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I wanna lay down and stay up all night
As we look at the moon, as full as our hearts 💞

Thomaven Headcanon #6

Cal finds out about Maven and Thomas dating and he goes into overprotective brother mode because “Mavey, he’s older than you he could be trying to take advantage of you.”. The only problem is, is that Maven and Thomas can’t take him seriously. Like not at all. 

Cal tries to be intimidating and scare Thomas but Thomas is just so amused and trying so hard not to laugh because “oh god, fireball, your brother’s hilarious." 

Maven is equal parts annoyed and embarrassed like "shut up Cal. I’m not a CHILD”

And then there’s Cal in the middle of his speech, oblivious to the fact that Maven secretly wants to kill him and Thomas is shaking with silent laughter.

‘They say when a bird flies into your house through one window and out another it’s a portent of death.’

John’s trip in the aftermath of Paul’s moped accident in late December 1965. Fear not, this is not a death fic.

fic by Savageandwise (@darkspaceknight​)

Tales of Zestiria + Titles
Stop hating on Karmi

Okay, so I’m on Twitter, minding my own business and seeing if there’s anything new on the Big Hero 6 show.

And what do I see? Karmi getting hated on and people hoping she won’t be in the first episode.

What the hell?

Okay, whether you guys like it or not, Haley Tju has been cast to voice a classmate of Hiro named Karmi.


We know nothing yet and people already put Karmi on their blacklist. How pathetic.

Who cares if Hiro has a love interest or not? If it doesn’t take away from the main storyline and the female character is well played (in other words isn’t created to be solely a damsel in distress satellite around the male character) there’s absolutely nothing wrong!

Love is a part of life, guys. Yes, the movie focused on familial and platonic love, and had no romance at all. And it’s okay. The series will probably turn around these types of love as well! But getting no romantic love at all is not really realistic, so Hiro getting an innocent crush on a girl who’s probably around is age might be something to come.

Also, she could also only be an eventual good friend of his, because male and female friendships actually exist.

But please, wait until the moment actually arrives before doing stupid assumptions and hating on a character you don’t even know.

Thank you.

I’m sorry that the…?.. size of my noodle…?…. was smaller than you all expected lmao

Snowflake eels can grow up to 48 inches in the wild but in captivity they usually don’t exceed 30. Noodle is about 20-22inches long right now. So they really don’t get that big. 

also her name is noodle, not, like, firehose haha!

shout out to the one person who had reasonable expectations for my noodle :U

don’t worry, noodle, liveaquaria classifies you as a large


Aaand here’s part 2!

If someone grabs you with blue magic, the best course of action would be to hold on to them, right?
Papyrus is a quick-thinking skele.

The Handplates AU belongs to zarla-s, note that the design for Post-fall Handplates Gaster is my own interpretation as he hasn’t fallen… yet. Drew him from the unmelted side this time to give him some expressions. Tried to include some weird glitch-effects, they’re actually a really big pain lol

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i need your opinions, do you think i look heavy in this picture? i am considering posting it on my personal accounts but i’m super scared like i’ve been contemplating this for hours and i want your honest opinions

some important oiyachi stuff

i felt like posting these (they’re aged up in these i guess)

  • yachi is really shy at the beginning as expected but oikawa makes sure she is comfortable
  • they take it really slow at the beginning, oikawa takes her on 4 dates before he even dares holding her hand as he doesn’t want to scare her away, after the 5th yachi tries to kiss oikawa but she can’t even reach him while standing on her tiptoes and oikawa finds it adorable (he leans down to her when he notices what she wants to do though)
  • when they finally agree on dating, iwaizumi is the first one to know. he actually is good friends with yachi (gimme platonic iwayachi ugh)
  • every single person around them approves their relationship as they see how gentle and mature oikawa is towards yachi (she brings out the best in him)
  • height difference
  • whenever they’re holding hands, yachi blushes like crazy but as soon as she looks up, oikawa meets her gaze with a reassuring smile (he obviously has red cheeks too he is blushing and his eyes are shining and !!!)
  • oikawa and yachi go to the same coffee shop every morning and oikawa always insists on paying for yachi’s stuff
  • which is why yachi got oikawa a giftcard for 300 donuts for his birthday (oikawa loves donuts nearly as much as he loves milk bread) to repay him
  • SELFIES. they take alot, like these cute mirror couple selfies and oikawa rests his chin on yachi’s head and wraps his arms around her waist
  • THEY USUALLY SET THEIR SELFIES AS LOCKSCREENS (but once a butterfly landed on yachi, oikawa took a pic and since then that is his whatsapp background)
  • yachi got her hair cut even shorter after the first year of college and she was super worried about it but oikawa was so excited that he accompanied her to the hairdressers
  • oikawa LOVES doing yachi’s hair. he loves to braid it and he loves curls on her so sometimes he curls it for her as she’s super lazy
  • they move in together because well yachi is always at oikawa’s appartment anyways, even her curling iron is at his home not her’s
  • ngl oikawa is taking really good care of her and yachi makes sure oikawa doesn’t overwork
  • yachi loves flowers so oikawa often tries to get her some (he usually picks them in a random garden aaaah)
  • they go on vacation together after dating for some time and they go to the beach
  • yachi has never been to the beach before because her mom didn’t have time and there was no other opportunity
  • she is amazed by how beautiful the sun looks shining down onto the sea
  • yet she is also scared by the water as she has never been in a situation like that before
  • somehow they work something out and oikawa carries yachi
  • she is really frightened though and clings to him
  • he caresses her back as he walks further into the water and whispers sweet nothings into her hair
  • he also kisses the top of her head and they’re just really happy together
  • did i mention the height difference?
  • Pls ship them w me
  • also, they probably laugh about dumb jokes together and it’s adorable
  • yachi’s mom loves oikawa because he seems like the ideal boyfriend but he is really just a dork
  • oikawa is really patient with yachi and tries to teach her alot of things although she might be clumsy at times. he only laughs it off then and gives her a long warm hug when she’s feeling frustrated

also shoutout to @ushiwakatoshis for listening to me whine about oiyachi

Reasons To Date GDragon

When people tell you that he’s a bad boy 

But he is actually like this

Him looking really handsome all the time

When you make him laugh

Wearing couple outfits together

When he asks for a kiss and you wont give it to him

Then when he just forces a kiss

Him dancing 

When he wants to be a sweetie

Vacations together

Him taking pictures of you