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 gay and straight relationships are just as capable of being deep and loving or distant and abusive & perpetuating the idea that gay relationships are always more pure or good kind of raises problems when talking about abuse in gay relationships (and can be very harmful to bisexual people who have gotten out of an abusive relationship w someone of the same gender, and entered a healthier one that happens to be straight) 


Get a partner who will break the laws of physics with you.

Stormy Weather / Climatika


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He didn’t say much as the reaper came to him in the night, telling him that it was time, that he was going to have to pay the debt that he created that one evening. The reaper handed him the scythe and said that there was no world without death. He who kills death must become death himself.

And so that’s what Dean became.

He watched with tired eyes as his brother desperately tried to find a way to save Dean from this fate of an immortal eternity. He tried all the way up to the moment that Dean came for him one night, hand outstretched, saying that it was finally time to come with him.

And Sam did without question. He followed Death into the endless abyss, bowing his head for one final time.


Abuse of Boys In Relationships

I wanted to make a post about this weird culture we have right now where we make it seem like boys are obliged to put up with female abuse.

 I think a lot of people look past it but there definitely are a large amount of people who think things like girls kicking or punching their boyfriends is okay and that the solution is to have him ‘pull her closer’, or that girls demanding that he not talk to other girls is okay, or that a girl asking for his password to everything is fine, or that if a girl says “leave me alone” and he actually leaves her alone and gives her space, the guy is the one being the asshole. I think a lot of people genuinely believe in the whole ‘hard to get’ thing or the ‘testing’ thing (ex. “I just said I was breaking up with you to see if you’d beg for me back but I guess not, asshole! You don’t really love me after all!”), and a lot of things that I see in mainstream relationships tend to be super abusive and manipulative. 

So that being said, boys, if a girl is abusing you, or a boy, or anyone for that matter, do me a favor and leave their ass if they aren’t willing to effectively communicate and fix the situation. A relationship is about being happy- contrary to popular beliefs, it isn’t about sacrifices, it isn’t about how “if you TRULY loved them, you’d never leave them!” and while love is a big component, and sacrifices may happen, the most important aspect is that you feel loved, safe, and like you both put equal effort into it to create a healthy balance.


Happy Holidays!!

Find yourself the nearest Light Bulb of Unusual Color and make a wish!

Hoping you’re surrounded by those you love and are staying warm!


@skipoverthispls asked me how I did the hairline for gahyeon so I made this crappy how-to thing.

Doing this sorta thing is actually really useful, not so much for other people, but for me, because sometimes I’ll do something that I consider really good, but then I’ll immediately forgot how I did it. 

Granted, I’m no hairline master, but this is better than what I’ve done in the past.

I guess if anyone wants to ask me how I draw something in particular, send an ask or whatever and I’ll try and get to it :)

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hello dennie! I really love your blog and I look up to you as well because you're a kind and lovely person. I'm thinking of starting a phan blog today and it would really be nice if you give me some blog recs! Please :D

Oh man oh wow that’s just really nice you don’t have to look so highly of me omg I just make crappy edits and art that’s really note that big of a thing and you can always talk to me because I really love talking but sometimes I don’t know how it works I am sorry if I disappoint you, okay? And I’ll give you a list of the blogs that I really, really love and they’re also a reason that I keep going back here on tumblr because they’re fun people and I love them ♡(。- ω -)

@mostlyphil ofc for my daily dose of phil, @cuddlesphan @fireworksphil @cappuccinohowell @mylivingphantasy @instarbuckswithdan @philester @phreckledphan @babephil @danieliph @domesticbanting @scifiphan @aforeverhome @philscurls @philsdenimjacket @fondnp @curlyfringe @thatdnpguy @madhurphil @akilahthegreat @lestercurls @itstooearlyfortiramisu @ @htmlpinof @energeticwarrior @cuddleshowell @leftfringe @doinganap @hobbithair @cringe-attacks @wispyphil @httphaniel  @forgetfullittleguy @imfilmingyou @manchesterz @danstellations @crisshowell @phillp  @danspeach @unhugme @dxntasies @demondannie @pseudophan @boncasphan @themostfuniveverhad @guccinof @frightphil @eucalyptusdan @lesterdreams @burlesquephan @moonbeamphil @sadistdan @moonlitdan @phlean @donthavetobebrave @louvrephil  @crescendohowell @hellcrafts @cafephan @snowbunnylester @ratinof @awrfhi @dansucc @singaporeditl @danisontnonfire @bisexualdnp @heckdan @wokingdan @wispyphil @nihilist-toothpaste @princephil @dnpsb @longtrainislong @fringez @brightphil @tallboyes @altphan @soothingphil @qanhowell @cosyphan @acurlyphil @gorgeousdan @phanhowell @melancholydan @princessdan @fringeboyes @phanwhom @softnerds @fourandahalfhourskypecalls @acreamphilleddan @doitmore @roseyboys @pinoffs @phansweetheart @phanoween @tuliphan @amourphil @kissdjh @glowinghowell @golddustphan @phiru @huphilpuffs @bakingvidz @creamphilled  @backin2009  @danlands @needacuddle  @loverlylester @cuteasslester @cluelesslester @phursonas @greenlester @mesmericphilip @gxldenboyphil @botanistlester @butterflyphil @spacekiddan @internetfathers @tuloy @rosegoldan @phansterdam@valentinephil @philboye @etherphil @allbantsnoangst @writerdan @cookiephil @breadhowell @fondan @dancestz @nervouslester @yikejpg @validdan @eightpinofs @dangoghs @danielpov @dawniel @phandomnoodle @thebasket @danhowellscurl @amazingphil-isamazing @phantheraglama @jilliancares @sunnyaalisse @mortallyvirtualphan @lunacidre @incaseyouart

these guys are nice and blogs that have good content and it’s really lovely following them (okay im sorry i have to mention y’all because you all have nice blogs that i would 11/10 recommend i love you senpais)

I just wanted to thank you because you’re an amazing community ! I never had any trouble with one of you and some of you like literally everything I post (even the crappy things lol) and it really mean a lot for me !
I have reached 12 000 followers and wow .. this is amazing ! I never expected that really ;_;
I’m soo grateful !!
Thank you so so much for all your support !
(also, sorry for the weird and tired face I’m really sick ;_;)

Okay. I’m really, really late, but this crappy thing took way longer than expected. The last time I’ve colored something was like five years ago and I never even tried to shadow my drawings back then?

So today (at least today in my time zone) the great @lesbianspacenerd has birthday and she’s such an amazing person!! Really, she’s awesome. I wanted to write a story in the beginning, but my english kind of sucks. Next I wanted to draw Pidge with Indira (just go read i here, it’s so good) but I just can’t draw.
So yeah. Please don’t hate my for this crappy idea and the shitty colouring.

I call it “Your favourite local trans buddies” btw.


A really crappy fan-art that I drew of one of @moonpaw17 text posts. (I have no idea how to link stuff on here so I just put a screen shot of the original post next to the really crappy fanart thing I drew) <P.S. I spelt the word “Color” as “Colour” because I live in Canada and here you spell ‘Colour’ with a 'u’>