemented in schools. Therefore, children will be confused about their gender at such an early age (It’s normal to be confused because their whole lives they were taught, through their family, the media or society in general, there could only be female or males, and that whatever gender you were born in you had to live with it)

Your child can change their birth certificate without parental consent (NO, just no. Just recently, there’ve been laws implemented about underage marriage. Before, girls could be married at 14 and guys at 16 WITH JUST THE NEED OF PARENTAL CONSENT. Right now it has finally raised to 18. TELL ME WHY WOULD THE GOVERNMENT ALLOW A KID TO MAKE LEGAL DECISIONS JUST YET)

Orphans will loose their right to be adopted by a “Natural Family”. (They are so concerned for the orphans, aren’t they? Well, tell me how many Hetero couples are willing to adopt instead of having children of their own. Let’s also disregard that there were hetero couples that left these children there in the first place)

Seriously, they have said so many things I can barely keep up with their ignorance.